Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Cid woke up and looked towards the window. It was still very dark out, so he looked at the clock. It was only three in the morning. 'Wonder what woke me up?' He thought, reaching for his pack of cigarettes. He grabbed one and pulled it out, lighting it with the lighter on the table. After putting it against his lips he sat up straighter and looked down at Vincent, smiling.
Vincent was turned towards him, his eyes closed tightly. His legs were curled slightly and his arms reached out as if trying to hold onto Cid. His ebony hair flowed around him once more. Cid watched his angel sleeping and finished the cigarette, throwing the butt onto the tray on the table. He ran his fingers through his hair and sunk back down into the bed, snuggling up close to Vincent. He closed his eyes, trying to get back to sleep, when he heard a few loud bangs. He sat up quickly and looked around. The noises stopped and he frowned, lying down again.
"Damn neighbors. Don't they know what time it is?" He muttered, closing his eyes once more. The bangs came back again, louder. Cid sat up and grabbed his spear, watching the bedroom door. Vincent stirred in his sleep. "Shit." Cid said, and snuck out of the bed, pulling some long pants on, and creeping towards the door. He shut the door quietly behind him before the sound came again, and he tip-toed down the stairs. He crouched down and saw a figthrothrough the window, standing at the doorway.
He crept towards the door and took a deep breath. As he reached the door her grabbed the handle, and counted to three. "One. Two. Three!" He yelled, throwing the door open. Yuffie screamed as Cid lifted the Venus Gospel. Cid stopped and stared at her.
"WHAT TH' FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE THIS EARLY IN THE MORNIN'!" Cid yelled, shutting the door behind him. Yuffie grabbed at her chest and glared at Cid.
"What took you so long to answer the door?" She snorted.
"Gee, I dunno. It's only fuckin' three o'clock in the mornin'! I'm human Yuffie, I sleep. Now, what the'FUCK do you want?"
"I don't know if I should tell you now." Yuffie said, crossing her arms and turning away. Cid reached out to grab her neck and was stopped when a hand touched his shoulder.
"Good morning Yuffie. What brings you to Cid's house so early?" Vincent asked calmly, fully dressed, applying a slight pressure on Cid's shoulder. Cid relaxed a little.
"Oh! Vincent, I didn't mean to wake YOU." She said, sticking her tongue out at Cid.
"Why I." Cid started, Vincent putting more pressure on Cid's shoulder. He pulled his hand away.
"Anyway, we need your help Cid. It's something urgent."
"Why should I help you after this?"
"Cid. It's about Cloud. We think we found him. Or rather, Sora did."
"What?!" Cid ran into his house and up the stairs, grabbing his flight jacket, leaving Vincent and Yuffie standing at the door.
"You know, you can come stay with me. Cid must not be that great to stay with."
"I am alright, thank you for the offer though." Cid thundered down the stairs, Venus Gospel in hand still, his jacket and goggles on.
"Let's go." He barked, walking quickly to the doors of the Third District. Vincent followed behind him, shutting the door before he caught up to them.
"Where was he found?"
"That planet we landed on after Vincent left."
"That fuckin' weird one with that guy that had fuckin' blue fire for hair?"
"Yeah, that's the one."
"Fantastic. I'm really gonna let him have it when we get there." He grumbled and paused at the gates. Yuffie and Cid looked at Vincent.
"I know you've fought them before, but these guys are fuckin' vicious here. Watch your back. Do you still have materia?" Cid asked.
"Of course I do."
"Good. Cuz magic works great against the bastards."
"I wish I had known that when I went back."
"Yeah, well ya do know, and now you can atone-away one their asses." He said, grinning, throwing the gates open, and going in. Yuffie slammed the gates shut behind her and the edged their way around away from the center towards one set of stairs. Yuffie tried to hold her breath. She heard a popping sound above her and dove to the ground.
"THEIR HERE!" She screamed, rolling on the ground, while a Defender Heartless appeared in front of her. She jumped up behind it started swinging a short blade at it.
"I've never seen her use that." Vincent commented, shooting at Air Soldiers.
"Her stars don't work well." Cid said, attacking the Defender closest to him. One of the Air Soldier's exploded and Vincent turned his attention on the others. Cid cursed loudly and back up a step. In seconds he disappeared and was replaced by a floating, woman. Vincent ran away from the woman and went to help Yuffie with her Defender. She growled angrily about the cumbersome blade in her hands.
"I hate this thing. I hate it!" She yelled, and threw it, grabbing her Conformer and throwing it at the Defender. It was blocked by the large shield as it turned. Cid's Defender was destroyed and he came running to Yuffie to help.
Vincent raised his arms up and cast bolt on the remaining Heartless. They disappeared and Vincent twirled the gun before putting it away. Cid pulled out another cigarette and lit it, laughing.
"Old habits die hard." He said. Yuffie ran up the stairs and they followed her. She stopped at the entrance to small building near another set of gates. The lights were shining brightly inside.
"Come on." Yuffie said, opening the door. Cid walked in behind her, and Vincent followed Cid. Leon was leaning against the wall, and Aeris stood in the center of the room.
"Aeris?" Vincent asked, confused. Cid moved behind him and slowly raised an arm to push Vincent forward.
"Hello Vincent! It's so nice to see you again!"
"I thought you."
Aeris shrugged. "Somehow after that happened, I ended up here." She said, and sat down in a chair.

Cid and Vincent were back at Cid's house again later that morning. Vincent lay on the bed, and Cid sat watching him.
"I'm very surprised to see Aeris here."
"Yeah. No shit. I thought I was fuckin' dead when I saw her stroll into the Accessory shop one day." Cid paused, watching the Vincent slowly blink, staring at the ceiling. Cid leaned over him and kissed him soundly on the lips.
"Look, Vincent you don't have to come to get Cloud. You can just stay here and relax."
"No. I'll go."
"Vincent, I'm worried about you."
"What?" Vincent asked, looking in Cid's eyes. His face showed actual concern. "Why?"
"I don't want you to go off and try to atone for what those bastards did to you." Cid said honestly. Vincent looked away, still laying on the bed. He could feel Cid's eyes boring a whole through the back of his head.
"Cid, I-"
"Don't talk. Look, I know I have'n been with you this whole time, and you're right. I don't have any idea what happened out there. But you are not a fuckin' monster Vincent."
"Please Vin. Just hear me out. Before we left, I worried every time you took off. I know I didn't come across like that to ya, but I really did. I was afraid you wouldn't come back. Promise me you won't try to change the past again. Let those sleeping bastards lie." He said. Vincent turned away from Cid, thinking.
"I can't promise you I won't."
"Please Vin! Fuck, I don't know what I'd do if I lost ya now!" Vincent turned to Cid quickly and pulled the other man down into a deep kiss. A small tear slipped out of Cid's eye and landed on Vincent's cheek.
"I will not leave if I can help it. I do not want to." Vincent said softly. He pushed the tear of his cheek and stared back at Cid with his Crimson eyes. Cid pulled his boots off and lay down next to Vincent, snuggling up against him, his back to his chest. Vincent put his arm around Cid and held him while the other man started to nap.
Vincent watched Cid sleep, his blond hair crushed against the pillow. Cid looked exhausted, though from what Vincent wasn't sure. It could have been from the battle, lack of sleep, or worry.
'Worry over me.' Vincent thought. He hadn't thought the pilot capable of worrying. He didn't think he was worthy of that sort of attention. After all, who could love a monster?

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