Sissy arab fanboy gets bred by Squall

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Chapter 1 - Arab sissy gets bred by Squall (stupid smut)

I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy VIII game since childhood, and in particular of its main character, Squall Leonhart. He’s a cold and powerful mercenary, the classical lone wolf.
I was a Squall fan since day, and then gradually I started loving him because of his character. The way he looks makes me crazy. I wonder if he looks at me in real, I will faint down never to wake up again. I will be lost in a beautiful dream with him. He’s my model, the real hero of my life! If you see him from top to bottom, he looks like a real warrior, isn't it? He is tall, dark handsome, brooding… This is the best part of the FF games that their characters are so strong that they will make you play the game repeatedly. It is wonderful to be in the world of Final Fantasy!
When I was little, all I wanted to be was like Squall, a great manly warrior, fearless and merciless. But the more I grew up, the more I realized that I was moving away more and more from the virile image of Squall, and that I would never be like him...
First of all, i wasn't a strong white man like him, but a cute arab boy.
Far from having Squall's warrior body, I had grown a full feminine body full of oestrogen (my puberty was just oestrogen with not a millimetre of testosterone), and a EXTRA curvy sissy body, so much so that I stopped wanting to be like Squall, but instead desiring him sexually, like a girl in heat would’ve want him…
My hips were so wide that there was barely any seat that could fit all of my ass whenever i sat down. And i loved to sit down, because my pants were always tight around my crotch, causing just enough friction to make her think of my ideal man, Squall... I always dreamt of my man slapping my fat thighs open, leaving red fingerprints over my tanned skin anywhere he touched.
I had, of course, a pink arab boipussy, always wet, and it opens automatically, gaping obscenely whenever a dominant white male approaches. It was my real genital, because my penis was so ridiculously small that it was more like a clitoris than anything else.
And the fact that Squall was white was the icing on the cake ... I always have a big crush for white boys ... Their virility, their huge white penis, their aggressiveness ... They excite me terribly, because they have everything a weak cute arab boy would have wanted.
In other words, I am a curvy young arab sissy, with hypnotizing eyes and the most perfect pouty lips… And very quickly, my body yearned for cum, It was my second year in college, living on my own and slipping further and further towards sissyhood. I was totally closeted and in deep denial. But my urges pushed me slowly closer to what I really wanted.
I want to be a perfect little slut. I want to feel my ass-pussy get stretched out by some big veiny cock. I don't know what else to say, I am so horny for some stud to just take me right now that I am about to pass out.
And that's where my fantasy for Squall became an obsession.
I think that reason why I’m so all over heels with that fictional character is the fact that being a sex slave for real men, fighting men, strong men, men I admired... Like Squall, was VERY arousing.
I, on the other hand, was a very tiny little sissy. Always too scared to fight. Too weak to lift anything heavy. Wore girls clothing and was pampered by my family. And then it dawned on me what a man once said to me a long time ago. 'Sissies were made to serve real men.'
It was enough for me to look at an artwork of Squall to fall into a deliciously submissive stupor.
And you know what? I managed to find a way to enter the world of Final Fantasy! Don't ask me how I managed to access a fictional videogame world (It’s a long story of magic and ritual),  the fact remains that I managed to land in the region where Squall lived… Knowing the game by heart, I knew exactly where to go and towards whom to inquire for the information I needed ...
My first objective was to find my darling, but even if I succeeded ... It was not certain that I would succeed in seducing him. Especially since he has the beautiful Rinoa at his side, and I doubt he is ready to cheat on her ...
But it was not my surprise to learn that Squall's situation was totally different from his in the game!
Everything was ready so that I could get what I wanted ...
Squall was an introverted, cold and taciturn mercenary teenager who pushes away those who would otherwise be considered his friends. Though withdrawn, Squall does not shirk from what he considers his duty, and when he was eventually appointed Commander of Balamb Garden, the school of mercenaries were he learned all about being a soldier since childhood, much to his dismay, Squall agreed to become the de facto leader of the mercenary academy, though at first, he disliked his comrades looking to him for orders and advice.
As much as he resents assuming leadership, he is the first to ensure that what is necessary gets done. And… the world war that Balamb garden, now led by Squall, had been waging for years now for the most powerful witch of all time, Ultimécia, was clearly starting to become heavy financially.
Founded by Cid and Edea Kramer more than a decade ago, Balamb Garden's main objective was to fight witches, and Squall, as the new commander, did not change that objective, even strengthening it.
