Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Hello everyone! This is actually posted on FF.net, but I've been having a few harrasing reviewers, so I'm submitting it here in case it gets deleted over there. Enjoy. (note: it's copied directly for what it says over there, so some of this may not apply to this site)

WARNING: To all you lovely people that reviewed my story in a very flammable manner, I am posting this so other people, such as yourselves will be forewarned. This story contains Yaoi. If you do not know what that is, it is a romance involving two guys. Same as shonen-ai. True, this may not be in the game. It is MY story. I wrote it because I FELT like it. Have a wonderful day my fire-breathing friends. ^_^

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This is my first attempt in years on a story that involves yaoi. Please review it, and tell me what you think. I would love to know if you like it. I just love Cid and Vincent stories, don't you? ^_~

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. But the story idea is mine.

Takes place in Kingdom Hearts at Cid's Accessory shop and Traverse Town. Pairings: Cid x Vincent

The District gas lamps went on at precisely the same time every night, but they were faint enough to see the stars. Cid closed the Gummi shop and walked to the Accessory shop he also owned. He walked inside and sighed, shutting the door behind him. He looked at the clock and sighed again. The moogles were gone already and had closed the trapdoor to their shop. Cid pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and searched for his lighter, swearing.
"Damn fuckin' lighter. Where th'fuck did it go?" He asked no one in particular and gave up looking for it, walking instead to the fireplace and lighting it that way. He walked over to the couch in the corner and sat down, inhaling the smoke. He sighed for a third time and scratched his head.
"What th' hell's wrong with me?" He asked himself. "Come on Cid. There're plenty of women in this town. You jus' need to get up and go out!" He said to himself, trying to sound cheerful.
"Fuck that. That's what I say." He replied softly and put his head on his knees. "This town ain't got shit for me." He stood up and threw the cigarette butt in the fire and walked behind the counter, grabbing a bottle of scotch and poured a shot. He drank it down quickly, feeling a wonderful burn on the way down. He poured another and drank it slowly, thinking about times before the Heartless. One memory stood out vividly in his mind.
"Vin, where the hell did you go?" He asked slamming the shot glass on the counter so hard the water splashed out of it. He swore violently as he grabbed a rag to wipe it up. As he wiped the strong scotch off the counter, he thought he could hear someone coming to the shop door. He put the bottle away and kept wiping the counter, waiting. No one came in. He sighed and looked at the clock. It was late enough to close for the day.
Before he locked the doors he opened them and looked up into the sky. The stars were bright and blinked slowly. Cid looked to the rooftops where he once saw Cid on their home planet. He scanned them quickly and passed over a shape he thought he recognized, looking twice, but the second time he saw that it was only an odd gargoyle on the roof of the Item shop. He sniffed and walked inside the building, locking the doors behind him. He walked around the counter and put his face on the cool surface of the wood. Lifting his eyes he looked at the fire, the crimson flames reminding him of Vincent's eyes. He blinked back the tears.
"Why th'fuck am I so emotional today? Th' hell's wrong with me?" He yelled, slamming his fist against the counter. His spear was propped up against the wall and counter, and it shook with the force of the blow. He watched it and let the tears begin to fall. He wiped at them as they came, afraid of them, afraid they would consume him like they had before. 'It has been a year since we became separated.' A voice replied in his head. It sounded like Vincent's cool, sad voice. Cid wiped his eyes again.
"I'm goin' crazy." He laughed. "Simple as that." He said, closing his eyes and picturing the last day before the planet was destroyed. Vincent's red cape swirled as they stood on top of the cliff, watching the sunset. Cid's face was hard as rock.
"I hope Tifa got off the planet alright." Cloud said softly. He had forced her onto a ship a week ago with Barret, and Marlene. She had screamed in protest, swearing at him, while Barret shut the ship's outer door. He had wept silently hoping for her safety.
