Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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The Highwind exited the Warp Hole and entered the space around a small planet mostly brown planet.
"Are ya sure Cloud is here?" Cid asked Aeris. She nodded.
"I know he is. I can feel him even closer."
"Alright. Let's see if they have a teleportation pad. Good, they do. I think I remember Sora talking about this place before. He never mentioned seeing Cloud though."
Everyone waited while Cid punched in a transmission code to the planet. The ready light clicked on. "Looks like they're accepting visitors today. Let's go visit, shall we?" Everyone nodded, and then Cid noticed that everyone was one person short. "KISARAGI LET'S GO!" He shouted towards the other room. A very pale looking Yuffie came out, frowning.
"Next time you think you could drive a little easier?"
"Yeah, like I can fuckin' change how a Warp Hole makes the ride. Suck it up. Let's go." He said, and allowed Yuffie and Aeris to go first, followed by Leon.
"Wait! Shouldn't you be going first to make sure it's safe?" Yuffie protested, before they disappeared. Cid chuckled.
"She is right Highwind. What if the beings are hostile?"
"Not to worry Valent I h I have this gage here that gives the levels of hostility. See, on my travels I found I needed this. Hasn't failed me yet."
Cid and Vincent walked over to the green disk and stepped onto it, weapons in their hands. Vincent looked slightly nervous for just a split second. Cid took his hand, squeezing it reassuringly. "Everything's gonna be alright." He kissed him gently on the cheek. "Now let's go find that blond haired shit." Vincent suppressed a smile and stood apart from Cid as they disappeared from the ship.
"What TOOK you so long?" Yuffie demanded the minute they materialized. Cid lunged for her, Vincent's hands missing his shor. Lr. Leon stepped in front of Cid and held him back.
"That's enough Yuffie." Leon said simply, and the girl stopped, crossing her arms and turning her head the other way.
"Why th'fuck does she listen to you?"
Leon shrugged. "Does is matter?"
"Not really I guess if it gets the bitch to shut up." Leon nodded.
"So this is the place?"
"Yes. He is here, and it's even stronger now that we are on the surface."
"I'm sure he'll be surprised to see you."
"Yes, I'm sure he will." Aeris said.
Cid looked around at the surroundings. They were standing just inside the entrance to the planet. The ground was all dirty, no grass or rock. Just plain, brown dirt. And there were columns everywhere. Across from where they stood was a set of tall doors. Around them were signs with some sort of writing they could not read. And there was one more person with them.
"Let's go talk to that guy. Maybe he knows Cloud." Yuffie said, and started walking over to him. Vincent kept his hand by Death Penalty just in case, and Cid had the Venus Gospel laying across his shoulder.
"Welcome to the Coliseum! Are you all competing in the tournaments?"
"No, actually we are looking for a friend."
"Oh. Well, head on in and talk to Phil. He might know who your friend is."
"Thanks, uh." Leon said. The manghedghed.
"Forgive me. I'm Hercules."
"Thanks Hercules."
"Good luck finding your friend."
The five of them walked up he dhe doors and pushed them open. Inside was a small room that led off down a dark corridor. Standing by this corridor was a goat-like creature.
"What are you doing her? You trying to prove yourselves to be heroes? First ya gotta pass some tests."
"Look, shorty. We aren't trying to prove anythin'. We'ryingying to look for a friend of ours." "Oh. I supposed you'll want to be watching the tournaments then?"
"Damn right." Cid said, staring down at the thing he presumed was Phil.
"Who are you looking for?"
"Hmmm. Cloud. I don't know if the name rings any bells. Does he have a really big sword?"
"Yes!" Aeris proclaimed, clapping her hands.
"Haven't seen him." Phil turned his back on them. Cid growled and lunged at Phil, picking him up.
"You little bastard! You have seen him haven't you? How else would you know about the Buster Sword?"
"PUT ME DOWN!!" Phil demanded. Cid dropped him, and sigh coming fromYuffie. "Alright, he's here. He's competing. But you'll have to buy a ticket to get in to see him." Phil smiled. Cid tilted his head.
"Cid, just pay him." Yuffie sighed. Cid growled and handed him some munny. Phil examined it.
"Thank you, and have a nice day." He said, unlatching the rope and letting them in. They ran down the corridor until they could see a bright light in front of them. They could hear cheering all around them as they entered the arena and looked down at a small ring, with invisible barriers around it.
"Cloud must be fighting down there." Vincent said. Cid nodded.
"We aren't getting' any seats down there, so we might as well stay up here and wait." He said, and looked around. Three rows over was an entire empty row, so they quickly made their way towards it and sat down. In the center of the ring stood a man with blue hair. From where they sat they couldn't make out if he was tall or short, but he seemed to be waiting for something.
"Alright folks. Settle down. We have a treat here today, many competitors in this little tournament." He laughed, his voice somehow amplified. "Not that little, but you know what I mean. Anyway, shall we get started?" There was a loud cheer. "Alright then! Match One!" He called, and disaredared from the ring. Cheers deafened the ears of Aeris as she cringed and leaned against Leon, blocking her ears.
"It's so loud!" She wailed. Cid grinned.
"This is gonna be good."
The first match was over fairly quickly. Cid recognized the teams as Heartless, and Vincent nearly leapt out of his seat.
"Don't worry about it. They're killing each other for us." He said. The tiny shadows were taken out by the flying lightning heartless, the Yellow Opera.
"Well that's not fair." Yuffie pointed out. Cid shrugged.
"They're Heartless. They don't really care about being fair."

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