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Later on that night they: Relm, Setzer, and Terra were on a boat. Relm was going to Thamasa- of course- and the two of them to Mobliz. The ship was on a steady path, and so, nearing the transfer ship for Thamasa.

"Sure is foggy out here." Relm was saying to herself as she saw the light to the other ship approaching.

"Becareful when you change ships, okay?" Terra instructed her.

The little artist made a puppet with her hand having it talk, and she grinned saying. "Of course I'll be careful; I mean, I'm 11 years old you think I'm a baby still?"

Relm felt the ship come to a stop; and when she grabbed her things, assisted by Setzer, she put a foot out in front of her and tripped. "Ahh." She cried out of shock.

Terra stifled laughter. "No. I don't think you're a baby," the Esper girl was saying answering Relms question. "I just think you should watch your step."

The little artist huffed in embarrassement and brushed her clothing off.

"Ready to go?" The gambler asked her and she nodded.

The two of them walked to the plank- as they call it- of the ship and crossed a big walk way over the water to another ship beside them, Setzer handed the girl her things when she was safely standing on the deck of the other ship and he turned around hearing as she said.

"Good bye, Setzer."

"Bye, Relm."

When Setzer was back on his destination-bound ship; the captain pulled the walkway back onto his ship and went to the head of it again to steer. "Won't be more than an hour folks you just hang tight."

Setzer watched Terra's shudder from a fog-bitten breeze that blew by in the sails, and he took odd his coat wrapping it around her.

"Thanks; it's really cold out here, isn't it?" She replied to his hospitality.

"I can't really tell, it's a lot colder in the air then down here so I'm used to it to an extent." He was saying as he buttoned his coat around her. "Care to join me in the galley? I'll bet it's plenty warm down there."

"Sure. And maybe we can find something to eat too. I know you're hungry and so am I." The Esper girl suggested knowing the food he took from the castle was for Edgar's guards and that he himself ate nothing.

"Read me like an opened book." He replied holding her hand in cupping fashion, and they walked below the decks.

It, in fact, was warmer down there from where the stoves were going from the ship crews dinner, and the engine room was letting off a lot of heat as well. "Hey there lass', you heading home now?" One of the men asked the Esper girl and she nodded shyly.

"Friends of yours?" Setzer asked, and she shook her head.

"Not exactly; it's just that this is the same ship Relm and I took to come here."

He made a sound of 'oh'; and they sat amongst a table that had men to every side of it but they slid over making room for them.

"Care to join us for dinner? It'll be done in a bit." A burly man said while looking at the bottom of his empty cup; he had an orange beard twisted up rather pointedly, but his hair looked to be a dark brown.

"Sure," Setzer said and then thought a moment. "before dinner how's about a game of cards?"

The men looked at each other and nodded with one of them saying. "Aye lad, but I warn yee we're good."

"I was hoping you were." He retorts pulling out a deck of cards from his jacket's inner pocket; Terra glanced down at his hands while he does this, once done he turned back to the men. "Ante up."

"That was all the money I had," one of them was saying. "what am I gonna tell my sweet heart?"

"You'll tell her..." Setzer started but stopped himself hearing the captain call down below.

"Everybody for Mobliz, get your things together!"

Setzer and Terra stood up, and he finished himself by saying. "Tell her the man that beat you was in too much of hurry to collect his winnings, good day gentlemen." He walked to the stairway with Terra, whom was glad he hadn't taken their money. It was one thing to hear about him doing it but to bare witness was a sad sight to see- for the other men that is.

The two of them marched through the dew-dropped grass out to the tiny village that remained almost nothing, regardless the homes that were built for the small group of people still willing to live in them.

Frowning. 'She really shouldn't live in a place like this, especially in the winter time; any one here could get sick from the cold, herself included, where's the nearest clinic? What kind of doctor do they have?' He looked down at her and she suddenly seemed distant; with his elbow he gave her a kindly nudge on the shoulder. "What's going on up there?" He asked.

The Esper girl just smiled then said. "Nothing, I was just thinking about what I was going to do once we got in."

