Unlikely Assasin

BY : SailorPoison
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“The Unlikely Assassin“

By Poison and Tina

Part 1

Meteor has come and gone. A plane was flying in the evening sky. Most routine flight for the pilot, or so it seemed at first. The pilot was a man in his early thirties, with platinum blond hair that was naturally wave, bangs held from his face by a set of goggles at sat ontop his head and held down a pack of smoke, and sky blue eyes that peer out the glass of the plane. Cid was an ace pilot, one of the best for his generation. He didn’t know if other younger pilots have come close to his skill nor did he care. Cid himself was a bit of a prodigy. Built an airship and was to be the first man in space. Yet things didn’t go so well for him. Not one to give up, Cid hung in there. Now he was a hero. Yet, was he happy? Not really. felt guilty for his rotten treatment to Shera for the years they spent in Rocket town. He was unfairly mean to her since the launch of the rocket was aborted. Now he understood she was correct to worry about the oxygen tank. She saved his life that day when the rocket was launched into space by Palmer and the tank exploded. Was trapped under the plate, unable to get free even with Cloud and Vincent helping. She was there to give that last bit of push that freed him They all bundled into the escape pod with the huge materia and he got his dream fulfilled. Space was even more gorgeous from orbit. He could see the planet below and how small it really was in the vast black silk of space. They saw the rocket plow into the meteor and fail on stopping it. How close was he to dying on the meteor? Too close. He realized that he did care for Shera. She was the only family he had. After the meteor was stopped and everyone went their own ways, Cid found that the years of verbal abuse have left a scar between them. He bite back his tongue now but he felt that scar. The truth is they could only be so close while the scar existed between them. He didn’t why it wouldn’t heal fully. Maybe he could never forgive himself? Maybe she can’t help but carry something against him?

Here Cid is, flying back home. Was Rocket town home? Only home he had. His home down long gone since the war when it got bombed. His parents are dead. He has no siblings or cousins to call his own. His house was pathetically small and needed to be fixed up. Yet, he is still flying home. Over the mountains that rest between Golden Saucer and Rocket town now. Sky was partially cloudy so some of the stars were hidden.

Then suddenly the calm flight was interrupted by a large booming noise as his plane went shaky and he found the control gone. Quickly, pilot realized his plane was heading down as heat from a fire was flickering close to him. Somehow his engine exploded rather violently for a well maintained aircraft. He had no time to ponder what the cause was for fighting for the control was all he could do. Feel the the skin on exposed part of his arm start to burn as he reached for the radio and tried to call out for help. He got a static voice that tried to draw him towards Nibelhiem. Cid cursed under his breath as he fought with all his fight. Feel his face burning now as smell of burnt flesh and leather filled his nose. Mountain by him in an alarming rate. Altitude dropping. Then he was cleared of some and just in time as his plane plunged into the ground and darkness claimed him.

The plane crashed not far from outside of Nibelhiem. They found Cid’s body outside his plane. It appears the pilot got out, which was a good thing for the cockpit was filled with fire. Cid was unconscious with burns on his left side of his face and some of his arm. Heavy clothes proved to be a blessing as his legs were not as badly burnt. Had broken rubs and a broken arm with exposed bone. The pilot is rushed into Nibelhiem to get medical attention. Not being a large city, word of the crash soon spread. Word of it being a bomb was part of the rumor on the pilot.

Vincent stands beneath the hospital in silence, contemplating for a moment whether he really wants to do this. The man is taller with a slender form. His body shrouded in shadow and a new Duster coat. Cid is his friend, yes, and he feels a need to go check on the pilot, but he feels a little nervy about seeing him, not knowing what kind of reaction he would receive. He shakes his head, flicking an errant strand of ebony from his face and telling himself he worries too much. He begins to scale the wall, his duster hanging behind him and dragging along the bricks as he climbed up to the top of the lobby roof. He could see Cid's window easily now, and reckoned he could reach it with one leap, as it wasn't too high up. He crouched down low, his claw resting lightly on the floor as leverage he launched himself upwards, catching hold of the window ledge and hoisting himself upwards gracefully, swinging his legs round so they dangled of the window ledge on the inside, he considered wha sho should do now.

Cid snorts a bit as he starts waking up. Pushes the discomfort aside.. as he sits up wiping the sleep from his eyes. He looks at the window and yelps a bit when he sees these twin glowing eyes of red and falls out of bed.

Vincent winces a little at the loud thud Cid's body makes when it lands on the floor, and hops of the window ledge easily, stalking over to him silently and leaning over him. “ You never change Highwind, always causing a ruckus, do you desire so for me to be caught?” he whispers, his voice rather monotone and a bland smile worming it's way onto his features.

