Sailor Sunboy

BY : SailorPoison
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: These characters are taken from the Final Fantasy 7 game. Sony Playstation has the rights to these characters. I am doing this not for money but for the fun of it. I have no rights over the characters. The Characters are presented as my interpretation of their personalities and may not be accurate. Anyone who copies my fan fic must remember that this Fan Fic is fto tto the public view (shouldn't use it to get money). I hope to who ever reads this that they enjoy it.

*This story has FF7 characters put in a Sailor Moon like story. All the cast is from the FF7 game. This also has alot of Yaoi. Not to be taken serious. I hope the reader laughs much.

Sailor Sunboy

by Sailor Poison


Many years ago.. King Zack was the ruler of the Sunkingdom. It was a prosperous kingdom. The king and his son were loved by all. One day Queen Jenova wanted to marry him to merge their kingdoms. Zack saw thru her and refused so she attacked his kingdom. There was a huge battle. To save the lives of his people and son, he sealed up the ShinRaverse and sent his people to the future with his last bit of energy. Sent Caith Sith and Nanaki to find the heroes in case the evil was release.

Season 1

The moon was full as some poor person got their energy drained by a shadowy figure. All that is heard is the distant "Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!" This made the news the next day. Cloud wakes up late. If he had time to listen to the news, he might have heard about the victim. His mother Aeris smiles as Cloud grabs his lunch and runs out the door. He runs down the street to Midgar High school, when he trips over a cat? Yes it is an unusual looking cat. One that stands up like a person. A small small cat is nd 3nd 3 feet tall, take or give an inch, with a sun tattoo on his forehead just visible under his small crown. Cloud got up, apologizing as he runs to school. The small cat gets a feeling his search is over.

It is in the afternoon now. Cloud had a terrible day in class. He was late so he had to stand outside the class and hold buckets of water. Plus, he failed his math test.

Cloud, " Mom is goto bto be so mad at me... " He wads the test up and throws it behind him. By some chance it hits a young man with long black hair and red tinted eyes.

Vincent, "Littering is inexcusable." He smoothes it out and scowls, " And so are these test marks. You will never get into Soldier with this. "

Cloud grabs it back, " Lay off!"

He huffs off home. Vincent can't help but think the kid is cute. Meanwhile, Cait Sith is still following Cloud from ontop his mog. Following the kid wasn't an easy thing for Cait Sith, who was trying to also stay out of sight. When Cloud gets home his mother greets him at the door.

Aeris, " How was your day? Did your math test go well?"

Cloud reluctantly shows her the test. His mild manner mother, Aeris, blows up seeing his score of 20.

Aeris, " How could you get such a low score?! Everyone knows the answer to 2 + 2 times 50 divided by ." and she started the tears, "Where did I go wrong? You better go straight to your room and study, young man!"

Cloud hurries there. Once there, he tries his best to study. Eventually, he starts thinking of going to bed, when the funny cat appears is his room.

Cait Sith, "After all my hard searching, I finally found you!"

Cloud, "Found me? I was lost and didn't know it?!"

Cait Sith sighs, " I mean, I have been search for you... waiting for you to be reborn. You are the warrior of justice, Sailor Sunboy!"

Cloud gives him a blank look.

Cait Sith calls forth his mog, and it starts to do a little dance. Out of it's mouth appeared a bracelet. Cait Sith quickly slaps the bracelet onto Cloud's wrist before the boy can protest.

Cait Sith, " Raise your hand and shout, Sun loving Power! "

Cloud does as wit with some hesitation, "Sun... Loving... Power," for he thought cait Sith was some crazy off the street.

The bracelet glows and energy comes from the bracelet engulfing his body. He looks down to see he is now wearing a sailor fuku: blue knee higots,ots, a short skirt with a red stripe, the body of the fuku was white, the small cape was blue with a red stripe, two bright red ribbons (in the back and on the chest), and a gold sword by his side. On his forehead is a tiara with tear-drop shaped diamond. He looks down at himself.

Cloud, thrilled with what he sees, " I look so cute!"

Cait Sith, "Umm.. yeah... Okay, you must help save world from the ShinRaVerse. Plus, someone you know is in trouble!"

Cloud nervous, "But .. but.. I'm no hero!"

Cait Sith cheers on, "You are now!"

