Behind Closed Doors

BY : Resting-Madness
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I'm outside up in the mountain area of Figaro; we'd, long ago, built a pathway through this mountain for villagers who wanted to go to Kohlingen or the Opera and it was working like a charm because no one hitched a ride in the castle anymore making going home a lot easier on my nerves- do you know how long it takes that thing to resurface sometimes? I'd have burnt to death by then.

I'm on my way home right now and am packing up my things putting them in my carrying bundle that I bring every time I come up here to train. "Huhp!" I hopped down off the mountain one ledge at a time, going up is harder than going down if you could believe that at all, it was nothing but the looking for the right placement and away you- "Whoooaaa!" The ledge beneath my foot broke and I fell, tumbling head over heels at first then rolling along on my side until I hit the bottom luckily stopping myself with my hands before my face could smack into the grass.

I'm hurt, though, "Oohhhh..." at least I thought I wasn't. Trying to stand by pushing myself up only got me a slight headache, so I rolled over on my back and sat up instead. "Ugh." Finally on my feet, I held my head wishing like hell I'd of climbed down instead of jumped, the walk back home is gonna be a nightmare.

I grabbed my bundle and draped it over my shoulder, then started the walk to the castle. The sun wasn't that high up today so it was surprisingly cool in the desert, but I didn't really expect that much of a heat wave because it is fall after all.

Out of boredom, I began to whistle a new tune that all the phonographs at the bars have been playing lately and it's been stuck in my head for days now, and I'm being driven mad by it.

A slight breeze blew when my feet hit the sand and I glanced around cautiously as I walked just incase there were any unturned monsters left around here. Some of the monsters in every area have been attacking left and right because they are either dumb from getting back to their senses and no longer knowing how to be normal after having been possessed by the Magi war's spellbinding effects.

"Not that I couldn't use some action today," I said to myself. "I sure am bored."Reaching into my bundled sack I grabbed a turkey sandwich that the cook prepared for my trip, it was a little dry today because we didn't have any relished oil left.

Reaching into my bundled sack I grabbed a turkey sandwich that the cook prepared for my trip, it was a little dry today because we didn't have any relished oil left. I was just about done with my meal when I saw the gray towers looming in the distance and getting closer.

"Finally," I said with a mouthful and took off running for the castle. I couldn't wait to get inside and take a bath.

When I got up to the door the guards greeted me with simultaneous kindness. "Good morning Prince Sabin."

"Knock it off with that Prince stuff, it's just Sabin." I commented good-naturedly, although I knew they never would just call me Sabin, but asking them to was something I got used to saying to them. It was like an auto-response. I walked into the foyer out into the inner courtyard, smiling at the guards on my way by and they smiled back.

I always wondered what it would be like if I were the king instead of Ed' but that's too weird to even think about; life's way to dormant around here and I couldn't take the giving orders stuff like Edgar does, he is a natural. Ever since we were kids, he learned the etiquette and mannerisms that I never properly could. That's pretty much why I left in the first place, I knew I couldn't do it the way he could and I wanted dad to look down and be proud of Figaro castle and the town, South Figaro. Having me in charge never would have worked out.

When I made it to the bedroom hall I heard a sound like someone in pain and it was coming from my brother's room. Walking down the hall I knew that he was all right but, I wanted to make sure of it. It was a fool's mistake, but how was I to know that I'd see what I saw. I cracked the right side of the double-doors leading into the sitting room and glanced in. My breath caught in my throat and what I am seeing made all the hairs on my body stand on end...My brother was in there alright, pressed against the wall and pressed into his best friend, Locke, who at that moment let out a moan of pleasure.

I did nothing but stand there with my mouth hung open like a slack-jawed Rhodoux monster. Edgar was sliding his hands up Locke's bare thighs and to his own; he pulled his trousers down to the floor exposing his own nakedness. I felt that I had just become the king of violation and in a panic I ran away from the scene, pulling the doorknob with me causing the door to close in a louder audible than I wanted it too.

I cursed to myself and hoped he hadn't heard that as I bolted to my rooms. Once I was behind closed doors, I pressed my back to the solid wood surface and remained there like a dead-bolt. I couldn't move, I was very much still in shock.

"I can't believe what I just saw...Locke and my brother- having sex." I stood there with a flash still bright in my mind and I closed my eyes trying to snip the vision away but it only made me hear Locke moan.

Well, that takes the song out of my head, a part of me thought. I walked over to the long comfortable sofa in the sitting area and heavily laid down on it. "Why on earth would they be doing that? Better yet, how long has that been going on?" I wracked my brain a moment thinking about every time I'd ever seen them together, but nothing I'd ever seen would conclude them to that.

'Maybe it was when I'd left the castle?' I figured, 'Edgar would have been lonely, I'm sure and Locke was usually always at the castle to see us...or him...' I couldn't believe this was really true! My mind felt like a puzzle right now trying to jam a piece in really hard but it wouldn't fit even though the shape was the same as the only offered space. "Of course!" I shouted against the sound-proof walls as it suddenly hit me.

"There was a time when we were kids, I was coming home from Duncan's place and they were sitting really close to each other on the ground and..." Oh, my Goddess. Covering my head with my arms I felt exhaustion both physical and mental take over me and drop me into a deep sleep.

I don't know how much time had passed before my door suddenly swung open, permitting and Edgar walked in smiling. You don't know how hard it was for me to not start laughing when I did see him, but- thankfully- I held it in.

"Hello, Sabin," he greeted me but remained at the door.

"Yes?" I bit my bottom lip because a smile was three seconds away from being plastered to my face, and if he saw it he'd know that I knew what he was doing with Locke in his bedroom.

"I'm going into town for some material to redecorate my bedroom, would you like to come along?"

My brother, so friendly and fun to hang out with. He wasn't who I thought he was, but he hadn't really changed. I just sort of looked at him a moment wondering when we stopped telling each other everything, then shook my head to the invitation.

"I uh, need to take a bath I'm a mess."

He looked as though he was seeing me for the first time as well, and then he nodded and waved as he was leaving the room.

"I'll see you later, then." He said in departure.

And I replied with a wave and, "See ya." as well.

Locke and my brother sitting in his room- having sex! 'I have to tell someone, but whom? I wonder what Setzer's doing today?' Getting up from the couch I walked to the door but froze. "Better shower first." I ran to my bathroom and started the tub water.


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