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Rufus was bored. When he wased, ed, he clicked through the internet, or sometimes the surveillance feed that only he was privy to. Perhaps it was chance, or perhaps it was fate that he went through the feeds on this day, and came across something that he would never have thought he would see.

Tseng, relaxed in his leather desk chair, head tilted back, eyes closed. Rufus chuckled. ~I guess even he needs a nap at work.~ Then he realized Tseng's hands were not still. His eyes narrowed at the screen, as he let his gaze roam downwards... and he smiled, then smirked.

Tseng's right hand was wrapped around his cock, firmly, and moving slowly along the shaft. His left lay against the arm of his chair, white knuckled. It was obvious that it was probably not planned, due to the fact that he was still dressed in shirt, tie and all, and just his pants were undone, and only enough to free his length from its confines.

From the way the head of his cock glistened slightly, and from the slight sheen of his forehead, Rufus guessed that Tseng had been at this for a while. He shifted a bit in his chair, and watched for a few moments.

Tseng's hips began to shift upwards against his hand, and his eyes tightened slightly, lines of concentration forming around them. Rufus continued to watch for a moment longer, then smirked, and picked up the phone on his desk. His fingers quickly dialed Tseng's extension, and he waited, watching.

He could the the frustration in Tseng's facial expression on the first ring, and by the way the Wutaian's hand sped up, he was trying to get over the edge before answering the phone.

Two rings. Three rings. Tseng's eyes opened and his hand stilled, then moved to his thigh as his left reached for the phone. "Tseng," he answered quietly, efficiently masking his discomfort.

"Tseng," Rufus said, quietly, "It's Rufus. Are you terribly busy?" He watched Tseng's silent sigh, though he could not hear it, and watched as Tseng tucked himself away, trying in vain to hide the fact that he was still rock-hard.

"Not at all, sir. What can I do for you?"

Rufus smiled. "Nothing much. I'm just a bit bored up here. I know you didn't have a lot on your schedule today, and was wondering if I could use you as entertainment for a while." He paused. "I didn't interrupt anything, did I?"

Tseng smiled, and relaxed. "No, sir. I've just been sitting here, slightly bored myself." His right hand moved between his legs, and he palmed at the ridge in his pants lazily.

"I see. You did look like you were enjoying yourself, though," Rufus purred.

Tseng froze. His eyes widened slightly, and the expression on his face was nothing short of shock. Rufus laughed at the image. "Tseng, you look like I've just poleaxed you!"

Tseng began to stammer an apology, his right hand now resting flat on his d Ru Rufus shook his head and listened for a moment, then stopped Tseng's stammering with a soft, "I was enjoying watching you, Tseng. But, my question still stands. I'm still wondering if I could use you for entertainment."

Tseng's face twisted into an expression of suspicion. "What kind of entertainment, sir, if I might ask."

"I'm not going to leave my office, so you don't have to worry about what I have a feeling you're worrying about." Tseng visibly relaxed. "That's better. I want to know how well you can follow directions."

"You know I am usually very strin fon following what I'm told, sir," Tseng replied, slowly.

"Good. Then I want you to look through your desk and find the headset that goes with the phone. You'll want both hands free for this," Rufus watched as Tseng raised an eyebrow, then did as he was told. Once he saw that Tseng had it hooked up, and noted that Tseng did not verbally confirm it, he continued as Tseng adjusted the volume level and the head band so it was more comfortable. "That suits you, in an odd way."

"Thank you, sir," Tseng replied, slightly confused.

Rufus chuckled. "Now, then. Go lock your door, so you're not disturbed. The only interruptions I want you to have are the ones I /give/ you."

Tseng nodded, then stood and vanished from sight. The sound of a door lock clicking followed down the phone line. Rufus smirked. "Good. Return to your chair, then." Tseng did as he was bid, and sat down.

Rufus nodded approval, then murmured silkily, "You're going to strip for me, now, Tseng. Slowly. Enticingly. Make me hot."

Tseng drew a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment, then stood up, and came out from behind his desk. He paused again, seemingly to think about what he wanted to do, and how. He finally began by untying the black tie he wore, and laying it on the desk. Rufus interrupted him here. "Bring the chair around to the front, Tseng. I'd like to see you better, and I think you'll need the chair." He paused as Tseng went to comply. "On second thought," Tseng heard a soft click, "use the sofa instead, and focus your attention on the other wall."