On the way to fighting evil, Cait Sith tells Sailor Sunboy about who his real enemy. Years ago Queen Jenova led the ShinRaVerse to try and conquer the earth. The good sun king sealed them up for a brief time. He sent his son and guardians to the future to be there to protect the earth. Sailor Sunboy has to find the Sun prince who would lead them to victory.

This is out the Sailor Sunboy started as a hero. Soon he enlists the help of his friends, Barret and Cid who were also once part of the sun kingdom. They fought evil to the best of their abilities. Whenever they got into trouble and needed help, Tuxedo Vincent would appear. He always vanished as mysteriously as he arrived. Cloud felt as if he had some deep connection to the mysterious raven hair hunk.

Their activities don't go unnoticed by the enemy. Deep in the lair of the ShinRaVerse, Jenova fumes at her son Sephiroth. Sephiroth takes this nagging with his usual cool, calm manner. Sephiroth was a tall, handsome man with long white hair and wore an all black outfit. His green cat like eyes glowed green. As soon as he leaves conference, he summons his grunt. A shadow comes in, it forms into a young woman with short brown hair in a ninja like outfit.

Yuffie, "What's up boos?"

Sephiroth, "Those Sailor warriors have been making a fool of you."

Yuffie, "Not my fault the grunts you give me suck!"

Sephiroth, "I want you to stop them or else....." and his eyes glowed a dangerous white.

Yuffie got nervous, "Okay.. okay... I will take them out myself, bossman."

Sephiroth, "Next time you fail... if they don't kill you, I will.

Yuffie gulped.

Sephiroth, " I want you capture the one they call Sailor Sunboy.. you may kill the rest."

Yuffie, "That I can do.. Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Umm.. can I keep the one that smokes as a pet?"

Sephiroth just gives her a cold, evil stare.

Yuffie, "Nevermind!" and she hurries off.

Sephiroth watches her depart with a smile, "I will have you soon, my lovely sailor."

Meanwhile, Cloud and his friends are having a meeting in the local soda shop. Cid was a transfer student from a special school for smart kids. He got into too many fights and ended up being getting expelled. He also lives with his father, Palmer. Cid didn't like his father so fighting evil was a great excuse to stay away from home. Aside his temper, he is very smart. At school, one can find him hiding behind the gym at school smoking between classes.

Barret is a large guy with dark brown skin and all muscle. He has been going to Cloud's school for a while and was held back a year. His parents were dead, but he was left with a good deal of money. He is also a great football player on the high school team.

Tifa, who rthe the shop for her parents, deliveries some drinks to their table. Under the table is a large reddish cat, named Red. His full name was Nanaki, but Cid called him Red. Red is Cid's guardian cat, much like the way Cait Sith is Cloud's. Cait Sith also sits under their table with his mog waiting behind the shop. Cid leans against Barret, putting out his cigarette in an ashtray.

Cloud, "So, the ShinRaVerse is after energy, but for what?"

Cid, "Who fucking cares? We need to kick their butt back to wherever they came from!"

Barret, "Yeah, I agree but how? We don't know who is in charge."

Cait Sith, "The answers will come once you find the prince.... "

Cid, "The sun prince... We looked and looked and found no damn trace... I think this prince bit is a myth."

Red, "The prince is not a myth, I have dim memory of the prince. He was handsome and the subjects loved him."

Cait Sith, "When Queen of the ShinRaVerse attack the kingdom, the King sent everyone here to make sure the earth was safe. He also sent his son to lead you to victory."

Cloud shrugs, "We just have to keep fighting till we learn more. I wonder who this mysterious Tuxedo Vincent is.... "

Cid, "I think he is that annoying brunette you ran into earlier in the story."

Barret, "How do you know?"

Cid, "Unlike you, I read the script all way way through..." Then blinks" Did I step out of character again? Damn it!"

Barret, "Aww, shut up and stick to the script... " and keeps Cid from speaking by kissing him on the lips.

Later that night..... Yuffie stands over the helpless man, using a jewel to drain steal his life force. Her odd laughing echoes through the empty lot. Suddenly, he steps out of thrknerkness to the light. Standing proudly in his sailor fuku is Sailor Sunboy!

Sunboy, "Stop right there, you ShinRaVerse Dog! I am going to put a stop to your business," Sunboy wields his magical sword, "I am Sailor Sunboy!"

