Reviews for Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts

  • From ANON - ann dragera on October 12, 2005

    honestly, i had never thought about the fact that vincent was missing from kh. but if the have septhroth, cloud, cid and yuffie (especially yuffie, since she's a extra like vincent) they should have had vincent as well. hope he's in the second one, though i doubt he will be.

    beyond that, i loved how you brought vincent in. classy. story is set up really good. but i'm curious about squall. seems to me that you've got plans for a fight between him and cloud, no? or possibly something else? what about seph.? going to bring him into it any? also what's up with yuffie? something i'm not seeing or you just think she's a pain?

    honestly, i hope you wirte more on this one

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  • From ANON - clover on July 01, 2005

    It was really good. T_T But one recurring thing I noticed was "munny". You're adorable! ::squeal::

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  • From ANON - Tia Maria on July 15, 2004

    OMG!! This is an awesome fic. I'm not usually one to go for Cid/Vincent, and I happen to be a rather avid Yuffie fan, but I'm willing to forgive you for blasting her, and making her worse than usual, since you did an awesome job otherwise. Congrats, you've made me a CH/VV fan. I hope you're happy.

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