"There are two hidden cameras in here?" Tseng asked as he moved.

"Of course. Your office is too large for just one," Rufus replied. Tseng came back into view just in front of the couch, and looked toward his desk.

"I feel silly doing this," Tseng muttered.

Rufus chuckled. "It could be worse." He sighed quietly. "So, you have the tie off, that's not very revealing."

Tseng chuckled softly, then slowly began to unbutton his shirt. "Have fun with it, Tseng," Rufus chided. Tseng paused at the third button, and slid one hand down to pull the shirt out of his pants, gently, the other one slowly still undoing buttons. "Better," Rufus commented as Tseng finished pulling at the shirt just as the last button came undone.

Rufus was silent as Tseng slid the shirt over his shoulders, and let it drop to the floor, where it created a pool of fine white silk. His eyes trailed along Tseng's chest, then watched the hands that slid across the chiseled muscles that came from Tseng's ninjitsu training.

Those hands moved to unbuckle the braided leather belt around Tseng's waist, then undid the button. Rufus shivered as Tseng paused there to palm himself for a brief moment. He was a little surprised to find that knowing Rufus was watching him aroused him more than he had been before.

Rufus chuckled, suddenly. "Before you continue, will you tell me what aroused you enough to need to take care of it here? Don't stop what you're doing, though."

Tseng started a bit at the voice, but his hand continued its movements. "I.. was daydreaming a bit, sir," he admitted. "I.. had been er.. watching .. last night."

Rufus laughed. "I see. Reliving a few moments to relieve stress, then?"

"Yes, sir."

Rufus smiled, and it was audible in his voice. "Then continue, Tseng. Close your eyes and forget about me. Think of whatever it was that had you that hard-"

Tseng interrupted him. "Knowing you're watching makes me harder, sir." The light blush that his words brought made Rufus smile.

"In that case, perform for me, Tseng. Whatever it takes. Don't stop, unless I tell you to, but don't come until I tell you that you can. Is that clear?" Rufus purred.

Tseng moaned softly. "Yes sir," he murmured, then slid the zipper of his pants down, and removed the remainder of his clothing, then sat on the sofa, legs spread.

"Good." Rufus switched to his own headset then, and settled down to watch, his hands folded under his chin, his elbows resting on his desk.

Tseng closed his eyes, and let his hand stray between his legs again. Fingertips trailed along his length for several moments, just teasing his cock back into full hardness. His other hand stroked along his thigh slowly as his hand curled around his shaft and began stroking it slowly. His breath sped up a little as he worked, remembering what Rufus had told him. ~Take it slowly.. or else you'll never make it..~ He concentrated for a few moments to slow his breathing.

Rufus shifted, his eyes following Tseng's hand. As he watched the slow process, he began to understand why so many people lusted after the Wutaian. Tseng certainly took his time with things. He himself would have gotten frustrated by now with the speed he set. He smiled, and realized that aroused him to an extent. ~He must have excellent control. I wonder how long I can push him before he loses it.~

Tseng's hand moved a littleter,ter, and he made a soft sound at it before slowing down again. Rufus said nothing in response, not wanting to break Tseng's concentration.

~Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.~ Tseng repeated in his mind, even through the images that were now blurring into sensations instead. His nerves began to tingle slightly, and rather than stopping it, he let himself settle into a faster rhythm, letting his nerves work at a slow burn. His hand worked only over his shaft, not touching the head of his cock. He knew that if he did, he wouldn't hold out long. Not when he'd been aroused this long, and when he had come so close earlier. He shivered at the thought, but kept himself under control.

Rufus stared at his screen, keeping his expression bored. Watching Tseng had been only mildly arousing him, but watching Tseng let loose, then rein in made his cock twitch. ~That speaks of training, there,~ he thought absently.

His eyes followed Tseng's hand as it moved, though he kept a watchful eye on the Wutaian's face. The lines of concentration returned as his hand sped up once again. Rufus heard a soft gasp, and watched Tseng's hand tighten before loosening again. He smirked. Training could only take a human being so far. His smirk turned evil as he murmured over the line, "Stroke a little faster than that, Tseng."

