Common Ground

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It didn’t take Reno long to work his way through the remainder of the bottle of whiskey that Tifa had finally just brought him. He had managed at long last to at least fog over his brain enough that he could distract himself. He sighed and prayed to the life stream that he could just stay wrapped in that warm, fuzzy fog forever.

When Lockhart came to collect the bottle, Reno ordered another, this time of Vodka. Tifa’s lips turned down into a disapproving frown, but, to Reno’s surprise, she brought him a half-full bottle and a shot glass without any comment.

He was further surprised when after one shot, his glass and bottle were swiped by a certain spiky-haired, buster sword wielding blonde, Cloud Strife.

The blonde managed to down two whole shots before Reno had time to recover from his shock and make a sloppy grab for the bottle. Cloud easily kept it out of the red-head’s grasp and even managed to pour and swallow another shot while evading the Turk’s drunken antics. Reno finally gave up with a growl, glaring daggers at his apparent drinking partner.

“The fuck, yo!” The Turk slurred, swaying slightly on his feet. “Tha’s mah bottle! Get yer own, fucker!” Since when did Cloud drink anyway?

“Shince when d’you fuckin’ drink anyway? Gimme the fuck damn bottle, Shtrifle!” (that’s not a typo) At this, Reno made another grab for the bottle, only to find himself held at arm’s length by a black-gloved hand on his forehead. Reno glowered at the offending appendage, determined not to let it get in his way. His arms flailed and his feet kicked and still he could get no nearer his precious boos as he watched it disappear, swallow by swallow, down the ex-SOLDIER’s throat. Reno finally had to stop when his arms were burning, the floor was tilting, and he still hadn’t gotten anywhere.

He let out a pathetic moan of distress as Cloud tipped back the last swallow of the bottle, holding tightly to the hated arm just to keep from falling over.

Tifa watched this entire exchange with a firmly planted scowl and one hand on her hip. So… THIS was Cloud’s solution? To distress the red-head more and drink HIMSELF into a stupor?! When the blonde set down the empty bottle, Tifa met his eyes with a glare and then stomped over when he motioned for her.

She was about to snap at him when he levered her with a gaze that said he knew what he was doing and to let him go through with his plan. Out load he simply asked for another bottle, and a FULL one this time. She huffed but consented, vowing to wrangle an explanation from him later. She set the bottle down a bit hard, swiped Cloud’s offered gil, and decided to just ignore the two for the rest of the evening.

It was either that, or she had a feeling she’d end up clobbering Cloud before the night was out. And he didn’t deserve a thrashing… so far.

Cloud watched Tifa practically storm of and suppressed a wince. He knew he was acting slightly like a dick, but he really did have a plan on how to handle Reno. The Red-head was back on his stool and hungrily eying Cloud’s fresh bottle of Vodka, obviously trying to think of a plan to snag the boos but just a bit too drunk to conjure a course of action.

The blonde hid a smirk as he poured a new shot and watched as Reno’s bloodshot eyes followed the drink all the way to Cloud’s mouth, subconsciously licking his lips as Cloud swallowed. Perfect.

Cloud picked up the bottle and dangled it in front of Reno’s face, being careful to keep it just out of the Turk’s reach as the red-head tried again to grab it.

“Want something there, Reno?” He kept his voice light, as if he was oblivious to what the red-head wanted and wasn’t dangling it right over the Turk’s head.

The glare he received would’ve sent most men running straight out the door, but Cloud just smiled.

“I’ll make you a deal, Red,” he plunged ahead, ignoring the scathing look. “We’re going to go for a nice little ride. If you play nice you can have this back.”

Reno was growling, glaring at the smug blonde. It was times like this he almost wanted the angsty Cloud back. Happy Cloud was a lot more annoying. He perked up a bit at the mention of getting back the alchohol… but where the hell did Strife want to go?

He made a few more sloppy grabs for the bottle, missing each time, before finally giving up with a sigh and another death glare.

“Fuckin’ hell! Fine!” he finally yelled, earning looks from the other customers. “You win Chocobo!”

Cloud just smiled again, picked up the vodka and headed for the door. Reno groaned and stood up, grumbling when he realized he was still able to walk straight and only vaguely wondering where the hell the blonde wanted to go.

Kuragari: woot! New chapter! Well, I am working hard on this story… I know where it’s going, I just have a problem phrasing it.

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