Pyrrhic Victory

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I'm the darkness, you're the starlight

Shining brightly from afar.

Through hours of despair, I offer this prayer

To you, my evening star.

"A wonderous song, is it not?"

"If the Emperor approves, then it must be so."

A rumbling chuckle rose over the next lyric, drowning out the song. Gestahl rose from his seat, allowing the record player to continue its recital as he walked past the kneeling Celes. She rose, loyally following the old man through his private study, her large breasts leading the way as usual. Rows of bookshelves lined the path and stretched to the ceiling, an assortment of prized reading fit for a king. Celes took note of some of the titles as she marched past, carried on her long, white-clad legs: On the Origin of Magic, The War of the Magi: Volume VI, Phantom Beasts, Chronicles of the Stage, Classical Engineering, and many, many more. Few held the general's interest any longer than it took to read their titles, but then, they did not need to.

"Ah. This is it." The Emperor's voice snapped Celes back to attention. Facing to her fore, a large map unveiled itself, mounted securely on the side wall. Celes recognized it immediately as a depiction of the known world, its geography rendered in intimate detail allowed only by the map's enormous expanse. The general's long, yellow hair hung free as she craned her neck, head angled upward to take in the map's full size. Dots of various colored littered the surface: red markings clearly indicated Vector, Albrook, and Tsen, while yellow markings seemed to indicate cities and countries, primarily in the north. Large dots denoted capitals or castles, and small dots represented remote villages.

"This is why I have summoned you, Celes." Gestahl pointed to the lower portion, specifically at the southern island where Vector stood. No... to its left was a yellow dot, a piece of territory unclaimed by the Empire.

"... Maranda?" Celes inquired. What was so important about the least populated city in the south?

"Now that Tsen and Albrook have been... incorporated, we must turn to the north. Complications, unfortunately, have arisen. Are you aware of the Returners, General?"

Celes nodded, her light hair shifting like a curtain in response to the sudden motion. "Of course. An organization of volunteers who oppose your rule. They've committed minor acts of thievery and sabotage in Imperial territory." Her tone suggested confusion, as if she could not understand the concept of opposing Emperor Gestahl.

"Hm. Yes," Gestahl assented. "Quite right. Small as they are, the organization has proven quite... meddlesome. It has come to my attention that their local resistance has been operated from Maranda, almost as a sort of forward headquarters. A shame that a city so beautiful should allow itself to be corrupted by such a low influence..."

"Yes, Highness, I agree!" Celes firmly assented.

The old man allowed an amused smile to show underneath his white beard. "Then you will be glad to hear my orders: you are to take an army and drive the resistance from Maranda. Immediately."

"Wha..." Celes gasped, surprised. For months now she had been nothing more than a commander of trainees, and a rather hands-off commander at that. Spending her days buried in bureaucratic paperwork, she felt more like a secretary than a soldier. And now, after all this time, a real combat command?

"Are you displeased?" Gestahl inquired of the silent woman. Celes immediately snapped to attention, her posture perfectly straight, breasts leaping forward from her chest.

"Your Highness! I am honored beyond words," the blonde finally reported. "I've waited so long for the chance to--"

The Emperor's rumbling chuckle interrupted Celes' breathless sentence. "You needn't explain. You must only do that which I require. That is gratitude enough."

"Of... of course, Highness. What is my mission?"

Gestahl turned back toward the map, studying the Marandan dot intently. Finally, he spoke: "Yes, it would be a shame indeed... Celes. My orders to you are to pacify the Marandan populace and eliminate the Returner infestation they harbor. You will be given a force suitable for the task. Maranda has historically not participated in open warfare, with some even believing it to be a neutral site in the ancient War of the Magi."

The old man turned back towards Celes, continuing: "I do not wish to ignore history. Therefore, I order you to use all caution and calm on your mission. Restrain yourself. Do no harm to the city. History would not forgive you for discarding its lessons, nor would I forgive you for damaging a jewel in my crown."

Gestahl's final statement instilled a sense of nervousness in the general: the weight of responsibility.

"Yes, my Emperor!" Celes saluted. "I will carry out your orders to the best of my ability. Maranda will be yours, intact." Her orders received and promise made, the soldier turned to leave, marching herself out of the private study, white cape billowing closely behind.

Gestahl again looked at the wall-mounted map, allowing himself a sense of accomplishment.



