Behind Closed Doors

BY : Resting-Madness
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I walked outside with a tray full of food and just as I suspected Setzer's ship was outside waiting for me like a personal vale. "Humph, those two don't know who they're dealing with when it comes to a good trick," I said to myself then absently thought. 'I should have put money down on this one, there's no way I can lose.'

I looked the ship up and down then knocked on the door. No one answered. I figured that he must still be asleep then. Oh well, mustn't be deterred; kicking the bottom doorway it dropped open. That was a good sign, at least, it meant he as expecting me and not just parked in the desert for a rest. I walked up the stairs and inside, resting the tray down on a chair in the entry way freed me up to close the door. Picking the tray back up I walked through the ship and into his bedroom but he wasn't in there.

'Maybe he is awake?' I wondered and went looking for him, he wasn't in the kitchen having his own breakfast and there was no way he was on the deck.

"The living room," I stated and walked in. 'There you are.' I thought to myself and walked over to the sleeping figure on the couch, placing the tray down I knelt beside the couch and looked at him. "Nice body, Setz'." I ran my hand up his leg and his eyes snapped open and I grinned at him. "Hey, old man, did you sleep well?" I asked and he sat up looking a bit confused; seeing the bottle of wine on the table I could see why.

"What happened?" He asked obviously wondering why I was here so early.

I replied while keeping the lecherous smile plastered to my face. "I brought breakfast." I pointed behind me and he looked blankly as to why I would do something like that then I sat up on the couch beside him to explain. "I've been thinking about what's been going on yesterday and I wanna say that I'm sorry." I sliced a piece of french toast for him, using a knife to slather it with honey butter before holding it to his lips.

Just when he asked, "What for?" I stuffed it into his mouth. He looked objectively about chewing it but he did so anyway.

"Because I was not at all as myself and it was rude of me to push you away so cruelly when you seemed so sincere about wanting me." I was going to shove another bite into his mouth but he moved his head away."Sorry, I rarely eat breakfast I'm not usually hungry when I wake up." I huffed out a laugh and shook my head. "Nonsense, eat with me."

He must have seen the confused expression on my face because he said off-handedly. "Sorry, I rarely eat breakfast. I'm not usually hungry when I wake up."I huffed out a laugh and shook my head. "Nonsense, eat with me."

I huffed out a laugh and shook my head. "Nonsense, eat with me."

Setzer looked down at the tray and then reached for the plate I had been cutting from, resigned to the idea that I wasn't going to leave him or the matter alone.

"There you go." I patted him on the back and grabbed a plate myself. "Food is a lot better when you have someone to eat it with, don't you agree?"

"Yes." He took a bite of the fresh chopped bacon and seemed content on chewing it, then he said. "By the way, you don't have to be sorry about pushing me away the other day."

"I don't?"

He nodded. "No. Because, after all, I was coming on to you and you're- well you're not even gay." He said taking a drink of orange juice; I have to admit it that his scrunching his nose at the juice was adorable, like a rabbit when it's eating. I was so in that moment that I almost missed what he'd been saying. "I'm the one that's sorry."

I grinned wickedly a moment and put my plate down on the serving tray then leaned an elbow on the back of the chair and with a slight turn in his direction I looked at him with desire. "Don't be, because Setzer... you've opened my eyes."

He swallowed hard and looked at me leaning back a bit because of how close our faces are."I did?" He asked; I nodded and with my finger, I brushed it down his body then up it again and I felt him shudder underneath.

"You still want me, don't you Setzer?" I asked him seductively, using the voice that would make Locke jerk himself off in front of me if I asked him to. and there's a good chance it'd work on Setzer too- straight or not.

He licked his lips as though he was thinking over exactly why he still wanted me and then he put his plate down standing up. "O- of course I do." He said and walked to his wine cabinet, I can't let him get drunk that would be too easy.

I got up and ran over to him taking the glass and bottle from him I set them down before holding him by his waist; breathing warmly against his lips, "Do you?" I asked again.

He looked down to avoid looking me in the eyes, then he breathed out as if it was in all truth to say. "Yes."

I grinned again and lifted his chin so he could look at me, and when our gazes met I leaned down and kissed him. It was weird to me so I could only imagine what must have been going through his mind, especially because he's 100 percent straight. Setzer was receptive, though, because his arms went around my shoulders and he leaned further into the kiss, letting low moans fall into my mouth but there was no tongue involved as I would have expected- even if the kiss is homosexual, Setzer is not the type of person to relent to any sexual behavior. He must be holding back for my sake and I knew perfectly well why. Getting him to confess is gonna be the easiest thing I've ever done, I just have to take it up another notch.

"Mmh..." I pulled away and gestured with my head behind us. "Let's go over to the couch, I can show you my king." I grinned.

The flustered gambler gulped noticeably hard and said. "Do weee have to? I mean it would be wrong to just go for it, we were just getting to know each other on a more personal level just yesterday."

"True, but I move exceptionally fast when I want something- or someone..." I gave him a single kiss and pulled away letting my hands take especially long sliding away. 'Damn I'm good.' I thought, trying not to laugh out loud from it.

Setzer's breathing seemed a bit forced to keep itself normal and he walked slowly over to the couch. I pulled him down leaning him back so that he was on the bottom and I was on top, then I straddled him. "Why are you shuddering?" I asked him and he shrugged tightly trying to regain composure but it wasn't working. "Ha," I mocked teasingly. "don't be nervous I'm not anything to be afraid of... at least not until I get going." I pressed our lips together and opened my mouth letting my tongue part his lips.

He was still a bit shaken as I felt him raise his arms over my back and bring them down on it unsurely. I found it amazing that he was this shaken from someone touching him, all those people he's been with and not a single person has ever pursued him.

"Mmmhh." I moaned pulling back and said to him. "You've never had a person want to touch you before, have you?"

He shook his head whispering, "Never a man," before pulling me back onto him and I laughed at his eagerness.

"I can change that," I whispered in his ear and slid down his body until my face was lined up with his crotch.

I dipped my fingers past the rim of his trousers and started to yank them down but he pushed my hands away and jumped up from under me. "I can't do this." He sounded spooked.

I made a face of false disappointment and asked. "Why not? We don't have to tell anyone- just like you said."

Setzer let out a loud breath remembering that comment; I looked at his face seeing if I could read what he was thinking. "What I meant was... it was different for me because..." He was stammering and I knew what he was getting at.

I smiled knowing that any second now he'd confess, and Locke and I could bust him and Sabin for trying to meddle in our private business and turning it into some kind of game.

"How is it different?" I asked standing up and walking back over to him running a hand through his hair.

"Because I... I'm not exactly with Terra right now, we're sort of wondering about that... but youuu, you're..." He didn't let it come out and I sat there finishing his words.

'In love with Locke, he knows I'm in love with Locke and we're not just two men enjoying having sex with each other.' I thought and stood up walking over to him and I gave him an actual kiss for considering my feelings- even if he was still a jerk for going along with it in the first place.

"I've got to return to the castle a moment, will you still be here when I'm done working?" He nodded and I put a hand to his cheek letting it linger, then I turned away and grabbed the tray then walked out.


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