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In Setzer's bedroom on the ship, Locke is putting the soggy contents from the sidetable drawers on top of it to let Setzer know what needed to be replaced, if they were important. Closing the little drawer his finger was pinched.

"Ow, shit." He said casually and shook it as though it were wet.

"What's the matter?" Edgar asked walking over to him, taking his hand to look at it. "It's okay, no blood at least." The king brought the injured finger up to his lips and kissed it better.

"Thanks." Locke said kind of embarrassed that Edgar still felt he needed his injuries kissed better- not that he minded. "Check this out." Locke reached over to the pile of papers he'd left on the little table, showing one to Edgar.

"What's this?" The king asked taking them and looking at the addressy on the front. "To Setzer..." He read out loud to himself. "Looks like Terra's hand writing." He confirmed to himself because Locke obviously already knew.

"Looks like they were penpals." The thief said reading one of them to himself, and then he placed the soggy note back into its equally drenched envelope. "Guess we don't have to worry about them too much, ha ha..." The theif looked down at his feet and kicked a little piece of disguarded debris across the floor.

Edgar cocked his head looking at his love and asked. "That's not what's really bothering you, is it?"

Locke looked up at him and grinned guiltily. "No." He replied and went on. "It's Celes, she's- she's still in love with me...even though she doesn't say it out loud and, even though she doesn't show it when she's around me but I know she does."

The thief's shoulders sank as though he were giving up all hope, and the king walked over to him placing his arms around him and he rocked them back and forth.

Locke let out a heavy sigh and burrowed his face into Edgar's shirtless skin. "I just don't know what to do, I mean, most girls get it at 'I don't like you that way' but not this girl."

"Poor thing." Edgar said caressing his hair. "Maybe we should just tell her and everyone else- I mean, we've been sneaking around for years now, how much longer could we keep it up anyway?" Edgar felt Locke shaking his head against him and he frowned.

"We can't do that, what would be the point? I mean if we told them the truth they'd either hate us for not telling them, or they'd hate us for who we are- I'm used to being alone but you're not; it wouldn't be fair."

"You don't understand, Locke. I wouldn't be alone because I'd have you...the others are easy to make up with, I doubt they'd stay mad forever."

The thief looked up into his lover's eyes and smiled, "You always know how to cheer me up." he said, receiving a kiss from Edgar on the nose.

"Mm hmm."

Locke sighed out with a new breath of hope and pulled himself back saying. "Look at me, behaving like a girl." He laughed off his frustration. "We'd better get back to work, or someone might wonder what we're doing in here."

Edgar nodded and they began to clear the things in the room that were burned.

Outside of the airship, Celes is hammering tentively when she stops and looks at Sabin.

"Sabin can I ask you something?" She said and the blitz specialist glanced at her replying.

"Sure, anything."

"It's about Locke... do you think that he-...he hates me?" She asked calmly really wanting to know the answer to the question.

"Locke, huh?" Sabin said scratching his chin before answering her. "Not in this life time, maybe he's just busy with so much other stuff that he hasn't got the time for girlfriends- or maybe he's just not interested in you as anything more than a friend."

"That's what he keeps saying." Celes stated mostly to herself; Sabin reached out a hand patting her on the shoulder.

"I wouldn't worry about it though, there's plenty of other fish in the sea, you don't need to be stuck on one guy."

The ex-general nodded and smiled. "You're right, maybe I should just give up- I already think I may have some one in mind too." She smiled at Sabin who made a face; but when she laughed patting him on the back roughly, he took ease that she was joking.

'Girls.' Sabin thought shaking his head.

The group had worked all day and most of the night, and by the time they were all leaving to go home to their beds the Blackjack was almost it's old self again. Setzer was in his bed room tidying up when he heard a knock on the door frame.

"Setzer, are you coming home with me?" Terra asked and walked into the nicely-sized room.

"Uum," He started and then shook his head. "I'm nearly done here, I think I'll stay behind and finish, you go on ahead with out me."

The Esper girl nodded and turned around leaving him for a moment then she backed herself up and walked into the room grabbing a knocked over burnt chair and stood it up in a corner with a pile of scortched things. The gambler looked back at her and smiled to himself.

'Don't worry Terra, all the woman in the world wouldn't do a thing for me the way you do.' He thought and sighed. 'But getting you to believe me is a different story.' Setzer went back to polishing the crud off of her favorite desk, brushing some sand paper over it to try and salvage the ruined finish on it.

"Do you wanna keep these?" He heard her asking and he turned around seeing in her hands a pile of letters that were obviously from her.

"Of course I do. I wouldn't throw away the ashes if they got burned." He replied walking over to her and taking them from her hands.

The letters were still a bit wet, but they were drying off and the ink was a bit runny but they were still in tact.

"See there, it says 'from Terra' and I can't just throw them away. It'd be like throwing out some memory of you that I have."

Terra blushed and looked away. "I know what you mean, I have everything anyone's ever given me." It was quiet a moment and then she added. "...And if you don't mind, I'd like to keep the fact that we kissed forever."

His mouth dropped open a second, and she looked down playing with her fingernails until he took her hands in his own and pulled her in for a kiss.

When their hands broke free from each other's grasps, Setzer put his arms around the Esper girl's waist picking her up and backing them up over to the bed behind him, never breaking the kiss.

He felt the bed then turned around laying her down on it, along with himself half way on top of her so she wouldn't feel pinned down.

"Mmh," she moaned lightly inside his mouth as he was breaking away and kissing down her neck.

