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The two of them lay comfortably wrapped around each other in his bed as they slept. Terra blinked her eyes opened and looked around the room. "Is somebody there?" She whispered lowly so she wouldn't wake Setzer up.

Something moved in the corner of the room right underneath the burnt pile of wood. "It's you again."

The dark cloud floated across the room, never taking his eyes from her. Terra stared at the smog as well, until a burning sensation started in her hands. "Stay away from him, or I'll light your fire." The Esper girl threatened receiving a laugh from the cloud- or what sounded like a laugh. It floated over to the bed.

There was an odd sound when he moved like a rattle snakes tale; and when he reached her he held out his clouded hand again then ran it across her face, slightly into her mouth pulling it back out.

"Terraaaa..." He said and she shrank away against the pillows on the bed, but he moved closer boxing her in.

"What do you want from me?" She asked panicking. "Who are you?"

The cloud seemed amussed at the fact that she would even ask a question like that and he breathed himself in her face saying.

"My naame isss Nexsissss." There was a rattle in his voice like when he moved and her mind seemed to be running over that name as though she may have known it. "And what I waaant, is to be your frieeend, Terraaa..."

Terra looked disgusted and shook her head. "Can't say I return the feelings." She leaned over and gave Setzer's shoulder a shake. "Setzer wake up." But he didn't seem to wanna move. "Setzer wa-..." Her hand passed through his body and she pulled them back gasping. "What's going on?" She asked feeling her breath pick up in fear.

"You're in myyy world Terra, he won't wake up." The cloud seemed darker and bigger than before!

Her hands had ignited themselves on fire, and she held them up in defense to keep him back but his laughter filled her ears. Nexsis blew a black clouded breeze over her hands causing the flames on them to jump back on her, and she smacked them off only spreading it worse.

"No!" She said in pure terror, never afraid of fire before now. "Get them off of me!"

Nexsis laughed and wrapped himself around her putting out the fire; and he dragged it over to Setzer placing it around him instead.

"Stop it!" Terra shouted and tried beating the flames out with her hands but the cloud laughed, and grabbed her pinning her to the bed. "Get off!"

She kept shouting, feeling hands wrapped tightly around her upper arms and she was being shaken.

"Get offf!" She kept shouting. "Let me gooo!"

"Terra wake up!" Setzer shouted but she continued to scream at him.

"Get off of me!" The Esper girl cried still seeing Nexsis around her holding her down, so in retaliation she lit her hands up blasting what she thought was the demon cloud away from her, the audible thump jumped her out of her sleep.

Setzer was on the floor but got up in an orange ball and yanked his shirt off dropping it to the floor, stomping it out.

"Setzer I-..." She started but he just looked at her in horror.

"It was you." The gambler exclaimed.

"No, you don't understand, I di-..."

He shook his head, and backed out of the room. "I want you to go." Was all he said and Terra's heart sank.

"Setzer wait!" She called getting up from the bed and following him; he seemed to be going to his office and the door closed sharply behind him. "Setzer wait, you don't understand. I didn't do it!" She pressed her hand against the door and lay her forehead against it. "Why won't you listen to me?" The Esper girl asked.

The quiet had lasted for a good five minutes when, finally, he opened the door. "Setzer I-..."

He held up a hand silencing her and said. "Go back to Mobliz, Terra, please."

Terra bit down on her bottom lip and started picking at her fingernails. but he took her hands stopping her.

"Don't do that, you'll ruin your hands." The gambler said and then he let them go. "Please leave..."

Terra looked at him with welled tears in her eyes. He turned away from the sight of that, very kindly saying to her. "I'm sorry."

But she just walked out of sight, her tears dotting the floor.

"Terra?" He called to her from a place where his heart strings had broken for her. "Terra wait!" He ran down the hall after her but she took off once she hit the grass outside, but he followed her.

