Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Cid woke up a few hours later to see the sun poking through the closed blinds on his window. He turned to see if Vincent was still sleeping, and was surprised to find that he was not.
"Hey! I thought you would have been sleeping still."
"No. I was not very tired. Maybe I slept for another hour."
"Well then why th'fuck don't you wake me up?"
"Highwind, you would have not been able to stand later today had I been inconsiderate and woken you."
Cid shrugged and stood up, realizing he had fallen asleep in his clothes. Grabbed his beloved spear, goggles, and flight jacket, he motioned for Vincent to follow him, and walked down the stairs.
"Now, we have to meet Yuffie and the Accessory shop, am I right?"
"That is correct."
"And then I have to fly our asses over to that planet and go talk to Cid."
"Correct again, Highwind."
"Oh shut the hell up with that Highwind shit. I thought we were past that. Anyway, I have to pay a visit to a friend of mine to see if he'll watch the Accessory Shop for me today. I can't lose too much business."
Cid and Vincent walked out of the house, shutting the door behind them, and walking towards the center of Traverse Town. Cid turned into a tiny dingding on the corner.
"Hello Cid! You look like you're going somewhere today. Need someone to watch the shop?"
"As a matter of fact, yes I do." He said, eyeing the man, who was staring nervously at Vincent. "This here is my friend, Vincent. Vincent this is Michael."
"A pleasure to meet you." Vincent said kindly, bowing his head. The man named Michael nodded and turned back to Cid.
"When do you want me to go over?"
"Now if you can. I have to get to my ship from there and I don't wanna leave the doors unlocked with no one in there once it's on.
"Sure. Let me get my stuff." Michael ran out of the small room through another door and was back a second later with a small bag. "Alright, I'm all set.
"Thanks Michael, I owe you."
"You sure do." He laughed, and led Michael and Vincent out and across the square to the shop.
Sitting outside were Yuffie, Leon, and Aeris, waiting for Cid and Vincent. Yuffie stood when she saw him and put her hands on her hips.
"Where have you been? I've been waiting almost forty-five minutes!"
"That's your own damn fault! Waking me up at fuckin' three o'clock in the mornin'. Next time you don't have the decency to wait no one is goin' to stop me from kickin' your tiny ass into the ground!" Yuffie puffed herself up to make herself look bigger, and Michael laughed, following Cid inside with everyone.
Once inside, Cid turned on the teleportation spot on the floor and handed Michael the keys. "Ya know what to do. If anyone is looking for the Gummi shop, just let them know it's going to be closed. I don't know when Sora's goin' to be back, so keep an eye out for him. I don't know when we'll be back either, so when you leave, just turn this off. We'll come into elsewhere."
"No problem Cid. Have a safe journey." He said, and watched as Yuffie, Leon, and Aeris stepped onto the green disk on the floor, abruptly disappearing. Vincent looked a little nervous as Cid pushed him on.
"Stop your damn worrying. No one's ever got lost or killed by one of these." Cid said, before they disappeared. Michael grinned and stood at the counter, wiping it down, waiting for the first customers to come in.
Cid and Vincent arrived on the Highwind, the other three already seated and ready to go. Yuffie sat in Cid's chair, and once Cid noticed his face grew red. He started storming towards her, spear held out, when Vincent grabbed it.
"Please, no deaths on this trip."
"She's in my seat. The little bitch WANTS to die!" He yelled. "YUFFIE! GET OUT OF ME SEAT OR YOUR ASS OINGOING TO BE THROWN OFF THE SHIP!" Yuffie stood in a hurry and ran out of the room, dancing her way around Cid as he reached for her. "AND IF YOU GET SICK BACK THERU WIU WILL BE CLEANING IT!"
Cid stalked over to his seat, sighing, and sitting in it. "I swear, that child."
"Not a child!" She sang from the other room. Cid growled and punched in the coordinates of the planet that Cloud was supposed to be on.
"So tell me again, how did you find him?" Vincent asked Aeris.
"I felt his energies, and I saw him in my dreams. He was attacking this three headed creature, and was winning. It was more like a competition, so I don't believe he was in any danger. But I know he is there. I can feel it."
"Well let's jus hope your feelings are right." Cid warned, throwing the Highwind into Warp Drive. From the other room he could hear Yuffie being sick. "Damn her." He said, holding his head in his hands.
"It is truly wonderful seeing you again Vincent!"
"As it is, you, Aeris."
"I thought for sure that I wouldn't see you again when Cid told me you had disappered."
"I had to atone for a final time, and help save the people. But I failed."
"No you didn't Vincent. You tried, and that's all that can be said. You didn't run."
"I failed, and they were all killed while I ran from it, scared. When it came to it, I was too afraid to die."
"Vincent, you are the last person I know that would be scared. You had a reason to run. You had friends waiting for you. You were cd awd away."
Vincent turned to her and stared, amazed that she had called him, a person, when he felt so deeply that he was a monster. He turned to Cid, who was trying to hide the concern in his eyes. He remembered what Cid had said to him earlier that day. "You are not a fuckin' monster Vincent." He nodded his head to Cid, who smiled a bit and turned to look out the large window in front of him.
"Here we go. GET READY TO TRANSFER!" Cid yelled. Yuffie groaned in the background and got sick again, Cid grinning. The ship lurched forward and entered the Warp Hole that loomed in front it. Vincent watched as the darkness seemed to swallow them all.

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