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Reviews for Lesson Two

By : schwaerze
  • From ANON - crayonbox on July 10, 2010
    *droooooool* I had my words ready, but as the story proceeded, my brain turned into mush.
    The spilled yoghurt part was hilarious. Yazoo played it off nicely.
    You wrote that Angael was looking at some photo's on the wall. Sephiroth and his son. Shouldn't that be sons? Or is Angael so focussed on Yazoo he does not see the other cute silver-haired buggers? (Where were they? Loz in bootcamp and Kadaj in kiddiecamp?)
    The whole scene between Angael and Yazoo gave me the shivers. Good shivers. I'm really starting to like this odd pairing.
    And yes, I do want to know wether Yazoo was telling the truth or not! I definatly want to know the consequences!(The first part Yazoo said that Seph begged Yazoo to get it on with Zack (in a friendship sort of way). So does that mean Seph knows about a certain puppy wanting to hump his leg and using his middle son to get the puppy off of him???)
    I do hope you'll write a lesson 3. You opened a new pairing to me and now I need more. ;D

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  • From ANON - fyrbyrd on July 08, 2010
    Oh yeah.... And here I thought I'd have a really quiet birthday, then I find this on the net, better than a present. Oh my naughty naughty Yazoo, just the way I like him. And I'm working on the next, honest, though in mine.... poor little Yazzie... bitch aint I? Got distracted seeing Avatar for the first time as a treat tonight, but I;ll get back to it. It hasn't got a name yet...I've missed you here, ffnet is getting some really good stories lately, but I stil refuse to join them, still haven't forgiven them for getting rid of the NC17 stuff. That's why I came here. Back to this though,I hope there's more, I'm really liking the way this is going. Thanks for making my day!
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  • From ANON - Anon on July 08, 2010
    LESSON 3! LESSON 3! LESSON 3! I need to know what happens!
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  • From Faoiltierna on July 07, 2010
    Wow...the plot thickens!

    And such a hot plot thickening it was ;-)

    So...Zack has the hots for Sephiroth and...what of Angeal and Yazoo? Yup, there should definitely be a Lesson Three! I cry cliffhanger on you! :-)

    Excellent fun :-)
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