The Esper girl was headed towards the South caves meaning she was going to Figaro castle. The gambler followed her as fast as he could but she seemed to be soaring over and through everything. He hesitated at the mouth of the cave, hating the cramped tight space, but ran through it any ways.

"Terra wait!" He called to her but she didn't listen; when the two of them finally came out of the caves she bolted towards the desert area, and for her luck the castle was sitting not too far across it.

"Who goes-..." The guards started but stopped when they noticed her.

"Can I come in, please?" She asked and they moved aside for her and she walked into the castle going to the living room.

"Excuse me." Setzer said and recognizing him they let him by as well. He was apperantly too late in catching her because when he reached the living room he was greeted by rather annoyed faces.

"Before you say anything-..." The gambler started but, Locke crossed the room and slammed him into a wall.

"What did you do to her?" The thief demanded.

"I didn't do anything, why don't you ask her what she almost did to me!"

She sat on the chair, holding her hands together and trying not to cry, while Edgar made attempts to comfort her with kind words.

"Doesn't look like she's the one that should be explaining anything." The thief snapped at him.

"Well if I may be perfectly blunt, she tried to light me on fire. Granted she was asleep, but she still tried to do it even after she woke up." Setzer tried to explain but, Locke held his ground.

"That doesn't sound like something Terra would do." He snipped.

Setzer let out a huff shaking his head. "Forget it, you're not gonna listen to me- obviously -so why bother explaining anything?" With that the gambler walked out the door leaving the castle.

"Good ridance." Locke spat after him and then walked over to the couch where Terra and Edgar were sitting. "Are you ok?" He asked receiving a nod.

"I'm fine. Really I am, and Setzer didn't do anything wrong. I-... I just over reacted that's all." She sniffled and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand; Edgar gave her a handkerchief.

"Thank you." The Esper girl replied dabbing her eyes.

"Come on my dear, let's get you to a room and get you to sleep, okay?" Edgar rubbed her shoulders, helping her up. "I'll send Winston in with some tea to calm your nerves."

"Thank you," The Esper girl replied through a cracked voice. "I hope it's not too much trouble."

"None at all." Edgar said leading her away.

Not about to let it go, the thief left the room and walked into the main entry after Setzer. "Setzer..." He called out. The gambler turned a circle then kept going. "Setzer wait." The thief called and when they were outside he reached out and grabbed his shoulder. "Hang on."

"Why?" Setzer asked. "You wanna give me the proper send off?"

Locke looked taken aback by that and cast his eyes downwards saying. "No. I just wanted to know what happened, I was being too rash, I guess."

"You guess." The gambler replied in a mocking tone, but then sighed. "If you really wanna know, Terra and I were on my ship. I've stayed behind to finish up and she helped me, when we went to sleep I woke up and she was screaming again-.."

"Again, she's done it before?" Asked Locke and Setzer nodded.

"The first time was when I was asleep in Mobliz, I went into her room and she was screaming her head off about something only this time she tried to burn me and my ship to the ground." The gambler went on. "It's as though she's having nightmares about something attacking her, but she thinks it's real even when she's awake."

"That is strange." The thief replied scratching his chin. 'That sounds a lot like what happened to me when I was poisoned three weeks ago...there was someone- no some thing, in my dream that told me to hurt Edgar...could that same thing be telling Terra to hurt Setzer?' Locke was thinking to himself quietly, while Setzer was watching his face trying to pick up on something.

"Locke, you in there?" He asked and the thief blinked back to life.

"When Terra woke up what was she saying?"

"Well," he began.

9 9 9

"Terraaa," Nexsis rasped to her sleeping figure waking her within the dream.

"You." She could feel her skin begin to boil as he walked over to her, and wrapped his darkness around her shoulders. "Leave me alone!" She threw a ball of fire at it but it soared through him and hit the wall burning itself out. "Why didn't it work?" The Esper girl asked through confusion, looking at her hands.

"Llliisten to me, Terraaa." Nexsis was saying but she covered her ears.


