Master of Slaves

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A/N: The story of Encolpius and his lover Giton is loosely derived from Fellini’s Satryicon and Petronius’s Satyricon, this chapter homage to both. I absolutely adore the dynamic between the two!

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Master Of Slaves
By: Baby Chiba

Chapter 11: Satyricon


He refused to hang his head, defiantly meeting the beady eyes of hungry aristocrat as they passed him. The shame of revealing his face was almost more painful than admitting weakness.

This was a travesty.

The myriads of nude bodies in tow with noblemen and women alike pressed against one another blended like a sea of flesh.

The ‘banquet’ was merely an excuse for the aristocrats to flaunt their expensive ‘pets’ amongst one another.

And he was a human garnish.

Placed on a pillar of throne-like height Squall knelt, which put him eye level with the masses of nobility swaying to the song of wine. His arms were pulled taut behind him, forcing a slight arch in his back, which served both to expose his painful arousal and make a breathing statue of him.

He ground his teeth as the sadist blonde swayed into his periphery once again. Seifer had not left his side all night. Those keen peridot eyes vigilantly watching him, looking like he’d been bewitched. He could feel the heat from the other man and it made it impossible to forget the throbbing in his tender bottom and the trapped blood that stiffened his treacherous organ.

Being a performer in this theatre of decadence made his eyes dart fretfully from face to face. He felt sick with dread at being exposed. His throat constricted tight with anxiety.

There were too many eyes; there were too many faces.

From beside him a warm hand twined in his hair and massaged down his neck, cooing reassurances into his ear.

He shuddered against the hand as he leaned into it, loathing how the man could read him so easily.

He wanted to hate the walking contradiction of a man. The man who stripped him of his dignity and the same man who gave him the plushiest pillow to kneel on.

“ My hands are the only hands allowed to touch you.” Seifer whispered hotly against his ear, his hands massaging the tense muscles of Squall’s neck.

Squall felt his body slacken slightly under those skilled hands.

And he frowned.

He heard Seifer chuckle in response.

Squall felt begrudgingly ambivalent towards Seifer tonight. He was reluctant to admit that he was grateful of the blonde’s ever-persistent presence, and grateful that the blonde seemed as reluctant to leave his side.

One fool was better than a hundred.

Looking over to Nida serving as another embellishment surrounded by eager noblemen made him wonder why Seifer allowed them to touch Nida, but not him.

The man was possessive of those that he claimed to be his. He didn’t understand the exception. He didn’t want to dwell on it either though, lest he be struck down for questioning his good fortune and Seifer allow those grubby hands to molest him. He hated how dependant he was on the blonde tonight.


There was yet another slave that served to decorate the barren pillar, a boy of sandy hair and piercing blue eyes that Irvine had brought along. He vaguely recalled the name ‘Tidus’ mentioned in a rushed conversation between the two men. Squall felt no pity for the boy statue, not with the way he writhed and moaned against his bonds and begged those hands to touch him and taste him.

Tidus was a heedless hedonic, Eros incarnate.

The way he surrendered in wanton abandon made Squall nauseous.

He couldn’t fathom all of those prying, poking, prodding fingers shamelessly upon him.

Seifer followed his line of vision, taking a moment to enjoy the self-indulgent display before chuckling darkly, “ he’s quite a sight isn’t he? My latest little prodigy. I barely had to break a sweat in training him. He was so receptive.”

Squall furrowed his brows and wondered when Seifer had trained the blonde boy. He hadn’t seen any slaves aside from Nida in the past weeks he’d been there. He pondered over the intended meaning of ‘barely break a sweat’ before forcefully rejecting the thought. It wasn’t something he should be concerned with. He felt ridiculous for letting his mind even conceive the irritating blonde’s words in the first place!

Those hot hands moved from his neck to his sore shoulders. Seifer’s thumbs prodded against pressure points and knots in the juncture between his shoulders and neck. Squall tried to shrug Seifer’s hands off him, deciding he’d felt enough of those groping hands.

Seifer laughed lightly and leaned into Squall so that his face was pressed against Squall’s ear.

“ You are so spoiled.”

At the comment he deemed highly ludicrous Squall turned slightly and glared but it did little to discourage the sharp smirk on Seifer’s face.

“ How many masters do you see tonight pleasing their slaves?” Seifer asked motioning to his guests with a sweep of his arm.

Scowling Squall’s eyes landed on the men teasing Tidus. But he could hardly consider what those men were doing ‘pleasing’. Scanning the sea of people his eyes skipped over various slaves performing for their masters, whether bowing at their master’s feet, kissing their hands, or filling up their goblets, all were done for the master and the master alone.

Feeling his point proven Seifer added with a small grin, “There is a difference between a touch meant to be self-gratifying, and a touch aimed to gratify selflessly.”

