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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author:- Kat

Disclaimer:- I don't own Final Fantasy or Squaresoft or anything in particular to be honest. I do however own a box, but don't take that away from me! And I don't do drugs if that was what you were thinking?

Pairings:- ZellxSquall, ZellxSeifer, SeiferxSquall, RinoaxFujin, and then some. GOD it's gonna get confusing after a while!!

Warnings:- Swearing, sex, murder, um....and other things that usually involve drugs and such shit. But no murder just yet, in a couple of chapters maybe. This is only the beginning!

Feedback:- I love reviews! But I warn you, don't expect this to be the best fic ever. Criticism and flames are welcome, I can handle crying over them, but nice reviews are even better!

Notes:- This fic is dedicated to yaoifantasy because she let me have the idea and helped me loads with it. Thankyou!
Anyways, this fic basically involves drugs, Mafia, alcohol, killings, murder, swearing, sex and other shit. It's kinda fucked up because I'm writing it but I've tried my absolute hardest on it and I hope you like it lots! I added a short kinda prologue at the start if the fic to give you a little background on Zell. And I'm open to any suggestions and stuff if ya want to let me know?

Happy reading!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~= Changes in times, scenes, situations ect.


Short Prologue

All his life from the age of 13, Zell had been into the drugs. His Father was a top class worker in the trade and would often let Zell take part. At first, he would just occasionally let the blonde swop some stuff round between groups and work for lower class dealers. But his skills and talent for making some top class stuff and being able to swindle the law easily soon had him at the top of the dealer's lists in a matter of a few years. Now at the age of 19, he was considered one of the most respective dealers around and even out ranked his Father.

So, it came to this literally; anything you wanted, Zell could get and sell to you at a reasonable price. But as always, there was a consequence if you couldn't pay. A nasty one, but to put it plain and simple; you died. Zell would track you down and shoot you swiftly, without pain and then disappear without a trace before the cops even found out.

He was a wanted man. Wanted in over 15 states for drug dealing and murder. It was just a good job he had got a good sense of alertness.


Noire- Club Venture

Loud music. People dancing and fucking. A dull scent of sex and alcohol entwined and mingling in the air. Drugs being given out at ridiculous prices. Under age kids falling off their heads and passing out all over the place.

For Zell Dincht, master drugs dealer and all round powerful man at your service, this was just another weeknight party for him to attend.

Cheers erupted into the brilliantly large nightclub as Zell entered. Flashing lights on the dance floor waved around the room illuminating it fantastically and people ceased in what they were doing to run to the man. They were stopped and pushed back by Zell's bodyguard, Rajin though as he made his way up to the top floor of the club with his boyfriend, Squall.

Squall had been Zell's boyfriend for at least 2 years now and Zell loved him to pieces, although sometimes he would dismiss Squall for business and leave him out. He met Squall at a raving mad party like the one he was attending a couple of years back. Squall had been interested in the market and got closer to Zell the more he became involved. And because each of the men thought the other was pretty attractive, the ending result: a night of hot sex between the two and a lasting relationship to this day, even if not all of it was love.

Zell paced up the winding, steel stairs of the club at his own speed, gripping Squall's hand tightly in his own. He didn't want to lose Squall in the crowd right now; he wanted to spend 5 minutes with him first.

A dull, metal thud sounded as the Zell climbed the steel plates . Music that was louder than it really should be was pounding in his ears and the scent that filled the club made him wrinkle his nose, even though he was quite used to it by now.

"Sir, welcome to 'Glacial Stars'. We've prepared seating for you and your company. Anything that you need, you have only to ask," Zell was greeted promptly by one of the club's representatives as he reached the top of the stairs.

He nodded to the metallic blue, nylon clad staff member and observed his surroundings. It wasn't a large room but it wasn't small either, and it overlooked the dance floor and basement so Zell could see what was going on if anything. The balcony had it's own bar and sofas for seating. He'd seen better but he'd also seen worse, this would do for the evening.

Squall liked the look of the place and eyed the dance floor from above with a small smile as much as he could before being dragged by Zell to the nearest seating to sit down. Zell released the brunette's hand as he collided with the soft material of the sofa and looked over the people in the bar hoping to find some good players around the market that he'd recognise.

