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Chapter 1 - Awakening

When Sephiroth next came to awareness, it was to the familiar rocking motion of a boat, and the sound of breathing from a dozen or so bodies around him. True to his SOLDIER training, his first reaction was to pretend to be still asleep and let his senses assess what they could of his surroundings, but it was quickly ruined by an enthusiastically whispered “Hey! He’s awake!” It seems that he’ll have to be on his guard. Whoever was with him may prove to be competent opponents. But much more importantly...that voice! Sephiroth knew it well. The owner of that voice had died a long time ago.

Sephiroth opened his eyes to the sight of Zack Fair’s huge steel-blue eyes only inches away from his own.

“Good morning! Or at least I assume it’s still morning. The name’s Fenris by the way. Mind telling me yours?” the spiky-haired young man offered Sephiroth a wide friendly smile. Sephiroth only stayed still and stared. Yes, this was definitely Zack, from the messy gravity-defying hair to the puppy-like enthusiasm to the slightly lop-sided tilt of his smile. But he also had a pair of wolf-like ears standing at attention on the top of his head...which were now starting to droop along with his smile from Sephiroth’s continued silence.

“...‘Fenris’?” Sephiroth asked warily, and those ears instantly perked back up.

“That’s right! So...what should I call you?”

Sephiroth stared at the wolf-eared young man who could only be Zack yet can’t possibly be Zack, who called himself ‘Fenris’, and who’s ears and beaming face were again starting to droop from the prolonged silence.

“...Sephiroth.” Sephiroth finally decided to answer, and once again those ears perked back up... only to drop down again as the young man realized the long string of strange syllables that he was now expected to pronounce.

“Se...Sepher...S-Sephi...Sefff... Err... how about I just call you ‘Seph’?” the wild-haired one gave a sheepish grin, revealing four sharp, elongated canines.

Not really caring about the butchering of his name and choosing to temporarily set aside his questions, Sephiroth decided that it was more important for him to continue assessing his surroundings. He moved to sit up, and found that he was chained. That wasn’t surprising. More concerning however, was that his limbs felt abnormally weak and each movement was taking much more energy than it should.

“It’s the slave collar,” as if reading his thoughts, Zack...Fenris tapped the metal band around his own neck as he explained, “it’s loaded with spells and hexes that makes you weak, stops you from using magic, and controls any transformations that you might have. And they can all be turned on and off at will by its owner. Heck, I’m even tempted to praise the ingenuity of the sick bastard who invented these things...almost.”

“Slave collar?” Sephiroth frowned as he reached for his own neck to find that indeed, he too had been collared with a metal band that had strange markings engraved on its surface. A heavy chain was attached to it on one end, and on the other end, to an even heavier chain that ran along the floor. There were more metal bands, though without any markings on his wrists and ankles. Both the chains between the ankles and the wrists gave almost no slack for movement, and his wrists were also bound close to his chest by a short chain that attached them to the collar. Other than his chains and shackles, he was completely naked. Zack...Fenris...and the other occupants who shared the metal cage that currently housed him were all attired in the same manner. Sephiroth felt a strange mix of relief and apprehension when his scanning eyes found Vincent to be amongst said fellow occupants.

Stripped of his usual layers of clothes, the ex-Turk looked especially pale and fragile. The scars that criss-crossed his chest matched very closely to the ones on the pale man he remembered in the mako tank...

“He was brought here together with you,” said Zack...Fenris, “do you know each other?” Sephiroth nodded without shifting his attention from the unconscious but relatively uninjured form of the ex-Turk. Sephiroth had already judged that all of his own open wounds have healed to a decent degree, but he was still several days from ideal condition. Likely the ex-Turk was much the same way. Their rough introduction to this strange land had drained more energy than Sephiroth cared to think about from the both of them. They would not be making their escape any time soon. And then there’s the problem of finding the new path to summoning Masamune. No way that a piece of rock was going to be able to cut them out of those chains.

Fenris waited patiently for Sephiroth to elaborate. When met with only more silence, he simply dropped it and continued on: “Both of you were pretty roughed up. He got it a little worse than you did. But like you, he’s been healing quite well and should be waking up in a day or two.” Sephiroth acknowledged him with another nod and continued to survey his surroundings.

They were in a very long and narrow room with a low ceiling. Two rows of cages lined the walls. The thick chain on the floor that his collar was attached to ran through all the cages and was attached to all the other miserable souls in said cages who were, like him, naked and bound. The cages were spaced so that their prisoners could not reach into an adjacent cage, and a “corridor” was formed from the somewhat wider space between the opposing rows.

The cage that he was in was at the end of the room. A door was a long way down on the other end. In the cage opposite of his were thin, willowy humanoid creatures with pale greenish skin and what looked like vines for hair. The ceiling above them was slanted in a wedge shape and had a few thin rectangular openings that let in the sunlight. That was the only source of light in the room.

In the cage next to his was a group of small, ugly, imp-like creatures with huge ears and savage, pale-yellow eyes. Opposite of them and next to the plant-creatures was a cage containing what looked like two human children. They looked no older than fourteen. The girl had long golden hair and innocent green eyes. The boy’s hair was an odd bluish-silver, and he had a pair of tattoos on the sides of his neck. Upon noticing Sephiroth’s attention, the girl shrank tighter into the ball she made of herself while the boy shifted his body between her and Sephiroth and leveled the older man with a cold glare with his large crystal-blue eyes.

In the cage further down next to the children stood a lone centaur who was at the moment, studying Sephiroth right back. Other than the horse-like lower body, the centaur looked exactly like Angeal.

“What, never seen a centaur before?” centaur-Angeal raised an eyebrow and pulled his lips into a mildly amused grin; his black tail gave a short swipe behind his hoofed legs.

“That’s N’geal. He was once a soldier in the Archdaemon of Fourth Circle’s army,” said Za...Fenris with a touch of admiration, “taught me quite a few things that helped me stay out of trouble around here...and about the only person around here who actually talks...” Zack...Fenris grumbled as he tossed a look of mock-hurt at the ones who shared their cage—two young men with cold demeanors and silver hair.

Sephiroth willed himself to stay in his usual stoic calm. “Za...Fenris... ...where are we?”

“Somewhere in Hell,” Zack...no...Fenris shrugged, “Can’t tell exactly where at the moment, but we are heading for Junon, Fifth Circle’s biggest trading port.”

“And...what is the purpose of this journey?” Sephiroth asked even though he was certain that he already had a fair guess.

“Merchanting.” the wolf-eared young man answered casually, “And we...” he made a sweeping gesture that encompassed the long rows of cages, “...are the commodity.”

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