Midnight Dream

BY : ZidaneFire727
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Whats crackin? This is my first fic..of any way, shape or form so read and review!!! Oh yeah..and I dont own Zidane or the Final Fantasy franchise or any of that...well yknow the drill. Well then, lets get down to business, shall we?

Chapter 1: The ultimate band of Thieves

Zidane sat and watched as Marcus walked slowly around to the Iron Gate that was the only thing left between them and their bounty. Silently, Zidane unsheathed his daggers and followed behind Marcus. Blank was close behind.
“Wait.” Whispered Blank, “something’s not right…”
Zidane gave Blank a skeptical look and said “Tch. Come on Blank! We’ve been looking for this treasure for years!! What’s holding you back now???” And with that, Zidane began shimmying up the metal pipe on the side of the man tha that was their target. Without making one sound, Zidane cut through the lock on the windows and jumped through. “Damn him…” whispered Blank.
“Come on bro, we can’t stop him. Let’s hurry up and follow him. He might run into some trouble.” Marcus said tentatively.
Blank sighed and, with sword in hand, followed Marcus up the metal pipe, in through the same window that Zidane had entered in.
The inside of the manor was exquisite. Gold covered nearly all of the furniture in the ballroom that the duo found themselves in. A grand piano rested prominently at the far corner of the room, while the pale moonlight from outside seeped through the windows and cast a deathly silent glow on all in the room.
Blank was mesmerized by the beauty of it all when he felt something brush up against him. “Shit!” He whispered forcefully, and thrust his sword outward…nearly impaling a cat. Relieved, Blank sheathed his sword and hesitantly opened the large French double doors that led out of the magnificent ballroom, and into an even more breath-taking main hall. A grand staircase took up almost the whole room whilst above, a gargantuan chandelier, with dying candles flickering sullenly in the darkness. The light from the candles sent a shiver down Blank’ine,ine, and re-in forced his gut feeling that something was definitely out of place here…However, at the same time the warm, inviting glow from the candles calmed his agitated soul and allowed him to think clearly.
By the time he had regained his senses, Marcus was already down up the stairs and entering another room. Blank silently chased after him. They found themselves in a h dah dark room, with the only light being that of the soft chandelier behind them. “Ah, Hell! Where could Zidane be!?” cursed Blank under his breath
“Look man will you just chill? He’s probably already found the treasure!” hissed Marcus back. The two slowly made their way through the room until they both felt as though they had both just tripped on something.
All at once, huge, white, blaring lights flashed on. Both Blank and Marcus flung their arms up in front of their face to shield their eyes, but to no avail. The immense, garish light from them was everywhere around Blank and Marcus until it flooded their senses. It seeped in through their shut eyelids, crept in their ears, and filled their lungs. They heard, felt, saw, and smelt nothing but blinding light.
Gradually the light faded away, allowing them to see where they were. What they saw, they did not like at all. In front of them were dozens of armed guards, with hedgehog pies on leashes, biting and thrashing, looking ready to tear the meat off of the duo’s bones at any second.
“WHO ARE YOU!?” barked out a man who was obviously the commanding officer.
“Your worst nightmare! HAHAHA!!” shouted Marcus defiantly.
“holy shit, Marcus…” muttered Blank, shaking his head.
“Heh. How original,” said the officer. Then, without a glance or word, the man snapped his fingers and the hedgehog Pies were released. Smirking, both Blank and Marcus drew their swords and began furiously hacking and slashing through the multitude of the pink creatures with spikes on their back. While Marcus was busy with one, another snuck up behind him and was about to claw him from behind in the eyes, Blank twirled around in a 360o spin, hacking the hedgehog pie in two, and wounding another.
After a few minutes of the slaughter, the man barked “THAT’S ENOUGH!” and the rest of the hedgehog pies were immediately locked back up. The man, his face a bright red and his teeth gnashing, stalked up to the two, and took a dagger from the side of his belt, held it to Marcus’s throat and whispered in a voice full of malice “I shall ask you one. last. time. Who are you and what are you doing in Lord Shirahhn’s house!?”
Determined to not let on any indication of fear, Blank smiled and said “Actually, we just wanted to meet you! We heard rumors, but we wanted to see your skills firsthand!”
The captain simply narrowed his eyes awithwithout a word, slashed the left side of Marcus’s throat wide open.
Blank’s eyes were clearly visible from under his bandana as he screamed “NOOO!!!!!!” Marcus’s limp body fell backwards to the ground, and as he lay there in a pool of his own blood, Blank knelt over him crying, until, less than a moment later, the sorrow was filled with rage and he turned his head towards the captain.
“DAMN YOU!!!” Blank grabbed his already blood-stained sword in both hands and hefted it at the captain, charging at him and giving out a shout of fiery hatred.
With no more than smirk, the man ducked below Blank’s swinging sword, kicked the legs out from under him, grabbed his wrist, twisted it around inull ull circle making Blank drop his sword, then kicked him in the back of the calf, sending him crashing to the ground.
“Hmph. Pathetic.” The captain raised Blank’s sword above his head and was about to bring it down when, all of a sudden, he dropped the sword like it was on fire and clutched his wrist, blood spurting from the veins. He let out a cry of anguish as another wound opened up on his leg. The rest of the soldiers in the room looked around, horrified and scared for their lives, to see what had happened, but by the time they had figured out what had happened, all of them were dead, pierced by the same two daggers that had done the work on the captain.
A young teenager, probably around 15, swung down from his perch on the chandelier in the room and wrapped the captain’s unwounded leg in his tail, and lifted him up in the air before throwing him against a wall, knocking him unconscious.
Blank looked up to see who his savior was, and saw teal eyes staring at him and golden hair everywhere. “Zidane! Thank god!! That bastard! He killed Marcus!!”
“What!?” Zidran ran over to the body of Marcus and checked for a pulse. In a voice of relief, Zidane said “Nah, he’s not dead. But he will be soon if we don’t get the hell outta here!!!”
“did you find what you were looking for?”
Zidane held out an object and said “Yeah, I found it. Now grab Marcus and let’s go!” However, as they were about to walk out the door, three more ds wds with swords charged in the room and, without a word, began to swing at Zidane and Blank.