Cid rubs his arm which sat in a sling and said in a low growl, "Most people don't stand on my window ledge and scare the begezus out of me... " Almost a whimper, "That hurt....”

Vincent sighs a little and rolls his eyes, which look extremely eerie since they seem to be spinning in darkness, and holds out his human hand in offering of helping. “Are you alright, Highwind?” he inquires almost grudgingly, not wanting to show he's too bothered.

Cid grabs his hand though almost misses, "Aside a broke arm, broken ribs, second degree burns, slight third.. yeah. Shit.. Not like I didn’t have worse." Sits down on bed. Remembers one fight where he got thrashed pretty good when they were trying to save the world. Ruby weapon laid him out.

Vincent nods in agreement, restraining his worry as much as possible and moving over to the orange plastic visitor's chair, which he could make out easily with his keen night vision. He sat down heavily, sighing a little in thought. “What happened then?” he inquires more softly, looking to Cid expectantly, smiling grimly again.

Cid doesn't answer right away as he gets a drink of water and settle s in a comfortable position, "I was flying towards Rocket Town when the engine exploded. I was too busy trying not to get my ass killed to pay attention to what type of boom it was."

Vincent sighs once more and shakes his head. “There are rumors flying around about a bomb, Highwind. Do you have many enemies?”

Cid gives a dry chuckle, "I would name them off but the list is too long.. Shit call me Cid, Vincent! Not like we ain't friends damn it. I won't be calling you Mr. Valentine... "

Vincent laughs a little and shakes his head “I'll call you chief,” he smirks a little in the darkness, stretching out slightly and yawning a little. “Why do you insist that I refer to you from your first name anyway?” Vincent inquired curiously as an afterthought. He wasn't really used to the idea of friends as he didn't really have any.

Cid, "Cause you are my friend, that is why. Friends use first names or nicknames. Damm you been in that coffin for too long Vin.. " Takes another drink of water, and makes sure bandage on his neck, and kinds on his face, is still in place.

Vincent nods slowly, though he doesn't really understand. “Vin...That sounds so odd, why call me Vin? Ah...Whatever floats your boat, as Cloud would say.” He chuckles a little and leans back in his chair, observing Cid easily. “Are they falling off?” he asks, standing up and taking a step to him.

Cid, "Just a bit. Umm could you?" Hoping he would help out since Cid didn’t have night vision. He just suddenly relaxes with a sigh, "I like nicknames when it gets long. Probably explain my name.. Hey why did you visit anyway?" Curiosity in his voice.

Vincent shrugs a little, reaching out and carefully unwrapping and rebandaging him up, trying hard not to look at the other man too much. Vincent pauses for a moment. “Hmm... I was worried about you,” he replies as he finishes fixing Cid's wrappings and steps back to admire his work.

Cid suprised, "Worried about me? That's a first. No one usually gives a shit about me. Hell, not even Shera would come here to make sure I was dead or alive. " Said softly.

Vincent frowns slightly and leans close to Cid, examining as much of his facial expression which can be seen through the bandages. “You? Sad? I'd have never really thought... Shera... That lady you treated so badly? She seemed to... Care about you very much...”

Cid, ".... That my own fault too... Damn, I tried to make amends man ... Like a wound between us that just scars over and doesn't heal." Head down as if trying to hide his face. "Shera isn't coming.. Don't blame her. Strange all these years to realize she is only family I had left."

Vincent sighs softly and reaches out slowly, laying his hand carefully on Cid's arm. “If you tried to make amends with her and fail... The only one loosing out is her,” he murmurs softly, his red eyes flashing a little in the dark but his tone remaining monotone. “I have nothing left for me, yet I continue to live, and you must also Cid, I will be here for you.”

Cid shakes the sadness off, "I live maquotquot; he the smiles not his asshole smile but a soft smile, "Thanks... " hand over Vincent's hand, his skin has a rough quality of a man who works with his hands, "Good to hear that, especially since everone else has a life that keeps them busy."

Vincent chuckles softly, though in the darkness a blush has grown over his face from Cid's touch, he is safe in the knowledge that Cid cannot see this. “Who wants a life when you can have a coffin and an empty mansion?” he replies drolly, stepping backwards and standing upright. He smiles once more.

Cid, "I'm too busy to have a life anyway... Flying here and there.. people with lil problems they think is major... Why they want me as a mayor is beyond me. Woke up with job in my lap.. Kinda like when Cloud was in that funky coma and you made me leader.." He was napping during the meeting they elected him leader. Cid tended to nap through all their meetings due to they put him to sleep.

