Reviews for To Sleep...

BY : Jemisard

  • From Nekohime on November 21, 2004

    that was like... so damn cool.. you did a really good job on this the lemon was wonderful and the description was great... loved it!!!!

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  • From ANON - Bunnicle on November 14, 2004

    oh, that was just oh so cute and yummy! you should to a sequel to it! that would be way nifty!

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  • From ANON - Zierra on November 10, 2004

    I think Seifer/Zell-s has become a lost art, there's so few of them out there. But like I've already said, this was amazing!
    Seifer's so cute when he's got a crush on someone and Zell's just cute all the time.


    Hugs, Z

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  • From writeright on November 08, 2004

    I saw the title and of course thought of what follows those words in Hamlet...just because I'm a nerd like that. But on a different note, very nice fic (even though I'm not a huge fan of Zell.) It was very hot and very good to read, although my current mood wants angst and lots of it.

    And can I ask a review for a review? My latest fic is begging for more comments LOL.

    CP the depressed

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