White Sands

BY : SailorPoison
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Have no rights over these characters. Square ownes them. I just have lack of taste to put them in this kind of story! Bwahahahahaha Enjoy.

White Sands
by sailor Poison

Sea breeze blows over the white sands of a lonely beach. The warm, blue waters brushes the shore in lazy waves. Some birds cry overhead and a few critters scurry across the sand. The sun was low in the evening sky. The air still holds much of the warmth of the hot day but is cooling slowly. Two men walk across the dunes to the beach. One man was tall, around 6’4”. His skin a dark down. He has a bread and crew cut, the black hairs of his head peppered with gray. His build is strong and thick with muscle. He has a nice dark blue short sleeve shirt and dark blue swim trunks. His almost back eyes glancing about the beach. Where a right hand should be is a gun arm. Another man follows the bigger guy. He isn’t nearly as tall, around 5’8". His build is more medium. His hair is wavy blond with not as much gray. His face is a bit scruffy from needing a good shave. He wears a tropical shirt and black swim trunks. Blue eyes looking for the ideal spot to set up. The bigger man carries a large cooler while the other man carries the chairs and blankets. They both wanted to get away from the work and had this trip planned for some time.

Cid, “We have been busting our *&% butts and ... hell, we deserve this break from the pipsqueaks! Besides, playing hookie ain’t gonna hurt us.”

Barret, “Why do I have to carry the cooler?”

Cid, “You gonna let an old man hurt his back?”

Barret thought about it for a bit, “Hey, wait a minute... I’m older than you.”

Cid, of course pretends not to hear that, “Hey this is the perfect spot!”

Barret grumbles as they set them blankets and chairs up. He plans to get Cid back. Barret helps Cid gathered some sticks into a large pile. Then two men look at the ocean and then each other. Without a word, they jump into the ocean. The two swim in the blue waves of warm water. Cradles them as they enjoy the moment freedom of demands and stress. The sky is gng dng dark when they made their way back up the beach to their spot. The cooler is mostly beer and some bottles of Jack Daniel. Only a small section even has food. Barret goes through the cooler as Cid makes a bonfire from the sticks he set aside. Barret insisted he be in charge of the cooler but Cid didn’t seem to care. Both are soon cooking hot dogs over the bonfire while drinking beers.

Barret, “This wasn’t a bad idea... “

Cid, “Did we bring the marshmallows?”

Barret, “Course, fool.”

Cid, “Shut your trap ya *&%$ up ill-literate monkey boy. “

They threw insults at each other to see who will top who.

The sun is just set with the stars starting to come out. They exchange banter and laugh over their meal. Then roast some marshmallows. By the time the sun set completely below the horizon, Cid is drunk and feeling weird.

Cid staggers to his feet, “Oh man... I gotta go take a leak... “

Cid stumbles off, Barret watching him go. Actually staring at Cid’s ass before Cid vanishes into some brush. The smaller man has a nice tight ass on him. He stands and walks over to where Cid went. Sees Cid with his legs slightly spread as he just started to urinate into some brush. Cid looks back and smiles a bit.

Cid, “You gotta take a fucking leak too?”

Barret feels himself become aroused. He also knows Cid is more smashed then he is. After all, he did encourage the smaller man to drink a

Barret, “Just gotta take a leak... “ Pulls his own out and starts to empty his bladder.

Cid, “Damn, Barret... is that a dick or a small monster?”

Barret, “Both, ya fool!”

They both laugh at the joke.

Barret doesn’t have as much as Cid so he finishes up quickly. Cid is just getting done emptying himself out. Barret walks over and puts a hand on the other guy’s ass to give it a squeeze. Cid smacks his hand away.

Cid, “What the hell are ya doing?”

Barret, leans over to whispers, “Bend over, *&bitch148; He then chuckles.

Cid, thinking this was a joke, laughs nervously, “Get away from me, you pervert.”

Cid walks back to the fire. Totally unaware that Barret isn’t kidding. Barret follows his friend back, noticing Cid is having trouble walking. Cid is dimly aware that Barret is uncomfortably close to him. Not till the large man manages to tackle him to the ground.

