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Reviews for Makeup sex

By : Anastasia1930
  • From Anastasia1930 on December 13, 2023
    Narcissa felt rejected by her husband Lucius, she was getting old now, she was no longer the beautiful girl she was, 
    so she found herself in her bed, legs apart, two fingers inside her vagina, she was almost about to come, when the door opened ."Narcissa... what the hell are you doing?""nothing Lucius" she quickly covered herself, blushed"Narcissa we swore to tell each other everything""I'm getting old "" and with this?""you don't want to make love with me anymore, you probably found someone younger" the man sat down on the bed"I love you and I would make love to you a thousand more times""Prove it to me" the man looked at her, with a spell he took off her clothes,
    inserted his wand into her vagina, moving it, the woman intertwined her legs, slowly unbuttoned his trousers, took out his penis,
    started sucking it, felt the man groaned, threw her on the bed, forcefully spread her legs, inserted his fingers inside, moving them forcefully"Yes, darling, like this, push, hard" he pushed, he felt her getting wet, he removed his fingers, started licking her, the woman, bent over"yes like that, my beloved husband" was on the verge of coming, the man touched one of his special points"LUCIUS" the woman screamed, her body invaded by an orgasm, the man began to kiss her breasts and her nipples, she stopped,
    took his penis in her hand, playing with it a bit, she began to lick his cock, she felt it harden“put it inside me and fuck me until you come” the man obeyed"Push, my love, push" she felt his penis making friction inside her vagina"go ahead""are you sure the last time...""Go ahead, I order you" he pushed, without mercy, he saw the woman's face twitch"I'm almost there..." after a few seconds a scream invaded the room"GOD, NARCISSA" a few seconds later the woman came, approached the man, kissing him"Was this proof enough for you?""Yes, but not too much... we can always do it again"

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