"Your friends are keeping you from what's youuuurss." He said to her, wrapping himself around her more.

"My friends? Keeping me from what's mine..." She repeats, seeing it nod while pointing at the door.

"Over theere, Terraaa." She looked in that direction and he helped her up from the bed and steered her over to the door. "We have to stop hiiim from taking away what belongs to youu."

Terra was trying to wake herself up but nothing was working. She's just dragged to the door then out of it.

"Edgar's room is right up this haaall. You have to stop him." The demon continued to say to her.

"I have to-...stop him..." She repeated and walked down the hall to the door.

"I'm afraid you can't come in here, the king is-..AAHH!" Nexsis sent out a blast of energy at the men blocking the door, and they fell against the wall groaning in pain.

The doors were pushed open in a blast of air. Edgar turned around in his seat at the vanity, seeing his friend as she walked oddly across the room. He cocked a brow at her. "Terra? What is it?"

He stood from his seat, waiting for an answer as he approached her but she doesn't answer, instead she walked over to his bed raising a hand igniting it with a ball of fire.

"What are you doing?!" He asked standing up.

The Esper girl seemed not to care what he was saying as she let the fire ball fall to his bed.

"No!" The king tried to grab her arms around her back and stop her but Nexsis pushed him away. "Aahh!" He hit the wall and shook it off. "Stop, Terra!" He said running over to her this time and grabbing her pinning her arms down.


"And that's the whole story." Setzer quieted for Locke's reaction.

The thief nodded to himself to confirm. "That wasn't Terra's doing it was something else, we have t-..."

"AAaaahhhhh!" They heard a scream and glanced at each other a second saying in unison.

"That sounds like Terra."

They both rushed back into the castle and listened for the where the screaming was coming from.

"Oh no, she's attacking Edgar." Locke said seeing his door open.

The two of them ran down the hall to the king's massive bedroom; charging in to see them both sitting on the floor, with Terra wriggling to get free of Edgar's grasp.

"Let me gooo!" She cried out but he held her fast.

"She just freaked out, came in here, and tried to burn my bed to cinders." Edgar explained. "I don't know what could have gotten into her."

While they were talking Locke looked around the room until his eyes met with another pair, but they quickly faded away and as he pointed out at it a strange feeling came over all of them causing collapse.

"Terra...?" Came a voice in the darkness. "Terra wake up? Can you hear me?"

Her eyes began to scruntch up and then they opened in a blink. "What happened?" She asked and they helped her up from the floor.

"We're not sure ourselves." Edgar replied rubbing his head.

"Terra?" Locke began. "You were trying to kill us by using your powers..."

The Esper girl seemed stunned by those words, looking at the burnt corner of Edgar's blanket. "I did? I don't remember any of... I'm sorry you guys, I didn't know..." She looked into their eyes for forgiveness, and they waved a hand to her.

Locke and Edgar turned to Setzer, but he held up a hand to silence what he knew was coming.

"No, no don't tell me you're sorry I just wanna hear that I was right."

They seemed a bit put-off about that one, but shrugged and said. "You were right."

The gambler grinned at that and said to them. "Thank you."

Locke rolled his eyes at him, but smiled then turned to Terra who still seemed a bit confused.

"When you were dreaming," he was saying to her. "did you see this big black thing that looked like a cloud?"

She thought hard a minute and then remembered a clear image of it, then she nodded. "I did. It was telling me that you guys were trying to keep me from what was mine, and then it told me that I should burn Setzer's ship in a dream I was having one night."

"That must be how that fire was started." Edgar exclaimed, then turned her to face him. "Are you all right now, though?" He asked and she nodded.

"I feel fine."

"That's good," Setzer cut in and then added. "Terra, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you before about what happened. My ship means a lot to me, but not more than you."

"That's okay. I understand." She said waving a hand to him but something was still bothering Locke.

'One time is just a coincidence, but twice. There has to be someone or some thing behind this, and I'm gonna find out who or what it is.'



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