Squall’s frown hardened. The idea of buying another human being was for self-gratification. Squall didn’t understand where the notion of purchasing a human to selflessly please came from. It was completely illogical. Yet it was exactly what Seifer was hinting at. His pensive brooding distracted him from realizing Seifer had slipped his hands back over his shoulders gently, but then he spoke, and his touch became that much hotter.

“ Those selfless touches tend to be fleetingly rare among the aristocrat. Consider this.”

And on that note he let his hands fall off Squall’s body, leaving Squall to angrily internalize what his words were saying…and what they weren’t.

Increasingly perturbed Squall decided he didn’t like a cryptic Seifer. He preferred it when the man was blunt and direct, despite the vulgarity.

The multitude of guests that approached the lord of the manor to thank him for his hospitality and shower him with false flattery quieted Seifer’s caresses and gave Squall space to breathe. Then as soon as the company would part Seifer would lean in and divulge Squall on who said company was.

Squall didn’t understand why Seifer indulged in the quiet gossiping with him, but he found that he didn’t mind. It was distracting from his predicament and mind numbing in its triviality. He felt pathetic for indulging in petty escapism, however, gazing at the waves of ravenous, greedy aristocrat, he considered his options.

He was slow to warm up to it, but he gradually began to anticipate each interaction between Seifer and his acquaintances because Seifer had a rather colorful way of describing his guests.

The way Seifer secretly defamed the nobility and emasculated their validity struck Squall as odd and hypocritical, seeing as Seifer was among their ranks. However being the egoist he was, the blonde probably assumed himself beyond their shallow sphere of influence.

His shifting eyes were caught by an older man and young boy that seemed oddly removed from the rest of the nobles, and blissful uncaring on their circumstances.

The vigilant blonde caught Squall’s curious look.

“ That man on the couch is Encolpius and the scantily clad boy on his lap is his lover Giton.” Seifer spoke softly so that only Squall could hear.

Squall’s eyes softened at the sight of a young boy, much younger than himself sitting casually on a man’s lap. The boy was smiling brilliantly his arms wrung loosely around his lovers’ neck. The boy, Giton, had an innocently coquettish energy about him. With the way Encolpius’s eyes glazed at Giton’s smile there was no denying he was utterly enamored with the boy in his arms. It was the first real display of true passion he’d seen from any of the wealthy all night. But when Giton slowly slid between the man’s thighs and knelt at the man’s feet like a slave, Squall eyes turned stormy again.

“ Why does he kneel before his lover?” He asked, his voice soft and sounding strangely shy in its lack of usual ferocity.

Stunned speechless at the first words uttered from the sulking man all night Seifer grinned like a fool before chuckling, “ Because that is how obedient slaves act.”

The frown that pulled at Squall’s lips voiced all his confusion over the situation. How could a slave be a lover? How could a man who purchased a human being as if it were livestock also be the same man that held that human with such delicacy that it mirrored worship? Perhaps Giton’s giddiness was all a ruse for the rest of the nobility to envy. But looking again at the doting Encolpius, Squall knew that wasn’t the case. His behavior was unusual for a master. It seemed that Giton has his master tamed and responsive to his every gesture and touch, not the contrary. Squall felt satisfied with that thought. It made him feel strangely liberated to see a slave turning the tables.

“ You see the man lingering in the shadows over there. He’s been discreetly watching those two all night. He is Encolpius’s confidant, Ascyltus, well former confidant anyhow.” Seifer continued with an edge of seriousness creeping into his voice.

It piqued Squall’s interest. The couple had already intrigued him and so he found himself waiting for Seifer’s next words.

A quick glance at the feel of eyes on his face startled Seifer from his thoughts. A small smile graced his lips when he realized he’d roused his slave’s curiosity.

“ The two were very close until one night he vindictively wooed Giton into his bed, despite the love he knew his friend held for the slave boy. Heartbroken from the betrayal at both ends Encolpius succumbed to mental instability to the point that he was forced into an asylum. It was only after he had gotten word that Ascyltus had sold Giton to a traveling acting troupe that his mental stability returned. He scavenged the land high and low until he found his little lover and bought him back… for quite a handsome sum.”

Squall’s face pinched as he attempted to unravel the story and understand the motives of all parties.

“ Why…?” He found himself voicing despite his better sense.

Seifer laughed lightly and replied with coy roguishness, “ Why what? Why did he buy him back? Why did he accept him after his betrayal?” He paused, gauging his slave’s reaction, which amounted to a slight twitch of his eye, and then continued with surprising earnestness, “ Well, I suppose logic doesn’t really hold up against the blinding yet unstoppable force of love.”

Squall blinked and veered his neck to stare at Seifer incredulously.

However Seifer did not return the look as his eyes were drawn toward the magnetic couple on the couch and his thoughts residing on a much graver plane than Squall had expected.