Tseng murmured an acknowledgment, then complied. He bit his lip to steady himself, and the stray thought of ~got to close earlier, getting too close now~ flitted through his head. He tried to ignore the sensations as much as he could, but it was obvious that he was starting to wear down.

Rufus smiled lazily, and said, quietly, "Close, Tseng?"

"Yes, sir," Tseng replied, keeping his breathing as even as he could.

"Good. Bring yourself to the edge, and stay there. Don't come until I tell you to." The hint of amusement in his voice told Tseng that Rufus was thoroughly enjoying himself.

It was a moment before Tseng finally answered, "Yes, sir." ~I don't know if I can /do/ that anymore.~ His hand kept the pace Rufus had set, and the more he tried to ignore the sensation, the worse it got. His breathing hitched, and became ragged.

Rufus smiled, and leaned forward a bit more, one hand supporting his chin now, as the other trailed up his thigh. He ached, horribly, but he wouldn't. Not here. Not now. His eyes focused on Tseng's cock again, and watched the head darken. He watched the tip weep as Tseng's hand moved. "Tseng," he said quietly.

"Sir?" Tseng responded, still steadily stroking, and carefully avoiding the spots just beneath his head, and the head itself.

"You have strong endurance. How long can you hold out?" Rufus asked, his voice still amused.

One year ago, Tseng would have answered instantly with 'As long as you tell me to hold out, sir.' Now, though, he hesitated. "I.. I'm not sure, sir." In all truth, the right touch would send him over the edge with no way to stop it and hold on.

"A good honest answer. You look like just the right action would finish you."

"Pretty much, sir." Tseng's hand faltered, just enough for him to rein in again.

Rufus practically purred. "I see." His hand absently traced the considerable bulge in his pants, increasing the ache. ~Not here, not now.~ he reminded himself, and his hand moved back to the desk. "Don't stop. But don't come."

"Yes, sir." This time, Tseng's reply was a whisper. The strain was showing on his forehead, and his hips rocked slightly as his hand moved. He closed his eyes tightly and concentrated on breathing again, even as his nerves burned, and his muscles began to tighten like a coiling spring.

Rufus smiled, his hand once again stroking over the ridge in his pants. He could see clearly that Tseng was getting very close to a point where he couldn't turn back. He let his fingers undo his pants before he realized it, and he began to palm himself through the black silk of his boxers.

Tseng's eyelids flickered as he held them tightly closed in concentration which was broken once more by Rufus' voice. "You're losing it, aren't you?"

"No, sir," Tseng answered, his cock twitching even as he spoke.

"Liar, you're inches from exploding," Rufus purred. Tseng whimpered softly and bit his lip. "Admit it, and maybe I'll let you come."

Tseng's eyes fluttered open, and he glared at the camera. Rufus smirked. He knew he'd hit a nerve with that. A Wutaian Royal Ninja /never/ admits defeat, or even near defeat. Eyes glowing bright silver from arousal, Tseng lifted his head defiantly, and once again ignored the sensations spiraling him towards oblivion. "No," he replied.

Rufus chuckled, and his hand slid into his boxers enough to pull them down, and to free his erection. "I see," he said. "Defiant to the end, ne, Tseng?" When the other man didn't answer, Rufus chuckled. "Let's just see how long you last, hm?"

Tseng's eyes remained defiant, but his body was sending a completely different set of signals. 'NO/. I'm trained better than this. I should be lasting much longer than I am.~ He made a soft noise that might have been a whimper. He shook his head, and bit his lip /hard/. It was enough for him to wrestle himself back under control.

Rufus, however, wasn't in any better shape. Tseng's defiance aroused him more than he realized. "You're crossing dangerous ground, Tseng," he murmured. "It may be that I tell you to stop, and watch you writhe in agony for a few days."

Tseng shuddered, and Rufus smirked. "I..." Tseng said, his eyes flashing with anger.


"I can't hold out much longer," Tseng finally said through grated teeth.

"Hm. You don't sound convincing, Tseng," Rufus purred, his own hand speeding up to match Tseng's stroke for stroke.

Tseng closed his eyes and gasped. His hand faltered. "I'm serious," he murmured. "I can't hold on much longer, sir."