"And then we had to deal with their traps! Neutral my ass! Who the hell sets up a tripwire to trigger a falling log?"

After the victorious Imperial squad had arrived, Celes had taken the group to her temporary office, a converted room in the Marandan inn. The exhausted group of men had been predictably... appreciative of the blonde's choice of clothing, amazed with the obscene leotard and the view it offered as they followed her swaying hips up the city steps. She was sure they had drawn the wrong impression when she had mentioned "debriefing" while entering the Inn. Too bad,the general rationed. Celes even made sure not to ask for their names, lest the men get the wrong idea about exactly how informal she wished to be.

"Hey, don't forget the monster pit," another complained. "How do you lay a camoflauge netting over a hole that big? Hell, how do you get the monsters down there in the first place?"

Celes resisted the urge to second-guess her actions. From the sound of things, she had sent a far too small force of foot soldiers into a well-prepared series of ambushes. That they had made it out intact was a minor miracle. For the sake of success, she hoped the other squads had been as lucky as the group that had arrived.

Then again, the blonde considered as she looked down at her barely-covered body, maybe not THAT lucky.

A knock at the room door interrupted the group. Opening with a creak, a brown-uniformed soldier appeared, carrying a folder stuffed full of papers. Seeing his general, he immediately saluted.

"General Celes! Reporting!"

The blonde rose from her seat at the edge of the room's spacious bed, crisply returning the salute. The fatigued soldier leaning against the back wall grinned happily at the unobstructed view of Celes' elongated, mostly-uncovered backside, while the two on either side of Celes could barely contain their glee at the bare view of the sides of her mountainous breasts and slender, toned waist.

"What is it, Yan?" the blonde asked, doing her best to ignore the ogling her salute had set off. Part of her new command staff, Yan had been assigned to her as a low-level support staffer. When not serving as a messenger between her command post and the various batallions scattered about the peninsula, he seemed bring her volumes of paperwork to sign. Celes' hopes of escaping mundane administrative duties were dashed every time he appeared, and judging by the folder he was carrying, this time was no different.

"Sorry to interrupt, ma'am! These papers need your urgent attention: deployment approvals, that sort of thing. They should have been signed before the operation began, but you left them in the command post," Yan reported, trying his best to keep his eyes off the general's body and failing miserably.

"Right now?" Celes asked. "It can't wait until tomorrow?"

"It's really best to do it now, General," Yan advised.

Celes sighed. The amount of paper-pushing she had to deal with was ridiculous: by now she could probably sign her name backwards. Asleep.

"Okay, let me finish up here first. Just... set them down somewhere." Celes brought a palm up to her face. Between the absolutely ridiculous getup clinging intimately to her body and the needless red tape nipping at her tall white leather heels, she felt another headache fast approaching.

Yan looked around for a place to set the folder, eventually deciding on the nearby bed, next to the soldier sitting on its side. Good enough...

"Ma'am!" Yan saluted, turning to leave. The door shut tightly behind him.

"I'm sorry," Celes addressed the group. "We'll have to speed this up. What happened to you next, after the traps?"

The bickering resumed immediately, three of the four soldiers recounting the various dangers they had fought through. The fourth, on the bed, had gotten curious about the nearby folder. What was so bad about a stack of papers? Out of curiosity, he flipped the stack open...

"I think they even coated that thorn bush in poison. It had a weird purple liquid on it, what else could it have been?" one soldier complained.

Celes sighed. Were the Marandans really that intent on resisting the Emperor? "That's--"


Everyone in the room turned toward the soldier on the bed, just as he ripped the cover sheet from the stack of papers, bounding towards Celes.

"What the hell is this?!" he yelled, waving the paper wildly.

"Settle down!" the general yelled, attempting to assert authority. It seemed to work... somewhat. The soldier was still agitated, though at least he had stopped yelling. "What are you talking about?"

"THIS!" the soldier shouted again. Bringing the now-wrinkled piece of paper up, he began reading: "In the event of protracted conflict, you are to employ Magitek as necessary. The entire region is expendable. Do not endanger your soldiers. Signed, Emp. Gestahl." Finished reading, the agitated soldier shoved the paper into Celes' collarbone. "What the hell is this?!"

Celes allowed her shock to adorn her face as she scanned the sheet. The text was exactly as the soldier had read... the Emperor's seal and signature were all in their proper spots... surely this was authentic. What the hell...? What is this sudden shift in orders?

