Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Cid turned the ship into a dive, and was able to get out of the way of a giant Heartless ship that hadn't been hit by the lasers. The Highwind shook as a giant bolt of electricity shot out of the ship and hit them. Yuffie and Aeris fell onto the ground with shouts of protest.
"Shut th' up! up! I can't exactly control their targeting us!"
"Well you should have been able to move out of the way faster Cid!" Yuffie screamed.
"So help me, when we fuckin' get back, I'm goin' to kick your fuckin' ass once and for all!"
"I'd like to see you try!"
"Maybe you should concentrate on piloting, Highwind." Vincent said calmly. Cid swore loudly for a few minutes about Yuffie and the Heartless, when they were hit again.
"Shield Power: Eighty percent." The computer spoke. Cid began to swear again as he threw the ship into another dive. "Arrival time to Traverse Town: Ten minutes." Cid kept swearing, Aeris starting to cringe.
"May I suggest a breath, Highwind? None of us know how to maneuver this ship as you do, and I do not believe any of us would be able to resuscitate you if you ran out of oxygen."
"FUCK OFF, VALENTINE!" Cid shouted, but stopped cursing.
The area around the ship started to clear as the lasers shot them down. They exploded into thousands of pieces of debris, making the area a bit more hazardous.
"Engage salvage arm?" The computer asked.
"What th'fuck. Why not?" He shrugged and pulled this ship into a dive.
"What are you doing now?" Yuffie asked, her face green.
"I'm getting parts. What does it look like?"
"What? You're wasting our time!"
"I have a business to run, so shut your fuckin' mouth. I need these parts, and they're pretty damn hard to come by unless I go provoking an attack. And we have all the fuckin' time in the world."
"Well isn't that just great?" Yuffie sneered, before gagging and running out of the cockpit. Aeris made a face as Yuffie got sick. Leon sighed.
"No one is getting between me and her when we land. Is that understood?" Cid glared at them. Cloud held his hands up, shrugging. "Good." He turned back to the screen and saw Traverse Town was just ahead.
"Connecting with Accessohop.hop. Teleportation disk is running."
"Good." Cid said, and punched in a few more codes before the Highwind started running itself down. "Let's go to the surface everyone. Yuffie, I'll give you an hour to feel better. I don't need you to fuckin' vomit all over me."
The group went back to the surface, with Aeris grabbing Cloud's arm, and dragging him off. Cid laughed and left the shop, leaving Michael still in charge, heading towards his house.
"Well we have Cloud back. That's a start. No doubt Aeris is showing him all over Traverse Town now."
"Cid, why are you going to fight Yuffie. You're joking right?"
"No, I'm not. I'm sick of her complaining. Maybe this will shut her up once and for all."
"I'm sure it will not."
They got to Cid's place and he walked in, slamming the door behind him. "What's wrong Cid? You don't look well."
"I need a drink." He simply said and walked into the tiny kitchen. He pulled the scotch from under the counter and grabbed a clean glass, pouring it. He grabbed the glass and threw it down, wincing as the drink burned his throat.
"Man I needed that!" He said, and poured another glass, this time drinking it slower. Vincent walked over to him and took the bottle of scotch, putting it back under the counter. He took the glass from Cid's hands and turned him around so he could look into his eyes.
"You don't need to drink."
"But-" Cid made an attempt to grab the glass. Vincent poured it down the sink. Cid's eyes went wide and then narrowed. "You're going to pay for that."
Vincent raised an eyebrow, put the glass down and pulled Cid's face closer to him, pressing his cool lips against Cid's. Cid just fell into the kiss and let himself be supported by Vincent.
'To bad I didn't get to drink more. Tonight would be really fun.' He thought to himself. Vincent pulled him close and kissed his forehead.
"You need some rest, Cid." Vincent said softly.
"Fuck the sleep." Cid laughed. "You want me to sleep you don't going pullin' shit like that!"
Vincent steered Cid up theirs,irs, leaving the Venus Gospel downstairs. For once Cid forgot about it. Once in the bedroom, Vincent sat him down in the bed and pulled off both of their boots. He climbed behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. Cid groaned with pleasure and pain.
"How come your so affectionate toda- YOW!" He yelled, pulling back. Vincent grabbed him and started massaging his shoulders again.
"Cid, you need to relax. You're taking on too much right now."
"Like what?"
"Running two shops, finding the others. You need to have some sort of time to yourself. I'm going to leave you alone once your relaxed."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You are NOT leaving." Cid said, and turned, eagerly pressing his lips against Vincent's. "If we do go find Tifa and Barret, we aren't going to have much time together, alone. Please stay." Cid asked. Vincent nodded.
"If "If that's what you want."
"I've been without you for so long that I can't stand thinking of being without you again. Even for a few hours." Vincent smiled slightly and pulled Cid back against him, wrapping his arms around him.
They sat this way for a few minutes in complete silence, then Vincent spoke up.
Did you ever feel you couldn't go on?"
"When you weren't here?"
"All the time. The whole fuckin' time. It was the worst right after I got here, and right before you came back."
"It was hard for me too, even though I wouldn't normally admit it."
"Yeah, mister I'm so closed up."
"I won't leave again."
"I hope not. Because I'll come after you next time. I won't stop until I find you."
The two lay down, Vincent's arms wrapped around Cid, with the blond man's back pressed agt hit his chest. Cid yawned, looking much like a little boy, and nestled inte sae safety of Vincent's warm, strong arms.

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