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Terra snapped up from her sleep and visually looked round the room. "I'm in my room," she was saying to herself. "then that means it was just a dream." But she still had doubts, so she got up to check Setzer's bedroom.

The door creaked open and she peeked inside, expecting to catch him sleeping or still playing cards. "He's gone!" The Esper girl walked steadly into the room to make sure he hadn't burnt to a pile of ash, but all she found was a note that read:

Dear Terra,

I couldn't sleep, so I left early to start working on the Blackjack. Thank you for everything last night, see you when you get to South Figaro.


'That's a relief.' She thought to herself placing the note back on top of the little side table.

She looked round the room one last time before pushing off the bed, as she made her way to the door a strange sound turned her back to the bedroom, and her mouth dropped in a gasp. The room had caught fire suddenly- right where she had been sitting!

Terra looked around terrified and grabbed a handful of dirt from the wall and threw it at the flames but they weren't going out. The oxygen was getting thick in the little room and blackening the air making it hard to breathe. The Esper girl began to cough, and she backed into a corner curling herself into a flames danced along the room blocking her exit, and she sat there waiting for what she knew was gonna happen next when she heard a voice.

"Terra!" The voice called.

'I know that voice.' She thought. "Setzer, I'm in here!" She stood up and saw him at the doorway, he walked right through the fire holding a bucket of water in his hands and then he tossed it on her. She woke up in a gasp of air, and was grabbed. "Noo, let me gooo!"

"Terra it's me!" The gambler shouted so she could hear him and her eyes opened. "What happened, are you all right? You've been screaming since I walked in, I was starting to think it was me." He chuckled lightly.

"I-..." She started but shook her head. "It was a bad dream that's all."

He made a sound of acknowledgement, and pulled her into a hug rocking her back and forth. "I'm sorry you had a bad dream. But bad nights can be good mornings, you know. I started breakfast for you and the kids, but I really must be going,"

He was talking, but Terra hadn't been listening to a word he was saying, too lost in thought from her dream wondering if it were true; the water felt so real, the air was so thick that she could smell the thick cloud of smoke-

'Cloud of smoke?' She thought. 'What...was that thing?' She asked herself.

Seter backed her away from him, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't let your breakfast burn. I'll see you later, right?" The gambler said.

Blinking back to reality, she nodded. "Yeah."

Setzer gave her a quaint smile and brushed his hand over her cheek before standing, then walking out the door. "That cloud of smoke was telling me to burn the room that Setzer was asleep in, but why would my subconscience make me wanna do something like that?" She couldn't understand it even when she said it outloud.

"Mamma!" She heard one of the little boys calling. "I'm hungry!"

"Me too!" Said a little girl after him.

"I'm coming!" She called to them, and got up from the bed walking out the room; but she didn't see the little hand printed burn mark on her bed sheets, that were still lit with a dim glow.

That morning the others had decided to surprise Setzer and start on his ship before he got there, and so far it was dry as a bone inside and out. The sun was beating down on them knocking out the chilling fall air so much so that they yanked their shirts off and let them fall to the ground- all but Edgar who left his bunched around his waist.

"Hhhhhaaaauuuuuuhhhhh!" Sabin yawned loudly, stretching his arms towards the sky. "Man, this is what mornings are made of- it takes me back to my younger days training in the mountains with Duncan."

Edgar made a sound of disbelief that he enjoyed all those days of training. "This coming from a man who came home every afternoon bloody and bruised."

Locke laughed remembering the first night, because Sabin's cries could be heard through out the castle when his mother put medicine on them, so they wouldn't infect.

"You laugh, but it was great."

"Uh huh," Locke's sawing into a slab of wood through a line he marked on it. "I can still hear your screams echoing off the castle walls." He and Edgar looked at each other than mocked his brothers yelling. "Aaahhhh!"

Sabin just threw his head back and started laughing. "Yeeeah, training was great.. but that medicine was like liquid fire on your cuts, you'd be screaming too- not that a nancy boy like Edgar would know about that."

"Nancy boy?" The king repeated in shock. "As if swordplay is easy and safe." He continued to defend himself.

"Yeah Sabin," Locke said jumping in as well.

"I'm sure rounded wood can leave a nasty cut on a person."

Edgar heard the mock humor from his best friend. Sabin laughed at that and gave the thief a high-five.

"Ahoy there!" They heard Setzer calling, and looked to the ocean where the ship was approaching the docks.

"Heey!" The blitz specialist said waving to him.

"All right, maybe now we'll know exactly what it is we're doing." Exclaimed Locke, putting another fresh cut piece of wood on top of a small pile he was making.

"This is a surprise, what are you guys doing out here so early?" Setzer was saying as he approached the three men.

