Behind Closed Doors

BY : Resting-Madness
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I was out of the castle after a quick bath and wondered how in the hell I was gonna find the old man anyway? The skyrate usually hangs around in pubs, but which no one can ever be certain. Oddly enough I sent a carrier bird out for him, so he'll eventually come to me. As I walked about outside I saw Edgar and Locke by the stables talking and carrying on and a part of me couldn't help but think, 'Aww.'

"Edgar! Locke!" I called out and waved to the two of them. They waved back and Ed' leaned forward and whispered something to his secret lover that I couldn't help but wanna know what they were talking about. As I approached them they turned to face me with smiles and I grinned back. "Hey," I said.

"Hi, change your mind?" Edgar asked me and I nodded.

"Great, come on." Locke was saying getting on his bird- which if I can remember is named, Dodger. I grabbed a bird myself and climbed on myself deciding that I'd follow the two of them from behind so that I could watch them a little.

We went along slowly at first until Locke called over his shoulder to me saying. "Race you there!" And with that Edgar automatically sped up with Locke following behind him and I snapped the reigns on my Chocobo as well giving him a hint to speed up.

We tore over the grassy planes to the new mountain tunnel and pounded through it as though it were nothing. Edgar kept the lead but I was gaining on Locke until I went past him, I grinned at him to let him know that you just couldn't beat the Figaro brothers in any Chocobo race but he passed me back, and with a waving of his middle finger. I laughed a bit and pushed the bird as fast as it would go until we were out of the caves, next thing I knew we were going towards Jidoor.

"The tree on the right is the goal, you guys better go faster than that if you wanna beat me!" Edgar's voice shouted suddenly.

"Come on Sabin!" Locke said to me. "We can't let that pretty boy beat us, we invented the outdoors!"

We rode on as hard as we could but it obviously wasn't good enough because Edgar passed the tree before us by a good distance and he threw his arms up while the bird slowed down and circled back coming towards Locke and me.

"I'm curious about something brother, have you always ridden that slowly or is it old age catching up to you?" Edgar teased with a laugh; I reached over smacking him in the back of the head.

My brother, the appearance perfectionist, instantly reached up to fix any hair that was out of place and I laughed lightly watching him. We continued on to town, but slowly walking our birds next to each other and we were silent for the most part until I realized something. "We're going to get some fabric to redecorate aren't we?"

"That was the plan." Locke was saying stretching his arms out towards the sky- I had to give it to Ed' if he was going to be gay he could pick 'em. If I were in his place I'd probably find Locke attractive too- always around me, my best friend in the world. Their connection was easy to see. a shadow filled the sky above our heads and I looked up smiling.

"Thank Gods, here comes my ticket out of here." I couldn't help but say hearing Edgar sigh, he must have wanted to redecorate my room as well and needed my secretly asked for opinion about colors or patterns- it wouldn't be the first time ya know.

Setzer landed not too far away from us and Napoleon, my Chocobo, ran a little faster to get over to the ship.

"See you guys later," I said going past them.

They waved goodbye not seeming to mind much that I wouldn't be with them. When I hopped off my bird he ran over to Edgar so that he could be tied down with the other two; anyone that says those birds are dumb must have never really known any, they're actually very smart. Useful. Powerful. Kind. Almost beautiful one might say.

Setzer dropped a little row of stair down onto the grass; I walked in seeing him go farther beyond the entrance to the lower deck where the stables and engine rooms reside. "Are we staying or going?" He asked me while I followed him.

"Going, I don't wanna risk them walking on here while we talk," I said and he glanced over his shoulder asking.


"I'll tell ya when we're in the air," I replied. "I'm going into the living room." Climbing another set of stairs I went right as Setzer turned left to go up to the deck where the steering wheel is. I expected to see Terra around somewhere since they were trying to be an official couple and all, but she was nowhere in sight. Good. I needed the privacy for what I was about to tell him and ask him.