“ Knowing Encolpius he’d prefer to take the scars with an all consuming love than the bitterness of solitude for the rest of his days.” His face void of any emotion Seifer spoke with a slight dismissive tone to his voice, hiding what he may have truly been thinking.

Arms folded lightly across his muscular chest Seifer added cynically, “ The fool Ascyltus now only watches, taunted by the happiness he never had.”

There was something left unspoken by the blonde, but Squall chose to ignore it and settled his eyes on Giton and Encolpius as they pressed against each other in a passionate kiss.

Grudgingly Squall realized that perhaps he was wrong in his assumptions about master and slave relationships.

Not all of course… the majority were tainted and debauched.

He narrowed his eyes at the wanton display of Tidus and Nida. By now Seifer’s violet-eyed companion started capitalizing on the noble’s insatiable desire for the blonde boy. He bodily blocked hands and tongues from Tidus while pointing to individual nobles as they called out prices and audaciously started waving money in the air. Irvine’s eyes turned green. Disgusted Squall tore his eyes away.

He hadn’t given the man much thought since being perpetually preoccupied with the blonde at his side, however, now looking at him, Squall found himself seething. He held utter contempt for the man. That man was the force that tore Squall from his native land and cast him into this life as a slave. Even though he meant no harm, even though he was ignorant to his transgressions, and even though he might have been a decent man, Squall couldn’t help but hate him. He hated what Irvine represented: a faction of men who hunted humans and stole their lives from them, all for the value of a gil. It was because of this that his vision of the man would forever be tainted. Next to Irvine, Seifer seemed saintly. At least the exasperating blonde cared for his slaves. Seifer’s only major transgression was disrespecting his humanity. Seifer didn’t care for the money; he had enough. He did it because it fed his ego. He lived for the rush of power that filtered his blood like a high at dominating another. Somehow to Squall the matter of pride was more acceptable than the matter of greed.

To his dismay he noticed the violet-eyed man frolic towards them. If his unmanly gait didn’t indicate his giddiness, then the blinding white smile should have.

Licking his lips and clapping the hand that wasn’t holding a goblet of wine on Seifer’s shoulder Irvine laughed breathlessly, “You won’t believe the numbers they are throwing out for Tidus. That trick you taught him is the reason I’m going into early retirement.”

Seifer gave a small half smile back in return meeting eyes with Irvine.

“ You’re too greedy for that.”

“ And you’re Hyne-sent, come with me, you have a party to enjoy.” Irvine replied without missing a beat.

Seifer blinked, taking a moment to search Irvine’s face before replying monotonously; “I’m enjoying it fine from here.”

Squall was taken aback by how standoffish the blonde was being towards his treasured companion and confidant, and apparently Irvine was too.

Irvine’s brows arched and his smile faltered, “ You’ve never been one to favor living vicariously, you can’t expect me to believe you’re starting to now.”

“ I’ve been dabbling here and there with my guests.” Seifer spoke nonchalantly.

Squall knew he was lying, but Irvine called it.

“ Bullshit, you’ve been loitering around this one all night. As if you’re afraid he’s going to vanish if you step an inch away from him.” Irvine drawled thickly, his brows furrowed in earnest.

He sounded slightly insulted by the outright lie.

Seifer glanced shyly at Squall, seemingly embarrassed at having him hear the obvious. It was almost comical. Who did he think he was trying to fool?

Irvine snorted amusedly looking to the ceiling as if summoning the support of Hyne, “ Seifer…he isn’t going anywhere for Hyne’s sake! It’s all a matter of physics my friend!”

Seifer glared.

“ However, you need to go and entertain your guests like a proper host.” Irvine drawled, emphasizing his point by poking an accusing finger into the blonde’s chest.

Seifer paused before a coy smile crossed his features, “But Irvine you’re doing such a lovely job for me.”

“ Listen,” Irvine began, the wine making his gestures very animate,“ there’s only so many horny wives I can dissuade from cuckolding their husbands until temptation persuades my soul.”

Seifer snorted, “ Dissuading isn’t remotely close to what I’ve been watching you do.”

With a loopy grin Irvine leaned closer to Seifer and drawled in mock sweetness, “ I would hate to defame your name with my liaisons…”

Seifer rolled his eyes, “ I am in no way associated with those.”

“ But you are associated with me.” Irvine replied immediately gesturing to himself and than drunkenly staggering back and catching himself with a loop-sided grin on his face.

Seifer’s face pinched half in amusement and half in disbelief, “ Is this bribery I’m hearing?” He laughed incredulously.

“ Bribery is above what I’m promising.” Irvine muttered, puncturing his statement with a sip to his wine.

Squall watched as Seifer’s face went through the motions of digesting his friend’s threat, and gauging the severity, to reserved amusement.

“ I should cut your cock off.” He said with finality.

“ Don’t pretend you’re above yours.” Irvine snapped back smiling.

