en Face de L'Obscurité

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“en Face de L'Obscurité“

By Tina and Poison


Been a three years since meteor has been stopped. The world was slowly climbing back onto it’s own feet. For a brief time there was chaos. ShinRa was on the brink of collapse. All expecting the world to end. Yet, it didn’t end. The miracle Aeris brought them all saved them from meteor.

The world seem to almost sprout back to life. The following months Reeve strove hard to keep the company alive. In turn, he had to rely on the Turks to help keep order. Tseng, who finally got out of the hospital, was able to take back control of the Turks from Reno. Not that Reno wanted to be the boss anyway, he preferred being the slacker. The love blossomed between Tseng and Elena, to where they soon married. Their wedding wasn’t the only one. Cloud and Tifa also married one year after meteor was stopped. All of their friends were invited. Shera caught the bouquet. How the girls seem to love that. Last year, Cid finally tied the knot with Shera. During the wedding, he said in his speech, ‘I woke up one day to find her there next to me and decided to keep her.’ The fact she was pregnant might have inspired the issue of marriage to the old pilot.

Marriage didn’t really effect Cid too much. he still had that habit of popping in on people out of the blue. ouldould fly somewhere and suddenly decide he wanted to say hello. This he did to Vincent, Cloud, and sometimes Barret.

This story isn’t about Cid. This story revolves around other people. Vincent valentine, ex-turk, who lived by himself in the ShinRa mansion that set on the outskirts of Nibelhiem. He was mostly left alone. Except for when he got visits from someone like or for from Tseng. Tseng sometimes come to check up on him or pass the offer of a job. Vincent has yet to take up the offer. Still felt connected to the mansion. Here is where his love gave her body over to a mad scientist and gave birth to Sephiroth. Where he was turned into a monster.

Raven black hair that hung long like black silk curtains to his slender hips. His body that of an assassin. Thin, yet strong with scars left from the experiments done to him by Hojo. These experiments left him stronger, faster, and more keen. Left hand was a claw he kept in a gauntlet. Eyes glow a dim red from his pale, bishounen face. Always wore black and red.

Felt he had to go through the books of the library first. Three years pass by slowly for him. Alone in the mansion that was slowly falling apart. At times, he has considered taking up that job offer. Sometimes, he wanted to just leave the old mansion to burn down to the ground. Only good thing was the brief visits. For a small period, he felt wanted. Maybe the recent weddings did hurt him more then he did show. First Cloud, then Tseng, and then Cid. Even Barrett was very close Elmira while they both cared for Marlene. Vincent didn’t even consider Yuffie. Who was left to be with him? He accepted his solitary as a punishment for being a monster.

Yet, his time alone, he began to wonder if he truly was alone. Someone has been leaving messages in the basement library. Vincent didn’t know all the secrets of the mansion. At times he regretted this. For he would find some books open or book marked on passages that seem to remind him only of one vile person. The man who stole Lucrecia and ruined both their lives. Hojo.

One other person this tale is about man with black hair that has a slightly wild spike and a small tuff of white hair on his left temple from where he was shot. Intense mako blue eyes with a hint of purple. Strong build of a fighter, maybe around 5’10” in height. He rode a normal chocobo through the plains between the forests near his home. Hame ame was Zack. Years he he was Soldier first class in the ShinRa army. Then one day, his life was shattered. The fateful day Sephiroth lost both his sanity and humanity. How he could still remember the flames from the town. How he still bore the scar Sephiroth gave him.

Just visited his parents who were relived to see their son lived after all this tiWherWhere was Zack after all this time? After their break out, Zack fled with Cloud from ShinRa. For a week they just did their best to hide. Cloud was still sick from the experiments done to them. He couldn’t just leave Cloud to fend for himself. By now he saw the grunt as a brother. So, he cared for Cloud and kept him close by. Then he got this idea in his head. they could become mercenaries. But they had to start off where the action was. That meant sneak into Midgar. True ShinRa Headquarters was there but so the city was so huge, they could hide with easy inside. Plus, Aeris lived there. Hi His Aeris, who was sweet and gentle. How visions of her kept him strong when he floated in that tank of mako energy. Then they were caught outside of Midgar. Despite his brave attempts to strop the grunts, Zack was gunned down. Body left for dead. Someone came and found him. By luck, an old assistant who worked for Gast. Zack was hidden away while they tried to help him. For a while he was in a coma. Slowly came back to the world.