The weight of the airship changed as we took off- something I wasn't sure my insides would ever get used too- and then we were flying in some random direction away from Jidoor with the ship on auto-pilot. A moment later Setzer joined me with a nicely-sized bottle of wine and two glasses to match. Handing one to me before he sat down, the cork was popped off and a drink poured.

"So, what was so urgent?" He asked me taking a drink and I was looking for the right way to word it.

"Well it's weird when you think about actually saying it out loud," I said as if to myself.

My white haired friend has his game face, it reads that he has all the patients in the world right now to wait on my answer.

"Weellll Edgar...and Locke...aaare- seeing each other." It was quiet as though the thought were sinking in and then he said.


"I'm not lying, I saw the both of them just today all over each other in Ed's room," I explained the episode to him then added. "I might be a slight liar but I wouldn't make something like this up, honest."

He seemed to be thinking over what I'd just said but all he could come up with was, "You're sure about this?" I nodded. "Your brother and best friend, are a couple? A sexual couple?" Setzer seemed to be in complete shock about the idea of that and I don't blame him- what with Edgar's flirtatious manner and Locke- well he had girls all over him, yes, but he never seemed the least bit interested- save aside Rachel who he seems mostly obligated to because of her coma. So his being gay would make some sense.

"Wow." Setzer's voice broke my thoughts. "I never would have guessed."

"Neither would I, and that was probably his plan altogether..." I paused as if I'd just heard myself for the first time and then he said to me what I was thinking right then.

"I wonder if they ever planned on telling us?"

"I don't think they did, they've probably been together since forever which is why I need to ask you a favor." He raised a charcoal colored eyebrow as if he couldn't wait to hear this one. "I think the only way they'll tell us is if we force it out of them."Setzer nodded and asked. "How do you propose we do that?"

Setzer nodded and asked. "How do you propose we do that?"

A huge grin lit up my face and his seemed to shrink away as if he was mentally scolded himself for getting into what I was about to ask him. "I want you to come on to my brother." I said.

"What?!" I knew he'd say that so I went on explaining to try to calm him down.

"Wait wait wait, before you drain any more color from your face hear me out." He let out a sigh and I waited to see if he were listening and then went on. "I need you to come on to him, the strongest and hardest you can- I'll be doing the same to Locke." I added when I saw that he was still about to protest.

"What will that prove?" He asked me and I slapped a hand to my head not believing he really asked that question."Just think...if they're together and it's in secret they're oblivious to the fact that people don't seem to know and will ask them out any ways-..,"

"Just think...if they're together and it's in secret they're oblivious to the fact that people don't seem to know and will ask them out any ways-..."

"Sooo you're thinking that if we come on to them they'll eventually have to just tell us before we get too far with them?" I nodded after he finished my thoughts. "...Sabin, you're a genius!" Declared my pilot frieend, and I grinned happily, quite glad we were seeing eye to eye in this. "Just as long as we don't let Terra find out, okay?"friend warned and I held my hands up in defense.

It was a forewarning that I well understood, and I held my hands up in surrender to his request.

"I wouldn't tell a soul, and if she does find out I'll tell her that I put you up to it, I promise."

He grinned at me and held out his hand. "You've got yourself a lackey." He said and I took his hand to shake on the deal. "When do we start?"

"Tomorrow." I answered. "Knowing my brother he'll know something's up since I talked to you today." Setzer nodded as if making a mental note. "Make sure you act natural, my brother can smell a scam three miles away."

"Got it." He said.

I rested myself against the back of the chair holding up the glass of wine I had. "Here's to finding out the truth." He banged his glass to mine.

"Cheers." And we drank it straight down as if we'd both had a brief flash of tomorrow and thought we'd need it.

x x x

Commentary: Hey, I just wanted to say thank you to the readers for still find FFVI one of the enjoyables, because I know I love it. And I'm loving the idea of playing XV, it seems like a blast from what I've seen played by TheRadBrad, it gave me those old Final Fantasy feels but it upgraded in the best of ways, the camping, the travel, it's fun.


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