“ The false pretence game is your domain.” Seifer retorted sardonically, a smirk curling his lips.

Irvine laughed and clapped his hand on Seifer’s shoulder again, “ Touché. But right now my intentions are pure in luring you away from this temptation over here before he leads you down the path of deviation.”

He jabbed his thumb in Squall’s direction. Squall’s brows furrowed at being referred to in such a lewd manner and at the bizarre chain of conversation.

“ You are the path of deviation.” Seifer said seriously.

“ So come, take my hand and let’s romp off the beaten path.” Irvine extended his hand and skipped around in a circle, wine spilling over the sides of his goblet onto the floor.

Seifer shook his head smiling, “And what would I stand to gain dear Mephisto?”

“ My undying companionship of course.” And the drunken man bowed.

Seifer rubbed the scar between his eyes with two fingers, “ You make me want to drink.”

Irvine smacked his hand on his friend’s back and started walking and pushing the blonde along with him, “ That a boy, there’s someone I want to introduce ya to.”

Seifer allowed himself to be dragged away, despite his reluctance to leave Squall’s side, but trusting that Squall would be fine. He was confidant he’d done a well enough job establishing that Squall was his personal pet and off limits to all guests. If he would have turned around to spare Squall one last glance, he would have caught the panicked look that crossed his eyes.

Pride kept him from even considering calling out Seifer’s name, even though he knew the blonde would not have judged him for it. With the blonde’s absence he suddenly felt utterly naked and exposed. The air felt that much harsher against his skin and his chest constricted in apprehension. And then anger warmed his limbs. How dare the blonde expose him like this and then leave?

With a clenched jaw and narrowed eyes he met with the bloated face of a drunk noble smiling at him.

His stomach curled and silently prayed to be struck down by Hyne as the shapeless form of a man approached him.

“ I wanted to get a closer look at the slave that has demanded all of the host’s affection.” The portly man chortled, licking his lips as his eyes raked over Squall’s body. “And my, you are a beauty. How selfish of him to keep you all for himself. The man needs a lesson in sharing if you ask me.” He finished his eyes landing on Squall’s semi erect penis.

Squall’s nostrils flared violently.

As the man reached a hand out in the direction of his groin Squall thrashed against his bindings and hissed, “ Don’t. Touch. Me.”

The man recoiled his hand abruptly as if he’d been burned the words. His face went blank with shock before he recovered and cackled smugly.

“ Well, quite the feisty one I see. Apparently Seifer has failed to impart to you the importance of obedience. I knew that boy wasn’t the trainer he has been talked up to be. Perhaps I should do him the favor of disciplining you myself.” He said with a glimmer in his eyes.

Squall’s breathing became erratic but he forced himself to remain composed. Then the man circled around him and disappeared from his vision. Squall snapped his neck from side to side in an attempt to keep the man in sight. When he felt his bindings being pulled on he stilled and was overwhelmed with the urge to laugh out in blessed irony.

The fool was unfastening his binds! He really thought he’d be able to tame him. His limbs trembled with adrenaline. This could be his opportunity to escape. As fool-hearted as the attempt might be in a manor swarming with nobles he had to take the opportunity granted to him by Hyne.

It took every ounce of discipline he had to remain stoic as the man went about clumsily undoing the bindings, not wanting to give himself away.

As soon as he felt a tug on the ropes against his arms to dismount the pillar he did. The cold floor under his feet almost a surreal feeling. It shook his core and in that moment escape seemed real.

“ Now boy, kneel before me!” The foolish nobleman demanded, tugging on the bindings that now were mere bracelets on his wrists.

Squall glared at the noble with stormy eyed glazed with madness. His lips curled into a sadistic smile before he lunged with a feral growl at the noble and forcibly took the rope from his hands and wound it around his throat.

A gurgled protest emitted from the nobles’ lips and salvia spewed onto his chin and Squall’s wrists as he continued to try and yell for help. They fell to the ground, Squall rolling them so that he was beneath the large thrashing man.

Squall showed no mercy. He forced the man against his chest and pulled the rope as tight as it would go around the man’s neck. The course twine bit into the noble’s neck, a purple imprint already visible when the man tried to twist out of Squall’s hold.

Squall was consumed by the power, drunk from the taste of freedom on his tongue. He pulled the rope with the thoughts of revenge and justice searing his skull.

It wasn’t until a shrill female scream broke his lust for blood that he realized he was about to kill a man. He loosened his hold on the man’s neck, the noble gasping for air immediately.

Before he could conjure any semblance of a plan of what to do next he heard a familiar baritone voice booming through the crowd of nobles that was rushing towards them.

“ What has happened here!?” Seifer shouted in unreserved anger.

Squall kicked out from underneath the man, pushing his overly larger frame away from him and scurried to his feet. His only thought to run from that menacing voice. However Seifer had already broken through the crowd, roughly pushing people aside his eyes wide at the sight before him.