Two voices in unison, "And we are the Sailor Warriors!"

Stepping out are two other sailor fuku wearing guys. The blond's fuku is brown and white, with a scarf around his neck and a cigarette between his lips. On his head, a gold tiara with a pearl in the center. Yes, it is Sailor Nicotine! Next to him is a bigger guy with a magical gun attachment on his right arm. His outfight is white and dark blue. His tiara had a sapphire. He is Sailor Gunhappy!

Sailor Nicotine, "Don't make me put my foot, up ya ass!"

Sailor Gunhappy, "Yo, what he said!"

Yuffie snorts, "Don't make me laugh! I am the greatest ninja around, Yuffie! I shall deal with you sailor losers now."

Yuffie slams a bomb down, covering the area with thick rose smelling smoke. The guys try to keep alert for any attacks. Sailor Gunhappy takes some pop shots at where he thinks the annoying ninja is. Sailor Nicotine is losing his patience but not blindly attacking. Then the smoke starts to change. They see a wonderful land filled with bubbles appears before them. Moving became hard because of the bubbles. Sailor Sunboy found himself being carried away by a bubble. Sailor Nicotine is also almost carried up, except he uses his cigarette to o pop the bubble. Sailor Gunhappy is just too heavy to be lifted by the bubbles, and is only knocked off his feet. Then Gunhappy sees an outline at shoots at it. The fog lifts as the bullet ripped through Yuffie's arm. The spell was brokenunbounboy falls and lands on his stomach.

Sailor Nicotine, "Dark spear.. attack!"

Sends energy spears at Yuffie. Sailor Gunhappy fires off his magic gun. Both attacks knock Yuffie down and weaken her.

Sailor Gunhappy, "Get her ass, Sailor Sunboy!"

Sailor Sunboy, "Right!"

Uses the energy attack with his sword on Yuffie. Yuffie cries out and turns into golden dust.

Sailor Nicotine cheers, "Oh yeah, baby!" and gives Sailor Gunhappy a high five.

Sephiroth coldly, "Don't celebrate so quickly... " He appears on a rooftop nearby.

Sephiroth jumps down skillfully and attacks them. He parries Sunboy's sword. Deflects Nicotine's spears. Dodges Gunhappy's gun fire. Sephiroth puts out a hand and energies waves shoot at them all. The other two step infront of Sunboy, taking most of the blast. All fly off their feet, but only Sunboy is still able to move. Sephiroth approaches Sunboy with a smirk on his handsome face and lust in his eyes.

Sephiroth smirks, "At last, I have you at my mercy... "

Vincent, "I think not!" Standing on a beam with a silver rapier in hand.

He is wearing a black tuxedo, with a red cape and golden claw like gauntlet on his left hand. Tuxedo Vincent comes down between them and starts fighting Sephiroth. Both swing and parry with great skill. Poetry in motion. But at last, Sephiroth's masamune strikes his foe and Vincent falls. Nanaki tries to tackle Sephiroth hopes of mauling him. He also goes flying into a wall. Seeing his friends and allies down sends a terrible sorrow through Sunboy. As he kneels by the mortally wounded Vincent, a golden tear rolls down his cheek and crystallizes into a smooth golden gem. As it floats, it glows like the sun and heal energy radiates out, The energy has the opposite effect on Sephiroth. The gem merges with Cloud's bracelet. Sephiroth knows only a child of the sun kingdom would have the magic gem, let alone use it. Meanwhile, Sunboy's outfit changed into golden fuku with a crystal crown. On his forehead the trademark symbol of the sun kingdom, a shining sun. The truth hits him like a brick wall. He is the prince of the long lost kingdom. The other sailor warriors watch in awe, Their prince has been under their noses all this time.

Cait Sith, who has hiding till now, "We have to get him out of here!"

The glow dies and Cloud collapses from the shock of the whole ordeal. The other sailor warriors stand between their prince and wounded Sephiroth. The gem's power healed their wounds. Tuxedo Vincent, who's wounds were also healed by the gem, scoops up Cloud. Sephiroth knows fighting would be too risky.

Sephiroth, "I will retreat for now, but mark my words.. you will be the ones to suffer next time we meet!" and he disappears.

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