But the responsibilities of being the warlord of the mercenary academy were even more complicated than imagined Squall, who was anyway not very happy to be appointed chief of anything.
Responsibilities, paperwork ... And money, money, money.
Despite his status, Squall was still a teenager. A teenager with unruly brown hair and light blue eyes, Squall most often wears a black leather bomber jacket with a fur trim collar and a v-neck white shirt, black pants with three interconnecting red belts, and black boots and gloves. He has a silver stud in his left ear and wears a silver chain necklace with a Griever pendant and a matching ring.
It had to be said, Squall was a young man of striking beauty. His piercing gaze was of a powerful blue and his features demonstrated an emerging virility which captivated all those who laid eyes on him.
Despite the leadership challenges, Squall was doing well. It had to be said that even if he didn't like it, directing was something that ran through his veins. After all, his father, Laguna, was currently the president of the most technologically advanced country in the world, Esthar.
And therefore, determined to assume his commanding responsibilities to the end, Squall decided to exhaust all possible solutions to replenish the funds of the academy.
He went himself to fulfill contracts as a mercenary, took multiple loans to Galbadian banks, made financial pacts with all the large companies possible ...
But it was still not enough. Deploy its troops, pay the Seeds - the elite of the academy's mercenaries -, pay the academy's staff, equip its mercenaries with the best equipment, etc.
All this cost an incredible amount, and the situation became serious.
Rinoa, Squall's girlfriend, was doing her best to support him morally, but she herself felt that her boyfriend was doubting.
Whether it was Zell, Quistis, Selphie, Nida or Cid, everyone close to Squall had no solution to the growing financial problem of their beloved BGU (Balamb Garden University). Previously, the problem did not arise, because it was NORG, the former rector of the university, who dealt with the concerns of money. But since Squall defeated him, and got him from the BGU, the financial problem has arisen, has only poisoned the academy without anyone knowing, until Squall was appointed chief.  Then, the warlord discovered that the BGU was riddled with debts of all kinds…
Of all his friends and relatives, only Irvine Kinneas, the evil sniper, had a solution. He waited until Squall was alone, and Rinoa was far from him, to offer him a viable, but somewhat shady, outcome ...
Squall was now seen around the world as a star. He was the one who defeated the witch Edea, as well as Adel, the one who brought the Galbadian dictatorship to its knees, the most powerful Seed in the world.
This celebrity naturally brought a huge batch of fangirl to Squall, who was not even aware of it.
The slightest poster, photo or anything related to it, from the mercenary, was bought at exorbitant prices by half the women of the world. He had become the greatest female fantasy on the planet.
Which meant that many women were ready to pay crazy sums for a night with him ... In addition, being a close friend of Squall, Irvine knew that the head of the BGU was hung like a real monster, and that Rinoa was certainly the most sexually fulfilled woman in the world.
So why not use this to make money, and save the BGU?
Rinoa will never know ...
Although very resistant to the idea of cheating on his dear and tender Rinoa, Squall had no choice but to accept.
Irvine had planned everything:
An agreement was made with a luxury brothel in Deling city, the capital of Galbadia. And the news began to circulate among the richest women on the planet ... Squall, the most famous mercenary in the world, sold his body in a certain brothel, in Galbadia ...
And as Irvine had anticipated, the request was literally unheard of. Hundreds of women, each richer than the next, gathered in front of the brothel in the hope of being sexually satisfied by the Seed.
It had to be said that, in addition to his superb physique and his status as a legendary warrior, Squall had another argument that made him truly irresistible in the eyes of women:
A giant slab of soft white meat that was much longer and thicker than all the penis of history.
A big, fat, hard COCK, as the rumours say! Twelve hard, thick inches of meaty white dick!
You can easily guess how excited I was to learn that my hero was riding like a horse, and even more to know that in exchange for a large sum of money, I could enjoy his sexual performances during all a night!
My pussy yawned with excitement ... I also learned, the height of happiness, that Squall was uncircumcised ... GAWD! I LOOOOVE uncircumcised penis, i think i'ts so manly ... Contrary to the smal circumcised arab cock. Furthermore, the foreskin was ideal when inside a wet pussy like mine, because the "rolled-up" motion of the forskin inside the pussy give WONDERFUL sensation to the female ...
I was drooling just thinking of it!
Thanks to my knowledge of the game, I was able to quickly collect the money necessary to have my Squall for one night, just for me ...
And when the big night finally came, I was higly stressed.
What if I didn't like him? No, impossible ... But he was my model, my idol ... I would do anything to please him!
I had prepared myself for a long time this evening, and I must admit, I have never been so desirable, and it was because of my fantastic bubble-butt.