Squall stood and fell backwards with the force of scurrying to his feet, but before his bare bottom could touch the ground, strong hands encircled around his upper arms. Darting his eyes to his left and right he saw the familiar faces of Raijin and Zell on either side of him, restraining him. He thrashed against their solid grips in vain. He’d been at the opposing end of their brute strength once before, there was no escaping them. Even if he did manage to weasel out of their grasps, he’d be chased down like a dog.

Huffing he snapped his neck back to the impending blonde, his heart thudding wildly against his chest. He was reeling from residual bloodlust, adrenaline still coursed through his veins.

Seifer’s wide eyes locked with his fervently and then to the gagging noble kneeling on the floor.

“ That beast of a boy attacked me! I demand his head for this!” The nobleman rasped out, spit spewing from his trembling lips as he clawed at his tender throat.

Seifer bent to pick up a piece of Squall’s binding, examining that it had clearly been cut. His face went disturbingly blank.

“ And how was it that he was able to attack you, Eumolpus?” Seifer asked rhetorically for it was evident from his angry tone that he already knew the answer.

“ The insolent slave insulted me and needed discipline.” The man named Eumolpus barked, oblivious to the anger being directed at him.

At his answer Seifer’s eyes went alight with a feral madness. He clutched the binding in his fist and took a stride forward.

“ And so you took it upon yourself to discipline my slave?” He asked dangerously low.

Eumolpus looked up at the figure towering above him in fear. He caught the dangerous gleam in his emerald eyes.

“ I-.”

“ That is my personal slave,” Seifer annunciated clearly, pointing to Squall, “ He is not meant to be touched and tainted by your hands.”

Squall was frozen in place. He was reeling with disbelief that Seifer was defending his violent attack against one of his own.

The noble staggered onto his unsteady feet retreating slightly from Seifer’s form, “ But he attacked me, certainly your allegiance-.”

“ He was protecting what was not yours to tarnish. This is the greatest affront you could have committed in my home.” Seifer cut him off angrily taking a step forward again.

The room was aghast in hushed murmurs. Noblewomen held onto the cuffs of their husband’s shirts, slaves hid behind their masters. Irvine appeared through the crowd a few feet behind Seifer, stopping altogether to witness the scene unfolding before them.

It was now that Eumolpus understood the gravity of his situation and succumbed to denial in a futile attempt to spare himself from the blonde’s wrath, “ I had no idea he was your personal sl-.”

“ You did know.” Seifer hissed, his eyes narrowing into mere slits, “ And for that, I cannot let this go unpunished.” He finished in cold finality.

Gasps erupted and echoed throughout the vast chambers from guests and Eumolpus alike. Though this was the Almasy estate. And no one would fault the lord of the manor for avenging his family name.

“ I demand the things you’ve affronted me with as retribution, your hands.” Seifer announced somberly.

“ Sir!” Eumolpus gasped.

Seifer snapped his fingers and two guards grabbed Eumolpus in the same fashion Squall has been grabbed. Seifer retreated towards the pillar Squall had been taken from. The two guards dragged the protesting man and forcibly stretched his arm out across the pillar. It took much effort on the guards are to restrain the thrashing man, dreading his fate.

Seifer then turned and locked eyes with Squall, a sadistic smile curling his lips. Squall felt his stomach lurch at the twisted chivalrous justice that Seifer felt was warranted. He unsheathed a dagger from inside his long coat and flipped it in his hand, the handle pointing towards Squall.

“ Squall…I give you the honor of taking what belongs to me now.”

Squall’s breath hitched. The slaves at his sides forced his feet to move closer to the atrocity before him.

Seifer smiled at the disbelief in his slave’s usually proud eyes.

“ Go on, no one will stop you.”

The hands at his arms released him. He stared at the handle of the dagger with wide eyes. This was all surreal. Sure he wanted the man’s head moments ago but this was…too much. He heard Eumolpus whimper incoherent words at his side. At that moment he looked up into Seifer’s feverish eyes.

“ Such a gruesome display would surely spoil the mood of this wonderful event, don’t you agree Seifer…” A foreboding voice chuckled darkly, commanding all heads to turn and acknowledge its presence.

Seifer flipped the dagger handle back into his hand as he veered to face the ascending figure of the Count of Monte Cristo. The sea of nobles parted as he advanced towards the display, but unexpectedly he stopped a few feet short of Seifer and company.

Seifer’s fingers clutched the dagger tightly, itching to use it.

“ You’re not welcome here.” He growled.

Squall looked into the dark orbs that should have been eyes in the Count. The man’s soul was so dark you couldn’t see into his eyes. It wasn’t fear that made Squall unconsciously back into Raijin’s broad chest, but the profound sense of unease that there was something unnatural about this man, a darkness residing in him that shouldn’t exist in humans.

