Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Pairings: Cid and Vincent

I do not own FF7 or KH.. Sad, but true. ^_~

Cid led Vincent quickly back to his house and tried to find the keys. He almost dropped them as he shoved them into the keyhole and threw the door open, pushing Vincent inside, and slamming the door shut after him. Vincent slowly walked up the stairs, teasing Cid, which made Cid groan with frustration.
"Why do ya fuckin' torment me Vin?"
"Torment? I would never do that to you." He grinned slyly. Cid half pushed him up the stairs and hurried into the bedroom. Vincent smiled at Cid and grabbed his hands, pulling him close. "What's wrong Cid? You're acting jumpy?"
"Can ya blame me?" Cid asked, pulling out a cigarette to smoke first. Vincent grabbed it from between his lips before he could light it and put it down.
"You don't need that." Vincent said softly. He unhooked the holster with Death Penalty and put it on the table it had been on the previous night. Cid grinned and pulled his goggles off, placing it on the table, and putting Venus Gospel against the wall.
He watched as Vincent took off his cloak and lovingly placed it on a chair. Cid smiled happily, taking in every slow, deliberate movement of his lover. He watched as Vincent pulled his shirt off and was surprised when he felt his breath taken away. Vincent's body was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, and he knew that no matter how many times he saw it, he would never feel any differently.
Vincent's skin was pale and smooth, the muscles in his chest and stomach hard and visible, yet they did not seem as powerful as Cid knew he could be. Not a single scar was visible on him. Cid could feel his power radiating off his body, and wondered how he could have been so careful as to never have received a faded scar.
Cid turned slightly to the side and pulled his own white shirt off, Vincent watching from the corner of his eye. Cid was a perfect contrast to himself. He loved Cid's tanned skin, and loved following the randomness of his thin white scars. Cid's skin was taut from the years of working on airships. His shoulders were broader than Vincent's, and he loved the sight of them rippling powerfully under Cid's white shirts. Cid looked up and smiled at Vincent, moving towards him slowly, looking at his golden arm.
Cid had never been afraid of the clawed arm. In fact, he had been rather attracted to it. The golden metal constantly gleamed as if Vincent had just polished it. Even when they had been battling together with Cloud he had kept the metal from getting dirty somehow. Cid gently grabbed Vincent's metal arm and led him closer to the bed, his heart pounding in his own chest.
'Man, I wonder if he can fuckin' hear that! It's racing like a golden chocobo!' He thought, embarrassed. He didn't want Vincent to think he was afraid.
Vincent couldn't hear Cid's heart, because his own was beating just as hard. 'So long I have waited to see him, and he still welcomes me with open arms.' A tear dripped out of his crimson eyes and he wiped it quickly before Cid could see it. Cid turned and stared for a moment at the loving crimson eyes staring back at him. He reached out and touched the long ebony hair, rubbing it between his fingers. He pulled Vincent close to him and kissed his chin gently before kissing him on his soft lips.
Vincent moved his right arm behind Cid's back and placed it against the small of his back, pulling him closer. He loved the feel of Cid's warm skin against his, and almost cried out in joy. His sorrows were completely drowned by the love he had for the pilot standing in front of him.
Cid parted his lips gently and moved his tongue out, gently at first, to explore Vincent's mouth. Vincent allowed him to do so, finding his own tongue exploring Cid's. He pulled away after a moment and smiled, his turn to take in Cid.
Cid's blond hair was unruly again, going in no one particular direction. His five-o'clock shadow was visible, as it always would be. He loved the rough quality of this man. He looked down into Cid's blue eyes and kissed each one of them separately. Cid sighed with contentment. Cid and Vincent climbed onto the bed, with Vincent png Cng Cid down. Cid looked up at him with wonder and smiled as Vincent began to trace each scar on his chest.
"Damn bastards never go away. It's horrible. You're so perfect."
"I love them, Cid. And I'm not perfect, you should know that."
"Oh shut the fuck up Valentine. You're damn near perfect to me."
"How did you get this one?" Vincent asked, startled, as he saw a new, deeper wound that was fairly new.
"Oh. That one. It was those Heartless bastards. Sunk a claw in me. Almost got infected, but there's this woman that heals very well here." He said, not mentioning to Vincent that the woman he was speaking of was Aeris. Vincent kissed it gently and then circled it with kisses. Cid chuckled and ran his fingers through Vincent's luxurious black hair.
"I owe her my thanks, for helping you."
"Yeah, well I'm sure you'll see her later." Cid said, and titled Vincent's chin with a curved finger. He leaned forward and kissed him soundly on the lips. Vincent crawled closer to Cid and kissed him back, more urgently. Cid smirked as Vincent pulled away and nodded his head. He looked over at the window and kissed Vincent once more before pushing him onto his back. He got up and quickly shut the blinds in the window, dimming the room. Vincent's eyes seemed to glow back at him as he made his way back to the bed.
He leaned over Vincent this time, leveling himself with his eyes, and staring into them. He ran his fingers through his hair yet again and smiled, taking his time. Vincent looked up at Cid and ran his fingers down his side. Cid twitched and laughed loudly.
"Th'fuck was that! That' tickled!" He said, sitting back. Vincent couldn't contain himself and he laughed along with Cid. Cid stopped laughing to watch Vincent and he felt another wave of amazement pass through him. Vincent stopped laughing and Cid leaned in, kissing him firmly, with a growing passion. Vincent stopped moving as Cid lowered himself to him, and wrapped his arms around the other man's back, holding him tightly.

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