Flight of Sorrow

BY : RikuNghts
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. But the story idea is mine.

Pairings: Cid x Vincent

Cid couldn't believe his eyes. He rubbed them hard and looked at the floor. "I was right before. I AM goin' fuckin' crazy!" He shook his head hard, and had the impulse to get the bottle of scotch from under the counter.
"Cid." The voice trailed off. Cid picked up his head and the person stepped out of the shadows.
"Vincent? Is that really you? Please tell me I'm not dreamin' or anythin'."
"Yes it really is me. It took so long to find you." Vincent said, stepping into the dim light of the fire. Cid smiled weakly, tears threatening his eyes once more.
"Oh fuck Vin! Why th'hell did ya leave me?" Cid half yelled, half cried, he wipe at his nose and blinked back the tears.
"I'm sorry. I had to go back. I had to fight, and cleanse myself of my sins." He said. Cid shook his head.
"Fuck, Vin. I thought you were gone, cuz of me." Cid said angrily. "Fuck you and your damn bullshit about sins too!" Cid yelled. Vincent smiled weakly.
"I am glad you are happy I am back."
"Yeah, and fuck you and your happy shit, Valentine. Do you know what kinda hell you put me through for the past fuckin' year?" Cid yelled, stepping up to the taller man. Vincent smiled again.
"I can imagine." He offered. Cid glared at him before his eyes softened.
"And fuck you for doing THIS to me." He said, tears coming out slowly. It almost hurt to cry. Cid saw the ebony hair a little longer than the last time he had seen Vincent. He still looked at beautiful as before, the same crimson eyes that peered into Cid's soul. Cid couldn't stop looking at Vincent and almost cried out of pure joy when Vincent stepped forward and took Cid in his arms. He let the tears flow freely now.
"I am here now Highwind." Vincent said, holding Cid tightly.
"Yeah, but ya'll fuckin' leave again. Ya've done it before, and ya'll do it again."
"No. Not this time Cid. I have no where to go but with you. Our home was destroyed, and so was everyone left on it. I managed to get off a few minutes before the explosion, and the impact of some small debris almost ruined the ship. I found another planet where someone fixed it for me. I would have come sooner, but I had no idea where you were Cid."
"Ya know, I still have the Highwind. Ya could've linked to its signal from the ship."
"Like I would have known how to do that." Vincent managed to laugh. Cid grinned up at his love once more. The fire beside them was warm, and it was even warmer in his arms.
"Well, you know, we have a lot of catchin' up to do." Cid grinned. Vincent nodded. "An' of course I hafta work tomorrow, so, the night is young! Whaddya say about a drink at the tavern? It's not to bad. Not like home, but it works."
"I don't know. Is this going to end up as another drinking game with you?"
"Course not!" Cid lied.
"Highwind, I am serious."
"Honestly, Valentine. Jus' a friendly round of drinks. You need to fuckin' lighten up Vin. Still, after a year ya come back to me the same stiff as before."
"It is who I am Cid."
"I know. An' I love it."
"As I love your reckless ways."
"Wait a sec. What the fuck do ya mean by that, Valentine?"
"You know what I mean Highwind. You and your drinking and smoking." Vincent smiled again and walked towards the door, covered partially by shadows. Cid grabbed the handle of the door and started pulling it shut behind him. As Vincent left the building he grabbed the red cloak and pulled Vincent back to him quickly, reaching up and pulling him down to meet his lips. Vincent was still at first until he remembered the gentle, yet firm pressure of Cid's mouth against his. He smiled and pulled back. Cid looked very pleased.
"A whole fuckin' year I've wanted to do that. A fuckin' year! See what you've been missin'?" Cid laughed, his eyes shining once more. Vincent nodded, content, and followed Cid to the tavern, his red cloak billowing out behind him.

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