Behind Closed Doors

BY : Resting-Madness
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Stupid, stupid, stupid. I wish I'd never gotten into this in the first place. Now Locke is in love with Sabin, how could I have let this happen? I blamed myself entirely- well, not exactly because it's Sabin's and Setzer's faults.

"Edgar, please just let me explain?" Sabin said and I gave him the floor because this I had to hear.

"Go ahead," I said. 'Waste your breath.' I thought tightly, not caring how my voice came out at this point.

"Okay, well, you see I- I wanted you to be happy I wanted for you and Locke to know that you didn't have to be so closed up about being homosexuals. I didn't care, and I'm sure no one else would have... I kind of got a little carried away in wanting you to tell me so I tried to force it out because I knew you wouldn't, you're so stubborn sometimes that you would have denied it... I just wanted you to be happy."

I scoffed at that one and looked him dead in the eyes and asked. "Are you done?" He nodded and I replied. "Good. Let me tell you something, Sabin." I started and he flinched at my tone. "You could have easily just asked Locke and me to tell you that we were together you didn't have to get into some sick little game to try and force it out of us." He downcast his eyes at that and I went on. "And another thing, why couldn't you just know privately, and be happy for us? No, you had to go and tell Setzer about it and make him do it too."

"But Edgar."

I held a hand up to silence him and went on. "Sabin you're my brother, and nothing will ever change how I feel for you from that but this was low and uncalled for...if you wanted to hear it from my mouth you really should have asked."

"I know but-..."

I stopped him again and said. "I don't want to hear anything else. I'm going to my room." I stood up to leave but he grabbed my arm.

"Hey! I don't think so, Ed', not until you hear what I have to say first."

I shook my head. "I heard enough of what you have to say, now let me go."

But he held my arm tighter. "I just wanna know if you and Locke are ok? It was absolutely all my fault I started it, so please... don't be mad at him."

I looked at Locke who looked absolutely miserable and my heart sank a minute but I shook it off. "Locke and I will talk later, you shouldn't concern yourself." I walked out of the room pissed off stripping from my clothes as I went, I didn't want to feel official today I wanted to be comfortable in my misery, although I'd officially like to beat Sabin's ass.

"Edgar, what's wrong?" Setzer asked me when I opened the doors, but I brushed past him with a pissed off sound.

"Wait." He called after me.

I stopped and turned around ready to knock his teeth out but I stopped myself. "What? Can't you see I'm busy?" I said and he nodded walking over to me cautiously.

"Edgar, you seem really upset, I just wanted to ask if you were all right?" He raised an eyebrow waiting for my answer and I nodded, then shook my head.

"No, I'm not."

"Need an ear?" He asked.

I thought it over and sighed. "I need to change." I walked down the hall part way then turned around. "Is your ship still outside?" I asked.

"Yes, shall I start 'er up?"

I gave him a single nod and he walked out of the castle. My shoulders dropped and I walked to my room with my head down. I'm confused about the whole situation because just about all of my life there has been only Locke. So what could it mean, what could I mean to him if he'd so easily find himself having sex with Sabin. 'Does he really love Sabin more than me?'

I closed the door to my bedroom and walked over to the closet; I wanted to keep my composure but I felt myself sinking mentally and physically to my knees. I won't cry. Now is not the time. It's a small sensation that just makes no sense in solving or resolving anything, so why do it? Why am I...? The tears streamed down his face until he bent over then they dove from his eyes and straight down towards the floor.

I took an especially long time getting dressed waiting and hoping that they'd come in and talk to me but they apparently wanted to finish up what they'd started because as I was on my way out of the castle dressed in a tunic and tights, I didn't see either of them. The door to the ship was left open for me and I walked in closing it and strolled into the living room and laid myself down on the extremely loud in color couch and crossed my arms over my chest sighing, then I closed my eyes.

"Are you ready to go?" Setzer's voice came out of nowhere and I jumped at how close it was to me and opened my eyes seeing him move away from the couch and go towards the ladder to get to the deck.

"Yes, let's go as far as we can," I replied and he looked as though he knew why but didn't say anything about it.

