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Reviews for Snow Drift

By : Resting-Madness
  • From ANON - wantsomeaction on January 08, 2012
    you should make a story with just Imari, wouldn't that be cool. We missed a good portion of his life
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  • From ShadowWolfie on March 27, 2010
    Awe it's over. But it was a good story. I hope to see more from you I quite liked your idea. Maybe a sequel when Kait's older. Ah but I'm just hopeing. Thank you for the great read.
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  • From ShadowWolfie on February 23, 2010
    I live....had to play catch up with reading. I am waiting avidly for the next chapter. I liked this one because Imari is such an interesting man most people wouldn't want to go back even if they'd want to know.
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  • From ShadowWolfie on February 03, 2010
    Ahhhh cliffhanger *Jerks on hanger* I want morrrrreeeee!!!!! Come down here continue * pulls to hard and gets crushed by rock.*

    Haha sorry I'm just in a silly mood. Sad becuase he doesn't remember squat but yay because the ending is a potentially goodness comign up. But I won't get my hopes up. And man is Ivine/Imari gonna have a headache if he starts remembering. Loving it keep up the good work.
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  • From Divanora on February 03, 2010
    OMG Evil cliffhanger!! Poor Squall though - almost worse to have your ex-lover alive and amnesiac/with someone else then dead and mourned.
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  • From ShadowWolfie on January 22, 2010
    I absolutely loved these quotes because they are just too cute and completely make up for the cliffhanger. I laughed so hard after both of them.

    "the show forgot that they already did this so they're playing it again"

    "No parents, just me and my daddy. I don't have a mommy because my dad likes boys- that's what Seifer said."

    I got to wonder if Squall hit Seifer for this at some point just because he said it. I can so see that happening.
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  • From ShadowWolfie on January 13, 2010
    Thanks you for he warm welcome. and YOu're welcome.

    Poo Irvne, but there's no beating fate. Sad but lovely can't wait till the next. I'm wondering who will spot Irvine next.
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  • From ShadowWolfie on January 01, 2010
    I love this story. This chapter was almost heartbreaking. They were almost right next to each other and never knew. I was so hoping Kait would say he'd seen Cowboy Irvine and Squall worry but laugh it off. I like how you portray Squall as a parent too he's kinda like the mythical cool parent where swearing no big deal but is clear on it's not words for the child to use.
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  • From sailorpinklori on December 15, 2009
    Awe. I melted when Squall said he's gonna raise Kait. Now all they need is Irvy... ^-^
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  • From sailorpinklori on December 06, 2009
    Yay for more! Good for Squall to leave his room every now and then... I hope he finds Irvine soon!
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  • From sailorpinklori on November 04, 2009


    Irvine, no, no, no! And then I read the summary once more and begin to cry. My poor cowboy...
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  • From ANON - cutie on November 03, 2009
    The fueneral was so sad, poor irvine. i just can't see squall being happy in his place
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  • From sailorpinklori on October 21, 2009
    Sorry I haven't reviewed for so long... Just finally caught up!

    *sniff* Where's my cowboy?
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  • From sailorpinklori on September 01, 2009
    Oh,man... the main cast of FF8. Building a baby crib. THAT is the best thing I have visualized all day. ^-^
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  • From sailorpinklori on August 31, 2009
    No more Final Fantasy? The horror.

    Squall, grow up. A little? Take care of the kid, already. Be an awesome family with Irvine and Kait(Who's name I love)
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