"We thought that since you'd probably be out here all alone, we'd help you out. I mean, it'll make the work go faster." Locke said picking up the pile of wood. "What do we do with these?" He then asked.

"I'll take them." Setzer said grabbing the short pile of wood from the thief taking them over to the ship, putting them down, before he began to tear the old burnt ones off.

The three mean watched him a minute then smiled mishcieviously and walked over to his side and started to help him.

"So," Sabin started to say. "how uh- how was the sleepover in Mobliz? Nice and comfy?" He asked, and Setzer shook his head.

"I don't know, I was up all night." The three men tried to hold their laughter in thinking they knew what Setzer was getting at. "What's so funny?" He asked holding a fresh piece of wood up to the ship, and taking a handful of nails, placing some in between his teeth for holding while he held the board in place to bang the first nail in.

"Nothing." Sabin went on.

"Then what's with the laughing?" The gambler asked and Locke blurted it out- Sabin could take forever sometimes.

"Did you sleep with Terra?"

Setzer started gagging on the nails and spit them to the ground. "What? Why on earth would you think I'd sleep with her?" He asked looking at the three of them.

"Oh come on, Setz', we all know about your reputation." Sabin replied patting the man on the back.

"My reputation?" Setzer said mostly to himself as though he'd completely forgotten it.

"Uh huh," Locke was saying, "I mean there was that girl in Albrook, the girl in Tzen, those two girls in Jidoor and let's not forget about-..."

"Alright-..." The gambler said lowly.

"Not to mention the body count alone in your ship." Edgar was playing along with him.

"And then the-..." Sabin started to say but Setzer cut him off saying.

"Alright!" He paused a second to see if any one would interupt him, but they didn't seem like they were going to so he went on.

"There weren't that many, give me a little credit." He was going to pound the nail into the wood but his arm froze mid-air and he added. "And that thing in Jidoor was a lie, I don't know who started it but you can't honestly believe everything you hear."

They held their hands up in defense and went back to work tearing out the burnt boards, but Sabin had to get his last dig in. "And the girl in the opera house balcony."

Setzer shook his head in disbelief, and slapped Sabin in the back of the head.

"What?" The blitz specialist laugh out.

"Well, I'm glad you didn't sleep with her." Locke said offhandedly.

"Why's that?" Setzer had to ask out of curiousity.

"Because, I mean with all those girls and all, true or not, I wouldn't want her to get hurt- I mean, she's like a sister to me."

Edgar nodded to the statement along with Sabin.

"Well that hurts." Setzer was saying. "You guys honestly think I'd sleep with her, and toss her to the dogs?" Looking at their faces he could tell the answer was yes because they down cast their eyes and stared at the grass.

"Well you're wrong I happen to lo-..." His words broke off when he saw her approaching, with Celes, and the others looked up and saw them as well.

"Oh great." Locke mumbled to himself and started yanking the boards away a little violently.

"Good morning boys. Need some help?" Celes asked grabbing a plank of wood, along with a hammer and two nails, and without invitation began pounding them into the wood.

"I'm gonna go fix up your bedroom Setz', see ya." The thief went on board the ship and down the hall to Setzer's bedroom.

"What was that all about?" The gambler asked and Edgar gestured his head in Celes's direction.

"I'm gonna go help him." The king stated and went on board as well.

"What can I do?" Terra asked, seeing everyone else had something to do aside from her; Setzer took her hand steering her over to other side of the ship.

"You can help me on this side." He answered, then exampled what to do.

When she seemed distracted enough at her job, he glanced at her and let out a sigh making sure his voice was still there before he spoke. "Terra?"

"Yes?" She asked keeping with what she was doing.

"Do you believe in love? I mean, the real thing?" He asked her, and she froze a second thinking it over.

"I don't know, I've never been in love before."

"Oh." He said lowly and went back to work. "Well, what if I were to tell you that I am in love with you?"

She instantly started laughing to that at one, and replied. "With your reputation, I'm not sure I'd believe it." She laughed a second more, then asked. "Why are you asking me all these questions?"

"No reason, just needed some love advice." He said lamely and went back to hammering.

Terra looked at him with a smile. "I doubt you'll need it. Who's the lucky girl?"

Setzer frowned a second then replied. "No one. Just curious about a girls point of view."

"Oh." She said quietly to herself when something clicked in her head, and she gasped silently. 'Did he just say he was in love with me?' She wondered and opened her mouth to say something but he interupted before the words could come out.

"I'm gonna go work on the deck. See you around." Before she could say anything back, he'd disappeared around the side of the ship. 'I blew it again...maybe I should talk to him tonight.' The Esper girl thought and nodded as a self agreement. 'Tonight.'


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