It was roundest, plumpest, most beautiful ass imaginable, protruding magnificently from my back and jiggling mouth-wateringly with her every step. It was the ass of a goddess, the dream booty of every hot-blooded rump lover. Ample and curvaceous, My buttcheeks were clearly no match for the flimsy material of her bikini thong, whose strings enhanced the majestic fullness of her juicy globes by biting into her swaying hips while the deep, luscious crack of her ass swallowed the light triangle of cloth meant to 'cover' her big butt in the sexiest possible manner. Just the image of that flawless heart-shaped booty suggested a feel of pillowy smoothness and meaty softness to the touch, while its persistent wiggling and shaking undulations irresistibly beckoned the onlooker to move closer to it, or at the very least to stare at it really hard.
And it is while praying that I like Squall that I go at the agreed time in the brothel where my hero was waiting for me.
It was a beautiful building, very cosy. The sexy atmosphere of the place had an impact on my attitude:
Every hand gesture, sashay and other body language was exaggerated to the fullest. I stopped at a a mirror in the corridor leading to Squall’s room and looked myself up and down, fixing my hair and adjusting my skimpy mini skirt. I then blew a kiss at her reflection and smiled with nervous anticipation. Deep breath, collect the flutters. 
When I got to the big wooden door, I didn't have time to raise my smooth arms to knock on Squall's deep voice boomed:
“You can come in.”
Hmmm… Just the sound of his manly voice make me weak in the knees…
"Omigawd, omigawd. Yes, I’ll come in." I felt so tiny and fragile.
I came in, and the mere vision of the man I admire the most in the world since childhood almost make me cum on the spot.
Squall wasn’t just attractive. He is simply incredibly handsome, otherworldy so. Square jaw, built well, straight nose, high cheek bones, those are classic traits of an attractive man. But in him, it was up to eleven His attractiveness is probably more of an ethereal beauty, unlike many boyishly good looking men that tend to be the trend. Greek sculptors would sculpt his face because he has those really classic qualities. His cold hunter icy blue eyes, his broad shoulders, his dark brown hair in nicely covering his sloped forehead, his virile mercenary scar which split his face in two ...
Gawd, gawd, gawd ... HE'S SO SEXY!
I want him to hug me. I bet he gives the biggest bear hugs ever. I couldn’t even open my mouth to do something other than drool in front of that incredible STUD. My sissy ovaries couldn’ even quit their quiverin! Holy shit. no straight man can look at him and staying completely straight.
Squall, on the other hand, didn't seem to understand what I was doing here:
"... You look like a woman, but something tells me that you are not really one."
“… Yes, no, I’m… I’m a sissy,” I said finaly, working hard to find in the strength to speak up before my idol.
“I see… It’s the first time that I have a sissy as a client. But I knew it was going to happen one day ...
Hardly swallowing my saliva, my heart trembling with fear, I asked in a small trembling voice:
-... Are you bothered by this?