"Well, what ever chores you have I'll help you; two hands makes for speedy work, right?"

"Right." She agreed with a nod.

They reached the door of her place, and the gambler went a little ahead of her to open the door.

"Thank you." She said walking inside.

He took one last look into the sky thinking, 'I may not have my ship but good fortune did come out of this.' He went inside closing the door hearing an instant downpour right after.


He heard a group of little girls and a boy shout when they saw her; he looked around the place as though he'd never been there before and then gazed at the sight of all the children, and how happy they were to see her; same thing for them from her.

'Sweet.' He thought with a smile and walked past them to sit down at a small makeshift table.

"Did you bring us anything?" A little boy asked jumping up and down, hoping for a yes.

'Well he's charming.' Setzer thought sarcastically and pulled out his deck of cards setting up a game of Solitaire.

"Nope, no gifts today," Terra was saying then stood herself up gesturing. "but I brought a guest here to stay with us for a while." They all turned and looked at him.

He smiled saying. "Hi."

"This is Setzer, and Setzer this is Marlie, Brianna, Charlie, Howie, and Katrina; although she should be at home asleep in her bed." She said scolding a six year old girl who was probably staying with Katarin and her husband.

"I wanna see a trick first." The little girl said walking over to the table. "Can you do a trick, mister Sezter?"

"Yes, mister Sezter knows many tricks."

Terra laughed at his good humor for the girl saying his name wrong; and she sat down on the floor with the kids around her. Setzer joined them but sat in front so they could see what he was going to do.

"Watch this," The gambler said placing six cards face up in two's in front of the group. "all these cards are different, right?" They nodded and he continued. "But when you turn them over," he said flipping them all over to the back sides. "They're all the same..." he saw their blank expressions and then picked any random kid's name. "Brianna, can you flip a card over for me? Any one will do." He asked, and the little girl leaned forward flipping a card over.

"What does it show?" Setzer asked her.

She replied. "A A."

"An A." Terra corrected and the girl repeated her.

"Nnn A."

He laughed lightly to himself and gestured for her to place it back down with the other face down cards.

"Since the card at play is an Ace then I will make them all an Ace for you." He said to the girl who giggled.

He flipped her card back over revealing the Ace of spades and then he flipped the next one showing the same card and he continued down the line, and the kids eyes went wide with shock. They were all Ace's of spades.

"Whooaa! How did you do that?" They all asked standing up to crowd the pile of matching cards.

"It's all in the trick of the hand children, but I think it's time for little girls and little boys to get to bed, your mama thinks so too, right?" He said looking to Terra who nodded.

"Uh huh." She said feeling her cheeks flush.

The little boy said as though he'd just heard Setzer saying it, that he wasn't a little boy.

"Young men, too, then." Terra replied; and they all sighed and "aaawwed" that they had to go to sleep.

"I'll show you another trick when you wake up, but you have to promise to go right to bed." He promised them and they grinned.

"Okay!" They threw their arms around Terra's waist and then around his legs before they ran to their bedrooms.

"You are amazing, I didn't know you were so good with kids." Terra was saying gesturing a hand out for him to follow her to his room. "Everytime I think I have you figured out, you do something else that makes you a bit more complicated." The comment added as they went down the hall; she glanced idly into the rooms to make sure the kids had listened and sure enough they did.

"I'm not too much of a mystery." He brushed it off; but she looked at him oddly, then she reached out grabbing a knob.

"Here we are."

At the end of the hall she opened the door to a tiny room with a bed, and a small wooden writing desk with a lit candle on it; aside from that the room was baren.

"It's not as fancy as your bedroom on the Blackjack, but it'll keep the rain away." The Esper girl said walking in with him.

"Don't be so modest, this is way better than my bedroom."

She smiled to that because she knew he was just being nice, but it was good to hear either way. "If you need anything, I'm right next door on the right."

"Right." He replied sitting on the bed and setting them up as he'd recalled them, he restarts his interupted game of cards. "Good night, Terra." He said to her and she walked to the doorway and said in return.

"Good night."

As she was closing his door she was watching him a second then shook her head closing the door all the way, then gone into her own.


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