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"So my neighbor wants a self portrait of me in his house! Isn't that bizzare?!" Relm was saying when everyone was having luncheon.

"Maybe he has a crush on you?" Locke suggested and the little girl rolled her eyes.

"Yuck, I don't do adolescentes." She replied with her nose in the air as though the boy could see it. "I'm into more sophisticated men." She said looking at Edgar fluttering her lashes; he raised an eye brow at her then turned his vision away.

"Hm hm." She laughed quiantly and went back to her meal. "Hey Terra, you're awfully quiet, what's up?" Asked Locke looking across the table at the solemn young woman who seemed to be deep in thought.

"It's nothing. I was just wondering what happened out by South Figaro? Setzer's ship was a wreck. Did he crash? Is he all right? I didn't see him when we went by?" She looked them in the eyes to make sure no one would lie about it; they were her friends, yeah, but sometimes you say stuff to protect someone's feelings, especially when you care so much about them.

"Nah, Setz' is fine." Sabin was saying. "There was just a little fire incident that's all."

"A fire..." She said mainly to herself and her voice trailed off.

The Esper girl closed her eyes seeing a bit of a dream she'd had last night invovling fires and Setzer. 'Could it have been a premonition?' She wondered but shook it off.

"So my dear, what's been going on in your neck of the woods. How's the orphanage?" Edgar asked in interest.

"Well, I wouldn't really call it an orphanage any more, all the kids are so grown up they've all traveled out to find new homes. Now it's just me and a few of the younger kids that were left behind- and Duane and Katrina because they haven't saved up enough to move yet themselves."

Edgar nodded when she was finished, showing he was listening- he was well taught in the manners department.

"What about you? Anything exciting happen around the kingdom lately?" She returned the question; Edgar glanced at Locke a second and replied.

"Not much, just the usual sign this- remember to do that, that kind of thing."

Locke grinned into his napkin pretending to wipe his mouth.

"Poor guy, you should take a vacation some time- like to Thamasa." Relm said flashing him a toothy grin not the least bit put-off when he chuckled lightly at her odd sense of humor.

"Well, as you probably know, I did nothing all day so... feel free to take my time up with any activities." Sabin was saying to whom ever would listen to him.

"By the way, thanks for coming to get us Sabin." Terra said patting his shoulder.

"No problem Terr'." He replied biting into a hunk of honey dripped bread.

"I'll tell you one thing, this winter is gonna be harsh. How am I supposed to practice my mapping skills when I hardly wanna go outside?" Locke asked; Edgar's foot brushed his making him instantly blush.

"I'm sure you'll find something to do." The king replied.

"Yeah and if all else fails you can pick the locks on the doors." Sabin grinned widely, as Locke rolled his eyes saying.

"Ha ha ha."

They laughed a second, interrupted by the doubled doors to the dining room parting. They turned their heads seeing Setzer walking in. He didn't say anything just walked over to the table with a cloth which he filled with food, after which he nods his head once to them then walked back out.

"He'd make a great merchant; he takes the finer things, and gives them to someone else." Edgar said and they laughed out loud.

0 0 0

"Setzer!" Terra called as she ran down the field towards where his ship was landed.

"Hello Terra, lovely to see you. Are you going to help?"

She grabbed a towel and started dabbing off the side of the ship; looking at all of the men who were taking a break and eating, then she started staring at him.

"If you're trying to make me uncomfortable I've got to tell you it's working." He said looking down at her, but she shook away her staring and then spoke.

"I was just thinking that if you have nowhere to stay, the orphanage has plenty of room... and I could use someone around to talk to."

A smile played on his lips and he nodded to agree. "I'd love nothing better than to stay there with you."

She smiled shyly, and started to bunch the towel in her hands blushing; and it didn't help when he laughed at her attempt to hide it.

"Don't laugh." She hit him on the arm with the towel and explained herself. "I've just never had a guy staying there before, I mean Duane's there but he lives in another house over, and besides I don't see much of them when I just need someone to talk to." She started to dry the outter part of the ship again.

"I'll be your ears and eyes my dear." He said as though to himself, and he went back to work letting her steal a glance at him and she blushed again.

'What is this weird feeling I'm getting from him- I know he's flirting with me but that's what guys do, so why does this feel so different?' The Esper girl wondered, but shrugged her shoulders. "Do you want me to do the inside too?" She asked.

He looked, nodding. Watching her walk inside of the ship, he smiles at the sway of her hips. 'She's so giving.' He thought suddenly, and mindlessly continued marking places to cut the replacement wood. 'Maybe we could have some alone time to...' he trailed off shaking his head. 'Calm yourself man, she's a lady, not some hop in bed- any bed fluzzy...if I really like her I have to be a gentleman about it.'

"Right." He made an oath to himself out loud.

"What?" She asked from a mere foot beyond the ship's door.

He replied saying. "Nothing Terra, I was talking to myself again."

He heard her make a sound of acknowledgement and he made a plain laugh to himself.



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