L'amour et la Fume`e ne Peuvent

BY : SailorPoison
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L'amour et la Fume`e ne Peuvent se Cacher

By Vincent’s Angel, Topaz, Quistis, and Sailor Poison

Chapter 1

One day Zell is walkinwn twn the halls of Balamb garden when he enters the front hallway, peering up the stairs at the elevator. Zell is a handsome young man, with blond hair that is always kept bruised back in neat spikes. His elaborate black tattoo set on the left side of his face, almost accenting his cheek bone in a appealing way. Always a smile on his lips, white teeth flashing free. Bright blue eyes always curious. Zell, "Hmm, I wonder what's in the basement now that we destroyed mon monster." Walking slowly up the stairs, and pressing the button at the top watching the elevator door slowly open infront of him as the doors shut and he nervously presses down a brilliant flash raided his eyes.

Cid has been working on his airship all day. The airship is stationed next to Rocket town for a few months. He has it move to various places for god knows why. Cid was a bit paranoid about his baby. Today he has been hanging from a rope and repainting the lady on the hull, it looks like a female version of Vincent if you know what Vincent looks like. Why Cid is doing this is only known to his perverted mind.

As the flash slowly dims in the blondes eyes he gazes up seeing not the top of the elevator but a blue sky, as he observes the surrounding area he notices large walls like a cavern with rocks almost appearing like stairs infront of him,

Zell, "Shit, where am I?" he proclaimed attempting to climb the cavern walls.

As he lifted himself around the last edge he notice a man suspended from a rope painting over a picture of a women on the side of a huge ship. The man of blond hair, bangs kept from his face by the goggles that set ontop his head. His clothes were that of a pilot, despite the paint and grease.

Cid, "Come on.. little bit more and I got the left breast done for sure baby... oh yeah.. my best work yet!" Chats to himself as he has paint on his clothes and flesh that was not covered. also has grease under the paint. He almost looks a bit crazy except for the fact the paint just makes him a goofy cute.

Zell, “Hey mister... “ But missteps and find himself plummeting towards the ground. Scream as he does which gets Cid’s attention more then the hey mister did.

Cid legs go of the rope and shoves off the hull of the ship, briefly falling towards Zell, he tries to grab a hand before his rope pulls him from hitting the ground. Their hands grab almost at the last minute. The rope was still tied around his waist encase of an accident after all, Cid was no idiot.

Cid, "Whoa there!"

Zell asked nervously, “Do you know where Balamb is sir? I am kinda lost”

Cid smiles at the cute kid, wondering who the hell he was and if that ass was as tight as it looked. "Hey kid, ya never wanna walk off cliffs, bad for ya health! Name is Cid Highwind, best pilot over air, land, and water.. hell even space. Umm, I never heard of that place. This is Rocket Town."

Zell, "Uhh... never heard of ya, or this town I just wanna know where Balamb Garden is... you know Balamb the Gardens? SeeD candidates? You have to know about us"

Cid, "No.. No... Ain't seed the tiny things planets grow from? I ain't bitching but my arms is killing me so lets get on the airship."

Both of them climb up the rope to the top deck.

Zell, “No SeeD's we trained by Garden! S E E D S!!" Zell tried desperately to get the man to tell him where the nearest garden was and just told himself this was just some kinda sick joke this guy was pulling on him.

Cid gets on board and rubs his shoulder some, "Listen kid, there have never been places like garden here. I would know cause I travel everywhere around here. We got ShinRa.. sorta but no garden." Serious he puts a hand on the kid's shoulder.

Zell jumps back at the mans touch "You’re sick man! is this some kinda sick JOKE! SeeD is real! Don't try to confuse me!"

Cid, " I am not jok I h I have no idea where you are from or maybe you are sick... maybe from another world.. I just know I don't lie when I say Garden never existed here." Tries to say this in a soothing way. not easy for Cid's gruff voice.

Zell peers at the man still very confused but for some reason, and doesn't know why but believes this man "Oh! so what are u saying I came here is some time travel thingy! maybe a big thing called SIN came and got me and brought me here! or maybe this is just a dream! that's it a dream," freaking out by his own imagination Zell waves his fists in anticipation for a fight

Cid stares at him like he is a raving nut for a moment, "I am saying is there is no garden. You appeared and you fell. I saved your dumb ass for getting hurt. " Pinches his shoulder hard with a gloved hand, "This a dream."

Looks at the man with an odd but innocent face scanning him quickly slowly falling into day dream about how much he'd love fucking this guy woke suddenly by the man pushing his fingers harder into his shoulder bone "OW MAN! let go of me, you know I still don't believe you, what do you want with me, why did u bring me here! U did this too me, so don't try to justify what u did with your "saving me" bullshit!"

Cid, “Cause I'm a nice guy, ya stupid idiot! I save lives on my off time! Hell I saved the while fucking world, why not one more cute kid.. I mean one more kid. Geez. I ain't gonna let someone splatter below if I can help it!"

Zell, "Humph I'm finding Balamb with or without your help" pushes by the man and Walks across the deck.

Cid laughs, "I'll help ya out kid. " Follows him with that odd walk of his. Sorta a swagger that he hardly notices but everyone else does and walks past Zell, "Come with me and I'll show ya the map." Makes his way to the captain's quarters of the ship, place few have seen for it was Cid's domain now. It was also a mess few but Cid can navigate. Pulls out a world map and then smaller maps.

Pauses his angry march and notices too steal pillars looking like they once held a rocket "Rocket town huh? why is it called that there is no rocket" Laughs at his stupid joke trying to impress the mR>

Cid not impressed, "Cause the rocket got launched to stop a huge ass meteor that almost killed everyone" Returns with the maps he got from his cabin. "That rock almost killed us all... “

Zell glares at the man for a few second and starts laughing, "Nice try your not gonna fool me with anymore of your wild fairy tales me and my buds kicked the sorceress a$$ to save this world!! one year ago!!"

Cid, "The who?" He laughs, "A girl almost kicked ya ass? Damn wherever ya come from must be filled with wimps. I bet I could kick as ass with my hand tied behind my back. you look green like a trig in spring come on over and look at this before I die laughing" Rolls out the main map. "you don't believe me? Ask anyone in this town. They will tell the same ry.&ry."

Zell shakes his fist "I don't get beat up by know girl and I'm NO WUSS!!!" rips the map form the mans hands and looks at in for a few moments "bring me here" he pointed down to the small town (where cloud and Tifa grew up) "your map is pretty old but I think that's where Balamb is!"

Cid chuckles, "If you say so, boss. " He smiles at the kid in some odd tolerant way and sets about taking them to that spot.. He didn't have to be anywhere after all so this was nothing to him. He felt sorry for him actually.

Zell watches as they raise above the clouds as they start off to the village

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