Blank tossed the body of Marcus up in the air, dispatched two of the guards, and caught Marcus before he hit the ground. Zidane took care of the other one, and they ran out the door.
Just when they were near the front door and thought they were home free, a giant rumbling noise shook the entire manor. It grew louder and louder until it was on the threshold of bursting their eardrums. Just when they couldn’t take the noise anymore, up from the mahogany wood floor came an enormous robot. (If you’ve ever played Chrono Cross, it looks like the Polis Police thing you fight in Chronopolis).
Slowly it uttered the mechanical words “You are not an authorized DNA entry. Please prepare to die.”
“Ah, how polite, it even asks us to PLEASE prepare to die!” laughed Zidane.
Zidane began to try and think up of a plan to destroy the hulking thing, but could think of none and was bracing himself for the worst when, from the top of the stairs came a high-pitched shout of “AIYA!” as a large…SOMETHING…jumped down from the top landing, landed on the shoulders of the robot and thrust what Zidane thought looked like a huge metal fork into the circuitry of the robot, causing it to malfunction and self destruct while falling over backwards, crushing the thing that had just saved Zidane and Blank’s life.
Zidane and Blank stared at each other in silence for a moment, until Blank said “What…was that?”
Zidane shrugged and replied “I Dunno. But whatever it was, it’s sure dead now!”
However, no sooner had he uttered the words than the rubble of the robot was shifted and something emerged from the wreckage. The thing had light blue skin, no nose, a huge tongue, and was wearing what appeared to be a chef’s hat and apron.
Awe-struck, Zidane managed to ask “What the heck are you?”
The blue creature merely licked all around its face and said in primitive English “I Quina! I here cook and doctor for Master Shirahnn! But…there be no good food here for I…I want leave!” This Quina looked depressed, then, and said “But I no can…I must have DNA access…which I do not.” When he finished saying this, its face lit up and it said “But! You gave I a chance to destroy guard! So I leave now! Goodbye.”
And with that, Quina walked out the destroyed door into the dark forest surrounding the manor. A thought struck Zidane, and he ran to catch up with the lumbering Quina. “Hey Quina!”
“You said you were a doctor, right?”
“Yesh, that correct”
“Then…can you take my friend here back to wherever you live and heal him? He got cut pretty bad by your master’s guards.”
Quina waddled over to the body of Marcus in Blank’s arms, gave it a once over and said “It no problem. I can fix in minute.” With that, a blue light surrounded Quina and it grew brighter and brighter until the light was transferred to Marcus’s body, or, more specifically, Marcus’s wound, and the blood stopped flowing immediately as a new layer of skin covered the gash. Within an instant, Marcus awoke, and rubbed his head, mumbling “Ow…What happened? Where did that Bastard captain go?! And…why are you holding me, Blank?”
“Oh! Sorry.” Blank dropped Marcus on the ground.
Zidane, however, was more interested in Quina. “How did you do that?” He asked.
“I not know. If I eat certain things, I learn spells like that. It just a talent my clan possess. Why?”
“No reason…well, goodbye Quina.”
“Bye-Bye Zidaney.”
Zidane began to walk away, but thought of something. “Wait! How did you know my name!?” he asked Quina.
Quina’s eyes darted around nervously and he muttered “I-I Go now!” and he ran off into the darkness.
“Ah…goddamit!” Cursed Zidane as he slammed his fist against a tree.
From behind him, Blank said “Zidane! What are you waiting for? Come on, we gotta get back to Lindblum!!!” Zidane turned and said “Yeah! Let’s get outta here!”
They ran back to their theater ship and were greeted by Cinna and Baku.
Baku grabbed Zidane by the shoulder and asked “Did you get it, kid?”
Zidane held up the black box, and Baku guffawed heartily and slapped Zidane on the back, saying “Good work ,m’boy!!!”
The Theater ship rose up into the twinkling night sky and began to fly back to the metropolis of Lindblum.

So what do you think? No lemon yet I know, but this story is gonna wind up being reaaally long and epic, so don’t worry. Lemons will probably next chapter! ^_^

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