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Volume 20 - Final Fantasy 6 - Slam Shuffle

"Grandpa, do you mind if we go into the forest for a little while?"
Relm asked her elderly guardian, eyes shining with the usual carefree

Strago smiled back, knowing she deserved no less than a good
playtime. After such a harrowing experience in the Esper Cave, even to
the point of engaging on combat, he knew well that the most important
thing right now would be to let the little one get back to being a kid.
That strange boy from the Veldt had befriended his granddaughter rather
quickly, having no one else his own age to play with. As such, there
was really no reason to deny the request -- both had more than proven
themselves capable of fending off a Chimera or two.

"Fine, fine..." he waved her off with his cane, waiting for Relm to
cease cheering aloud before continuing. "Just be back before sundown."
Actually, Strago rather welcomed the idea of the little ones busying
themselves for the time being. He had talked quite a bit with Locke
since the two met, and had decided that the truce between men and
Espers was good enough a reason to crack open a good bottle of Doman

"And you..." he cautioned the pre-adolescent standing behind his
girl. "Take good care of her!"

"Gau will!" the wild boy replied, furiously nodding his head. Relm
giggled at the display and grabbed his arm, hurriedly carting the two
off them off into Thamasa's woods under a warm afternoon sun.


Although he could have easily broken free, Gau allowed himself to
be dragged deeper under the trees as his new companion trudged onward.
"Just a little bit further..." she urged repeatedly, pointing ahead to
a small clearing where the tall boughs gave way to long grasses.

It was a long walk, well near the water's edge on the other side of
the small island, and the children tired easily after their exhausting
day. Their brisk pace quickly degraded into an amble, only hastening
momentarily when a meandering brook came into view.

A look of sated relief on his face, the feral youth bent over and
immediately dunked his head into its cool depths, drinking in great
gulps of water. Relm grinned endearingly as she watched him satisfy his
thirst, then leaned out herself and cupped some water into her parched
mouth. The two stayed there for some time, resting peacefully under the
expansive eaves before continuing across.

Relm went ahead first, slipping off her shoes and carrying them
across. Gau followed suit exactly, wanting to impress her by a show of
unusual civility. After drying their feet off, the youngsters continued
on barefoot, enjoying the feel of the soft ground on their soles.

"So this is where I come to practice my sketching." she announced
reverently as they finally entered the secluded glade. "It's so calm
and peaceful here. Sometimes the animals will come out and let me draw
them - they're very friendly when no monsters are around.

Gau flexed his arms overhead, letting out a quiet roar at the
remark and hinting he was well prepared to fight if anything dangerous
came their way. Relm blushed slightly and batted his hands down,
holdine ine in her palm as they slowly made their way to the other side
of the clearing. She could feel something strange trying to force its
way out of her when they were together like this, and supposed it meant
she would be growing up soon. The thought filled her with a strangely
mixed feeling of excitement and... something else.

They had just about reached the far end of the circular expanse
when Gau suddenly began to fidget. Relm turned a quizzical eye to him
just as he broke away from her hand, wearing a look of intense

"Need go..." he blurted out, hurrying over to the nearest tree and
lowering his shorts. The shocked little girl placed her hand over her
mouth as she saw his butt, then gasped audibly upon noticing something
else. In plain view, there was an object that could only be his penis.

Only a few feet away, she had a clear view of him urinating the
entire time. His five-inch erection, which she had no idea had merely
been the byproduct of a full bladder, jerked once and then began
spewing a golden stream. He did not even bother turning his back to
her, as if this the most natural thing in the world.

Relm, on the other hand, couldn't take her eyes of the small worm
hanging down in front of her. She hadn't seen one in such a long time,
not since the last time she'd traded views of her privates with some
boys from town behind the magic house. They had teased her something
awful, jabbing fingers in her nether orifice, then forcing her to play
with their organs. The flustered magician complied for a bit, then
balked when one attempted to insert the tip of a magic wand in her
hole. Infuriated, she gathered her clothes and stormed off.

After that, Relm stopped flashing her goods for the village boys.
For awhile, they had to get sexual excitement the hard way - by peeking
on her as often as they could. The group retained interest anyway,
moving on to sneaking discreet glances of her hidden jewels. Even this
close to pubescence, they were still at it, catching her stepping
gingerly out of the bath before the nubile sketchist shooed them away
from the window.

