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Stay. (Couldn’t think of good title, didn’t think it mattered)

Disclaimer: Squresoft owes evrything, characters, places etc and i owe nothing, nothing at all.

~My first and last PWP, would love some constructive criticism. It’s SquallxNida.~


It was a quiet day, the sea lightly lapped against Balamb Garden. He was bored, he leant back tiredly on the wall. It was deadly quiet, one of the perks of the job it was always silent up there, hardly anyone came up there. Being the pilot of the world’s most famous garden wasn’t a great as you might think. The only person to ever come up here was the commander. Squall the walking iceberg, that was pure torture. That guy had no idea how hot he was, he was oblivious to all the girls and guys that checked him out, even his own friends drooled all over him. Everyone knew Quistis had a thing for the commander and Irvine the horny cowboy was forever staring at his ass. Rumour had it he was still a virgin, it easy to believe.

Nida frowned when he heard soft footsteps, they stopped but there was no one there.

“You’re going crazy.” He said aloud.

“Talking to yourself?”

He spun around quickly. Speak of the devil. The iceberg stood in front of him.

“Did I scare ya?”

The pilot straightened, trying to look unfazed.

“You are you doing here?”

“I always come up here.”

“Yeah, when we’re moving but we’re not so why are you up here?”

He paused in thought, trying to think of another reason. He shrugged and leant on the wall staring back at the pilot.

Nida shifted uncomfortable with being stared at by a sex god. He had wanted to leave for lunch for a while now; maybe he could go if Squall was staying here.

The brunette hadn’t moved since he came in so Nida walked past him to the door.

“Where are you going?”

“To lunch, seeing as you came here to be alone.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Well, I can’t think of another reason, can you?”


“Didn’t think so.” The pilot continued to the door, he’d just opened it when one hand landed on the door, pushing it closed again and another hand landed on his shoulder. He turned round. “Wha- mph!”

The brunette silenced him with a kiss. “Stay?”

Nida shook off his confusion, hungrily kissing back, the brunette seemed in a hurry as he ate as the other’s mouth and pressed his leather-clad body to the SeeD uniform.

Squall wound his arms around the other’s neck, his fingers running into the pilot’s black hair. Nida couldn’t believe it, he half expected to wake up to find out it was all another dream. Squall wasn’t wearing his leather jacket, so he could feel his muscles through the material of his white tee.

Squall at some point had unbuttoned the jacket and shirt of his SeeD uniform and was now trying to pull them both off at once. The pilot’s arms got tangled in the clothing; the brunette got annoying and tugged uselessly at the tangle. Nida chuckled and helped Squall remove the clothing and free his arms. The shot the other a lust filled gaze, his hands seemed attracted to the other’s body like a moth to flame. They kissed again but it was quick and chaste, Squall mouth trailed lower leaving a wet trail of saliva down the pilot’s neck, collarbone and chest. He paused at Nida’s nipples to nibble and lap at each one before he travelled down farther lapping at Nida’s abdomen lightly while his hands busied with removing the black jeans before him. Finally the offensive jeans were out of the way, leaving the pilot in only his boxers. The brunette gently squeezed the bulge in Nida’s boxers, before he stripped him completely.

He looked back up for permission. The other nodded weakly in reply. Squall lightly, teasingly brushed his fingers over the other’s shaft. Nida whimpered and moved his hips, trying to get the friction that he craved. Squall placed kisses along the head, he gave in when Nida groaned in frustration. Squall slowly engulfed the whole of Nida’s cock to the hilt. The pilot fell back on the door and moaned softly, he looked down on the sexy brunette bobbing between his legs and gripped the chocolate hair as Squall quickened his pace. The brunette reached up to stroke the base of the pilot’s erection as he pulled his mouth up to cover just the head until the other’s body tensed and stiffened and he came with a cry.

The SeeD collapsed on the door, panting. Squall let the softened cock fall from his lips, then he stood and watched the other Seed as he basked in his after-glow.

Nida’s eye trailed down Squall’s still clothed body. As if reading his mind the brunette pulled off his T-shirt slowly, knowing the pilot was watching him, then he leant down kissing him deeply exploring the confines of Nida’s mouth with his tongue. He gripped his lover’s hair non too gently. Nida stood to wrestle with Squall’s belts sensing the other’s urgency. The commander moved his mouth to the other’s neck; he pulled back when the pilot got his belts undone and had pushed the leather pants past his knees. Squall stepped out of the clothing, leaving him naked. He didn’t believe in underwear.

The commander removed a small tube of lubricate from the back pocket of his leather pants.

Nida’s eyes went wide. Had he planned this?

Squall’s tongue happily went back to exploring Nida’s mouth while he coated his fingers in the liquid and gently stroked his lover’s puckered entrance. He carefully inserted a finger, followed by another; he made a scissoring action to stretch him while he worked the lube into his lover’s inner walls. Nida hissed in slight pain, he took the tube fhis his new lover and worked some lube into Squall’s cock. The brunette moaned and decided he had had all he could take. He kissed the other roughly; pressing their bodies together as he slowly pushed into Nida’s body. Both boys moaned when Squall’s shaft was deeply embedded in Nida’s hot channel. The brunette pulled nearly completely out again before shoving back in.

They found a steady rhythm; Nida moved his hips in time with Squall’s thrusts. Nida’s muscles constricted around Squall’s cock causing him to moan and pant with every thrust. As they both neared climax, Squall quickened his pace so he was nearly slamming himself into the other’s body harshly. Nida came first crying out the brunette’s name. Squall followed after a few more thrusts, cumming deep inside the other’s body.

Both men collapsed on the door, panting. Squall moved to sit beside Nid he he caught his breath.

“What now?”

“Same again?”

The brunette sniggered slightly, basking in his after-glow as he rested against Nida.


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