If Seifer felt the same, Squall didn’t sense it, the blonde was probably too dense to sense that.

“ And I don’t want to be here. But it still stands that you have something that belongs to me.” The Count said in amusement.

“ I have nothing of yours.” Seifer barked back, shifting to an offensive stance.

“ Ah, but you do. I come here to give you one last chance to deliver what is owed to me before I forcefully take it from you.” The dark man spoke in mock sincerity.

“ I owe you nothing. And your hands will never touch Nida again.”

“ Ha. Keep the boy. But I will have what is owed to me Almasy. And since I’ve been so patient in waiting for your delivery, I think I’m well within my right to demand interest.” The Count continued in an air of exalted arrogance.

“ You have no right to demand anything of me. Now leave!” Seifer hissed venomously, his eyes glowing with bloodlust.

From one interrupted venture to another, he was on the verge of imploding.

The Count’s lips sealed into a tight line. It room seemed to get colder as the Count’s mood dropped.

“ Give me that boy right there and I’ll graciously take my leave.” The Count stated in dark severity.

He pointed at Squall.

Seifer’s eyes nearly bulged from their sockets. The Count smiled at having exploited a weakness. Filled with a sense of confidence from the discovery the count dared take a step closer.

Squall’s heart dropped. He panicked, assuming Seifer’s silence meant his consent and why the Count dared step closer.

His instinct told him to run, but he was held against the broad chest of Raijin. Before the message could be sent to his brain to struggle, his nerves were quelled by that familiar voice.

“ Take another step and I kill you. I stand to gain nothing by letting you live…” Seifer snarled with the ferocity of a beast.

In that moment Squall had never been more thankful for Seifer’s ego.

The Count arched a dark brow that cruel amusement slipping back over his features.

“ Hm. This was your last chance Almasy…” He smiled before turning on his heels in a steady retreat.

The room seemed able to breath again with the ominous threat of bloodshed gone. Seifer watched attentively until the Count was through the door before he snapped his neck towards the two guards still holding a pale-faced noble. The man seemed to forget that he was being restrained amidst all the tension, but as soon as Seifer turned to face him, he whimpered again and struggled vainly.

Jade eyes flickered to Squall his face guarded, but searching for something. Finding what he needed he then turned towards Irvine.

“ This party is over.” He stated grimly to his violet-eyed friend.

Irvine nodded his consent that he was responsible for clearing the estate out.

Seifer then turned on his heels and strode off towards the staircase but not before stopping at Raijin and Zell and stating, “ Bring Squall to my chambers.”

And again impossibly strong bodies dragged him along. He was too overwhelmed to fight; too overwhelmed by everything that had happened. He was at the mercy of whatever forces acted upon him. It was with this sense of resignation that he entered the bedchambers of Seifer and watched the man pace instead of struggling against the bulky slaves.

Running a hand through his short hair Seifer exhaled sharply, “ Leave me with him and tell my servants to run a hot bath.”

The burly slaves nodded and abruptly left with a quiet click of the door closing behind them.

Squall still felt the pressure in his arms where their hands gripped him. He massaged his sore arms. At this Seifer stopped his pacing and faced Squall in silent examination. He knew that the emerald eyes that danced across his face and body were not defiling. He felt no lust there. Instead at the anxious appeal in his eyes he knew Seifer was berating himself. He was searching for any harm done.

The earlier ambivalence he felt towards the blonde was replaced by gratitude. He found himself at ease around the blonde. He was thankful for the ordeal to be over and to be confined to the solitary presence of one man. And in a twisted sense, he felt appreciation for Seifer. Never in his life had anyone defended him so adamantly. In Seifer’s world he could imagine the contempt that those of his rank held for him for committing such a strong taboo. He’d publicly defamed a fellow noble in his defense of a slave and threatened to kill another. He could have spared himself the trouble by simply letting the noble touch him or handing him over to the Count. Yet here he stood with grief-laden eyes, grieving for a wounded slave, not for his wounded pride.

Their eyes met in an unspoken treaty. Seifer unsheathed the dagger in his coat and breached the distance between them.

Squall made no move to run.

Seifer stopped a few inches in front of him and searched Squall’s face one last time. He gingerly cupped Squall’s wrist and sliced it free from the remaining twine bindings. He did the same to the other wrist, and then knelt to the ground to work on the bindings around his ankles.

All the while Squall stood still gazing at the bowed blonde head curiously.

The bedchamber door clicked open, the sloshing of water in pales indicating that the slaves had done their duty. Seifer neither moved nor looked to acknowledge the assembly line of servants that dumped steaming water into the bathtub in the adjacent room.

They left as Seifer had cut through the last of the twine around Squall’s ankle. Seifer stood slowly to his full height with a grave look in his eyes.