To tell the truth, she had almost been ready give up and let them
have what they wanted. The young lady was more than curious to see how
her friends had grown up, especially down there, but their infantile
obsession with stealing looks at her had so far won out over the
increasing desire to foray into the sexual world. But that was all in
the past now, especially with Gau here to help blossom Relm's
long-supressed needs.

With a grunt of relief, her fellow traveler finished relieving
himself and shook dry, prolonging the short peep-show for a few more
seconds before he tucked his cock back and buttoned up, turning with
noticeable chagrin.

"Sorry..." he apologized adorably, trying hard not to stare at the
ground. "Too much water..."

"It's okay, Gau." Relm replied smoothly, although her mind was off
in another direction entirely. A wicked thought had just occurred,
bringing forth the same fluttery feelings in her stomach than holding
his hand had done, and then some. She felt a little embarrassed about
what she was about to do, but was comforted by the rationale that it
was only fair to reciprocate. "I have to go, too..."

Gau was watching intently as she leaned against another trunk, more
out of surprise than a lack of restraint. Steeling herself, Relm spread
her thighs far enough apart to give the boy an eye-popping look, then
pulled at the thin band of her swimsuit-like bottoms, moving it aside
to expose a completely hairless cunny. Nothing came at first -- she
hadn't actually needed to pee when the notion struck, but after a
little straining, her urethra relaxed and began to discharge the
expected stream.

When it was over, she wiped up with a nearby leaf, taking extra
care to run the green plant up and down the length of her immature
crack. Gau was fixed on the spot between her legs, unabashedly staring
at his friend's secret treasures.

"Have you ever... seen a girl?" Relm asked with trepidation,
knowing she would have to initiate any hijinks between them, but also
afraid it might spiral out of control with Gau's notoriously
unpredictable nature. Her budding hormones were raging by now, simply
begging for a response from the still-dazed boy. "You can come closer,
you know." the little girl continued with astonishingly coy finesse. "I
don't mind..."


Unable to resist the forbidden fruit, Gau approached, bending over
so that his face was right at the level of Relm's bare vagina.
"Pretty..." he said respectfully, roughly handling the bare holds with
childlike intensity. Stiffening up noticeably, the slim female let out
a sigh of pleasure at he brushed her pink nub, relishing the same
feeling she had come to know so well in the bathtub late at night.

"That's really nice, Gau!" she whispered dreamily, adjusting
herself on the tree trunk so that any further gratification would not
send her crashing to the forest floor. "Please keep going!"

"Relm feel good..." he responded with an impish grin, shamelessly
continuing to rub the side of his hand along her nether valley.
Strago's granddaughter was smiling broadly as well, unconsciously
grinding her hips against the satisfying friction and letting out
hushed moans of joy.

"Oh Gau, it's wonderful!" she groaned, grabbing his wrist and
enthusiastically thrusting it into her throbbing crevice. "It's never
been this good!"

"We do this lots, then!" the uncivilized male offered eager. "Gau
like see you happy..."

"Thank you..." Relm sputtered, very near the point of climax.
Holding her partner tight, she let out a few more blissful "aah"s and
then shut her eyes fiercely, helpless to merely ride out the fantastic
waves of rapture as her body convulsed in its very first orgasm. The
youthful sorcerer was only dimly aware of the growing gush of fluid
down below, and even less so when Gau risked kissing her rosy cheek.
All went dark as she crested the sexual peak, falling into his arms
with utter contentment.


Opening her eyes just a minute later, the exposed youngster found
herself lying on shaded grass. Even though the haze of arousal had
passed, she did not attempt to cover herself, or move to stop Gau from
fingering her sensitive labia.

"I *really* liked that..." Relm purred softly, gazing with immense
satisfaction into Gau's neck.

"Yeah..." he replied blithely, at last speaking a complete
sentence. "You wet everywhere!"

Horrified, the breathless pre-adolescent peered down at her
genitals and the copious flood that had poured out. "Eeep!" she
shrieked, fidgeting nosily and trying to cover herself. "I'm so

"It okay..." Gau soothed, patting her chest with a moist hand. "Not
smell bad at all..."

"Oh, my..." Relm interrupted, completely forgetting about the
mysterious goo when her lover shifted position, divulging the obvious
tent in his shorts. "I guess we could... but I don't..."