To find that Aeris was dead. Learned the story from Cloud. At first he was understandable upset. His girlfriend was killed by the man who left them in the hands of ShinRa to be used as guinea pig. By the man who he fought along side during the wars. By a man he saw as his friend. Then felt anger for all that he went through and lost. Yet, as he traveled, he began to accept this. Now he needed return to Nibelhiem to help close the past. Few knew he was still alive, and he liked it that way. Soon he can see the mountains the small town sat at the base of. Pauses to admire them. This is where things changed for him. Something told him, maybe another change was about to occur. Shook that feeling off and rode towards the small town once called Nibelhiem.

Chapter 1

The mansion was silent. usually silent except for the occasional monster or sound of the Ex-Turk named Vincent. Or.. someone or something that seems to invade the mansion. Something with a twisted mind. As now, his odd chuckles seem to vibrate through the library. Dark chuckles of Hojo. Of course, always seems to watch the Ex-turk. Now the for a second the laughter seems to grow louder to suddenly quiet.

Zack was exploring the small town. Always marveled how ShinRa replicated it all. He doesn't know Vincent is at the mansion. All he knows is his life was changed here. By Sephiroth. By ShinRa. His gift from them all, a tattoo of the infinity symbol on the back of his left hand. Zack then notes something odd at the side of the mansion. Another way StaiStairwell that went down to the basement level. Being a curious man, Zack starts down the stair well.

Vincent sits in the basement as always, his reading glasses perched on the end of his nose as he reads through one of the many books stored down there. Even though he hated Hojo, he had to admit the man was very intelligent, that much was shown from his multiple notes and analogies strewn everywhere. He tucks an errant strand of black hair behind his ear with his claw, pausing for a moment, wondering if he heard something. He puts down the book and removes his glasses silently, remaining seated and listening.

Zack comes to a wall. Swears he hears eerie yet familiar laughter. Wonders who the blazes was that? It sounded so close to him. hands starts feeling around the wall. Finds a trigger as the wall in the basement starts to move. Curious what was going to be on the other s For For a second the laughter almost seems behind him.

Zack, "... What the?"

Vincent stands slowly from his seat, reaching down to his holster and resting his hand on death penalty. He feels reassured by the presence of the weapon, and even more so by his invader's seeming clumsiness. “From the sounds of it, he couldn't sneak up on a deaf man,” he murmured to himself softly. He begins to move with unnatural stealth towards where the sound's coming from, deciding he has to get rid of that entrance from outside, he lifts death penalty out of it's holster and clicks of the safety catch. Zack the feels something that seems to kick him out of the secret entrance though no one was around him so he all of a sudden staggers out of the secret entrance, trying to catch his balance. Wondering if the old mansion was haunted. Unaware there was a trigger happy gunman waiting for him. Vincent smiles slightlealiealizing this could be the first good fight in a long time, he suddenly feels impatient and ponders if he should run out at the intruder, guns blazing, and ask questions later. The temptation is great, but he merely lurks round the corner and hovers in the shadows in a corner. Zack growls at the air behind him. hated being kicked in the ass... really did! But looks around. Recognizes this as the library section of the library. hasn't seen this in a long time. Sneaks slowly, wondering who was keeping it clean. was it a ghost? That sent a shiver down his spine. He hated ghosts. The idea of a ghost makes him put a hand to his sword. He was not going to let a ghost get the better of Zackery Bleys! Vincent leaps out at his adversary, tackling him rather easily, knocking him to the ground and rolling away from him, standing upright gracefully and holding his gun up, He pulls the trigger with precision and speed, the bullet hitting Zack hard in the shoulder, knocking him back further across the room.

Vincent snaps angrily, “What are you doing here?” glaring down at the other man with almost scary Rage.

