Cuddle With The Brawler

BY : TristyPixie
Category: Final Fantasy Games > Dissidia: Final Fantasy
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Disclaimer: This fanfiction was written for fun and not for profit. The setting and characters are owned by Final Fantasy, Square Enix.

Sitting under a tree in the warrior’s camp, Yuna and Tifa had just come out of their last battle. Yuna felt shaky, uneasy, and she just wanted to lie down. She thought about what happened...thinking of herself as a failure.

“I don’t know what happened,” panicked Yuna as she set her valuable staff on the grass in front of her. Unsure, she knew what happened but she just wasn’t certain if it would come back. “I think I’ve completely exhausted my aeons didn’t come when I needed them...I tried and tried summoning but nothing would happen.” 

It wasn’t like Yuna was angry, but more upset. It was tough being a summoner, having to rely on magic in battle whereas a brawler could just fight with her fists. 

“I don’t understand. Do you powers will come back?” Yuna asked Tifa, a look of worry on her face. Yuna tried her best not to, but she started to cry. “I hope you don’t think I’m insane!”

“You’re just under a lot of stress, that’s all. Your powers will come back,” reassured Tifa as she swathed an arm around the girl’s shoulders. “It’s not your fault, Yuna.”

“Thanks for what you did back there,” she praised Tifa with a small blush dusting her cheeks now. “It was brave of you to...come in and protect me,” she smiled coyly.

“Hey, you did good!” Tifa flattered the girl. The arm swathed around Yuna’s shoulders soon turned into a cuddle. This was a friendly, quick hug. 

Blushing hysterically, Yuna glanced up at Tifa. The summoner wasn’t expecting to be this close to the brawler! But she felt thankful. Tifa was a tiny bit older than Yuna, and a lot more experienced in battles than Yuna was.

“...Y-You really think so?” Yuna questioned the other woman with a stutter in her voice. The shy girl giggled some afterwards, shortly before she glanced away from Tifa. 

Pulling away from Yuna some, Tifa just looked at the shy girl and laughed softly in amusement. “Of course, why would I lie? There’s no reason to,” she replied.

The moment Tifa pulled away from her, Yuna immediately wrapped her arms around Tifa’s torso and hugged her. Yuna leaned in, having her head planted on Tifa’s chest. Yuna cuddled the woman tightly. “Thank you,” she mumbled in Tifa’s chest.

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