Letting Go

BY : Peachyra
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Ratings and warnings: NC-17 m/f, f/f reference, m/f non-consensual, oral sex and masturbation If any of this bothers you, or youíre underage in your state of residence, donít read it. Otherwise please read, enjoy and comment.

Pairings: FF8: Quistis/male, Q/bad guy, Q/bad chick, Q/Irvine, and a little surprise at the end.

Disclaimer: I donít own Quistis, Irvine, Zell, or any of the other FF8 characters. Just borrowing them from Sony and Square. This was not written for profit, just the enjoyment of writing and reading. The other characters in the fic are my own, and are not to be used by anyone else without permission. Thank you.

Setting: Right before the team is to go and assassinate the Sorceress Edea, and are at the Cave of the Unknown King. Squall, Rinoa and Selphie have gone off to deal with that, and the other three are spending the night camped out on the open plains.

Thanks: First Iíd like to thank Naraku for beta reading my fic and kicking me in the butt repeatedly to finish it already. Secondly, Iíd like to thank Docker37 for teaching me to think like a man.

Feedback: Iíd love it, but donít make me beg. Please. ;-)

"Letting Go" by Peachyra

Firelight flickered across the somber face of the rugged young man keeping watch while his two comrades slept. Irvine Kinneas appeared to be dozing beside the fire. His long legs were stretched out near the flames as his back rested against his pack. His head was down with his cowboy hat settled low over his eyes, and his rifle slung across his lap. But sometimes appearances are deceiving. Few would guess by looking at him that Irvine was the best sharpshooter Gabaldia Garden had ever produced, perhaps even the best in all of SeeD.

He looked over his two traveling companions, contemplating the mission set for him and these Balamb SeeDs he had just been paired up with the day before. His assignment was to assassinate the Sorceress-no minor feat. Although, in theory, it should only take one clean headshot, he couldnít help but doubt himself. "Could a thing as small as a bullet truly stop an all powerful sorceress?" he pondered.

He looked over to the sleeping form of Zell Dincht, the "expert" martial artist. "Well, that remains to be seen," he muttered to himself. Zell certainly had some impressive moves for such a short man. Irvine had watched the compact fighter go through some of his exercises earlier in the evening. His fists and feet a blur, Zell tackled numerous unseen enemies while pulling off impressive flips, turns, and punches. Irvine worried about the quick temper and air headedness that Zell had shown so far in the tense points of the mission. Shaking his head, Irvine mentally scolded the fighter. "Typical Blonde," he reflected as his thoughts and vision moved over to his other sleeping companion.

Irvineís gaze fell upon the much better looking sight of Quistis Trepe. Her long strawberry-blonde still hair done up in that funky bun, with locks falling freely down both sides of her face. "Wonder how she sleeps with her hair done up like that," he thought, as he self-consciously pulled at his own low ponytail.

Irvine scrutinized her face as she slept. Every once in a while she would make a face as something happened in her dreams. Her skin was flawless, and her face was near perfect. Her lips were full and red, practically begging to be kissed. Irvine had to fight the urge to go over and give Quisis a kiss on her luscious lips. Under her creamy lids rested deep, violet-blue eyes that shone with the strength and intelligence that had helped her become one of the youngest SeeDs ever. Irvineís gaze shifted lower, over her long, swan-like neck, and down to the swells of her perfect breasts; large, but not so big that they would be cumbersome in battle. Irvine couldnít help imagining what it would be like to rub his hands over her soft flesh, using both his fingers and tongue to stimulate her nipples. "I wonder what color her nipples are?" he mused. His eyes moved down over her waist and hips and he remembered watching her earlier that day, during her own practices, as she used her whip with a vengeance against some poor, unsuspecting vegetation. He had enjoyed the sight of her swinging her hips around as she waved her whip in the air. Her pink skirt clung to her tight ass in a very reveling way, just enough to drive a guy wild. Irvine marveled at how sexy Quistis looked in pink, and did so without looking childish, like most young women did back at the Gabaldian Garden.