Squall sighed like the cool guy he is, and retorted:
-As long as you pay me, I don't care what you are. And even then, you are rather desirable. More than most women I have had to satisfy, actually.
Squall's compliment made me come close to orgasm once again. Hearing the object of all my fantasies complimented me brought tears to my eyes.
The mercenary did not understand the emotion which possesed me, and with detachment, began to undress, showing me without decency his body with the muscles of steel, forged during the thousands of combat which he won.
My heart nearly stopped at the sight of his extraordinarily manly physique of warlord.
I have never had this happen with a celebrity, but I think  Squall's an exception. I even get hormonal just thinking about him. He's just so fucking hot! Something about the way he looks makes me want to cuddle him so hard !
Its steel pecs and ultra-drawn abs gave way to underpants filled with appetizing meat ...
And then he went completely naked…
This got an audible "Holy shit!" out of me. Goddamn.
Squall pushed his underpants down from his hips exposing his uncut penis. He lifted it and let it fall over his thigh to point at me and even soft it looked to be about 12 inches long. I could hear him sigh as I stared slack jawed at it. Here was the person I admired the most in my life, the true being that had caused me more love and awe than any other dozen people that have been in my life and all I could do was look down at his monster penis while a shiver rushed through my body.

"… You should close your mouth. You drool on the carpet." He say with a detached voice. Even his cool demeanor was so sexy!

I did and swallowed realizing that my chin was wet and my small penis was throbbing as fast as my heart was beating. I was trembling and I could feel it on my forehead and my palms as I shook with fear and excitement.
Squall wasn't merely well-hung. What I saw below me bordered on the grotesque, an almost indescribable mutant organ. He had his cock laying between his legs extending almost to the edge of the wall, fully 2/3 of the distance to his knees. His impossibly large testicles barely fit between his legs, the base of his penis arching awkwardly above them. Even though his cock hardly appeared erect, it's thick, corpulent trunk was far too large for my hand to encircle if wanted to. At the far end, the bulbous end looked at least twice the diameter of the shaft, with a wrinkled mass of twisted fleshy foreskin covering what certainly must have been a cockhead the size of a mango.

What a white cock… It was putting shame to all my race…
"You look completely overwhelmed by the size of my penis."
“Y-yes! It’s because, people of my race, the arab –a race unknown here, I came from far away place- have very small penises, and we are not very manly ... That's why I admire you ... And even beyond that, I want you to know ... II. .. I want you to know that you are the person I most admire in the world! I know all your exploits, all your adventures, and you are a model for me! And I ... I've been fantasizing about you for years, so that's why I behave strangely like this ... I don't know how to act!”
Squall stared at me for a moment, and turned his sublime blue eyes away from me, whispering:
"Why do people depend on each other like that? In the end you're on your own."
I recognized there the quiet and introverted side of my idol! I couldn't help but smile by answering:
"You are strong enough to need almost no one, but the rest of us ... We count on real men like you to inspire and protect us! You are a hero in our eyes, Squall!
“… Whatever”, He replied, slightly embarrassed.