"You know what the best part is about flying?" He started and I looked up over my head to see him and he said. "You can go as high as you want, and no one can hear you scream." He left the room to head to the deck.

And when the gambler was out of sight and the loud whirl of the engines started I did just that. "AAaaaaahhhhhhh!"

I was screaming so loud my voice started to hurt and I choked on tears feeling us lift up and fly off. Setzer's feet were walking around on the deck and I thought about joining him, but instead he came down to me.

"Care for a drink?" He asked and I nodded.

"The strongest one you've got," I stated and he gave me a quick salute and walked over to his cabinet. I watched him get some glasses but then he changed his mind and just brought two bottles over.

"Here you are." He handed one to me.

"Thanks." I popped it open easily and drank the most of it.

"That my friend is an, 'I feel like shit' drink. What happened?" He asked and lied down on a slant after propping a pillow up on the arm of the chair, he then tossed one of the paisley red and brown and gold squares my way so I could do the same, although this couch already had a cushioned arm.

I placed it behind my head and sighed. "Don't you know? After all, it was your's and Sabin's idea." I replied and he seemed taken aback by that.

"Well, it wasn't very well my idea, I was just a patsy." He said and placed his arms behind his head and closed his eyes.

I put my bottle down after drinking the rest of it and did the same as him.

"I'm sorry, you know," Setzer said in apology; I turned my head to look at him seeing the sincerity in his eyes.

"I wouldn't worry about it, besides, I can understand why Locke did it. Everyone always thought Sabin was better than me. He has more fun, and he's so joking and great... am I so serious?" I wasn't sure if I asked him that or myself.

"I don't know, I haven't known you as long as everyone else." He paused a second then added. "Well, maybe I have, just not personally the way Locke and Sabin have."

I huffed out a laugh to that. "The people who hurt you most are always the ones you've known longer, everyone else is just another replacement- no offense to you guys."

"None taken, I know what you mean."

I sat there quietly and so did he as though he were thinking of the 'very personal' person who'd hurt him. "You know what, you were wrong before,"

He took in some air as though he were trying to fight sleep and asked. "About what?"

"Not hearing me scream... I heard it..."

He was silent about that, but he turned to his side and looked at me. "What happened back there?" He asked again and I had to tell someone, it needed to be out in the air and out of my head.

"I walked in on Sabin and Locke having sex."

His eyes went wide. "You're kidding?" I shook my head and he made a sound as though he was seeing the sight of it and was disgusted. "Are you sure?" He then asked.

"I've never been so sure of anything in my life- except maybe how much I loved the both of them."

Setzer shook his head. "Love, the both of them." He corrected me. "You can't honestly be that mad, you have too much history together."

"Oh yeah?" I said reaching over taking his bottle and drank it straight down as well. "If that's what having history gets you then blast it all." We were quiet again and I looked over at him. "Setzer, were you serious when you said not all of the people you woke up next to were women?" I asked.

He grinned at me flirtatiously and replied. "Depends; you wanna be the first?"

I laughed and shook my head.

"...Do you plan on staying mad at them forever?" He asked.

I sighed. "No." It was that simple and the truth, there was no reason that I wanted to forgive them nor a reason to want to stay mad at them. I didn't plan on staying mad at the two of them forever, I just needed to clear my head for a while.

"That's good." He said lowly then added. "We never meant to hurt either of you, in fact, there wasn't even any talk of even kissing. It was a disgusting kind of joke and-..."

I held my hand up to silence him. "I don't think playing with a relationship is a joke."

"I know. It was bad wording." He replied and we sat in silence again. "For what it's worth, I don't think your boring at all." He said, and I looked at him with a smile.

"Thank you," I said and we closed our eyes again and he asked.

"Do you hear that?" I listened carefully but there was nothing. "No?"

I listened carefully but there was nothing. "No."


I smiled to myself and nodded. "I'm beginning to see what you mean...and when I get back to the castle I'm going to hear them out, and apologize."

"That's the spirit. What would you like for lunch?" He asked, and I thought for a moment then laughed.

"I can only think of one thing right now." We both looked over our heads towards the hall entry way and we got up and walked off together.



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