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He heard Terra's voice outside the room followed by her light knocking on the wooden door. "Hey," he said plainly. "is it morning already?"

She shook her head walking into the room and sat down at the top half of the bed where his game wasn't set up.

"I saw the light still shining and thought you may have left it on. Have you been awake all this time? It's still really late, you should get some sleep." All her concern did was conjour up a laugh from him.

"You never stop taking care of people..." He said, pushing himself back to the top of the bed to sit next to her.

"I didn't know it was a problem for some." The Esper girl replied, and started playing nervously on her fingernails but he took her hand to stop her.

"No. It's not a problem," He began looking at her hand as though he were studying it, then he looked at her and she turned her eyes away to avoid contact with his. "I just mean, it'd be nice to have someone care that way about you too-...and mean it."

Terra shook her head disagreeing. "I'm not much to worry about. I've still got my magic, I think as far as safety goes I've got my own built in security."

The gambler nodded to that statement. She does, after all, still posses magic but he still worried about her...and cared for her. Terra could sense a bit of uncomfort forming between them and just as Setzer began to talk she cut him off without his words even getting out by saying,

"You sure play a lot of cards." she scooted to the bottom end of the bed and looked over his game of what looked like a pyrimad.

"I've never seen this game before?" She said trying to figure out how it was played from looking at the moves he left unfinished but nothing was sinking in.

"It's a new game I've been playing with, no name so far but the point of it is to place the cards in a stacked tower like this here," he gestured to the main set of cards that were laying flatly on the bed starting from a back facing card alone that expanded into a group of five cards two of which were flipped over.

"Next you take the leftover cards from the deck and you place them here above the tower," he contiued and she nodded. "and basically all you do is draw from the deck and stick which ever card showing here at the bottom, whether one higher or one lower, on top of it."

"Ohh." She replied and stared down at the cards figuring movements with her eyes; he watched her in all interest.

Setzer couldn't help but lean over to her, wanting to kiss what he had looked at- her sweet innocents.

"Oh no!" She called getting up making him almost plant his face into the bed. "That sounds like Brianna."

"I don't hear anything." He said getting up too following her to the door.

"Sure you do, it's just very low and-..." When she tried to open the door it snapped shut behind her, and she spun around seeing that he's got a hand pressed against it holding the door shut and the gambler standing so close to her. "U-h..." Were the only broken words of retreat she could try to get out before their lips met.

At first she wanted to push him away but found her hands only grabbing his shirt and holding on to him. The gambler wrapped his arms around her tiny form pinning them inside his embrace. "Mmh." She made a small sound when their kiss broke for a second but they were soon returned with more want and need. Setzer's tongue met her lips to part them more but she gasped and pulled back and he easily let her.

"I didn't mean to rush y-..."

But she cut him off. "No, I really have to go check on Brianna. She usually wakes up at this time of night any how..."

She let out a shuddered breath of words and he backed up a step or two letting her open the door. She glanced in one last time waving a hand to say good night, and he did the same and pressed his back against the door once it was closed and he let out a sigh.

"I blew it just that quickly." He said to himself and walked over to the bed lying down and closing his eyes, to try to go to sleep.

Outside of the room she was just pushing off of the door and started down the hall saying to herself. "I blew it, just that quickly."

She went into her bed room and closed her eyes to get some sleep but her dreams wouldn't let her sleep peacefully, and she tossed and turned watching images flash threw her mind.

"Teeeerraaaa...?" A haunting voice called. "Teeeeeerraaaaa...?" It called again and she kept her eyes tightly closed not wanting to open them until she heard the voice right in her ear. "Terra!"

She snapped her eyes open and looked around the room, there was a dark shadow sitting in the corner of her tiny bedroom and he looked at her with hypnotic eyes and a shapeless, expressionless face. He seemed to be nothing more than a puff of smoke floating around the room; she felt heat tingling in her hands.

"Yyyyessss Terraaa," he was saying to her, but she looked confused not knowing wether she was dreaming or awake. "listen to meee."

The dark figure floated across the room towards her into the light but it only made his shadowy physique darker, the only really notable thing were his eyes glowing in pure white dashes in his head; the cloud reached out a long tendril of itself and held it for her to take.

"Wh- who are you?" The Esper girl asked with caution, only looking at the skinny little arm being held in front of her face.

"Why, I'm your best friend Terra." He said. "I wanna help you with your problems." She remained silent. "You liiike Setzer, don't you?" She nodded to his question and he smiled.

His clouded body was beginning to encircle around her and hold her with in his air space that he was engulfing with his presence alone. "Wh- what do I do?" She asked him and a bit of his dust drifted into her mouth and out again.

"Go back there, Terra, and light his fire." He replied.

The Esper girl stood up from her bed, with her eyes still closed, and walked out of the room into Setzer's. He was laying there now, sound asleep on his back with his hands folded over his chest and his ankels crossedl she almost staggerd as she walked over to him and climbed on the bed with him, straddling over his waist.

"Light his fire..." She repeated slamming her hands down at either side of his head and the pillows lit up in a blaze...


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