Barret, “I told ya to bend over. “

Barret uses his gun arm to hold Cid down, thus freeing his good hand. He yanks Cid’s swrunkrunks down and begins to fondle him. Cid is vainly trying to struggle. His coordination totally gone.

Cid, “Get off me, you god-damn ass-pirate! ..... oh...... hey stop that!”

Barret could feel Cid’s member stiffening up. Cid is groaning, not even struggling at one point. Barret pulls Cid onto his lap and continues to stroke him. Barret licks his neck slowly and sucking on the more sensitive spots. Cid sits there, moaning helpless on the bigger man’s lap. Made a soft gasp as he orgasimed.

Barret, “Now it’s my turn.... “

Cid, “Huh?” at this point isn’t all the way there. Being drunk and drugged up.

Barret lays Cid on his stomach then pulls his own trunks down. Cid tries to push himself up to his knees. All Cid knows, in his hazy way, is that he didn’t feel so well. Barret pushes his hot erection between the Cid’s buttocks and into his depths. He pushes all the way in without trying to be gentle.

Cid, out loud, “Ow!”

Barret smiled, pausing briefly to enjoying Cid’s tightness The drugs are working out better than he expected. He begins to thrust himself into Cid without mercy. Cid cries out as Barret rapes him by the bonfire. Cumming inside the small man several times before he releases Cid. Cid lays on blankets feeling sore, confused, and violated before he passes out. Barret cleaned Cid up and set him in the chair as if nothing happened. He then sits in his own chair and passes out.

Sun rises, giving the a loa lovely display of red and gold. The ocean glowed as the first rays dances over the waves. Barret wakes up to see Cid is not in his chair. Barret walks back to the plane and doesnee Cee Cid right away. He hears a click as he realizes Cid is behind him with a gun in hand.

Cid, voice dead of emotion, “You think you can fuck me over and not pay the price?“

Barret doesn’t answer.

Cid, “Time for you to bend over.”

Cid ties Barret’s arms to part of the plane. He makes it so Barret wouldn’t be able to fire his gun arm at him. Barret is repeatedly hit in the head and kicked in the ribs. Leans against the plane dazed and sore.

Cid, “Far from done, old friend.... “ The friend part said with sarcasm.

Yanks Barret’s swim trunks down and feels up his buttocks.

Cid, “Gee, mister.... you sure got a pretty butt. What shall I stick up it? I know.... “

With a cruel smile he pulls out of the plane some cylinder. Barret can’t see what it is exactly. He doesn’t even lubricate it before ramming it into Barret. Barret gave ap ofp of pain.

Cid, “Did that hurt?”

Now Barrett is being raped by Cid, who heedlessly pushes the object into him. Moans of pain are heard, Tears go down his cheeks as he begins to bleed. Eventually Cid stops the assault.

 “I think you’re done with the lesson. You ever rape me like that again, I will kill you.”

Cid frees Barret and gives the bigger man some healing potion.

Later, they return to the base in Cid’s plane. Clou wai waiting form. m. He isn’t too pleased that they took off without leaving any word on where they were going.

Cloud, “Where have you been?!”

Cid doesn’t reply.

Barret, “None of your damn business!”

Barret stalks off. It is obvious they been to a beach, they haven’t changed yet or taken a shower. Cloud begins to wonder what really did happen. Later in the evening, he met Cid in their room. He curls against the old man in bed who at first is distant. Eventually Cid flips over and snuggles against him.

Cloud, “Are you okay? What happened?”

After some coaxing, Cid tells what happened during the night. At first Cloud is quite stunned and then angered. Cid is feeling better to have got it off his chest.

Cid, “Don’t worry about it.... I got him back.”

Cloud, “But that he hurt you... “

Cid smiles, feeling gratification that his love wants to defend him without a second thought. His love for the younger man swelling up in his chest.

Cid, bit choked with feeling, “Like I said... I took care of it.”

Cloud gently kisses him on the lips. They make love that night, slowly and gently to later fall sleep in each other’s arms. Nothing heard aside soft breathing.

The end.

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