Behind Closed Doors

BY : Resting-Madness
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Ten minutes earlier.

"Are you sure he's not busy or something?"

Setzer asked me and I nodded, patting him on his back pushing him towards the doors and said, "Go for it, little man." He went forward and took a breath as though he were going to war; I laughed shaking my head. It wasn't that serious, just seriously funny. I saw Locke coming out of the intersection. Just who I wanted to see.

"Hey, Locke," I said to him and he froze mid-run slowing himself into normal standing position.

"Hey Sabin, what's up?" He asked and I replied with a shrug.

"Nothing much. Hey I'm not doing anything today, do you wanna go hang out in Tzen with me?" I asked him but he shook his head.

"No can do, I'm going hunting- but you can come if you want to." He made the offer since I told him that I'm not busy.

'Perfect, perfect.' I thought. "I'd love to go, maybe you could teach me how to pick locks like you do."

"Maybe, I just have to go say goodbye to Eee..." I cut him off grabbing his collar and dragged him backwards as I moved away from the door.

"That's not a good idea, Ed's in a meeting this morning and Chancellor said not to disturb," That was close. If he sees Setzer, he'll know something's up.

Locke pulled free straightening his clothes. "But Setzer just went in there." He retorted to my comment.

I cursed having thought that he didn't see the gambler enter the meeting room. Think fast, Figaro. "Yeah, but he's not gonna bother Ed', I told him to go to my room and wait for me to get back," I replied hearing it over telling myself that was lame.

"Oh. Okay." Though he sounded unsure. "Let's go then."

I can't believe he bought that one, but it didn't matter what he believed right now as long as he didn't go back to that room and find out about whatever it is Setzer decided to do with Edgar. Setzer and I discussed the details and we both agreed, no sex or anything of that nature, just some friendly, though suggestive, teasing. I mean, he's my brother and as far as I could tell he is in love with Locke. We don't wanna bust that up we just wanna let them know it's okay to tell us about it.

I placed my arm around his shoulder and we walked to the stables together. He seemed a little detached so I thought I'd loosen him up a little. "Sure is gonna be a nice day, you know for treasure hunting that is. Which cave are we going through- which mountain are we trekking up? Huh?"

Locke looked up at me and put on a smile. "I don't know." He said, "I thought maybe we'd go to the Cave of Figaro."

"Hey that's not too far away we can walk the distance if you want and, y'know, talk for a bit- make up for not seeing each other much in our teen years."

His eyes jumped at the sound of that as though they were replaying most of his teen years and he wouldn't dare say them out loud. "Oh uuhh, teen years, huh? Boring stuff really you wouldn't wanna hear about that." He replied hastily after his moment of remembered silence.

"Sure I do!" I said cheerfully and encouraging the conversation of he and Edgar. Locke made a small turn and walked past the stables and towards the Figaro caves which were a few yards away maybe a mile at the most, and we walked quickly but quietly. 'I gotta think of a way to get him to loosen up.' I thought and looked down at him, he still seemed to be thinking about something so I let go of his shoulders getting him to look up at me and then I said. "I'll race ya there?"

He got that 'take a challenge, any challenge' grin and stopped walking to get into the starting position. I mimicked his posture and when he looked at me he asked. "On whose mark?"

I thought for a moment then replied. "Yours, and we'll use the tree up there as the finish line." Giving him the 'your in command' reassurance, while letting him know I could make decisions too. It happens in relationships, I've heard.

"All right, ready?" I nodded. "Go!"

I bolted like I've never felt me run before and he followed right after me a step or two slower. I could hear him panting and an odd thought ran through my head of the two of them in Ed's bedroom and I tripped. "Whoa! Oof." Locke ran by me laughing and I spat out dirt watching him hurry to the finish, that little sneak. Standing up, I hurried after him but not too quickly, deciding to save my energy until the near end when I'll win this little race of ours.

We neared the caves and he shouted over his shoulder. "I'm gonna win, Sabin! You might as well be my slave for life call me master and- hey!" He cried when I shot past him, slapping him playfully on the rear end before I tagged the tree; after he arrived I laughed my head off at him while catching my breath.

"No..." He panted. "...fair, cheater." Although he laughed too.

"All right, now you have to be my slave, call me master, and give me a kiss," I said jokingly. Locke stopped laughing then, and straightening up to face me, his demeanor became completely serious, but he was still out of breath when he asked. "What did you say?"

"I said be my slave, call me master, and give me a kiss," I said the last part slowly so he wouldn't ask again.

He looked at me as though he were thinking that I knew what I know but couldn't possibly so instead he laughed hysterically hitting my arm. "Good one, Sabin," Locke said and laughed a little more only nervously. "You almost had me going there."

I moved a little closer to him. "I was serious," I said trying to keep my voice that way because all of me wanted to laugh as well.

"Come on, you're not gay- I'm not gay either- if that's what you were thinking."

I shook my head holding up my hands. "No, not at all- straight guy like you, with all the girls falling all over him. It's unheard of... But... I, on the other hand, I mean- nah, I can't say it. Let's just go into the caves and explore."

He looked me over kind of strangely but he was slowly calming the wonder of my odd behavior as though he felt better that the subject was changing, and then grinned saying. "Okay. Let's go." He reached into his pocket and took out his picks.