His hands ran over the outline of her body down under her buttuck, raising her leg around his waist elevating the leg. The gambler positioned himself better over her; moving his lips over to her ear he nibbled lightly on the lobe, then whispered, "I wanna make love to you, Terra." and he continued kissing around her ear and said. "But only if you'll join me?"

'Make love with Setzer...?' The Esper girl let the thought run through her head, and she sighed in pleasure feeling something well up inside of her. "...I will." She breathed out and he planted a kiss on her lips.

The gambler took the invitation well and undid the buckles on her dress, he slipped it down past her body and let it drop to the floor. Setzer wandered his mouth down her neck to her collarbone and at the peek of her breast, letting his tongue come out to get a taste of her skin.

"Uh..." She breathed out feeling the contact of it.

Terra's temperature rose over the enclosure of Setzer's mouth around her hardened nipple and sucked on it with need, taking in as much of her breast his mouth could while his tongue slid heatedly over her pinkish flesh. Setzer greatly enjoyed the taste of her and recognized the mixed berry oils from the bath she took this morning, and a light mix of sweat from her hardwork earlier.

"U-ah..." She moaned arching her back off the bed.

Setzer felt the heat between Terra's legs, and his own giving him a hard-on fast. The gambler's mouth left her breasts kissing a way down to the Esper girl's stomach finding her belly button, his tongue outlined it before dipping itself into the hole making her breath ragged and her hands ran into his mop of hair caressing it.

Terra's hips moved against his chest, searching for more- of what? She was uncertain. But she got her answer when Setzer slid himself lower on the bed, holding her hips in place with his hands and bit down onto the rim of her panties dragging them down over her body; while his hands took over the task, he left three kisses in a row down the newly showing skin between the Esper girl's legs then licked back up the path his mouth had just made.

Terra drew in a sharp breath gasping and felt him reverse the process licking down her lower middle and then kiss up it the three times. Setzer moved back up to her face, kissing her just between the eyes.

The gambler's skilled hands retraced up her body, sweeping like wind, then he pressing the pads of his thumb around her nipples as he positioned himself perfectly between her legs letting her feel his member through his pants. She seemed to be curious about that idea, when he rolled himself over so that Terra was on the top of him.

The Esper girl took some lesson from what he'd done to her, letting her tongue wander into his mouth, her curiousity and clumsiness with the act met effectionately. Terra's hands moved gently down his shirt, and she popped the buttons of it open to run her hands gracefully up his bare skin and she brushed the pad of her thumbs over his nipples as he did to her; he sighed into her mouth and sucked down at the tip of her tongue a second when it returned into his mouth.

'I've never touched a man this way before...' The Esper girl was thinking, wanting to explore more of him she broke away from the kiss and looked down at his chest breathing underneath her bare body; her hands touched the sides of him feeling little up-grown slices here and there, and she kissed down on them- any of them that she could find.

Terra could feel the inner laugh Setzer made from her lips tickling his sides. She kissed him on the lips once more and then pushed at his shirt so that he could help her take it off.

Leaning up on his elbows he let her undress him then she moved down to his pants, the gambler raised his hips and let her slide the fabric away.

She laughed quaintly liking what she saw and reaching down she touched it recieving a hiss from him. Terra smiled and pushed him back down as she slid her tongue up his chest and to his mouth where she kissed him.

"...Are you ready?" He asked her rolling back over so that she was below him. He hoped the answer would be 'yes', because he's ready to blow just from the idea of it all being with whom he's with.

Terra could feel his need pressing against her own, causing her to blush and she nodded.

His hand rested on the gentle flesh of her inner thigh and he spread her legs apart resting between her and she closed her eyes feeling his lips at her ear. "This may hurt a bit just hold on to me." He whispered and she clentched her teeth down waiting for it.

She made a tiny sound feeling the head go in and wrapped her arms tightly around his back; and then she felt the rest of his length slowly enter her, parting through her body in a way she didn't think was possible. Terra's face planted itself in his shoulder as she cried out in pain, and he slid out of her partly and rolled over holding her hips to bring her up into sitting position.

"I'm sorry, this way will hurt less." Setzer was saying, when he felt a tear drop from her hit his cheek. "Lower yourself down onto me, I promise the pain will go away."

He tenderly held her face and kissed her on the forehead; she nodded and lowered herself down gently onto his length finding that he was right, the pain had subdued a bit and she found herself sitting upon him comfortably; Setzer shifted his hips under her for his own comfort and she lay down and kissed him to let him know she was ready now.

The gambler rolled them back over and she made a low noise again because his weight on her; the difference of having herself on him compared to his laying on her was immense. But he waited for her to relax before he started his slow thrust into her, the Esper girl arched her back and moaned responding to the pleasure with her own rocking onto him.

"Ahh..." He breathed in her ear, "Uhhh..." she moaned back, breathing raggedly as he rocked into her harder.

The more their breathing picked up the faster they went and they met their lips together kissing each other hungrily. Terra wasn't sure what made this so amazing to her. Was it the build up and mystery of it all? The man, who confessed to caring for her this way and maybe more? Or perhaps it was the pleasureful feeling of something new going on with her body; something that other women have experienced with someone they love and who loves them. Whatever it was, it filled her entirely.


The pressure in their bodies swelled until they felt themselves release. He filled her body with his love and when she released, they drowned each other out with their cries of pleasure. "Aaahhh!" The two of them lay there together with their arms wrapped around the other person's body.

Terra nuzzled her face into his collar and sighed out. "Setzer, what...?" She couldn't ask. With his reputation, it could easily have just been a moment between them.

The gambler kissed her and replied in a whisper that stilled her fears. He cares for her, and he wants to court her.


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