The Summoner and The Dream

BY : TimeBat
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Yuna stood at the top of the Blitzball stadium, having just given her speech to the people of Spira. Her voice was calm and collected, though her eyes glistened slightly with hidden tears. After listening to the massive applause, Yuna slowly turned around and walked down the corridor, her friends smiling at her supportively. Yuna smiled back, hiding her sadness from her friends. She continued to walk down the corridor, until turning into a doorway that led to the bedroom the stadium had kindly supplied. She closed the door behind her, locking it. Her acting ended. She collapsed on the huge bed, crying into the pillow, sobbing loudly. “Oh Tidus… why did you have to go..? Why did you have to leave me here..?”


Yuna sat around the campfire just outside the ruins of Zanarkand along with her guardians. She felt Tidus’ soft touch on her shoulder, and sighed softly. Tidus didn’t realise, but the fayth had told her all about Tidus being a dream. They had also told her that if Sin was truly defeated, Tidus would just disappear. Yuna didn’t know if she could deal with that… she loved Tidus. She had never shown it since their moment together in the lake, but she loved him more than life itself. But she knew Tidus would give his life to bring the Eternal Calm to Spira, and she must be willing to make the same sacrifice. As she felt Tidus pull his hand away from her shoulder, she looked up at him, staring out at the sun setting over the ruins of Zanarkand. She sighed, whipping her eyes, standing up and walking to the other side of the ground where the campfire burned slowly, she sat down again, dangling her feet in the water, her back to the sunset, hidden from the others by a rock outcropping. She let her head fall into her open hands, letting a single tear shed from her eyes. Then she felt something on the back of her neck. A warm breath, along with a familiar touch on her shoulder. “You’re not alone Yuna…”
She sighed into her hands. “Tidus…” She felt his hand running through her deep black hair. She smiled slightly. “You always make me smile…”
Tidus absent-mindedly played with her hair, a thought weighing on his mind. “Yuna… I should be honest with you…”
“If we defeat Sin forever… you will disappear. I know Tidus.” She slowly turned around, her green and blue eyes both watering with built up tears. “And if I use the Final Summoning I will die… I should have told you from the start. I’m sorry Tidus.”
Tidus placed a single finger on her lips. “It’s ok Yuna. But… since now could be the last time we are ever truly together… I want us to share something we can both remember forever…” He pulled his finger away, wrapping his arms around her. “I want to give you all my love…” He slowly pulled her towards him, kissing her deeply and passionately.
Yuna surrendered herself completely to him. She loved him and trusted him completely, letting him do whatever he wanted to her. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it just as much. She blushed slightly as she slowly pulled out of the kiss, sliding her summoners robes away from her young yet well developed body. She wore no bra since her robes more than sufficed, so she was now naked apart from a pair of white silken panties. She blushed even more as she looked up at Tidus, her body completely open to him. Tidus smiled softly at her, undoing the strap the held his pants on, slipping them slowly off, then pulling his shirt off, leaving him in just his boxers. He then pulled her against him again, kissing her softly and deeply. She returned the kiss while slipping off both of their underwear, his erect manhood springing out of his boxers and her damp womanhood tightening slightly from being exposed to the cold air. She slowly let herself fall to the ground, pulling him with her. He lay on top of her, his manhood at her damp entrance. “Tidus… my love… make me a real woman… let me feel the joys of womanhood.” He replied only by slowly pushing his manhood slowly and gently into her. She moaned loudly as she felt his long tool enter her sacred area. She held back a slight scream of pain as he broke her hymen, a single drop of blood escaping her tunnel.
Tidus noticed this though and stopped pushing. “Yuna… are you alright?” Yuna just nodded as she held in her moans, panting heavily, her legs wrapped around his back, pulling him further into her.
“Oh Tidus… it feels so good! I… I feel something in me… I’m going to…”


Yuna dried her eyes as she slowly stood up, her face pale but with a slight smile at the happy memory. “Oh Tidus… I will remember you always… You made me loved. I wish you were here, to love me more…” She rubbed the crotch of her robes gently, noticing a great deal of dampness already. She slowly pulled her robes off, leaving her in the same silk panties she had worn that day. She slid them off, her able fingers rubbing her clit and sliding in and out of her damp womanhood. “Oh Tidus… Oh Tidus!!!” She came incredibly quickly, her juices spraying around her fingers and over the bed. Then she noticed something. “My womanhood… it’s warmer than normal…” She placed her hand on her stomach, feeling greater warmth. “Oh Tidus… did you leave me your love after all?”

8 months later

In one of the many hospitals that had been built by the Al Bhed, Yuna was screaming loudly, gripping Wakka’s arm tightly, who was crying silently due to the pain she was causing him. “I see the head… just push a little more… that’s it. Got it!” The doctor pulled a newborn boy from Yuna’s swollen opening, cleaning the baby up and handing him to the young mother. Her other friends from her adventure walked in, all of them smiling at Yuna, except Wakka who was silently cursing the fact he had lost the coin toss.
“What will his name be Yuna?” Rikku asked, being the closest to Yuna and the baby, jumping up and down in excitement.
“His name will be Tidus, like his father.” Yuna smiled tiredly, stroking the baby softly, offering him one of her nipples that the baby greedily suckled on for his mother’s milk. “Thank you Tidus… even now you still love me.”

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