"Where's Rinoa tonight?" Squall asked, fiddling with a beer mat he picked up earlier. He proceeded to rip it to pieces in the hopes of a make shift confetti that he could throw over the dance floor if he felt stupid.

Zell glanced over at Squall. "I don't know. I thought she was following behind us in-"

"Phew, so-sorry I'm late!" Rinoa cut Zell's sentence short as she bounded up the metal stairs, her breathing ragged like she'd just run a marathon. She slumped over onto her thighs when she stopped in front of the two.

"Speak of the devil," Zell mused raising an eyebrow. re yre ya been?"

Rinoa took a minute to regain her breathing and posture and laughed gently, waving away a few strands of black hair from her eyes. "Well, um, first I forgot the list for ya when I left the office, and then I bumped into Fujin and erm...stuff happened..."

Rinoa blushed deeply. The two on the long sofa knew what had happened and Zell brushed it off. Rinoa and Fujin were a cute couple that had been together for almost a year now, Their anniversary was next month and their love for one another was strong, he didn't want to interfere.

"Go get me a drink will ya, love? One for Squall too?" Zell smiled at Rinoa. She nodded and dashed off in the direction of the bar.

Rinoa was Zell's personal, right hand woman who made most of the tough decisions for him when he couldn't be arsed and acted like kind of a secretary. She attended meetings for Zell when he couldn't make them and told people to generally 'fuck off' when he was busy. She sorted out paperwork and everyday produced a list to Zell of the people who hadn't paid up and needed a little pep talk on the subject. Rinoa was quite important to Zell, she'd been working for him for 5 years now and had done an excellent job operating the business with him. If Rinoa left, Zell was going to find it pretty hard to pick up another one like her. Especially someone as confident and tough as she had been.

Squall leaned against Zell lovingly, pressing his right hand onto Zell's thigh and massaging it softly. Zell swung his arm around Squall's shoulder and hugged him tight.

"You ok, baby?" The blonde asked, stroking Squall's cheek with the arm wrapped around his shoulders.

Squall looked up to meet Zell's eyes and nodded his head. Zell acknowledged it by leaning in and pressing his lips to the brunette's in a short but passionate kiss. Squall opened his mouth and allowed Zell access to explore with his tongue.

"Hey, I gotcha a vodka on the-," Rinoa bounded back, drinks in hand but stopped when she saw the two in a lip lock. "Oh, shall I come back later?" She giggled and wavered the glasses in her hands. The ice banging into the sides of the containers made a soft tinkling noise like bells.

Zell parted with Squall and shook his head, taking the drinks from Rinoa. Squall leaned back against the sofa taking a long sip from the drink. The liquid burned down his throat like fire and he had to gasp for air when he breathed.

"Oh, I have the list for you as well, Mr. Dincht," Rinoa said presenting a piece of paper from a pocket at the side of her blue dress.

Zell took the paper with his free hand and examined it. "Hmm, I thought that Reah paid up in full last week?" He looked at Rinoa questioningly.

The dark haired girl shook her head and leaned over, pointing to the name on the list. "Nope, he lied to us. He said that he had paid up when I rung him last Tuesday, but I figured he was pulling a fast one when the money wasn't admitted to the account."

"The cheating bitch," Zell scowled. "Well, he has a surprise waiting for him. He used his last chance to pay up lying, he's out. Rinoa, schedule a meeting for me and Mr. Sightwen."

Rinoa stood to attention and nodded, pulling out a cell phone and dialling several numbers immediately

"You gonna kill him?" Squall looked back at Zell.

"Maybe," Zell took a pull from his vodka glass and winced at the burn. He met Squall's eyes. "It depends on how bad he begs for mercy."

"Oh," Squall placed his glass down on the sofa arm snuggled against Zell's chest, rubbing his hands along the firmly defined muscles through the white shirt. "Well, don't leave anything behind this time. The cops nearly had you last month because you left your empty bullet shells."

"I know, I know. I'll be careful this time, baby," Zell stroked Squall's hair gently, letting the soft brown strands slide through his fingers.

"Just make sure you are."

"Ok, Sir. How does this Friday sound?" Rinoa placed the phone back in another pocket and raised a hand, her voice hopeful.

