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Reviews for Convergence [1]: Broken

By : currie
  • From ANON - Naniris on July 17, 2004
    I think you've just turned me into a fan of SxSxZ. You made this threesome believable while keeping them wonderfully in character.

    I particularly enjoyed chapters 7, 8 and 9. Also loved the part where Zell punched Seifer in the chest. I hate fics that portray Zell as a limp-wristed weakling that can't defend himself. That part showed how dangerous Zell can be, while also explaining why he hadn't struck Seifer sooner.

    I love a dominating, I-know-you-better-than-you-know-yourself Seifer. It's so hot, nobody can resist him. And Squall, well normally I never thought much of him, but now I'm seeing him in a whole other light. I enjoyed your portrayal of him.

    I simply loved every moment of this story. It's entertaining, doesn't slow down and keeps the reader in a little suspense. Now I'm off to start on Convergence[2]. ^^
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  • From Chickiebaby on June 29, 2004
    This was a wonderful peice. About halfway through, I got depressed and Clam had to cheer me up because you are so wonderful.

    If it weren't so late, I would move directly to the next one... I plan oing ing so tomorrow.

    Thank you! Keep up the wonderful work.
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  • From ANON - Neko on May 08, 2004
    o.o..... I liked that.. I liked that a LOT... Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Almost as good as eating one of those frozen banana's in front of my boyfriend... mwahahaha... or a hotdog... corndog.. So many fun foods, mya.. I liked that...
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  • From ANON - ra-tango on May 06, 2004
    Probably one of the best stories on AFF, at the very least one of my favorites. Incredably well written, cheerfully perverted, dead-on as far as the characters go. Stop wasting your time reading the reviews and start reading the story!
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  • From ANON - Anon on May 05, 2004
    I read though entire thing and i think you did a great job portraying the charaters expecially Sefire. Please write more. It has a great plot and a great story ending. I need more it kills me not to be able to see what happens back at the garden. PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • From ANON - hopemia on May 04, 2004
    You know all I do is talk to you about the characters and your wonderful writing.
    You have a gift.
    You know how to write the characters in a way that is IC and entertaining.
    I wish I could do that with FF8, but, I think I'll stick to Gravitation. ^__~

    I can't wait for more, but, you know that.
    And Squall is stubborn, it's part of his nature.
    Zell is hyper and Seifer is dominating.

    I really hope to read more very soon and as always, keep up the wonderful work. ^^
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  • From ANON - Zeto on May 04, 2004

    Lovely fic! Those three girls were hilarious!
    I loved the whole fic. XD

    I look forward to the next story from you. ^_~
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  • From ANON - Zierra on May 04, 2004
    yeah, that was kind of my reaction. No, not falling asleep, but the "WHAT?!" part, though it was slightly more explicit..... I guess I don't have to tell you that I would walk over dead bodies to read the sequel... It's too good to miss, even if I don't even know what the plot's gonna be.
    Hope it's ok for you if I print this baby out, purly for my own satisfaction. Won't be shown to anyone, I swear!

    Can't say it enough, I LOVED THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of hugs, Z
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  • From ANON - Kasota on May 01, 2004
    This is awesome! I just couldn't stop reading it. I hope you update soon.
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  • From ANON - Tricia on May 01, 2004
    Well, hotness abounds yet again. Good job! I'm loving Seifer. He's yummy. Though I'll be unoriginal and plead for some SxS action. Or even Z/Sq. Just put you-know-who on the bottom of any sandwich, lol. And quick updating, btw. I wish I had your speed!

    Oh, and thanks for the plug. Unexpected, and very appreciated *hugs*
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  • From ANON - Zierra on May 01, 2004
    Yeah, that was what I was waiting for. Too bad it always has too involve Squall, one way or the other. Can't Seífer and Zell learn to appreciate each other without Squall's interference? I'm I stupid now? Probably, but that's what I'm thinking.
    So they're even now, if you don't count Seifer getting into them both twice, and all. Can't even think in a straight line after all that sex... Not only did they get in on with an audience (he, he, he), they (as you mentioned) got it on where it was dangerous. Fucking fantastic!
    So, when does the (all seeing, all hearing, all feeling) threesome come (much pun intended)? Getting anxious...

    Love this, truly love this story!

    Hugs, Z

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  • From ANON - hopemia on May 01, 2004
    Damn good chapter!!!
    You explained the emotionas and feelings extremely well.

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  • From ANON - Zierra on April 28, 2004
    Wow, some talking, some yelling and some fighting. But no fucking... Ah, well, I'll live. Hm, their relationship with eachother is more complicated that in the Big Brother house, and if there were ever three people that need grouptherapy, they're not born, made or invented yet....
    Hope you'll update soon!

    Hugs, Z
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  • From ANON - hopemia on April 27, 2004
    There are. No words to describe how awesome this chapter was.
    You, yourself, know, I will run away from anything even, *hinting* of Seifer/Zell.
    But this!!!!!!! This..... was amazing.
    I can't wait to read more.
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  • From ANON - Anon on April 25, 2004
    Broken was one of the best fan fics i ever read. Please write more and post it. Overall job it was great and i have no critisizim.
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