“ Go to the bath.” He commanded lowly before ambling into the bathroom.

And Squall followed.

Entering the room Seifer pointed to the tub of steaming water, “ Wash yourself then tell me when you’re done.”

Squall blinked in confusion as he stood at the edge of the tub. He glanced over at Seifer who had retreated the short distance to the opposite side of the room. He leaned casually against the wall, his legs crossed at the ankles, a distant look glazing his eyes as he looked down at nothing in particular. He didn’t make any move to undress himself or direct Squall any further.

Refusing the luxury of a much-needed bath would have been ill conceived. Feeling the heat creep up his legs from the tub’s edge Squall decided he could benefit from the soothing properties of the warmth. Gingerly stepping in one foot at a time he inhaled shakily as his skin was surrounded by heat. Submerging himself up to his neck in the water he allowed himself to close his eyes. He had never lain in a bathtub before. His baths always consisted of bathing in the river sources of using a basin and towel to wash off. Such decadence was beyond anyone from his village. He never knew the sensation of being surrounded by wet heat before. The indulgence was brief lived as he picked up the washcloth and soap next to the tub and began scrubbing himself clean of the grim on his skin. He removed the black ring around his penis, looking up at Seifer and surprised to see his eyes still downcast. Putting the wretched ring on the side of the tub he continued washing himself, thankful for the small liberty of freeing his semi-erect penis. It was painful to wash that area. He wanted nothing more than to release the trapped pressure in his organ, but he refused to succumb to a temptation brought on reluctantly by a sadistic blonde.

He watched as the clear water turned a murky gray. Once satisfied he looked over at Seifer, surprised to see the blonde hadn’t moved his eyes at all. He stood up from the tub, a surge of water dripping from his body and gaining Seifer’s attention. Seifer looked him over once, no doubt noticing the absence of the dreaded ring, but ignored it and threw a towel at him.

Briskly drying his body and hair he watched Seifer leave the room without stealing a glance at him. When he finished drying he stepped into the bedchamber, leaving the damp towel behind. His skin immediately felt cold in the drafty room. His eyes sought out Seifer in the dim lighting.

“ There’s salve on the desk, use it to soothe your bottom.” His voice was hard.

Squall turned to see the man leaning against the edge of the bed, arms and ankles crossed, a somber gleam in his eyes.

Turning away from Seifer indifferently he padded over to the desk and picked up the vile of cream left there for him. Glancing back at the blonde who did nothing but watch he felt self-conscious under such harsh eyes, but decided that moving back to the bathroom might provoke Seifer to shackle him again.

With his damp back to the blonde Squall smeared a generous amount onto his fingers and reached behind him to rub it into the tender flesh. The cream cooled the throbbing immediately. Squall was able to reach most of the sore areas in an upright position, but feeling the welts that crept down his buttocks and reached his thighs it was necessary for him to bend over in order to reach those areas. Bending forward slightly and bracing himself with one hand on the desk he used the other to massage the cream into those difficult areas. Absorbed in the soothing sensation of the cream he didn’t hear the succession of quiet footfalls behind him until Seifer was pressed firmly against his back. He groaned at the weight of the man against his tender flesh.

In a swift motion Seifer cuffed his wrists in familiar heavy shackles. Clenching his jaw he cursed the blonde for tricking him and ending his short-lived freedom.

Those same hands reached over Squall and dipped into the salve, forcing Squall to brace himself against the desk with both hands. Seifer removed his arm from around Squall and applied it firmly against his bottom. Squall tensed beneath him, willing himself to relax. There was a sense of urgency in Seifer’s ministrations. Against everything that had occurred tonight Squall didn’t want to chance his life at provoking an already enraged blonde or earning himself another set of shackles.

“ You won’t be punished for your actions tonight.” Seifer spoke huskily as he continued rubbing the salve into Squall’s skin.

Squall breathed a silent sigh and his shoulders visibly relaxed.

“ Eumolpus deserved what he got. He is a pedant who prides himself on his poetry, though no one else can stand it.” Seifer spoke gruffly in dry humor.

The blonde’s breathing became more labored and the rubbing motions became frantic kneading of flesh.

Squall closed his eyes and clenched his jaw tighter his body beginning to betray him once again.

“ I almost wish he would have licked you so I could have cut out his tongue to never hear that nonsense again.” Seifer whispered hotly against his ear than delivered a light lick to it.

Squall flinched and swallowed thickly from the surge of heat that started in his groin and chest as Seifer’s ministrations became more erotic.

It was painful to become even slightly aroused once more. His balls were heavy and burdensome between his thighs. They wanted to be emptied. They needed to be emptied.

Before he could push against Seifer and demand his distance, Seifer asked hotly, “ do you want to come?”

Squall’s eyes went wide and he tensed beneath Seifer.

