Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
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Yup, yup, you know who here, just a little friendly reminder: Cid and Vincent

And just a refresher, I unfortunately do not own FF7 or KH, and that includes Cid and Vincent ::sobs:: But I can still dream, can't I? ^_^

After Yuffie went, Cid realized today was going to be a busy day. Rarely did he have a day that was overly busy. Most of the time he was just able to sit and relax, thinking, talking to the Moogles, whatever he wanted. Today was not one of these relaxing days.
Customers came in every five minutes, seemingly to get a glimpse of the tall, dark, handsome stranger with Cid. Some of the women giggled as they left, looking over their shoulders. "Damn Vincent! You should have come earlier. I haven't done this well since I opened!" Cid laughed as the most recent customer left. Cid leaned behind the counter and checked his supplies. "Wow. I'm almost getting low on a few of these things."
"What is it you are selling exactly, Cid?"
"Um, mainly these ring things. Ability studs too. The rings, depending on which one you buy, reduces the damage done to ya when those fuckin' Heartless decide to mess with you. Guess I'm goin' to have to make some more."
"You make them?" Vincent asked, impressed.
"Well, yeah. I mean, people here aren't exactly very interested in flying to other planets, or even traveling around this one. What else would I do? The gummi shop gets customers, but not as much. It's mainly people whose ships have broken down though. Or the kid. Mainly I do it to keep my self fresh. Ya know?" Cid laughed. Vincent nodded as Cid took out a cigarette and lit it with his lighter, gently smoking it. He looked at the clock and his eyes widened.
Holy fuck! I didn't think it was this late!" Cid laughed. "You wanna go get something to eat?" Vincent shrugged.
"Why not."
The two men left the building and walked to the just opening tavern. Cid went in and sat down at the table where they had been the night before and Vincent took his seat. Helera came over to them and took their orders. Once they got their food, Cid shoved his in his mouth as quickly as possible, while Vincent merely chased it around the plate, nibbling on a bite of two once in awhile.
"So, on your journeys, have you heard about anything from Tifa or Barret?"
"No. I thought that perhaps you found them, or they found you. I believed I was the only one still missing, besides those that stayed on the planet."
"Nope. I thought for certain they would have been found by now, if they were still alive."
"Maybe they aren't."
"Shut the fuck up. I don't even wanna think about that. It was bad enough I had to fuckin' think you were dead for the last year."
"You actually thought I was?"
"Fuck no! I wanted to believe you were out there, but I mean, come on. It was kinda hard to think that. Not a word or sign from you." Cid said, slowing down on his eating and staring at Vincent, a little water over-crowding his eyes and allowing one to spill. He wiped at it quickly and Vincent smiled, reaching out to grab his hand for a second before pulling it away.
"Hey, it's alright now." Vincent said, trying to sound optimistic for Cid.
"Are you sure?" Cid sniffed, rubbing his nose. Vincent nodded and took another bite of his food before pushing the plate away. "Well, you ready to go back to the shop? Or do you want to do something else? I feel like closing up for the day."
"Should you be doing that?" Vincent asked. Cid shrugged.
"Eh, I can be a little reckless once in awhile. 'sides, with you there today I just made the munny it would normally take me three days to make! Might as well close for today."
"If you say it's alright. But what about that kid?"
Cid shrugged. "I'll turn the transporter off. There are others in Traverse town, and the Item shop is open if he really needs to get something."
Cid and Vincent went back to the Accessory shop and Cid got ready to shut down. He leaned under the counter and searched for the switch that connected to the transporter. He heard the door bang open again and he looked up, swearing.
"Son of a bitch! I'm never going to get. oh. It's you." Cid said, leaning back under the counter and flipping the switch.
In the door stood Leon, his Gunblade at his side. Vincent looked at him with curiosity. This man was different than all the towns' people he had seen so far, and he carried a sword at his side.
"Yuffie came ranting and raving back to the house about some guy in town. Someone she knew from her home. Is it Cloud?" Leon asked Cid, his eyes flickering over Vincent, sitting silently in the corner. Cid stood up and sighed, raising an eyebrow.
"Does that fuckin' look like the guy she described to you before? Cloud is shorter and has BLOND hair, not black. Gee, that was awfully nice of her to give you his name."
Leon glared at Cid and walked over to Vincent, sticking out his hand.
"The name's Leon." He said, Vincent stood and didn't take his hand.
"Vincent." He said quietly. Leon looked up at the taller man. Vincent noticed a scar running across the bridge of Leon's nose to his under his eye. He was a fighter this young man.
Leon took his hand away after Vincent didn't take it and stepped back. He looked down at the man's left hand and his breath was almost sucked out his body. Instead of a hand, Leon saw a golden clawed arm. He stepped back even farther. Vincent realized his arm was out and quickly pulled it back into his cloak.
"Well, you should stop by the house. Yuffie won't shut up anytime soon, but she's not coming back here anytime too soon. She said you attacked her?" He said, turning to Cid.
"I did no such thing. Little bitch turns everythin' around." He said. Leon shrugged and walked towards the door. "Aren't you going to buy something at least?" Cid asked. Leon turned back.
"Damn. Knew I came here for a reason." He walked over to the counter and put his munny down. Cid looked pleased. "I need another Element Ring. Lost the last one in a little battle against those little flying Heartless. Those things are a pain in my ass."
Cid nodded and reached into a box, pulling out a small case and handing it to Leon. "There you go." Leon shoved it in his pocket.
"Thanks. Hope you come by soon. Yuffie is really driving us all crazy." He said, walking out the door and shutting it behind him. Cid sighed and put the munny away. He grabbed the Venus Gospel from the corner of the room and motioned for Vincent to follow him. Once at the door Cid stopped and turned to the taller man, and looked up into his eyes.
"We have two choices. We can go back to my place, or go and see what Yuffie's up to." Cid said. Vincent was about to say he didn't care when Cid pulled him down closer to him.
With Vincent's face level to his, Cid used his nose to push Vincent's chin up so that his throat was exposed. He grinned and kissed the bottom of his throat and planted little kisses all the up to his chin. From there he stuck his tongue out a tiny bit and licked at Vincent's lips. Vincent shivered with delight and pulled Cid closer to him, pressing his mouth tightly against Cid's.
"Well, what do ya want to do?" Cid asked. Vincent's eyes were closed as he remembered the feel of Cid's lips. He grabbed Cid and pulled him back to him, roughly kissing the blue-eyed one. Cid pulled away and grinned.
"So, I'm thinkin' that means we're goin' to my place?" He said, and opened the door for them, locking it after they left.

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