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Reviews for Bored

By : Rina76
  • From labetasdan on June 05, 2010
    That's fucking unbelivable hot! Oh my...I can't wait to see what more will come in the next chapter!!!!
    Kiss-kiss girls, you rock my perv world...
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  • From labetasdan on February 11, 2010
    OMG...OMFG...Guys you did it again! I'm almost dying from nosebleed! This fic is far, far way from merely hot...and I'm glad that you are just begining with the fun! I reallt hought that it would be he end, but thank's god it isn't! Poor Kadaj...he really didn't get the clue yet?! That's what a mind full of Mother's theories and empty of criativity does...I hope Lozoo tell him to check on Cloud for the baby get some real fun- yep I'm a perv!
    Hugs and love for you girls!
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  • From Sajirasama on December 20, 2009
    LOL i so wanna know what happens to them...
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  • From Sajirasama on December 12, 2009
    liquid dark chocolate???? I`m SO ordering a chocolate fonue next time I get laid....
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  • From labetasdan on December 08, 2009
    Oh what a wonderful surprise that I have to read from you guys! As always a delicius chapter with the taste of ' I need more of it'!
    Hope you can update the next sooner! Hugs and kisses
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  • From labetasdan on September 21, 2009
    Oh my god!!!! I already left a review at FFNET but this is so good that you deserved dear Rina, a lot of congratulations!
    I can't wait for the 'conclusion'.
    Hugs and kisses
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  • From labetasdan on August 05, 2009
    WOW! Wonderful...I really can't wait for the next...please boys be nice and gift us with soon as you could!
    I loved it, this is so sexy and Loz is cute, cute, cue, even trying to be a " master".
    Hugs and kisses and crossing fingers for Loz's revenge on Yazoo's body...Oh fuck...Oh God....

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  • From ANON - fyrbyrd on August 03, 2009
    Okay the entree finally got here, but I am very, very, very, very ready for the main course... and the dessert. ;)
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  • From ANON - miau. on August 03, 2009
    god, this is SO hot, when does it get to business???????
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  • From labetasdan on July 20, 2009
    Oh dears! I totally agree with you both! I joked calling you teasers, but I really rather enjoy much more the antecipation before the climax. It makes it huge and double pleasurous1 I loved this chapter, they connected and once more, the lovely, the gorgeous Yazoo stole the scene, and the liderance of the not less beauty Loz. Wow, guys you rock my week with this fic... It woudl be hard wait for the next's comming's comming...THE SMUT!!!!
    Hugs and kisses from Brazil... I'm also reading at the FFnet and I'll let a reply there too.
    Bela aka Labe att FFnet

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  • From darkmorgainelefay on July 19, 2009
    Ohmagawd!!! This was incredibly hawt!!! ROTL!!! Yaz IS a homicidal fairy with a big-ass gun!!! XDDDD Great Sum-up! You have these guys to a "T." I am loving this story so far! Thank you for posting it, chicas! XD
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  • From ANON - fyrbyrd on July 14, 2009
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  • From labetasdan on July 05, 2009
    WOW, WOWW, WOWOWOOOOOW, perfeclty described hot bath scene!
    I'd never read an innocent shampoo cleaner be so,so damned hot!
    You guys rock my world with this smut!
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  • From labetasdan on June 27, 2009
    Oooohhh F...lovely, extremely fucking hot!
    I can't for the next chapter...
    The time of the story's development is just perfect.

    Hugs and kisses you adorable TEASERS!
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  • From ANON - Bela on June 24, 2009
    Oh MY F GOD.... Yazoo is just the most yummie think in the world by your eyes guys!
    I loved the scene od the strip and his thoghts about tease...Just as you two are...TEASERS...
    Hugs and kisses
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