Why He Watches

BY : SailorPoison
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Why He Watches
by Sailor Poison

He watches a kid play Blitz ball. This older man had a weather beaten face, one eye scared and closed forever, and one arm always held in a cradle. His name was Auron. Wore the same style clothes: A large red coat, some chest armor, and slacks. Attached to a belt was his jug. His black hair slicked back. His eye always on the kid. In a way the boy was a son to him. He started this watch years ago because of a promise.

Auron first met him in jail. This man was scruffy, dirty, and smelled of liquor. The man was crude, impulsive, and not the ideal guardian. Why Braska choose to let Jecht come along puzzled the Auron. More he got to know Jecht, the more he began to know why. Braska saw that Jecht was a good man. A man who can be loyal when given a chance. Maybe the idea of a drunk helping them save the world tickled the summoner. In a way, he did fit the group. The memories of all the trouble Jecht got them into will years later make him chuckle still. Braska seemed to tolerate alot of his antics. Once told Auron that these times made his pilgrimage even more special to him. Took Auron a bit before he could also say the same thing. Auron knew from the start that this journey will lead to Braska’s death. Jecht was clueless to this. His mind was on helping them so he can go home. He was worried about his wife and son. Also a change started to come over him.

Jecht went off to be by himself one evening when they were nearing Zanarkan. By then Auron felt warm feelings towards the Blitz Ball player. Walked over to see him hunched over and staring at the sunset. His red tattoo still stood out on his chest in the dim light.

Jecht, “Why didn’t you tell me the summoner dies?”

Auron shrugged, “Just not something you talk about.”

Jecht snorts, “That’s a retarded excuse! Just because you don’t talk about it, doesn’t make it disappear.”

Auron softly, “ True.”

Jecht sighs, “Sit down! Gonna hurt my damn neck looking up at you!”

Auron sat down next to him with some grace. Never knew Jecht felt that strongly about Braska, but wasn’t surprised. Those who got to know the summoner tended to like the man quickly. Care for him deeply.

Jecht, “I know the truth. I also know that I won’t be going home again. Never see my family either.”

Auron, “Maybe.”

Jecht, “Never see that if my son follows in my footsteps. I never told the shrimp this but I’m proud of how hard he wants to be a blitz ball player.”

Auron listened to Jecht talk about his son. Felt some sorrow for him. Yet, same time, felt a desire to simple hold him. Despite his attempts to seem beyond hurt, the man felt deeply.

Jecht, “You leave anyone behind?”

Auron, “Aside an unwanted bride? No.”

Silence was between them. Jecht put an arm around the other man as they watched the last of the sun disappear. The sight was but moving and beautiful. Auron turned to him, to see they faces were much closer then he remembered. Looking in each other’s eyes, drew close and kissed their first kiss. Auron never kissed a man before and found it more appealing then his would be bride. But Jecht didn’t stop there. Leaning him back, proceeded to make love to the warrior. His hands were very gentle as he removed the unneeded clothes. Touching him in places he never dreamed to be touched. He eagerly returned the favor. Sweet bliss of when Jecht final took him. This memory Auron will keep locked in his heart forever.

If Braska knew about their love, he didn’t show it. Braska seemed to enjoy watching them together. Satisfied smile on his lips when they bickered and joked. Auron loved Braska but not as deeply as he loved Jecht. Wasn’t certain how Jecht felt about the summoner. Times suspected Jecht felt love for him also. This never inspired jealousy. Just knew that Jecht will go to the end with them.

Then, they reached Zanarkan. The truth of the final summon dazed him. One of them would have to sacrifice his life to save all of Spira? Jecht, of course, insisted it be him. The choice twisted Auron’s gut more then he was willing to show. Braska accepted this with only slight regret on his face. Then Jecht turned to Auron to give one last request. To find his son and watch over him. His eyes spoke more then his words could express his love. Auron could do no less then honor this. This memory would be his last for the human Jecht.

He still honors his promise. Despite witnessing the death of Braska. Despite being killed by Yuna Laska. He strived hard and found his way to Jecht’s Zanarkan. He discovered the wife died of a broken heart and a child left alone. Tidus had alot of his father in him. It hurt and felt good to be close to the boy. So, Auron took his vow a step further. He became a friend and father. Auron doesn’t regret his promise. It gives him a purpose until the day he will meet Sin again. Yes, someday he will have to face Sin with Tidus. That day he will meet his love again.

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