God, he's beautiful. Those EYES!
While thinking that, I took off my clothes in turn, revealing my extremely fleshy body and my delicious pink boicunt of Arab sissy female to the dominant white male that was Squall.
Now intrigued by my completely female body, and completely opposite to his, completely male, he asked me with a calm voice:
"So what do you want from me? Why are you ready to shell out a huge sum of money?"
I felt much more comfortable now, so I suddenly unpack every one of my kinks:
“There is nothing better than the feeling of my little pussy getting filled up! The only thing I have yet to experience is the feeling of a big white cock shooting hot sticky cum up inside of me. I want it so bad! I want to feel that hot sticky cum shooting deep inside of me and feel it slowly leak out of my stretched out ass-pussy! Please tell me that I can be your little bitch! I want to have a tattoo of your name on my ass, just so that everybody knows I am your little slut! I want to have dirty pictures of me posted all over the internet with your white monster cock !

Taken aback by my sudden burst, Squall Could not prevent me from continuing:
“I have had these nasty fantasies for years so I have prepared my body just for you! I have huge mantits, and I just love to look at myself posing in the sexist, nastiest positions possible! I am a true child of the internet! I have modeled myself after the sluts on the tranny porn sites for a long time! The only thing I really need now is a big white strong man like you who can complete my transformation! I really have no problem living the rest of my life as a submissive little arab sissy slut who will do anything, anywhere at any time!
“Okay, okay…” Said Squall, trying to make shut up, genuinely weird out by my unhealthy sexual obsession toward him.
“I like being dominated by white boys! I have strong sexual needs, and I need a white hung cock to use my tight asspussy! I love guys that like ruining sluts, super addicted to alpha frat cock, fuckboys! »
“Alright, I understood already…”
“I’m looking for a dominant guy to use me like a lil slut, I'm really into interacial stuff, be mean if you want !
« Yeah, i get that… »
“I need a big cock daddy to destroy my asspussy and leave my asspussy gaping like a fuming hole and leaking delicious white cum!”
“You can stop talking about this now…”
I was totally mad with stupor and brutal desire, and I couldn't stop talking anymore. All my sexual fantasies came to the surface at the same time.
« Breed me, treat me like a slut I need someone to degrade me and treat me like a dirty whore!!”
Squall had had enough of it, so he slapped his heavy, broad warrior hand on my slender shoulder, which made my pussy wet like never before. And it actually made me shut up.
“Stop. Rigth now. “
Incredibly excited by his dominance, I nodded shyly:
“Yes, daddy…”

Totally confused by my immoderate passion for him, Squall was visibly annoyed:
"I don't know where you come from, and I have never heard of your race, the" Arabs ", but indeed, you are special people. I have never seen a ..." man "with a body as curvy and female, with a… “penis” that tiny, and as clingy as you just showed me. You Arabs ... seem to be a pretty inferior race compared to whites.
Hearing me racially humiliate me gave me unprecedented sexual pleasure, and without even wanting to, I started to drool like a bitch in heat, tongue out, eyes rolled back ...
Squall didn't notice it right away, and continued his racial analysis:
“And I see that your ... kind of clitoris is circumcised. I guess it's a tradition of your people ... It's no wonder you have such small cocks. I understand why you were also in awe in front of my penis.”
“Yes, daddy… I have a huge foreskin fetish…”
“… What a sissy race.”
Once gain, I tremble in pleasure.
“Ooooh, daddy… Your words make me totally crazy about you ...”
Squall shrugged, weary.
“Even when I insult racially, it arouse you… Tss. All right, let’s begin”
Sudendly, his huge arms reached out for me and grabbed on tight. I felt like melting. Two overwhelmingly masculine hands holding my thin waist and pulling me closer to him, forcing my fat thigh his already erect cock againsit them.
He kissed me deeply, his tongue probing softly, then his teeth biting gently on my lips. Instantly aroused by the passion of his kiss, I yelled:
“ I love you Squall! I’ve always loved you, honey !”
“… Don’t talk.”
I offered him my lips again, and this time when our lips met I could feel his member twitching against the tiny sissy clit as I pressed up against him. His monster dick bullied my itsy bitsy dicklet into submission and it shriked like it was terrified of the booming masculinity of the mercenary.