Zack falls and the on his way up is shot in the shoulder. Well a bit lower then his attended target but shoulder in shoulder area. "Geeze! What the hell? Who the hell are you?" Hand to his shoulder, "I just saw the stairs and came out here... I came here cause of personal reasons. " Blue mako eyes glare at Vincent. Black spiky bang hangs a bit infront of his face. He looks alot like a cousin or brother to Cloud but a bit more buff and taller.

Vincent stares im aim a moment, noticing his frightening similarity to Cloud but not mentioning anything. “Hum...Have you ever heard of knocking the front door? Maybe if you'd enterhe che conventional way you wouldn't be now bleeding on my floor. By the way, I hope you plan on cleaning that up, I fired the maid, she was a bit like you actually, annoying and stupid,” Vit sct scowled slightly as he spoke, watching Zack carefully still for any sign of him shooting back or attacking him in any way.

Zack stands up.... a bit pale from the shock of being shot. "Excuse me! " The sighs, "Hey, I'm like sorry. I didn't know this place was your home. I honest would have knocked. Geez, mom would kill me if she knew I broke into a house." Examining his wound a bit.

Vincent raises one eyebrow, a little amused at the comment about Zack's mother. “Hm...I suppose I should fix that wound of yours. I doubt your Mom would be too happy if you went home bleeding either, neh?”

Zack scratches the back of his neck and chuckles a bit embarrassed, "She is all overprotective since... well never mind. I just need the bullet removed. I mean if you really want I could clean up. My name is Zack Bleys."

Vincent nods a little, turning and walking up the stairway. “Follow me, my name is Vincent Valentine. I'm guessing you know this place?” he inquires as an after thought, stepping out from behind the bookcase into his bedroom and pausing to wait for Zack.

Zack, "Aye... hard to forget one's prison.." Mumbles that a bit as he follows Vincent. This place was part of what haunted his dreams, how could he forget?

Vincent leads him down into the living room, not asking him any more about his past, though he's a little curious abouck, ck, he does not want to pry. “Sit down a moment please, I'll be right back witu.&#u.”

Zack smiles briefly, “Sure, I'll behave.” Zack sits down on a chair. Can tell any changes done and compares it to his memory of the mansion.

Vincent walks through into his bathroom, rummaging through the cupboards for any materials he could use to help fix Zack up. Usually he'd have been prepared but life had been so dull and uneventless lately he had allowed himself to practically run out of potions, bandages and anything else of use, something which would never have happened before. He retrieves two rather old, meager potions and a knife and a pair of forceps. Shoulder hurt in odd pulses of pain. Felt like his flesh was rejecting the bullet. For a second a wave of nausea and dizziness as he has a flashback of being shot up. Ghost pain of the bullets from the past impacting in is mind as he stares into space a bit.

Vincent sits down beside Zack, popping the tops of the potions, not even looking at him. “You alright?” he inquires in a rather dead pan voice, though he's worried really, he looks down at the knife and forceps for a moment, then to Zack's shoulder. “I don't think I should remove it. We should get a doctor, it'll hurt.” he adds.

Zack snaps out of it and shakes his head, "If you want I can remove BettBetter if you did, since the angle is a bit awkward for me.... I felt worse pain before, trust me." slips his shirt off so the wound can be cleaned. The bullet is closer to the surface then it should be...

Vincent nods slightly, glancing for a second and the man's physique, slightly confused for a moment. He had a muscular, well developed torso and strong looking arms. He should have put up a much better fight than he did. Vincent pushed that aside and poured one potion over his wound, hoping it might work as a mild anesthetic. He began to cut away the skin above the bullet, glancing to the other man now and again to see his expression. Winces a bit and just stares off into space. Mako blue eyes with tint of purple, void of anything aside the glow as if his mind was elsewhere again. Bullet seems to move a bit in his flesh though he was still except for breathing. Vincent is slightly surprised by Zack' resistance to pain, and smiles a little, gently removine bue bullet and pulling a small roll of bandage out, wrapping up the wound. He dropped the bullet in the bin and cleared away the remaining potion and bandage, walking through to the bathroom and placing it back in the cupboard, washing the blood from the knife and forceps. He walks back to Zack and sits down besides him, remaining silent for a moment, thinking to himself.

