Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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The five sat in the stands and took a look at all the people sitting around them. Many of them were more creature looking than human, such as Phil. There were humans though, many strong looking, hardly any with as much clothing id, id, Vincent and the others, making them seem out of place.
The second round started, but it was more Heartless. "I wonder if Cloud is going to be towards the end. He's much stronger than these things." Yuffie said. Cid nodded his agreement.
"Might as well sit back and relax. This might take awhile." The group eventually found out that matches were actually called Seeds, and this reminded Leon of his home.
"I was a SeeD in Balamb Gardens." He said, remembering the days before the Heartless struck.
"What's a SeeD?" Vincent asked. Leon shook his head.
"Nothing. It doesn't matter." Cid shrugged as they settled back into the tournament. Soon there were humanoid creatures fighting the Heartless, and then humans fighting humans. Everyone that won would move onto the next round.
"I don't see any logic in this tomentment. I'm not seeing how they are matching everyone up." Aeris said, confused.
"Eh, they're all fucked up anyways. Wait. Who's that?" Cid leaned forward in his seat as a man entered the ring.
The man had blond spiked hair, and from there place high in the stands it looked reminiscent of Clouds, but they couldn't see his eyes.
He had an almost maroon cloak on, seeming to be ripped at the edges. There was some sort of metal plate covering his right hip, and a metal disk over his left shoulder, strapped on. Most likely as a form of protection. Held in his hand was a long, thick sword, wrapped in ripped cloth for the entire length.
"The Buster Sword." Cid gasped, and stood up. The crowd started to cheer, and the yells of the group were drowned in the thunderous cries.
"CLOUD!" They all shouted.
"CLOUD IT'S ME!" Aeris shouted, jumping up and down, waving both her arms.
The announcer came back and stood in the middle of the ring. "Now its time for the Final Seed. It's the mystery man nst nst Cerberus!"
The people in the coliseum roared, standing to their feet. The ground shook and Cloud crouched down, the Buster Sword in front of him.
"What's Cerberus?" Leon asked. The person in front of them turned.
"You don't know what Cerberus is? Oh, I see, you're knew here. My name's Meg. Cerberus is the guardian of the Underworld, and that announcer you saw? That's Hades. He's the god down there, and he's one horrible creature. Wouldn't want to cross him the wrong way. That must be why your friend is down there. Only a few people meet Cerberus and make it out alive."
"That's horrible!" Aeris said, covering her mouth with her hands.
"Yeah. Hercules has beaten Cerberus, and this kid. Sora I think his name is. But that's all I know of."
"What could Cloud have done that was so fuckin' bad? He ain't a bad guy!"
"Well, I'm pretty close to Herc, and he told me that Hades wanted Cloud to take out the kid, Sora. Herc said Cloud couldn't do it, and s sts started ranting about contracts and such. I'm guessing this is his punishment."
"Sick bastard! If I could get my hands on him!"
"If you could do that you'd probably be dead." Meg said before turning around to watch the match. The large gates on the other end shook and slowly opened, before being torn off a large three-headed dog. The crowd screamed in terror. Cloud gazed up at the creature and Hades disappeared.
The giant beast started running towards Cloud, who in turn jumped into the air and swiped at it with his sword. Cerberus lifted his head, hitting Cloud, who was knocked over and fell. Cloud touched the sword against the ground and then put it on his back, putting his fists out. A bolt of lightning came from the sky and zapped Cerberus, causing him to roar and charged at Cloud. Cloud jumped to the side and held out his sword, the monster running into it. One of the heads reached down and butted Cloud, sending him flying again. When he landed his body started to glow. He rushed Cerberus and his sword was moving so fast it seemed to disappear.
"OMNISLASH! THAT FUCKIN' DOG IS GONE!" Cid yelled enthusiastically. Meg turned, slightly disgusted at the language.
"What makes you so sure?"
"That's Cloud's most powerful limit break! Are you kiddin' me? That can take down anythin' just about!"
"What's a limit break?" Cid sighed.
"It just makes him stronger."
"Like a spell?"
"Sorta. Yes, like a spell." He was getting annoyed with the questions. Meg turned again to watch.
Cerberus's middle head hung limp, and the other two started to attack each other, forgetting about Cloud. It fell to the ground. The crowd cheered and stood. Cloud turned and started to walk away when Hades appeared.
"That's not good." Meg said.
"Why not?" Yuffie asked.
"Because. No one beats Cerberus without having to face down Hades afterward. He's not going to be happy about this."
"Let's go." Cid said, standing and running down the long staircase towards the fighting ring. Vincent was right behind him with the others trailing close behind.
"Well, well Cloud. It seems you have beaten Cerberus."
"My debts are paid. I did as you said. Now I'm free to go."
"No you're not!"
"You said I was free if I beat Cerberus, and I did." He said quietly, turning towards the gate to leave.
"I'm the god of the Underworld! I lie." Hades laughed. Cloud stopped walking and flipped his hair back with his hand.
"I'm through here."
"Not so fast Cloud." Hades said, and Cloud was suddenly met by a barrier of flames. "You aren't going anywhere." He hissed. Cloud turned, holding the sword out.
"HADES!" A voice boomed from somewhere in the stadium. The fire wall disappeared and Cloud turned to keep walking. Everyone else stopped moving.
"Who th'fuck is that?" Cid asked, as another figured appeared behind Hades, who was now acting like he was scared.
"Yes, Zeus?"
"Let him go. He kept his end of the bargain. You WILL keep yours."
"Of course! I- I was just playing around!" The other god narrowed his eyes and was gone with a flash of lightning. The crowd cheered again and Cid and the others kept running. Once they reached the ground level people were starting to get out of their seats to leave.
"How are we supposed to catch up with him?" Yuffie asked as he disappeared into the gates.
"We jump, that's how!" Cid said, and pulled himself onto the low wall and jumped. It was about a six foot drop. Vincent was next, and seemed to float down behind him. Yuffie and Leon were next, with Yuffie landing on a knee, yelping in pain.
"I can't do it!" Aeris cried fearfully. Leon held up his arms.
"Let's go. I'll catch you." He said, and Aeris sat on the wall, sliding off. Leon caught her and placed her on the ground. She dusted herself off.
"Thank you." He nodded.
"Let's go before the shit awa away again!" Cid yelled, already running towards the still open gate.

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