"That's fine, Rin. I'll keep the list here with me and review it. You can go let loose now if ya want? Dance, drink or go shag someone or whatever. Just meet us at the club entrance at 12:30pm, that's when we're leaving," Zell waved his wrist indicating that she could leave.

"Ok, Sir," Rinoa skipped off in the direction of thairsairs but stopped and turned back. "Oh and, Sir, Fujin will be coming by later with a guy who she says is interested in the market."

"Who is it?" Zell inquired.

Rinoa shrugged and leaned against the steel railing of the balcony. "I dunno. I just think it's someone she picked up along her travels."

Zell shook his head and watched Rinoa bound back down the metal stairs to the dance floor.

Zell wasn't much into playing drugs with a guy he didn't really k Sin Since he only knew that it was some guy and he didn't have any information about this person, he would have to be cautious about it. For all Zell knew, he could be an undercover cop waiting to discover important secrets the blonde kept about his trade.

For a moment, Zell thought about not seeing the guy at all, but he decided against that. He could have some fun with this unknown person.

Squall shifted and sat up, glancing around the room properly. A woman in a tight and very revealing top was working at the bar and impressively whirling bottles and glasses around in her hands like a juggler. In the far left corner of the room, some couples were going at it rather roughly. Squall noticed this vividly and laughed slightly.

"Hey, Zell. Lookit them people go over there," Squall pointed out the couples like a kid.

Zell looked down at Squall amused. "And you were watching them? Squall, that's not like you, you perverted lil' thing."

Squall gave the blonde an 'well-you-can't-really-miss-it' look and rose to his feet, stretching his arms. A resounding crack echoed from his shoulder.

"Whatcha doin?" Zell inquired.

"Is it ok if I head out onto the dance floor for a bit?" The brunette shook out his limbs and crackis fis fingers purposely.

Zell shrugged and nodded, drinking from his glass. "Sure, ya don't need to ask my permission, baby. Go knock yourself out. Just don't get too tired, ok? I still need some fight in you for later."

Squall kissed Zell gently on the lips and winked at him before jumping down the metal stairs two at a time to the raving mad place called the dance floor, pale brown strands of hair flying around his face.

Zell watched over the balcony of the rooftop bar as Squall filed into the jumping crowd, beginning to move to the beat of the music pounding from the large speakers around the glittering floor. Many people gathered around the dancing newcomer and tried him out, competing with him in moves. Squall won by miles all the time with an array of sexy hip sways and amazing torso twisting, always keeping to the music's beat.

The blonde drugs master almost gained himself a hard-on watching Squall's firm leather clad ass driving around the seas if people and the floor laden with flashing lights and projections. Zell imagined himself driven deep in that ass, crying out, moaning....

He realised he was sweating and snapped out of his trance, but continued to watch Squall who was now flinging his head in all directions along with his arms and occasionally twirled round.

"Shit, I gotta keep calm around that guy," Zell took a long drink from his glass to finish it off. He placed the empty glass on the arms of the sofa.

Rinoa bounded up the stairs to rejoin Zell. Her blue dress flailed behind her, her face was ridden with perspiration and flushed even though she hadn't been down there long.

"Phew! Man, it's like a raid dowere!ere!" Rinoa threw herself down next to Zell, breathing heavily. She wiped her brow.

"I kinda guessed," Zell answered with a mused smile.

"Fuck, you should see Squall go down there! He's like a natural born bloody dancer! I don't know where he gets it from!" The ebony haired woman leant back against the sofa and closed her eyes to recuperate.

Zell nodded to Rinoa and watched as a couple walked past him laughing. "So, when's Fujin bringing that guy round?"

Rinoa opened her eyes, wiping her brow again and pulling some strands of hair behind her ears. She glanced over at the stairs when she heard footsteps climb up them and Fujin came into view sight as if on automatic cue.

"Well, she's here now," Rinoa smiled at her lover as she reached the balcony top and motioned for someone to come up.

"Hn, here we go," Zell mumbled, but his eyes widened as he saw the guy.

In Zell's opinion, he was the second most beautiful creature he'd ever seen after Squall and whether he was a player in the market or whatever, he wanted to get to know him. Maybe a little too well.


A/N:- Whahey! So, there's only the beginning of this fic to get ya going. Was it any good? I'll try and post chapters whenever I can and have time and such shit like that.


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