Reviews for The Recruiters

BY : sephcounttheways

  • From AnimeAngelSisters on May 14, 2010

    You have GOT to keep going! I was instantly hooked! >w

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  • From ANON - Lustful Angeal on May 09, 2010

    I came. Seriously. A lovely set between Sephiroth, Genesis and our lovely Cloud. To me, you're the best writer I've ever read. All sensitive, clear, a pure pleasure ! Keep being so awesome ♥

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  • From Nescafevh on May 07, 2010

    Love this story so far! I think Reno should be next! I mean he'd make it all the more funny, or even Zack! I can imagine in fifty or sixty years Cloud finding Zack and bringing him in. I have this image of Zack as an young man, emotionally scarred and skittish from either an abusive relationship or parents, Cloud finding him and befriending him, slowly coaxing him out of his shell because he not only wants to heal him his tortured soul but he realizes that while Genesis loves them and shares them he actually doesn't have anyone really like he has Sephiroth. I can imagine Cloud knowing in a strange instinctive way he would be perfect for Gen because the fun-loving gentle soul would not only heal Zack's damage but love him and care for him and as his friend he would help as well and so would Sephiroth.

    And, let's face it, how many ZackGenesis pairings are there out there? Not many I can tell you.

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  • From Kitsune3 on May 06, 2010

    The story is very good so far. I like it. Please tell me that reno is gonna be in the clan though!!

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  • From satterb on May 05, 2010

    Twilight...(Groans) The books were good, the movies are wretched. (Everyone, Please don't hate's just that the acting is horrific) I love the story, love the long, long, chapters, love the characters, love the dynamics, loved the sex!!!!!! Thanks for sharing more of your brilliance with the rest of us.

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  • From Faoiltierna on May 05, 2010

    Those are three excellent reasons to write a story! (I play Vampire Wars too!)

    A lovely and...stimulating story! I look forward to more ;-)

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  • From ANON - havorl on May 04, 2010

    *drools* I loved this...alot Their threesome was hot. Cant wait for some more!

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