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Don't ask how Tifa got captured. I wrote this along side my first fanfic due to odd inspiration. My fanfics at the time to ge PG to PG-13 or the guy wouldn't post them.


by Sailor Poison

Floating across a room is this form even more mutated than the last time people saw him. Hojo's arms were uneven, left bigger the right. His main body twice as long as his arms. He had no legs now but what seemed to be a long tail and funky wings on his back. He had no need for clothes. His head somewhat human enough to still speak. His skin covered by black scales, with red skin showing where there were no scales. He moves towards a cell door.

He wants to taste human flesh before leaving behind all humanity. So he enters the woman's cell. She is asleep on a table, already tied down, spread eagle, and naked. Cloud stands next to her, Hojo's puppet. Cloud secured the girl on Hojo's orders very well. He can feel lust and excitement arise in him. She is lovely for an ignorant human. Her breast perfectly round, her hair a dark contrast on her white skin. He orders Cloud out, didn't want an audience. Hooks into her mind, hating to be the only one to enjoy this. His long tail splits to form legs, both muscular and man like. His newly formed genitals hang naked. Can feel his penis stiffen as he hovers next to the table. Yes, he thought, I will enjoy this last wish. Shrinks his form to more human size. Wouldn't want to kill her before her time. He slides his hands over her breast, kneading them. Her soft skin feeling smooth and ghtfghtful to a man who hasn't seen a woman in a year. She wakes up fully as he licks her stomach which is smooth and perfect. Licks in circular motions slowly creeping down. She cries out in horror as his tongue reaches to her cunt. Tifa pulls at her tight bonds in vain. To aid more to the horror she felt, her body is responding to this nightmare in lust almost as equal to his. His tongue slides over her cunt. He can smell and taste her sex. He sticks his tongue, which was still quite long, into her. She feels herself start to sweating, getting wet and wanting more. Her mind shouting in protest and she cries out, "No, oh god no!" He moves it in and out making her cry. An orgasm runs through her body, arching her back some. Her screams enticing him further. He pulls his tongue out slowly. Slowly raises his head to her breasts. Her nipples have already stiffened. His mouth covering her left breast, expanding over it with inhuman abilities. He sucked it slowly, rubbing her nipple with his tongue driving her nuts with disgust and desire. Then, he puts his mouth over her right breast. Sucking and licking it, increasing her desire. Then he can smell she is ready. He lays down on her, slipping his member into her slowly, and savoring the wet joy. Her Nos halted by new sharper groans. They are mixed with horror, protest, yet pleasure. He begins rocking his hips in a steady motion, her moans breaking into words "No, oh god, oh god!" She felt herself coming in a explosions, seems as if he is going to fill her till Tifa no longer existed. Her back arching, pushing against him. He nips at her breast, letting his tongue lick her sweating body. His thrusting becoming harder and more insistent, driving her from orgasm to orgasm into insanity and pleasure. Her moans ceasing to be argue. He could feel himself coming, taking him to an ultimate orgasm. Soon all he can hear is Tifa's and his own moans. The waves of pleasure lifting him. Then the sweetest burst, oh god, this is why he stayed a bit human. To merge and become one. His thrusting slows as he enjoys her limp form for just a bit longer. Yes, he will miss this. He slowly pulls himself out of her and off of her. He hovers near her body. Yes, he will miss the feeling. She lies sore and wet with sweat. No, he can't leave yet. He isn't nearly done. Her body laying there, smell of sex too strong to ignore. He had to have one last experiment with her. His body is a tool, he can change it into anything he desired. He changes his arm to two complex penises. He wanted to see if he could drive her beyond returnable sanity. This is even more fun. With muscles he began thrusting into her, causing her to moan louder. Driving her into pleasure she never felt. Pushing her mind beyond the reaches of sanity. She could no longer think beyond the orgasms. Her back arching again, being tortured by the sweetest pain. Feeling the pleasure twice as much. Maybe he will play with the others when he is done.......

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