Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Just another little note, I wrote another songfic, ::hangs head in shame:: I couldn't help it. ^_^ It was fun to write, in a sad, depressing way. Anyway, it's to another Evanescence fic, which I thought was very fitting to Vincent. Sorry if some of you don't like them. Anyway, I threw some Cid in there too, even though I wasn't going to at first. It has a lot of angst, I think. So, if you're interested it's called Away From Me. ^_^ Here's the next chapter!

Cid sprinted towards the gates, and they shut just before he reached it. "FUCK!" He yelled, slamming his fists against the gate.
"Look out. I can take care of that." Yuffie said. Everyone stepped back as she pulled out some of her small throwing stars. She grinned and took a little hop backwards, launching them towards the gate. They sliced through the metal bars, one of them getting slightly off track and heading towards Cid. He ducked.
"Watch it!" He growled, twirling the Venus Gospel and pointing it towards her. She shrugged her shoulders, and ran through, with the rest quickly behind her.
It was dark in the tunnel, and almost impossible to see. Cid took out a cigarette and lit it with his lighter, then held the lighter up high. "Anyone see anything?" His voice echoed off the walls.
"Here's a torch I think." Yuffie said, prying it off the wall, handing it to him. He lit it and the walls lit up around them.
"Alright, let's move." He said, and walked quickly. Water dripped in the tunnel, occasionally dropping on one of the group. After about five minutes of walking Cid stopped.
"Do you hear that?" Everyone was quiet. Boots were clicking on grouground.
"Cloud?" Aeris asked, her voice vibrating. The clicking stopped. "Is that you?"
A light appeared up ahead as a door to the exit was opened. Cid dropped the torch and ran towards the door, left open. He burst into the sun light, green all around him. A man stood facing a waterfall ahead of him.
"Where th'fuck are we now?" He whistled. It was beautiful, wherever they were. Birds chirped in the trees, the grass was green, and the thunder of water roared in front of them.
"CLOUD!" Aeris squealed with delight, running towards the man. He turned, arms crossed and looked at them, not responding when Aeris reached out to hug him.
"Who are you?" He asked. Cid's jaw dropped.
"You mean to tell me you don't fuckin' remember us?" Cid asked. Cloud's eyebrows burrowed in thought.
"No, I'm sorry." He said. "Should I?"
"Of course you should remember us!"
"I'm sorry." He said, and turned back towards the waterfall.
"Perhaps I can help." They turned and saw the girl who had been sitting in front of them at the tournament, Med, walk through a stand of tree. "If you go talk to Zeus, he may be able to return Cloud's memory to him. Hades stole it just after Zeus ordered Cloud free."
"How do you know all of this?" Vincent asked suspiciously. Meg blushed.
"I have my ways. Just trust me on this. Zeus' temple is up on the hill. Talk to the statue, and state the nature of the problem, and what you believe may have happened. He should come." Meg faded back into the woods.
"Well let's go. Come on Cloud." Cloud nodded and followed them towards the hill.
"So who are you?"
"I still can't believe you don't remember. Not even Aeris?"
"I remember my name, and I know I was looking for someone. But I don't know who."
"Was the person you were looking for dead?"
"I don't remember."
"It's alright, Cloud. Meg said Zeus could get your memory back."
"I h"I hope you're right. I don't like this feeling. It's unsettling."
Cid swore as he tripped on a root and fell onto his face. Yuffie started laughing hysterically while Vincent grabbed the back of his shirt and hauled him off the ground.
"You are welcome Highwind."
"Fuck you Valentine."
They arrived at the top of the hill and stood in front of a magnificent temple, gold and ivory. There was a large opening in the front of the temple, but no guards were around.
"Let's go." Cid grunted, wiping the dirt off his knees, trying to make himself more prensentable. Crossing the lawn in front of the temple they did not speak, unsure of how they were supposed to act. They entered the temple and stood in awe in front of a giant statue of the man they had seen in the coliseum. No one knew how they should approach it, until Aeris got an idea.
"Oh wonderful Zeus. We need your guidance." She said, bowing her head andelineling on the ground. Yuffie, Leon, Cid and Vincent quickly dropped to their knees, Cid grabbing Cloud and pulling him onto the ground. "Our friend has lost his memory, and we believe it is the work of-" She paused.
"Hades?" Cloud asked, looking at Aeris.
"We believe Hades caused the memory loss. Oh might Zeus, please help us!" She cried. Cid looked at her in amazement, and they waited. Nothing seemed to be happening.
"This was a fuckin' waste." Cid said, ready to leave when the ground shook beneath him. His eyes went wide and the same man appeared beforem.
"What's this I hear about Hades? Oh Cloud! I see. I understand now." Zeus started pacing back and forth while the friend's looked on in amazement. "That Hades is starting to drive me insane."
"Um, well, can you fix Cloud?" Cid asked.
"What? Of yes, of course. Well you all stay away from Hades. Things might get a little rough soon, so it may be best for you to leave. Cloud? It has been interesting. Do stop by to pay your respects if your ever around again." Zeus laughed and snapped his fingers, disappearing.
"Well that was interesting." Leon said. Cloud stood and looked around, then stared down at them. They looked up at him expectantly. A smile broke out onto his face.
"Cid Highwind?! What the hell are you doing here? And Yuffie? I thought I ditched you guys. Yuffie jumped up.
"Yeah you jerk. How could you leave me with Cid? That was awfully irresponsible of you." She said. He chuckled a bit and then turned to Vincent.
"Vincent. I thought you were . Wh. Where have you been?"
"I went back to fight. I've only recently found Cid and Yuffie."
"It's good to see you again."
"As it is you, Cloud." He turned to the final person new new in the group, tears forming in his eyes.
"Aeris." He sobbed, rushing forward to hold her. Cid started to feel emotional and had to turn around. Vincent gently patted his shoulder. "I thought you were dead!" He cried, squeezing her. She cried with him and put her head on his shoulder.
"I did, but somehow I ended up on this strange planet, and tCid Cid and Yuffie showed up, without you!"
"I was hear because Hades said he could bring you back to life. He lied to me."
"Yes. I was already alive again." Cloud backed up and cleared his throat, wiping his eyes.
"Wow, this is surprising. Has Tifa or Barret been found yet?" There was a pause. "Well?"
"No. We were kinda hoping once we found you they would be with you." Cid mumbled.
"Cloud, this is Squall Leonhart." Yuffie giggled, and dove away from him.
"Actually, it's Leon." They shook hands.
"Why did-?"
"Yuffie is a little confused." Leon said, and glared at her.
"Well, it's nice to meet you Leon."
"Let's head back to the Highwind and then we can figure out what the hell we're going to do next."
They started to trek back down the hill, which was not as big as they had thought it was, and headed back towards the gate. They entered the side the had exited from, and found the walk only took a few seconds before they saw the light from the coliseum on the other side.
"They must warp things around here." Vincent said, slightly amused as they re-entered the Coliseum and followed Cloud through more doors to the World Exit.

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