Rufus smiled, slowing his hand a little. "Impress me, Tseng. Do whatever is necessary for you to hold on the longest, you may pause if you must, but not for very long."

Tseng moaned softly as his hand slowed, and he removed his hand from his cock, flexing his fingers, and shivering. "Thank you," he whispered softly. A moment later, he began a much slower rhythm.

Rufus let his hand move at the same pace, and he didn't reply to Tseng's whisper. ~Impressive training.. Let's see how far it takes him.~

Within moments Tseng was pausing every few strokes, his bottom lip between his teeth. Rufus kept his breathing even over the line as he worked in time with Tseng without the pauses.

Tseng began to wonder if Rufus was impressed yet. He knew he was too close, but didn't want to release until he was told to. His body trembled slightly as his muscles tightened. "S.. sir..?" he asked, finally.

"Yes, Tseng?" Rufus said, his voice still calm, even though his body was not.

"I I can't..." he trailed off, afraid that if he spoke much more, he would lose control.

"Not yet, Tseng.. let it burn slowly." Rufus said quietly.

"It's too late for that, sir," Tseng whispered desperately.

Rufus studied Tseng's body, his movements, and speed. ~He's at the end of his tether. He /is/ only human.~

"Can you still hold on?" Rufus asked, his hand speeding up a little.

"Not for long, sir," Tseng replied, slowing his own hand a little.

Rufus watched as Tseng's hand began to speed up again, his hips thrusting into his movements. His body trembled, and his back arched. He thought he caught a soft 'oh no' escape from Tseng's parted lips, but interrupted him before he could have the concentration to come.

"On your knees, Tseng, in front of the sofa, legs spread as wide as you can while keeping your balance," Rufus ordered.

Tseng was shocked enough by the order that his hand dropped, and he slid off the couch and onto the floor. He settled on his knees, and his hand resumed its motions. It was enough to distract him. Rufus smiled as he began to get close. "You don't know /how/ arousing you are in that position now, Tseng."

Tseng visibly shivered. His hand sped up a little. "No, sir, I don't," he murmured. His hand faltered and his breath caught before he smoothed them both back out.

"I've never seen a man quite as desperate as you are right now, Tseng." Rufus murmured.

Tseng shivered again. "Sir.." he whispered, "I seriously can't..."

Rufus continued to stroke himself bluntly, nearing completion. "Then don Tse Tseng. Come for me."

Tseng closed his eyes and let his back arch. His body tingled. Rufus smirked as Tseng's body lifted a little on his knees, so his body curved almost against the couch. A few droplets leaked from the head of Tseng's cock as he swiped his thumb over it, just before his essence burst from him almost literally, dripping onto the carpet several inches away from his knees.

Rufus bit his lip to stay as silent as Tseng had been as his own release was much more sedate. He smiled as he watched Tseng milk his orgasm for all it was worth, even has his own hand began to slow.

"Thank you, sir," Tseng whispered, defeated, as his hand slipped away to hang limply at his side.

Rufus chuckled. "No, Tseng. Thank /you/. I might ask you to perform for me again. No one else I've watched in this building has ever induced me to touch myself. I usually wait until evening when I can replay things in my mind." As he spoke, his hands were quietly typing in a command to his computer.

Tseng did not blush. "I see, sir." He sighed softly. "May I dress and get back to things, then..?"

Rufus chuckled and pulled a video disk from his computer and idly twirled it in his fingers for a moment. "Yes, Tseng, of course. When you do, I want you to come up here. I have some reports to return to you."

"Yes sir," Tseng replied, and heard the click as Rufus hung up. He moved to get dressed.

Rufus watched idly as Tseng removed the headset and began to dress, then left, and returned to clean the carpet and left again. He marked the video disk and put it into an envelope, addressed it as internal office mail to 'Elena Tescon, Department of Administrative Research' and sealed it.

Waiting for when Tseng handed that envelope to Elena back on the 52nd floor, Rufus chuckled wickedly. The only words on the note that accompanied it, on the notepad that began 'from the desk of Rufus J. Shinra' were 'Only watch this when you are completely alone. ~R.'


Yes. Evil... There might eventually be an addition to this.. when Elena gets around to watching that video disk.

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