I was lost in sissy femininity. Soft little sighs were all i was able to let out. The only active communication now were his grunts which grew louder and louder. He grabbed my waist tight and pulled me close to his rugged body. I was nothing more than a rag doll at this point. I couldn't take it any more. My desire for Squall overrode everything. I sensed it and relaxed her hole completely, in view of the inevitable encounter between my wet pink arab boi pussy, and the long, thick white dong of my idol… I wanted it all.
“I need a daddy to fill my holes…”
Squall heard me loud and clear, and without saying a word, placed me on the kink size bed on which we were going to spend our first night together ...
On my back, my position is legs spread, flat on the bed, my small fem hand on his strong shoulder and neck.
“Would you treat me like a lady or like a slut?”
-… Whatever.
Lying on me, Squall pressed his massive cock against my wet boipussy lips.

"Ohhh fuck baby," I said. "You're too big!"

"I'll be easy," my hero said as he pushing his fat cock into my tight pink pussy. My eyes flew open as i felt his fuckstick invade her pussy.

"Oh my gawd, baby," i moaned. "Fuck! I LOVE YOUUU !"

Squall spread even more my legs and pushed a little more inside me. He was less than halfway inside my stretched arab pussy and my legs were already shaking, my mouth open as i gasped for breath.
Squall started sawing and out of my wet pussy, pushing a little deeper each time. Moving in and out, his young ass squeezing as he pushed in farther.
I never felt so full as Squall's manhood plowed deeper into me.
Squall pressed deeper, more and more until he finally pushed until he felt his hips touch mine. He was balls deep in my hot pussy! He ground into me, rotating his hips so she could feel his cock head touch everywhere.
At the near edge of a new orgasm, I whispered to my virile lover:
Please daddy, teach me to cum from my pussy…

Squall pushed his cock a bit further into my boipussy. The feel of his foreskin rolling back made me savour the sweet crackling sound that it made inside my pussy. My over excited cunt constricted its passage and Squall’s penetration was met with some bit of difficulty.
He did not attempt to push his way through, rather he began to rotate his hips in a circular manner. I could feel my insides turning in circles. As he did this, a tingling feeling ravaged my body.
“Hmm… you are worthy of everyday adulation, you’re not only a hero on the battlefield, your prowess with your cock cannot be matched by any mortal, ohhh, tear me apart daddy!” I showered Squall with praises as he increased the intensity of his circular movements.
He did not respond, not even a nod or any form of acknowledgement. He was absolutely focused on the spiral motions he was making. That did not deter me from talking, I clung tightly to his neck and shoulder and shut my eyes.
He applied more push to the circular motions he was making with his waist, I could feel his enormous cockhead pressed tightly against my strong pussy walls. Gradually, my pussy wall began to relax to his circular motions. I moaned loudly as he put in more effort to ensure that the pussy relaxes even further.
“Oww, you are such a master at all you do… ouuu, see how you’ve mastered my body?!”
The indifference written all over his handsome face did not change. His beautiful blue eyes remained icy cold.

His rock solid donkey cock continued to turn inside me, roughening up and softening my walls. Soon enough, my pussy muscles relaxed completely and Squall suddenly stopped his motions. I opened my eyes to know what was wrong but I was my eyes met a motionless pair of eyes.
“What is…?” His body suddenly stiffened, he withdrew some part of his cock before slamming back in powerfully. He hammered accurately into my prostrate, breaking the sweat dams of pleasure in me. “AHHHHHHHHUUUUUUHHHHHH!” The vibrations quickly spread from my mouth to other part of my body.
I raised my legs and screamed, “I’M CUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!” A great quantity of vaginal fluids flushed from my cunt. My thighs shook vigorously and various sensations ran through my body. A series of orgasms followed the first one quickly. I turned and twisted as fluids gushed out and bathe his massive cock. His massive cock was the only thing that held me down as about a couple more orgasms tore through my boipussy.
“HAAAAA!” Another series of orgasm quickly followed again. I clutched wildly at his powerful biceps. After about ten orgasms at a stretch, I finally stopped cumming. My lips spread wide open and my tongue hung out by the side of my mouth, streaming saliva. My cheeks were bright red and my eyes were crossed and totally rolled to the back. My pussy clung tightly to his ultra-thick cock once more.