Of course he wanted to! The man knew that! But begging was beyond Squall. He wouldn’t shame himself by allowing the blonde to know that he needed release because of him. Squall snarled and went to push himself away from Seifer, the boundaries of their treaty beyond breached. Seifer anticipated this and moved his arms from beneath him, forcing Squall to slip forward against the desk. He pressed himself against Squall’s back, keeping him trapped between the desk and his chest.

“ You’ve earned it.” Seifer rasped breathlessly, his hands kneading Squall’s butt cheeks.

Squall bit his bruised lip, trying to deny the pleasure he felt at Seifer’s hands.

Fighting for his footing to push off against Seifer, the blonde grabbed his swollen ball sacs in his fist. Squall groaned involuntarily at both the pain and pleasure of his sensitive balls being handled so roughed. He immediately stilled beneath Seifer.

“ These need to be emptied. Let me.” His voice was needy and demanding. It seemed he needed this as much as Squall did.

The hand squeezed his balls and a poorly stifled groan was forced from his lips.

That was all the incentive Seifer needed before he pushed Squall’s hips forward while bending a leg and pushing it on top the desk in a less than graceful fashion. Then the blonde mounted over Squall on all fours and reached around to grab his straining erection.

Something between a strangled moan and cry tore from Squall’s throat. He growled and bowed his head between his cuffed wrists.

He couldn’t fight Seifer like this, he could barely move without it creating incredible pain throughout his body.

Seifer fisted the hot organ tightly, able to feel the flow of blood within it and gave it a firm stroke. Squall’s hips involuntarily bucked even though he growled in warning again.

“ You won’t say it, but I know that’s a yes.” Seifer growled as he delivered a long lick to Squall’s earlobe in time with another firm stroke.

Squall arched his back, which consequentially rubbed his butt against Seifer’s crotch. The blonde emitted a gruff moan and pumped the slick flesh in his fist. Squall bowed his head in shame at his body’s wanton reactions.

But Hyne it felt so good!

It was hard to think about anything at all when such intense pleasure coursed through him.

Seifer’s hands were already slick from the salve, which made it easy to pump the organ comfortably. In no time at all the blonde had Squall leaking fluids, which added considerably to the slickness of his hand and the speed to which Seifer could fist the brunet.

Squall banged his head against the desk top, uttering a stream of incoherent curses. Seifer’s eyes glowed with a feral passion as he made the boy writhe beneath him. He dipped his head and licked the light sheen of sweat that accumulated between Squall’s shoulder blades. His tongue licked at any exposed flesh, he couldn’t get enough. The pungent smell of arousal was intoxicating.

He felt like an animal.

Squall’s hips began to rock against his hand and those little noises became louder. He was close.

Seifer swiped his thumb across the leaking slit roughly and Squall cried out in his low sultry voice.

It drove Seifer over the edge.

Sliding his hand back over his erection he pumped at a frantic pace, wanting, needing to make Squall come hard.

Breathing hard Squall thrust and rocked back against that tight fist, seeing nothing else in sight but release.

Seifer bit into his shoulder hard and it came over him, hard. His body tensed and he arched his back like a bitch in heat, his mouth falling open, but no sound came at first, delayed by the sheer force of the orgasm.

He shot his hot seed out with staggering force. It coated his stomach and Seifer’s relentless fist. Seifer continued to milk the boy expertly of every drop. His seed dripped from his stomach and Seifer’s fist onto the desk.

Squall’s body broke into tremors, breathing heavily.

Seifer continued to fist the slowly softening organ while delivering hard kisses to his shoulder and back.

“ Never.” He pressed a hard kiss to Squall’s shoulder, “ Never again.” He licked the bite mark on his shoulder. “ Will someone else touch you”, He breathed huskily against his back.

Reeling from the force of his orgasm Squall could do nothing but breath.

Seifer removed his hand from around Squall and licked it clean of the bitter fluid. Squall shifted and watched the abnormal display. It was an extremely intimate act. He never imagined Seifer wanting to share that kind of intimacy with someone, especially someone he considered his slave. But Squall was too delirious to put much more thought into it than that.

Picking Squall up, Seifer carried him to the bed and gingerly placed him there, then left for a moment and returned with his damp towel. He gently wiped Squall’s stomach and his softened penis clean of his seed. Casting the soiled towel onto the floor Seifer stripped himself of his clothing and crawled into bed next to Squall. He needed to feel the boy against him, for his own sanity. Squall weakly protested but was soon lulled to sleep from sheer exhaustion, but not without one final jerk against Seifer before he drifted off into a deep sleep.



A/N: Oh my goodness that took forever to pump out! Some of the Giton and Encolpius story was fabricated but based off of both Fellini and Petronius’s account of the couple.
Ruid I hope you’re happy that I gave him a bath! I know it probably wasn’t the erotic scene you were hoping for, but I promise more bath scenes are later to come!

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