"I can show you the easiest ways to pick them, we can save the advanced stuff for later- is that fine with you?"

I nodded and followed him in. We both grabbed torches off the wall and stalked down into the deepest parts of the cave. It stinks a little in here causing me to scrunch up my nose. Locke didn't seem to notice as he walked on seeming as though someone was guiding him."Right here, come on let's dig."

"Right here, come on let's dig."

He put the torch into the wall and pulled out a pick axe, then handed me a small gardening shovel and brush. "Don't dig too fast okay, you wouldn't wanna start any cave-ins." He said in all seriousness and then reached into his pocket holding out a pair of gloves. "You want a pair?" He handed them to me as though I answered and I slipped them on. 'Can't this kid ever find anything that fits?' I thought with a smile as I watched him.

We dug into the soft earth quietly and then I remembered the mission and looked over at him asking. "So, what do you think about them?"

He glanced at me blankly then replied. "Who?"


He seemed to swallow hard and went back to work to avoid looking at me. "I think it's fine. I mean, you love who you love right?" He answered trying to disguise his feelings by saying the last part.

"Really?" I asked curiously. "So if I were to tell you that, I don't know, I were the type to have feelings for men, you wouldn't freak out on me?"

There he went swallowing hard again only this time he looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "You're gay?" He asked me point blank, and I danced around the answer acting as though I were really trying to find something amongst the cave walls.

"Sure," I said and then laughed. "How many girls have you seen me with, huh?"

The treasure hunter looked as though he was thinking it over then his face seemed to tell me he was in fantasy camp- I wonder if he's thinking about me? Locke then looked up and asked. "Does Edgar know?"

I shook my head. "I was too afraid to tell him," I even sound sincere and sad to myself over the thought of not telling Edgar about my secret. And it's not entirely false feelings, I am sad that he feels that he can't tell me. It's ridiculous. He's my brother, he's gotta know that I love him no matter what he's like or who he chooses to be. "I thought he'd be mad at me..."

Locke shifted around uncomfortably as if he's heard this very conversation before. It had me wondering if maybe the two of them have had this sort of conversation about me. "No, I don't think he'd be mad." He then went back to digging as well and I looked him over and went on.

"I thought he'd be mad at me because of the person I have a crush on." He looked at me again and asked.

"Who is it?"

I wet my lips and replied quickly. "You." I leaned in and kissed him quaintly on the side of his mouth and he pulled back like a blade had been in between my lips.

"I uh...I think we should dig in a different spot." He got up rushing down a dark tunnel.

"Hey, you forgot your torch!" I called and got up to follow after him. 'This is gonna be easier than I'd thought.'

When I reached Locke, he was sitting against a wall looking a bit confused. I walked over to him and sat myself down scooting closer to him. "Locke, I'm sorry..." I was saying looking at him. "I didn't mean to be so forward."

The hunter shook his head and started to say something but changed it to something else- I could tell, Edgar used to do that to me a lot as kids. "I'm just not sure what it is you're telling me exactly, how long have you had these feelings for me?" He asked.I waited a while to make it as though I were calculating the time between liking him and loving him, then replied. "Since we were 18, I guess." Locke huffed out a laugh and shook his head. "That's a lie we weren't even around each other at eighteen."

I waited a while to make it as though I was calculating the time between liking him and loving him, then replied. "Since we were eighteen-years-old, I guess."

Locke huffed out a laugh and shook his head. "That's a lie. We weren't even around each other at eighteen."

"Oh, I know," I said making up the lie as I went along. "it was around the time that I left that I had a moment when I was thinking about home, and Edgar, mom, dad, and... you." He shifted uncomfortably and looked at me. "That's when I realized that I like you a lot more than a friend, Locke... You were always around with that spunk of yours- it was infectious." I laughed a moment at the idea of it trying to make it seem like it was from found thoughts and he made- I'll admit- the cutest low laugh beside me. "I don't know, it was nice to find someone around like me."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" He then asked and I stopped my laugh punching him in the shoulder.

"I don't know, maybe because you mostly seemed into Ed'." Locke jumped as though he were physically touched out of nowhere by my saying that, then he tried playing it cool by waving me off. So I went on with my lie. "Aha... In fact, if I didn't know any better I would have thought the two of you were together." I broke out into my usual laugh and he started to laugh but it sounded more like gagging.

I watched him a moment waiting for him to stop choking then I said plainly. "But that couldn't be true because, you said yourself you're not gay, right?"

He nodded and said in a quiet voice. "Yeah. Why would I be?" In the brief pause, he turned around and began to dig in the low bend of the cave wall then looked at me. "Uh Sabin, I have to tell you something..."

He said and I grinned waiting for it so that I could congratulate him then rub it in with jokes and badgering.

"Yes, Locke?" I said blank enough as though I had no clue what he was going to tell me.

"I'm uhh... gonna need that shovel."

"...-What a chicken!" I blurted out on accident and he raised his eyebrows to me and I laughed putting an arm behind my head. "I mean, you don't feel comfortable with the pickaxe any more?" I patted myself on the back 'Good save.' I congratulated me.

Locke nodded holding his hand out while handing the pick over to me.

'I'll break him yet.' I thought then started picking at the dirt floor. 'I wonder how Setzer is holding up?'


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