Zack then blinks back and smiles a bit at Vincent, "Thanks.. Now I remember. Cloud mentioned you! " Smacks his forehead with his right hand... "Duh Zack.... he told me you were one of his friends who helped him stop Sephiroth! It is a privilege to meet you."

Vincent starts in surprise. “Ah...Yes...Wait...I do remember...You where the one Cloud knew in ShinRa. Hm, indeed....” he pauses for a moment. “You're the one who knew Sephiroth, right?”

That friendly smile wavers a moment, "Yeah.. I knew Sephiroth... and Aeris. In fact, Cloud was one of my grunts back them. You must have Turk training. " Scratches the back of his hand some, "he grew up some."

Vincent nods slightly. “Yes. I was a Turk once. A very long time ago. Aeris, I barely knew her to be honest, but she seemed a sweet girl. She saved us all.”

Zack, "I once dated her.... So what did Cloudysama about me anyway?" Blue eyes light up with curiosity now. as he adjusts the glove on his left hand... Only glove he wore, to hide th tattoo.

Vincent pauses a moment, then smiles a little. “He said you'd died. Infront of him. Obviously, that is not the case. I bet he's very happy, he seems to admire you alot.” Vincent pauses a moment, it hitting him slightly that he hasn't spoke to anybody properly in about three months. He suddenly fears becoming clingy, as he realizes that already, he's dreading the moment Zack will leave an’ll be left alone again.

Zack, "Yes... that I was kinda dead for a a few moment for I saw my body. It freaked me out... Anyway, someone found me and saved my life. Here I am... Actually, this is the mansion me and Cloudysama were used as guinea pigs by ShinRa.... I saw our tanks were not moved.. I was hoping to spend some time here. I don't know why but felt drawn here.."

Vincent nods slightly. “Then we have something in common. Hojo used me as a guinea pig, as you put it, down in the cellars. That was when I was a Turk.” He runs his human hand down his gauntlet for a moment, staring into space a little vacantly, his crimson red eyes dulling till they have a pinkish tinge.

Zack touched that gauntlet covered claw gently... he remembers clearly the monsters in the tanks when he came to repair a valve in the reactor. This was more the same thing, was it? "That bites." Said sympathetically, " Left hand s flexes a bit, "that monster... shouldn’t have been allowed to be a scientist. " for a moment pities Sephiroth also.

Vincent's gauntlet twitches under his hand but he makes no comment on it. “I feel more sorry for ones like you and Cloud, ones who left people behind and had things working out for them before he got his slimy hands on them. He's still here you know.” he adds, his voice taking a bitter tone. “He hovers around here, he's probably watching right now, God I hate him.”

Zack gives a growl, "That who kicked me? I owe him a knin tin the back...." Then goes quiet a moment rubs th back of his left hand through the glove, "Do you mind if I hang here some?"

Vincent shakes his head, smiling a little. “Not at all. I could use someone here to be honest, this place is pretty big and with just me rattling around it, I feel a bit like an old spinster or something.”

Zack, "But you look so young... Oh, I can do stuff. I can cook." Said with some pride, "And I can get rid of salesmen." That last part a joke of course as he chuckles.

Vincent grins a little. “I do that very well too...They just usually end up filing law suits and all that annoying hassle, so I tend to bury them afterwards.” he looks completely deadpan at Zack for a moment, then allows a small smile to cross his lips. “Are you hungry or anything?” inq inquires, remembering Cid's high requirement of food and tea.

Zack, "I haven't thought of food since last night.. lets go see what you got and I can prove to you I am worthy of being called a cook. Least I can do since I broke into your home." heads for the kitchen.

Vincent stands up and follows him, pausing a moment. “I'm more in the wrong really, I shot you.” he replies dryly, leaning against the kitchen door and crossing his arms over his chest.

