Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Cid woke the next morning feeling more alert than he had been in quite some time. He felt the strong arm of Vincent resting across his waist, and the cold metal of the claw against his back. He smiled and twisted so he could look at Vincent.
He eyes were shut, brows slightly furrowed as if he was concentrating on something. Mouth slightly ajar he breathed quietly, his breath blowing little tufts of hair gently up, only to float back down to repeat the process. Cid leaned forward a bit and kissed his smooth, pale forehead. Vincent's eyes fluttered open as he stared at the warm-hearted pilot.
"Good morning, angel." Cid said, showing a lopsided grin. Vincent nodded.
"Good morning." Despite the fact that it was Cid, he hated to be called an angel when he felt like nothing more than a monster. "But I'm not- "
"I'm not in the mood to argue with you this morning. You ARE Vincent, so just stop."
"Eh! No. I said not this morning." He rolled onto his other side and sat up, not remembering how his shirt got off, but he was still in his jeans. He stretched and put his feet on the cold floor. "Where is it." He froze. Vincent sat up.
"Where is what?"
"Venus Gospel." Cid dropped to his hands and knees, peering under the bed, looking panic stricken.
"Downstairs where you left it last night."
"Why th'fuck didn't you bring it up with you?!"
"Cid, it is not necessary to sleep with it by your bed everytime. I was here, and would have surely heard-"
"Fuck that! You sleep with Death Penalty less than an arms length away!" He snapped and ran down the stairs to retrieve his trusty spear. He checked the materia slots and sighed. "Thank gods, they're all here." Vincent walked down the stairs, his shirt off too and walked up behind Cid, gently kissing his neck. "I know you're only doing that to distract me, but it isn't going to work. I'm going to kick Yuffie's tiny ninja ass today and you are not going to stop me." Vincent sighed and turned Cid to face him, kissing him soundly on the lips.
After Vincent pulled away Cid stooere,ere, head tilted slightly to the side, eyes still closed. "Not gonna work."
"You are stubborn."
"As always dear Vincent, as always." Cid walked back up the stairs with the Venus Gospel in his hand and threw on a clean shirt. He grabbed his flight jacket and goggles and put them on the bed while he pulled his boots on. Vincent showed up in the doorway and threw something at Cid. It landed next to him.
"If you must fight her, use that."
"What? This is your Tetra Elemental."
"I know."
"Highwind, shut up and take it."
"Vincent! I'm shocked and appalled! You just told me to shut up!"
"There is a first time for everything I suppose." He said frowning. Cid looked up at him grinning and slid it onto his right arm.
"Just don't let her win, alright?"
"How could I?" He leaned over and put the Venus Gospel in his lap, looking at the maa ina in the weapon. "Let's see. Double Cut, Fire, Lightning, Restore, Shiva, Odin, Bahamut Zero, and Quadra Magic attached to Bahamut. Sounds good to me. What do you think?"
Vincent shrugged. "It's your weapon, not mine. I do not know its strengths." Cid pulled his jacket on and placed the goggles over his head, pulling out a cigarette in the process. Vincent frowned as Cid lit it and inhaled deeply, sighing.
"Now for a drink."
"Right befoou bou battle?"
"Of course! Back home, you think I was sober half the time? Fuck no!"
"Cid, really."
"Come on Vincent." He laughed and practically skipped down the stairs, grabbing his beloved bottle of scotch and a glass, noting he would have to do dishes soon. He poured a glass and raised it. "Want one?"
"No thank you." Vincent made a face. Cid shrugged and poured it down, squinting his eyes at the wonderful burn. He poured another a sipped at it this time. "You really shouldn't drink too much it-"
"Please, you think by now two even affect me? I drank a hell of a lot more when you were gone." He said, finishing the drink and putting the glass in the sink. He grabbed his keys off the counter and tossed them to Vincent, "You hold on to them." Vincent sighed again and followed Cid out the building, shutting it behind him. Yuffie and the other were waiting on the corner by the tavern. When Cid came around she placed her hands on her hips.
"Well its about time you showed up. I thought you were, chicken!" She said. He could barely contain himself as he walked past her towards the Gummi Shop. "Same place as before I assume?"
"It's the only fuckin' place we can, bitch." He growled, ignoring her dancing around him. The people in the square watched them pass and quickly went into their homes. The passed the Moogles sythesis shop.
"Kupo! Fighting again Kupo?" Cid nodded. The Moogle outside ran in and shut the door behind him.
"Cid, do you think it's wise to pair Bahamut Zero with Quadra Magic? That's a little powerful."
"I've done it before, and I haven't destroyed the place yet."
"But won't it kill her?"
"Nah." Cid finished his cigarette as the others ran into the Gummi shop, watchiut tut the windows.
"Cid, let's make a deal. If I win, I get your Materia. And if you win, I get your Materia."
"Ha. I don't fuckin' think so." He said, and held his spear out. Yuffie shrugged and waited.
Cid felt his body get ready to attack and launched himself at Yuffie spear out. He slashed at her once, and then again before backing off. Yuffie fell back a bit, pouting.
"Double Cut, that's not fair!" She stepped forward, throwing Conformer at him. He was hit and she caught it. He grinned and waited a second, before throwing the Venus Gospel across his shoulders and throwing his hands in a strange pattern, then lowered himself to the ground a bit. Yuffie waited, and then she caught fire. She shouted at him and frowned as he laughed.
"Two can play at that game!" She yelled, and did a little dance-like move, lifting her leg and then arm into the air. Fire surrounded Cid and laughed, holding out his arm. She glared at him furiously. "THAT'S VINCENT'S ARMOR! THAT'S CHEATING!"
"No it's not. You have someone's Materia. You never had fire here before."
"Who says I wasn't just hiding it?"
"I doubt that." Inside Cloud looked down at his Materia slots and frowned. "Anyway, I've had enough." He said, and began to summon Bahamut ZERO. As he lowered himself to the ground he disappeared. Yuffie stepped back a bit and looked around, waiting for something, but she wasn't sure what. Vincent sighed.
"What's wrong?" Aeris asked.
"Cid paired Quadra Magic with Bahamut ZERO."
"HE WHAT?!" Cloud screamed.
"This cannot end well."
"HE'S CRAZY!" Cloud yelled. Vincent shook his head, hand on his chin.
"Well, he has done something like this before. It didn't destroy anything before." Leon said quietly. They looked at him.
"He has?" Aeris nodded.
"Yes. There were many Heartless."
"He said he'd done it before." Vincent looked like he had a terrible headache. Outside Yuffie got a bit nervous until she heard a whining noise from far above. A second later a beam of energy shot down and hit the ground around her. The beams rep repeated three more times, Yuffie howling in pain and anger. Cid reappeared, lighting a cigarette as Yuffie sank onto her knees, defeated. The cobblestones they stood on were slightly burned, but no major damage.
"ARE YOU INSANE HIGHWIND?!" Cloud raged as he stepped out of the shop with the others.
"Look, I knew what it was goin' ta do, so shut th'fuck up. I know my Materia." Cloud just looked at him angrily. "Well, I guess you have to shut you hole from now on Yuffie. No more complaining." He walked into the Gummi Shop with Vincent behind him.
"What are you doing now?"
"Fixing the warp drive." He flicked the cigarette butt into the fireplace and searched through his parts, looking for the right one.
Outside Yuffie was screaming. "I HATE HIM!"
"Yuffie, calm down." Cloud said. She screamed again and stormed off.

Okay, this is where I left off over there. But now that It's here, I'm tempted to write more of it again. If you like it, please review. I'll keep it going if you do, and the next chapter is pretty angsty... ^_~

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