Puzzled, the pint-sized savage looked at his prone companion,
trying to decipher what was happening.

"All right." she answered his gaze decisively. "You can do it to

"You mean..." Gau replied, eyes bulging with anticipation. "Like

"Yes..." the cute vixen responded, all smiles as she spread her
legs wide enough to show the pink within. "It would be only fair..."


Taking a deep breath, Relm gripped the earth underneath, getting
ready for the pain she assumed would follow the loss of her virgi.
She was just as shocked, however, when Gau rolled her over in a flash
of speed, snapping the thin fabric concealing her womanhood with little
effort. Now totally uncovered below the waist, she felt a sudden sense
of panic welling inside her throat.

"No, not like that!" she yelped loudly, too stunned to realize no
mere force of words could hope to stop the bestial boy lying atop her
shuddering form. "That's not the way you..."

She did feel a slight pressure on her backside at first, and
prepared for the worst. Her clenched buttocks only served to enhance
Gau's gratification, however, as he slid neatly into the fissure
between them. Caught off guard, Relm barely had time to grab a handful
of grass in each tiny fist before Gau was rutting with her, panting and
wheezing as his basest of desires was fulfilled.

"Feel... so... warm..." he croaked, forcing his penis rapidly along
the furrow of her bottom.

Relm smirked at the remark, loosening up to accept her partner's
rather unorthodox comprehension of lovemaking. Within no time, he was
slamming the small girl's behind so hard, the greenery underneath was
beginning to tickle her button in just the right way. After awhile, the
unintended side-effects began to once again elicit more soft
whimperings from her delicate lips, now rough and raspy.

"Uhhh... uhhhh!" she groaned, actually pushing against the fleshy
mass which was poking the small of her back. The tiny blades underneath
her quivering sex were performing phenomenally, making her clitoris
feel as if it were on fire. Relm absolutely could not believe that the
magical feelings were about to return so soon, but the evidence was
truly undeniable. After living for so many years without an orgasm, her
loins were well ready to make up for lost time.

Letting out noisy "Uwaoo!" and "Aooh!" sounds as he energetically
pounded his friend's rump, Gau lost his footing and slipped, still
fucking her as fast as could be mustered. Relm cried out even louder as
his hands found new targets, the slight swellings on her torso that
would soon grow into a wonderful pair of breasts. Though wholly
undeveloped, the pert nipples were far enough along so respond
favorably to the touch, hardening and tingling as never before.

"Yes, Gau!" she wailed, tensing as the now-familiar charge built up
within. "That's it!" With an explosive outburst, she came once again,
her immature pussy coating the ground with the same perfumed fluid that
had splashed her thighs only minutes ago. Blazing with lust, Relm tried
to hump the soft earth, cheeks flushed red as she let herself go.

As if encouraged by his mate's arousing loss of control, Gau's
libido surged, providing much more stimulus than he could hope to
quash. He grunted forcefully, hugging the slender female tight while he
erupted all over her sweaty form. Face nestled deep inside her light
brown hair, he inhaled the fledgling artist's scent deeply until the
last splashes of his sperm-less seminal fluid were coating Relm's butt
and back.


"Want to... do again..." he panted, feeling the little girl up as
his flaccid member tried weakly to keep the forbidden act going.

Lost in the same hazy afterglow, Relm allowed his hands to caress
her flesh for a bit before responding. After rolling the both of them
on their sides, she spun around until they were face-to-face. The sun
was rapidly settling, and a cool breeze had already started to blow,
but their exposed privates were kept quite warm by the warm pocket of
air produced by the naughty romp.

"Of course..." she started lovingly, giving him a lengthy peck on
the cheek. "But we have to get back to the town before everyone gets
worried and starts looking for us..."

"No..." Gau retorted dolefully, nuzzling his half-nude partner's
neck. "Want to stay!"

"Me too..." Relm answered, smiling sweetly. "How about just one
more time?"

"Uwuooah!" her untamed lover uttered aloud, squirming so that their
perspiration-coated bodies merged together even closer. She noticed
with impressed clarity that he was already getting hard again, and the
bulbous head was insistently prodding her abdomen.

"I'll show you something neat..." she instructed tenderly, grabbing
the thick pole and pointing it at the entrance to her quim. "I think
we'll both like it a lot better this way..."

And even before he was enveloped by her inviting womb, Gau knew he
was in agreement.

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