Back to the present, his eyes roamed further down her long, slender legs until reach her boots. Images of how those strong legs would rap around his waist and hold him tightly while they made love for hours passed through his mind. Irvineís smile deepened as he though of all the ways he could touch Quistis, and the excitement and pleasure that they could share. Irvine shook his head to clear it and gave a sigh. While he loved this fantasy, he knew very well it was going to stay a dream. His eyes shifted back to some point on the horizon, as he chuckled to himself, glad that Quistis didnít sleep underneath a blanket.

He grew more somber as he thought over what the other half of the team was doing. Traipsing out to some unknown kingís tomb. Just to get a stinking number off of a lost weapon, to prove that they were soldiers. Irvineís face grew darker. "Glad Iím not off on that wild goose chase. Squall, our fearless leader is better off doing that crap then I am. Though I wouldnít mind spending time with Selphie, Rinoa too. Now there are another fine pair of women to look at, even if they are both more childish then Quistis," thought Irvine, a smile creeping across his face as his gaze shifting back to her body once again. He frowned again as his thoughts turned back to the general. "Wouldnít we be better off showing what are skills are to General Caraway in person to prove our ability," he practically yelled in his mind.

Irvine was pulled back to reality by the sound of Quistisís voice. She was still asleep, but seemed to be having a nightmare. Her face was contorted into a look of fear and pain as she kept murmuring words like "no," "please stop," "not again," and "donít hurt me." While he was a little concerned, Irvine decided it might be best for her to finish her dream, as he had heard once it was bad to wake someone up in the middle of one. As she began to talk louder and start to thrash around, he moved over to hold her still as she began to move around more wildly, so that she wouldnít fall into the fire. It became harder to hold her as she started to yell and tears streaked down her lovely face. Throwing caution to the wind, Irvine began to shake her and softly call her name, hoping Quistis would wake soon from her dream. With one last yell, she abruptly sat up and stared at Irvine, as if sheíd never seen him before. After a moment Quistis broke into tears and grabbed onto Irvine in a fierce hug. Not knowing what else to do, he held her tight, making soft noises to comfort her.

After what seemed like an eternity to Irvine, Quistisís sobs began to subside, and her grip loosen. As she pulled away from him, Quistis whispered softly, "Iím sorry. I ít mít mean to burden you like that." She kept her face down, and turned away from Irvine, feeling her cheeks burn red with the shame of her breakdown. She sat there for a minute, cringing at the thought of how weak she must look to Irvine. When she felt his arm slide around her for another hug, she almost pulled away, but didnít feel she had the strength to.

He whispered in her ear, "Donít worry, it happens to the best of us. Itís not your fault you had a bad dream."

Quistis finally looked up into those smoky blue eyes and saw nothing but an offer of comfort and companionship. She smiled up at him as mouthed the words "Thank you." Quistis snuggled up closer to Irvine, taking up his unspoken offer of comfort, thinking to herself how lucky she was that Zell had slept through everything, and how nice and safe it felt in Irvineís arms.

After sitting there for a long while, Irvine shifted so that they could look at each other and said, "Tell me about your dream, it will make you feel better." Quistis blushed again and looked away. He took hold of her chin, dragging her face back towards his, and looked deep into her eyes.

"Please, tell me."

Quistis grew more flushed, then sighed. "All right," she said, "but this will not be easy. These dreams are the ones that have been haunting me for three years now. They areÖmemories of a very bad part of my life. But maybe itís time I finally told someone. Maybe I shouldnít keep this a secret anymore. But promise me youíll not interrupt me until Iíve finished." Irvine nodded his agreement, so Quistis took a deep breath and began her story.

"I was very much in love with a boy who was almost three years older then me. So smart, very good looking, and he could always make me laugh." Irvine noticed a small smile to creep across her face as she looked at the fire. "No matter what was going on in his training and life, he always had a big smile for me and a look of humor in his eyes. Normally I would never have had a chance to meet with a person so much older, but since I was such an advanced student, we had many classes together. While we could never show our feelings publicly, he was always a great comfort during our training. We would often sneak out at night to the secret meeting place in our training grounds. Though, how it is still a secret, I donít know. Weíd never had sex while both of us were trainees, both afraid of being caught. I really did love him though, and I wanted to show him."

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