By now, the other three soldiers had closed around the tall blonde, frowns of displeasure on their half-covered faces. "General... what is this?" one asked, almost a growl.

"I... I don't..." the blonde stammered. "This is... not what the Emperor..."

"SHUT UP!" the agitated soldier screamed. "You put us through hell! We could have avoided all of that!"

"Mind your tongue!" Celes retorted. "I am your commanding officer! Show some respect for me as a representative of His Excellency!"

Celes' words seemed to have some effect, but the situation was still dangerous. Her tactical mind went to work, quickly examining the situation. She was without her sword, which left only her magic as a defense. Four soldiers... would a simple Blizzard spell work against all four? Likely not. Even if she could cast quickly enough, it wouldn't do much more than anger them further.

"Commanding officer?" the angry soldier mumbled. "Yeah, right. Your commands almost got us killed! What would happen if the rest of the army found out about this? What's stopping us from leaving right now and telling the world what an incompetent bimbo you are?" His voice had risen to a shout yet again.

"You'll do no such thing!" the general asserted.

"The hell we won't!"

Would they? Celes suddenly doubted herself. The orders had been dated to before the start of her planned operation... if word got out that she had unnecessarily endangered her force, what then? An end to her hopes of true command? How could she glorify the Emperor Gestahl signing papers at a desk for the rest of her career?

The more the tall blonde thought about her sudden predicament, the more it seemed she had no alternative.

"What do you want?" Celes asked with a sigh. Not that she hadn't already guessed: the soldiers surrounding her had ceased their pretending and were now leering at her curves.

Her fears were confirmed with a pair of hands appeared from behind, accompanied by a warm breath at her neck. Reaching around her toned arms, the grubby hands latched on to the blonde's hefty bosom. Deftly, the hands manipulated Celes' breasts underneath the sheer green fabric, her red nipples dragging across the soft surface. The general hissed through gritted teeth, mostly from anger at the perverted solder's brazenness, but also the unfamiliar tingle of pleasure from her hardened nipples.

"Get... OFF!" she growled, lifting her right leg at the knee and kicking backwards. Her heel collided with the lower portion of the soldier's armor, knocking him backwards but delivering no real damage. A crashing sound announced that the pervert had stumbled backwards against the wall.

Seizing the opportunity, the soldier to Celes' right grabbed her outstretched leg, trapping the blonde in place on one foot. Before she could react, the soldier to her left came up, grabbing her arms in place. Immediately, Celes began the incantation for a Blizzard spell--only to have her mouth covered by one hand and her chin cuffed from underneath by another. The soldier to her front approached, a triumphant grin plastered on the exposed half of his face in part because of the deep view of the blonde's cleavage her current pose presented. He held up the piece of paper with the Emperor's orders on it.

"Trade you," he taunted. "The paper for, well, you. What do you say?"

Celes responded by struggling against her captors, attempting to kick the one on the right. He held steady, the blonde's leg unable to break free.

"Come on," the soldier to her front taunted again, ignoring her angry glare. "Is this really going to be so bad? Worse than having thousands of members of the Imperial army find out what a lying incompetent you are? There are plenty of trees still here, thanks to you. I'm sure there's some rope to be had, too..."

Unable to move, struggling to maintain her balance, Celes had to admit the alternate was much worse. Finally, she relented, slackening her tense pose. The two soldiers holding her in place relented, allowing the blonde to regain her posture. Behind her, the fourth soldier who had initially groped her closed the circle of brown armor surrounding the blonde-haired general, though his attention was fixated on the uncovered swell of her ass. Regardless, she was truly trapped.

"Not a word of this is breathed," Celes attempted to bargain. "Not the orders, not... this. I will court-martial you all if you even try, consequences be damned."

"Fine with me!" the one to her left agreed.

"Yeah, no one would believe we got to bang you anyway," the one on her right laughed, eliciting a glare from the general.

"You filthy..." she began. Her inevitable stream of insults cut off when the soldier to her front pressed forward against her, delivering a deep kiss to the disgusted blonde. Saliva soon leaked from their lips as the ringleader practically drooled into the blonde's warm mouth, his tongue exploring the secretive crevice. His hands slid down her back, following the taut strings descending from her shoulders. Arriving at their destination, his hands tightly gripped onto her jutting ass, fingers pushed deep into the thong-split crack. As he pulled the general close, her breasts mashed tightly against his breastplate, causing the soft orbs to pop out from the tight embrace.