Vincent laughs lightly and shrugs a little. “I... saw you as the best candidate.” He looks to the window, pondering for a moment on the time. “What are you going to do after you recover, Cid?” Vincent inquires softly, not looking at the pilot at all. A small voice in his mind begs for Cid to say “I was thinkin' of livin' in this here dump” or something of the likes, but he supposed that was wishful thinking to an extreme.

Cid, "I don't know... I don't have anywhere left to go. I would go to family, except my family died out years ago. My home is too crappy.. small and empty."

Vincent nods a little. “Ah...So you're kind of...Homeless?” he inquires,a bemused tone entering his voice at the idea of a Cid hobo, holding a tin and rattling it, shouting at some passer by 'Come on, you tight fucker, you have plenty o' money! Gimme some!'

Cid, "Hehehehe I could live in my plane but it crashed. The doc says I can leave tomorrow if I stay with someone to make sure my bandages are changed. Now I don’t know who the hell I would burden with my cranky old ass."

Vincent snickers a little. “I'm older and crankier than you on a good day Cid, and you would be no burden to me, my mansion is far to empty.” Vincent sounds slightly sad for a moment and a little wistful, since he was sick of being so alone.

Cid, "If you don’t mind me? Why not. Always wanted to brag about living in a mansion. " He chuckles then adds, "I can't wait till I get out then I can get my smokes back. Some damn rule about no smoking in a hospital."

Vincent laughs a little louder at that. “Ahh... How dare they try to actually improve your health! The very thought of it!”

Cid, "They said it was cause of the oxygen tanks..." He then laughs, "Hell, got no one to wanna live a long live with right now Vinny... Hey maybe I can work on that mansion of your to keep myself busy."

Like the day before and through history the sun rises over the small town. Sun shining a bit through the curtains... as the patient pulls sheet over his head due to he hated sunrises. Vincent looks to the window, wrinkling up his nose a little but saying nothing. His eyes look less sever in the daylight and he seems to be a little tired, as he stayed in all night with Cid. He smiles a little at the sheeted man but still remains silent

After a bit... the nurse come in and makes Cid wake up for medication and food because he had to eat before taking his medication. Cid looks indignantly at the nurse as she woke up him fully and grumbled as he began his food. Thinks it is eggs and sausage. The nurse offers Vincent a plate.

Vincent shakes his head and smiles slightly in thanks. “It's good for you Cid, eat it,” he states across the room, not moving at all still.

Cid, "Bleah... I hate mornings.. People gotta be so fucking cheerful." The nurse shoves a spoon full of egg in his mouth before leaving.

Vincent snickers a little and shakes his head, leaning back on the chair and stretching out a little. “Depends on the person,” he replies drolly. “I'm never chirpy,” he adds with a wry smirk.

Cid eats reluctantly.. due to he knows he has medication afterward, "Cause you got common sense! " Briefly waves his fork in the air as he said that and eats more when fact he was hungry sinks into his sleepy brain.

After eating his breakfast and taking some medication, Cid was dragged away for some more tests and a change of bandages. Checking to make sure the set on the once broken bones took and then checking his burns. Had some scarring on corner of his jaw and some of his neck but that was healing good. Plus the usual poking that Cid despised. Vincent hovered in the lobby now, he had gone down to the waiting room after being chastised for breaking the rules multiple times, he had decided to behave

After a bit of a wait.... Cid is wheelchaired to the lobby due to the doctor saying he can leave anytime someone is willing to take responsibility of him but he had to stay in the wheelchair till he was out the front doors. So he sat in a sulky manner as the nurse brought him into the lobby

Vincent chuckled a little and looked at Cid f mom moment, shaking his head slightly. “Does he have any medication or things of the sort?” Vincent inquired dryly, standing up out of his seat and walking over silently, not noticing the few people which watched him with great interest.

Nurse hands him a small bottle and tells him to make sure Cid gets some vitamins. Better yet, try to get him to stop smoking would be nice also. Cid scoffs at that last part. He liked to smoke. Missed smoking even though hasn't been in hospital that long. Nurse thought Mr. Valentine was sexy.. unnerving but sexy. Hesitantly hands him the pills Cid is to take, just one with a meal.

Cid demanded, "Can we go now?!"

Vincent smiles slightly and takes the pills without a word. He turns to Cid and nods quickly. “Thank you for looking after him so well. Will we have to be back for check ups?” he inquires as an after thought.

Nurse, "Not unless he notices some unusual pain."

Vincent nods a little, taking the wheelchair from her and smiling oncee. &e. “Okay then Cid, let's go.”

Cid sighs a dramatic sigh as he sulks a bit more. Cid can be a bit over dramatic with his emotions when he gets in one of his moods.

Vincent laughs a little and taps him very gently on the head with his human hand. “Hush up, drama queen,” he remarks dryly and pushes him out of ther.

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