Zack, "I was an intruder.. though being shot didn't exactly give me pleasant memories. He starts scanning the pantry and refrigerator for what was available. " Want to join me? I can cook you something good,"

Vincent sighs a little. “I apologize. I've been very on edge. Hojo is still around, and I've been bored brainless... Not that that excuses shooting people... But anyway. Yes, I'll eat with you.”

Zack serves up two large omelets with cheese and meats he got from the refrigerator that were still good. In fact he set the platown own and began to eat. The omelet was very well cooked. Unlike Cid who could almost burn water. Zack seem to be enjoying his food. Vincent cut of a small piece and placed it in his mouth nervously, ready to spit it out should it be rancid, vile or poisonous. He was surprised to find, however, that it was very good.

Vincent replies, “This tastes nice,” rather blandly a tinge of disbelief in his voice as he cuts of a larger piece and eats that also

Zack smiles a rather cute broad smile that just hinted some of why his men loved him, maybe... "Thank you. I learned to cook from my mother. Lovely woman... " He chuckles as he takes his time eating his food.

Vincent smiles a little back, his own grin not a match on Zack's, but it had it's own quality as it was strangely mysterious and rare. He finishes his omelette rather quickly, surprised at himself as he sits back feeling properly fed for once, as all he ever ate usually was a can of spaghetti here and there, or a packet of super noodles, since his appetite was usually rather lacking.

Zack rubs his wash board belly, thinking how kawai this man was in a cute way. Gives a small burp before he collects the dished to wash them, "Mind if I just wander around some? I was thinking of revisiting the reactor... "

Vincent shakes his head, walking over to Zack and picking up a towel, drying out the washing up and placing it down on the rack. “Not at all. My house is yours, only way I can say sorry for that incident earlier.”

Zack, "I already forgotten about it... " Thinks.. how graceful he was.. remembers Sephiroth moved with similar grace. Both were tall and silent. Both talked only when they had something to say, but spoke with depth. Vincent was beautiful like a classic statue. For a second just stares at Vincent admiring him, wanted to touch that cheek. Snaps out of it with a blush, "I can cook supper later if you want..."

Vincent watches Zack a moment, confused at his little trance out, he smiles kindly at him and nods slightly. “That would be very nice.” he replies simply and looks away to the dish rack, suddenly feeling mildly embarrassed. Zack was an unassuming and generally attractive person, his body and nature where both incredibly beautiful, Vincent decided to himself silently. He realized he was beginning to like Zack, but pushed it away. After all, it wasn't very normal to start liking a guy after ten seconds, he guessed it was the loneliness from being away from people so long. He glanced to Zack and smiled slightly once more, wondering if there had ever been a time he'd smiled this much. “I'm going to clean up around here, it's a bit of a wreck, what time will you return?”

Zack, "I hope back around four... Since it is a bit of a hike to the reactor. Plus, I don't know how long I will stay there. But I will be back to make you a dish that is worth being for." Gives a playful wink at that last part and smiles with white teeth of his. Mako eyes a warmth in their glow.

Vincent stares a moment, slightly enhanced by his eyes, though he'd seen that before with Cloud, it hadn't been the same. Cloud's always had a slightly colder tinge to them, but for alot of the part he was pretty serious anyway. Vincent shook himself awake and nods slightly in reply. “From your cooking just now, I'm sure that will be the case.” he replies simply, placing the towel down on the side.

Zack lets the water drain from the sink and dries his hands off, "Well... I'll be back. " Said that in a brief deep voice for he felt a bit playful. Then he heads out, grabbing his sword on the way out to the road to the reactor. Once on the road, he gets a lil more serious as he had to be cautious.

Vincent heads into the living room, looking around the dusty room and sighing softly. “God... So much junk... This is gonna be tough.” he remarks dryly, rolling up his sleeves and tying his hair back and getting all set for his task.

The mansion for once is quiet of monsters or Hojo. Zack did some climbing. Along the way, he feels eyes on him sometimes. it gives him the creeps to be honest. Wonders if it is Hojo or just some monster. yet, still feels compelled to go there anyway. Thus, he keeps moving.

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