The three soldiers whistled and catcalled, cheering the ringleader on as he kissed the unwilling blonde. Her face burned red with anger, humiliation, and, gradually, a lessening supply of air. Soon, she pushed against the bigger man, trying to pry herself away. He got the hint, pulling back from the general's soft lips. Immediately, Celes coughed for air, ignoring for the moment the hands still squeezing at her butt and the laughter of the soldiers surrounding her.

"Guess she's not used to kissing yet!" one observed

"Yeah, must not have time to do it with her boyfriend," another chuckled.

The latter comment grabbed Celes' attention. "How--*cough*--dare you talk about His Highness that way?!"

The soldier behind Celes stepped up, again reaching around for her now-distorted breasts. "You really aren't in the position to tell us about the Emperor," he growled in the trapped woman's ear. Anger again returned to her face, but she kept silent.

To the tall blonde's right, a soldier grabbed the folder on the bed and flung it across the room, where it splattered harmlessly against the door. Paperwork exploded from the impact and fell messily to the ground.

Celes, meanwhile, was forced onto the bed. Sitting at the edge, her strong legs were forced open by two soldiers flanking her on either side, their hands clumsily running across her inner thighs. Again, a pair of hands reached from behind Celes, tugging downward on the neckline of her green mesh leotard. Stretched as far as it could give, the neckline hooked underneath her generous breasts, revealing their full, firm expanse. The hands immediately grabbed her breasts, squeezing and rubbing at will. The two soldiers flanking her got the same idea at the same time, leaning toward the general's exposed mammaries. Their mouths latched on to her bright red nipples, sucking happily away at the hard nubs.

"Guh..." Celes groaned out of discomfort, frustration, and a reluctant pleasure as a hand shoved itself underneath the green fabric covering her pussy. The temptation to get up and run out of the room, embarrassing as it might be, was growing more appealing by the second...

And then her escape route was cut of when the fourth soldier stood in front of her, blocking the way. His uniform was unzipped, allowing his penis to stick out, as if it too was ogling the buxom blonde. To Celes, it looked immense... but she had never seen the male organ in person before, and she had no frame of reference beyond basic anatomy education, which was sadly unhelpful at the present.

As she fretted, the purple-red tip of the soldier's cock grew closer and closer. Celes realized its target, but there was nothing she could do as the shaft pierced her soft lips, entering her mouth. Summoning the last of her willpower, the proud general fought the urge to bite down.


At the other end of the room, the door had creaked open, escaping the notice of the room's busy occupants. Out in the hallway, a man peered in, shocked at the lewd display inside.

"What the hell are the Imperials doing?" he whispered to himself. Bad enough they had invaded, but to be so... wanton? Disgusting. The Empire was truly revolting in every way imaginable.

Looking downward, something caught the man's eye; a mess of papers strewn about the entryway. Valuable information, perhaps? Crouching down, he extended his arm through the open crack, silently gathering the documents together.


"I'm coming!"

Withdrawing from Celes' mouth, a blast of cum arced out of the spit-soaked penis that had been roughly exploring the blonde's warm mouth, splattering wetly in the dead center of her nose.

"Ugh!" Celes recoiled instinctively, jerking her head backward and hopefully out of range. Unfortunately for her, the withdrawal of her head served only to make her expansive bust, abandoned by the two soldiers who had so eagerly slurped at the mounds, an appealing target. Aiming downward, the soldier grunted in effort as he sprayed the upper curve of his general's jutting breasts. Celes grimaced, but remained still, allowing her breasts to become streaked with the final drops of sperm dripping out of the eager cock.

"Haaagh..." the man groaned, looking downward at the splattered upper body of the blonde kneeling before him. "Hah... hahaha... how's that? Better than some old man, I bet!"

Celes turned her head, trying to disguise her anger. Their lack of respect for her was already obvious, but did they have to sully the Emperor as well? Were they not loyal to him? How could any armed force have callous brutes like these amongst its ranks? How was this allowed?

"Heh, she doesn't like it when you talk about her boyfriend like that."

"And I don't like being lied to. Too bad for her."