My boipussy muscles contracted so tightly that I could feel every vein that was popping on Squall’s monstrous cock. Rather than get confused, Squall expertly began to turn his waist in circles and his massive cock turned inside my cunt.
“Even women don’t scream and experience your kind of orgasm when I have sex with them, I guess… you Arabs are really at the bottom then.” Squall said with uncertain certainty.
His words fused into my bloodstream and nearly made me cum.
“He speaks, hurray! Ohhh daddy, your words refresh me like the sweet waters of a spring!”
“Your refusal to defend your race says a lot, little wonder you are obsessed with my cock… it’s something you’ll probably never come across among your sissy people.”
His deep voice further unraveled me.
“Yeaaah, tell me more darling, I’m listening!”

Squall drew a deep breath and I felt his cock expand inside my pussy. The strength of the erection also grew increased significantly. My pussy lips clung nervously to his massive donkey cock. He returned his full attention to the circular motions he was making inside my pussy. He applied more pressure to his movement and his massive cockhead pressed hard inside me. 
The rough unfolding and folding of the thick foreskin of his thick cock and the gradual stretching of my walls by the massive width of his dong served me unexplainable pleasure.
I opened my eyes and looked Squall in the eye and I did not know when I began to drool.
“You are such a fine specimen of a man, hmm, I’ll kiss every single part of you if I could, Mwah!” I blew a kiss at my hero and major obsession. Undaunted, He continued to spin his monstrous cock inside me.
“It’s safe to assume that you’re losing your mind because you’re just a bitch in heat right now… You’ll be fine soon enough.”
His words further aroused me, I felt my eyes spin in pure delight. Strangely, I felt him become harder. He was also getting aroused by this!

He channeled his energy into his hips and ground my pussy into submission. As my vaginal flesh softened, he stiffened his body and smashed his ultra-thick cock into my prostrate.
“I’M CUUUMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!” My legs shot up into the air. “YEEAAHHHH!” More fluids gushed from my boispussy as I wrangled under the incredibly strong Squall. His mortar sized cock held me down again as I experienced a string of simultaneous orgasms. I nearly passed out as the excitement threatened to burst my brain.
“OHHHHHH, THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOOODDD, AHHHHH!” More fluids sprayed Squall’s cock as my cunt struggled hard to contain the ecstasy it was deriving from the cock. It was wedged deep into the core of pleasure spot and I could not control the continuous vibrations shaking my thighs vigorously.
The orgasms finally ended. As my boipussy clung tightly to Squalls enormous shaft, I realized that I had drooled a lot and my cheeks were painfully red.
Squall planted his arms firmly in the bed. My walls had constricted once again around his massive shaft but this time, Squall seemed to have a bit more interest in me. He was getting excited by me. He began his circular hips motion again but this time, with added urgency and increased pace.
“Ahhh, your cock is so big!” I yell as his excitement made his cock expand even further inside of me.

His jaw tightened as he added more pace to his circular motions.
“You’re tearing apart the walls of my pussy… how I love it, don’t stop!”
He continued to bang my pussy hard in his circular movements. The rapid rolling of his foreskin inside of my pussy lit up my clitoris.
“Hmm… don’t stop!” Squall continued grind hard in circular motions in my pussy. He pressed his cock fully in and the crunchy sound of his cock inside me mixed with the loud creaking sounds emanating from the bed.
My moans quickly escalated from intense moans into screams of absolute desire as Squall ran rampage inside my sweet warm boipussy.
“Ohh, yess, this is the Squall I bargained for, the warrior, the strong one and conqueror of all… Now conquer this boipussy of mine!” I screamed as he continued to wring his cock with more power.
The air of the room was rent by my screams. My view of the world quickly changed from steady to irregular as Squalls insane motions shook my vigorously every part of my body. He made totally unsteady.
His circular motions became swifter and soon enough, my vision began to fade as my pussy was mercilessly assaulted.
 I was drifting away when a loud cracking sound and sudden descent brought me back to reality. It was not my pussy tearing, rather it was the frame of the bed that snapped under the intense movements of Squall.