Red XIII had left without warning one day, just saying goodbye before leaving. No one knew if he had managed to leave the planet or went back to Cosmo Canyon. It was only Vincent, Cid, Cloud and Yuffie who were left, with the millions of other people, to fight the so called Heartless that were taking over. The Highwind was behind them as they watched the sun dip lower. Yuffie let out a sob. Cid let out a swear. "Shut her up. Someone! I can't take her no more. She shoulda fuckin' gone with Barret." He yelled. She shot him an angry look.
"And it's not my home either? I'd die for it!" She yelled back at him. Cid gave her a vicious look and was about to strangle her when Vincent put his hand on his arm.
"Watch. The sun sets for the final time." Vincent sad calmly, if not a little sad. Cid stopped and watched as the final quarter of the sun fell below the surface. Yuffie burst into tears, leaning against Cloud. He put his arm around her shoulder. Even Cid's hard eyes began to tear up. He wiped his nose roughly and frowned.
"This fuckin' sucks. Its shit I tell you. Bullshit." He said angrily, watching the sky fade from orange to the darker blues of night. Cloud nodded an agreement.
"We should be staying to fight. We can't just leave this planet!" Yuffie wailed. "It's our home!"
"Do you WANT to fuckin' die?" Cid asked, looking at her coldly.
"Gladly with my people!" She yelled, turning to face the other way, the direction the sun should be rising, but never would again.
"Well then she stays. I'm not takin' her shit anymore!" Cid yelled, walked towards the Highwind. He stormed past the little ninja and walked up the ramp. Yuffie ran towards the edge of the cliff but Vincent grabbed her.
"You are coming with us Yuffie. I'm sorry." Vincent pulled her screaming to the Highwind and brought her on board. Once inside Yuffie ran to the back of the ship crying. Cid started the Highwind and they rose into the air, leaving the face of the planet, which would cease to exist in a few hours, forever.
Cid remembered the rest in little blurbs. Vincent stole one of the smaller escape ships and took Death Penalty with him. Cid remembered getting very drunk that night and Cloud having to land on some strange planet for repairs. Then Cloud was gone. It was just himself and Yuffie on the ship.
"Stay outta my way, an' I'll stay outta yours!" Cid yelled at her for the last time. "Get sick in your own room." He growled, going back to the ship. Not long after, they found Traverse Town and landed. He saw Yuffie once in awhile, but they hardly spoke. And somehow Aeris was there! She had somehow come back from the dead, but still, Cid hardly spoke.
"One fuckin' year of hell." He sighed, slamming his fist against the counter one last time. "All of 'em. Gone." Tears brimmed his eyes, his hard exterior melting at the thought of Vincent. "Jus' one more time. If I could see him one more time. Why'd he have to leave like that?" Eyes poured freely, highly uncharacteristic of him, even when he thought about his ebony haired love.
Cid moved from the counter to the front door and held the keys to the shop in his hand. He wiped his eyes once more and looked around. Everything was back in order. The shop was in perfect order for the next morning, and he left the fire blazing as always. He put his hand on the handle and paused, picturing Vincent's long black halowilowing in the light of that last sunset, and his crimson eyes shining afterwards like an ember from a fire. Cid closed his eyes tight and pushed the door open and slid out of the shop, shutting the door and locking it behind him. He turned and started walking down the wide steps to the edge of the tavern. He turned the corner and kept walking towards his house when he realized he forgot his spear at the shop.
"Fuck! Son of a bitch!" He swore under his breath, turning and hurrying back across the dimly lit square. He pulled his keys out of his pocket and put his hand on the door to stick the key in when he noticed the door was slightly ajar. "Th'fuck is this shit? I know I locked this damn door when I left. Bastard kids must be pullin' some shit again."
He pushed to door open and walked in quickly, not bothering with the lights. He reached over the counter and grabbed his spear, the Venus Gospel, and walked back towards the door muttering. He looked up in time to see two beautiful crimson eyes staring at him. He gasped.

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