"How dare you!" Celes protested, glaring at her tormentors. Her obvious disdain for their remarks seemed almost comedic coming from a woman on her knees, the neckline of some strangely revealing outfit pulled underneath her incredible breasts, sperm gradually sliding down their prominent curves. The group of soldiers broke out chuckling at the kneeling blonde.

"What are you gonna do about it?" one mocked. A moment of silence from Celes passed quickly, the blonde unable to formulate a reply. "... Yeah, thought so. Whatever, what's next?"

One of the soldiers grabbed Celes' arm, carelessly dragging the blonde the short distance to the nearby bed. A sharp tug brought Celes back up to her feet, breasts wobbling from the sudden motion.

"Heh, look at these things," the private leered, cupping and squeezing the undercurve of Celes' left breast, pinching copious amounts of soft boobflesh between his fingers.

"Ow!" she winced.

"Oh, that's nothing," the groper assured. Grabbing her slender waist, he spun Celes around, pushing her onto the bed. She landed chest-first, bent forward, her vulnerable ass facing toward the small group of soldiers. The green string thong of her embarrassing outfit ran from her shoulders directly into the deep crevice of her ass, its twin globes supported by her long, arcing legs. Celes glared over her shoulder, greeted with the leering stares of the soldiers as they visually fondled her eye-popping backside. Distinct awe was written across their half-covered faces.

The blonde's moment of respite ended all too soon as the soldier hovering at her side brought his hand down, swatting her rotund butt with a sharp crack.

"AH!" Celes yelped.

"Heheh," the perverted soldier chuckled, again smacking the general's toned butt, and again making the helpless woman yelp.

"Wow... look at that," one of the soldiers muttered in admiration. He dropped down, pressing his face into Celes' nether region, kissing at her thong-covered sex. The nearly transparent strip of cloth soon proved an annoyance, prompting the squadman to pull it aside with his teeth, revealing his general's pristine slit. His hands rose up and attached to the firm butt overhead, roughly kneading the firm curves as he tongue-lashed the blonde's delicate pussy.

"Heh. Damn, there goes the view for a while."

Celes moaned into the mattress, hoping it muted enough to escape notice. The last thing she wanted was to admit that the slobbering action between her legs actually felt good... Why did it have to feel good?

"Hey... slow down, leave some for us," one of the three still-idle men requested.

"You can wait around if you want. Me, I'm the inventive type," another retorted, walking around to the other side of the bed, positioning himself in front of Celes' buried face, his prick hanging mere inches away. "Hey, Miss General, let's get this over with!" Reaching down, he lifted her head up from the mattress, pushing the fore of his hard shaft into her soft mouth.

Oh, no.

"Oh, yeah! This is great!" he moaned, slowly thrusting across Celes' flat, unmoving tongue. "I'm getting a blowjob from General Celes!"

"You're doing all the work, you idiot," the soldier standing next to Celes pointed out.

As her jaw quickly grew sore from the graceless thrusts into her mouth, Celes decided right then and there that this particular soldier was to be renamed The Idiot.

"So what?" Idiot gasped, grinding his dick against Celes' inner cheek, causing a bulging outline to form on her face.

"Just... forget it. Have fun, I guess."


Out in the hallway, the silent observer marveled at both the nature of the documents he was collecting and the bizarre scene unfolding on the bed.

"Invasion of South Figaro... this soon?" The paperwork he gradually collected painted a grim picture, nothing less than a full-on invasion of the northern continent with the majority of their forces. The Empire wasn't kidding around if they were planning something of this scale.

"Hm... attack from the northwest, eh? Lots of room for the Magitek armor to move, maybe..." he trailed off, adding the final few sheets to the stack. Detailed orders of battle, maps, it was all here. And unfortunately, "here" was Maranda, now under Imperial control. "Gotta sneak out... Banon needs to see this."

The Returner agent rose, tucking the paperwork into a bag slung across his back. He took a step to leave, then stopped, curiously glancing back into the room. The person he presumed was General Celes was smothered underneath the wriggling bodies of soldiers thrusting into her from all angles. Straddling one on the bed, another behind her pumping into her butt, and the other two sharing the copious valley between her breasts... the Returner felt a pang of guilt, leaving the clearly uncomfortable woman to her fate, but priorities were priorities. Besides, there would be many more such incidents in South Figaro if the Empire's invasion succeeded, and more importantly...

Mutiny or not, she's still an enemy. Sorry, lady. Albrook, here I come.

Sprint Shoes at the ready, the spy dashed off.


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