I continued to scream as his monstrous cock continued to work batter and destroy my pussy. The friction so much that it I feared that my boipussy would catch fire.
The people in the rooms on either side of our room repeatedly banged on the walls in annoyance. Apparently, my yells had been so loud that it ripped through the entire building.
My boipussy began to ease its strong hold on Squall’s cock as the circular motions finally began to produce results. This time however, Squall increased to a demonic pace inside my softened pussy before suddenly stiffening and then slamming into my prostrate with all of his strength.
“OHHH, YOU’RE SO WONDERFUL SQUALL…I’M CUMMMMIINNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” I yelled as I experienced spasm after spasm of amazing orgasms surge powerfully through my boipussy.

I flapped helplessly under Squall as the orgasms rocked me to my roots. My drool splattered around and my feet shook in the air in unison with my thighs. I ended the chain of orgasms panting really hard. As I fell back to the bed, I felt more attached to Squall, like his better half.
After my simultaneous orgasms, Squall relaxed a bit. We looked each other in the eye for a while and then, like someone was directing, we slowly drew close and shared a hot passionate kiss.
My boipussy had clenched tightly to Squall’s cock so he began to move his waist in circles once again.
“You’re a wonderful lover Squall and I love you so much!” He pecked me on the lips and sent butterflies fluttering inside my stomach, I was truly excited.
As he spun his cock inside me, the rigid walls of my boipussy began to ease gradually. With each descent that he made, I could feel his foreskin roll back and forth. It tickled my pussy and further increased my love for Squall.
“Hmm… you know how to work your cock well, I love you even more…my hero!”

He expertly rubbed his rigid monster of a cock against my pussy, making me moan as various levels of desire were unlocked inside me.
“Mmm… You make me wish for an eternity under you!” I spread my legs further apart to allow Squall burrow his enormous cock deeper into my cunt. My pussy was well lubricated by the fluids from the previous orgasms so he faced no resistance in serving his tender but potent strokes.
“Fill me with your amazing cum Squall, let me carry a part of you inside me, I never want to be separated from you!”

He continued to make love to me in the sweetest and gentlest manner that his massive cock would approve. My boipussy began to succumb to the lovely joystick of Squall.
Squall held his body erect and drove his bullish cock straight into the eye of my prostrate.
“Hmmmm… I’M CUMMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGGG, I LOVE YOU SQUALL!” I screamed in delight as I tumbled down a series of orgasm steps. The pleasure his cock spread in my prostrate was too much for me to handle. My boipussy shook continuously as I cummed.
“I AM YOURS SQUALL, TAKE ALL OF ME!” He twisted his cock in my prostrate and I cummed with much more force with my fluid squirting out.
My orgasms finally came to an end and I slowly eased my legs flat on the bed. My tongue was streaming with saliva and my cheeks were brightly lit up. Squall swooped in on me and kissed me deeply and passionately. He held my body lovingly to himself as we kissed.

His body stiffened and he began to jerk as he approached his climax. He buried his cock deep inside my boipussy and unloaded gallons of cum inside me.
“Haaa… yes, fill me up!” I screamed in delight.
Squall released a few more hot shots and fully colonized me as his Arab female. As soon as he stopped cumming, my boipussy clung hard to his cock.
Squall leaned in on me and let me snuggle lovingly against him. He started pecking my neck and face as he began his spiral motions in my boipussy once again.

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